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Bird’s Eye View Navigation, Well-equipped for iPod and Co.

With its wide range of state-of-the-art infotainment and communications systems, the new
Insignia sets high standards in its segment for improved technological features. The info-
tainment units offer new operation/HMI interface and have flash storage for the navigation
software. New navigation features include a bird’s eye view, continuous zooming on the
map and smooth scrolling. The range comprises four audio packages, two of which come
with a navigation system.

Infotainment systems overview:

CD 300
Standard in the new Insignia, this CD-radio can read and play audio data in MP3 and Win-
dows Media Audio (WMA) format. It includes seven speakers and an auxiliary socket for
connecting external electronic devices such as iPods.

CDC 400 Opera
CDC 400 includes an integrated 6 x CD changer and seven loud speakers. It has a graphic
information display and the radio features a double-tuner concept: When reception is very
poor, the second tuner starts searching for a station with better reception while the radio
continues playing through the first tuner. As soon as a station with better reception is
found, the radio switches to the second tuner within milliseconds. This means that there
are practically no interruptions in radio reception.

CD 500 Navi
Special features include a 7-inch color monitor, a 3-D map view, digital travel guide and
improved scroll and zoom functions. There are also iPOD and MP3 USB ports in the center
console. The iPOD interface offers functions such as track list. The navigation software,
available early spring 2009, is saved in the internal flash memory (1GB) and maps for indi-
vidual countries can be downloaded from the CD.

Adam Opel GmbH                                General Motors Corporation
D-65423 Rüsselsheim

DVD 800 Navi
The top-of-the-line system boasts the new navigation features as well as the 3-D ‘bird’s
eye’ map view. The internal flash memory has 2 GB, and the map software, containing all
European countries, can be downloaded from a DVD. A digital travel guide also is availa-

In Insignia models with the CD 500 Navi and DVD 800 Navi systems, a multi-function con-
troller with a turn/push selection action is located on the center console between the front
seats (in combination with the electric parking brake). This controller is a particularly con-
venient alternative for tall drivers who sit well back in their seats. All the functions are the
same as those found on the lower rotary knob in the audio unit.

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