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The focus on locally grown foods has grown in importance as attitudes change as
to how we manage the world where we live. Recent food scares and increased
awareness of the carbon imprinting (fuel necessary to transport foods) have
contributed to elevated interest in the source of foods. “Know your food” is
becoming more than just a phrase but an attitude. Because of this, consumers
rejoice in the freshness of products found at local farmers markets.

Founded in 1987, the Olde Worthington Farmers Market is the largest in Central
Ohio and a primary source for fresh, locally grown or produced, organic foods.

At the Olde Worthington Farmers Market, an abundance of local products are
available, including: fruits, vegetables, baked goods, meats, cheese, dairy
products, flowers, preserves and fruit products, herbs and herb products. As the
seasons change, the offerings at the market will also change as only those
products that are seasonally fresh are available at any given time. Most of the
products are certified organic.

As the growers are “on premises”, customers can talk with the grower to learn
how it was raised or produced, the qualities of the product and even, how to best
prepare it.

In addition to being an amazing source of fresh products, the appeal of the Olde
Worthington Farmers Market goes even farther. It truly is a community event.
Each Saturday, Central Ohio residents come to downtown Worthington to shop
the market, have breakfast or lunch, shop the stores and meet their neighbors.
Many are on first-name basis with the vendors.

Perhaps the best way to summarize the Olde Worthington Farmers Market is to
say it is:
             fresh local food, from local people, for local people.

The Olde Worthington Farmers Market Friends. The “friends” group was created
to support educational outreach and service programs for the farmers market and
is a proiect of the Olde Worthington Business Association.
As a group, the “friends” felt, in order to create an identity for the group, a
graphic, or logo, would help to call attention to the efforts. In order to associate
the group with the market, it would be important that the group and the market
have the same graphic look. Therefore, the logical starting point for this new look
would be to have symmetry with the OWFM’s logo.

Up to this point, the Olde Worthington Farmers Market has had no specific
means to quickly communicate all the market means to the local people and its

The current graphic incorporates the Olde Worthington Business Association
“street scene” graphic. The market is sponsored and funded by the OWBA as an
effort to drawn consumers to the downtown area, therefore this graphic look has
done an excellent job at communicating the “community event” feeling we seek.
The natural next step for a graphic look would be to incorporate more of a
“farmers market” feel to that current graphic.

Therefore, it was decided to approach local artists to develop a logo that would
serve to work for the Friends group as well as the market, while still associating
both the group and the market with the OWBA.

   •   Raise awareness of the Worthington Farmers Market.
   •   Associate the “Friends” group with the market and provide instant
       recognition for various endeavors of the group.


Use a graphic logo or icon that will brand the Worthington Farmers Market,
providing immediate recognition for the market whenever and wherever it is

This image should:

   •   show the Worthington Farmers Market as the best source for the freshest,
       locally grown, organic food – local food from local growers for local

   •   incorporate the sense of community which would define it from other
       farmers markets, including all or part of the masthead currently used by
       the OWBA.

   •   Incorporate the words: Olde Worthington Farmers Market

Provide for a second version that adds the word “Friends” so that it may be used
by the Friends group, as well.

 Note that a line will be used on stationery and whenever possible that reads:
“A project of the Olde Worthington Business Association”.


The logo will be used in both full color and one color versions on the following:

   •   Signage and banners (horizontal and vertical)
   •   Tote bags/grocery bags
   •   t-shirts
   •   badges
   •   business cards
   •   calendar cards
   •   website
   •   stationery
   •   e-newsletter
   •   advertising

$100 plus a selection of products provided by the Olde Worthington Farmers
Market vendors.


October 1, 2008

Please send all submissions to:

Sharon Perez
158 Medick Way
Worthington, OH 43085


Please provide 11x14 full color art mounted on black plus one CD in .jpeg format.

Please provide artist biography and conceptual description of your design.

Questions can be directed to:

Jennifer Lyon
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Attachment: Current OWFM logo

Note: Numerous examples of what other farmer’s markets are doing can be found