Questar Awards 2010 Call for Entries

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 Call for Entries
 DVD’s • TV-Content • Web-links
 Corporations • Government • Non-Profits

           Deadline: March 23, 2010
           Extended Deadline: April 14, 2010
  The Questar Awards...
        Celebrating Corporate Excellence

  Dear Colleague,
    Welcome to the newly expanded, 19th annual QUESTAR Awards. We have
  mixed in brand new major categories and added classifications. We hope
  to include more of your work and increase your opportunities to be
  named a winner!
    This International Festival honors the best Commercials, DVD’s, PSA’s,
  Videos, VNR’s and Web-links produced by Corporations, Non-profit
  Organizations, Government, Military, Educational facilities, Associations
  and Foundations from around the world.
    This global competition provides an international forum to celebrate
  excellence in visual communications.
    The winners receive stunning personalized foil-stamped award certificates.
  Best of Category winners are presented with prestigious brass-plated
  plaques. The BEST OF ShOW winner takes the impressive QUESTAR
  trophy, an internationally recognized symbol of excellence.
    Most importantly, win or not, you benefit by the opportunity to review the
  judge’s comments. Simply by entering you develop a competitive advantage.
    And you may go on to win!
    Winners attract new clients — and keep current ones. PLUS winning a
  QUESTAR Award allows you to publicize the importance of your work.
     Wishing you joy and success in this year’s competition!


                                                                         Reni L. Witt

  P.S. Be part of the world’s best. Remember the deadline is March 23, 2010
                                                                                        April 14, 2010

                             Mission Statement
MerComm, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the principal purpose of advancing the arts and sciences
of communications in an international arena. MerComm strives to establish and promote high
standards of individual and collective achievement. By way of recognizing the multi-disciplines
involved in professional communications, MerComm, Inc. sponsors six award programs:

                     ASTRID Awards, Design • GAlAxy Awards, Marketing
                      QUESTAR Awards, DVDs • iNOVA Awards, Websites
                ARC Awards, Annual Reports • MERCURy Awards, Public Relations

MerComm’s award programs are now in their twenty-fourth year drawing over 4,500 entries from around the world:
Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bermuda, Brasil, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, Croatia,
Denmark, France, French West Indies, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan,
Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, People’s Republic of
China, Peru, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia,
South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom,
Venezuela, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Zimbabwe, and the United States. Our mission is to honor the individuals whose
work has made an outstanding contribution to their organization, corporation, or client.
Kudos                                                                                     Awards
        All Around!                                                                 April 14th
                                                                                   March 23rd Deadline for Entries
The QUESTAR Award means you are delivering quality work. Winning is a
great honour for your team and your clients. Management finds the award very       May 24th Winners Notified
meaningful, too!
                                                                                   June 23rd Grand Winners Announced
”We are very pleased to have won in the QUESTAR Festival. The award plaque
is hanging in our office. It was also great to receive the scoring sheets. Thank
you again!”
                                                                                       Visit Our Website!
St. John’s, NF, CANADA

“We are very pleased to get so many great prizes in the Questar Awards.
Our agency and our esteemed clients are very happy with these prestigious
awards. Thank you so much!!!”
Seoul, KOREA

”Our clients are very delighted with their Gold and Silver awards!”
Causeway Bay, hONG KONG

”As TV and commercial film producers for over 20 years, we were very excited
to learn that our video won in the esteemed QUESTAR Festival. Thank you
so much for your professional endorsement as the QUESTAR Awards are
regarded as professional proof of excellent work.”
Aberdeen, hONG KONG

“I am personally very happy to get this major award. It’s really honorable
for me as the director of the project.”
Seoul, KOREA

”We are delighted to win another award! We have already had a terrific
response from clients about our Gold win.”
Richmond, Vic, AUSTRALIA

“We are so delighted to receive a Gold Award for our entry. Thank you
for the recognition of our work!”
Langenargen, GERMANy

”We are pleased to receive the Gold and Finalist Awards and thank the
QUESTAR committee.”
Quincy, MA USA

“We were thrilled to hear the news of our win. It is an absolute honour
to be recognized by such a distinguished first-class festival.”
Ottawa, Onatario, CANADA

WHO                                                    NOMINATOR
The QUESTAR Awards creates a level playing             The person submitting the entry will be our
field for all entrants including large international   contact throughout the course of the compe-
agencies, corporations and production studios,         tition, and will receive all information and
as well as small and regional ones, and even           announcements concerning award status.
individual ”one-man” bands.
     Creative Directors • Video Directors              Five major categories are offered in the 2010
         Photographers • Producers                     QUESTAR Awards. Nominators may enter their
   Screenwriters • Marketing Executives                work in any combination of categories and
Account Supervisors • Production Managers              classifications. However, a separate fee must
Copywriters • Corporate In-House Producers             be sent for each entry.
Public Relations Firms • Advertising Agencies
    Designers • Non-Profit Organizations               JUDGING
    Government Agencies • Associations                 The QUESTAR Awards is unique in that each
     Educational Facilities • Art Directors            entry is judged against itself, to the degree that
            Foundations • Military                     the individual entry achieves its intended pur-
                                                       pose. Entries from large or small organizations
WHAT                                                   have an equal chance at winning; judging is
The following must be included in order to             based not on budget, but on the values of
process your entry:                                    creativity, craft, and skill, as symbolized by the
• Completed Entry Form                                 QUESTAR Awards.
• 3 Copies of Entry Submitted
• Entry Fee                                            Each entry is evaluated three separate times
• Please send one completed entry form per             during the preliminary rounds. The three sets
  entry. For multiple entries, you may photocopy       of scores are then averaged into a single score
  this form.                                           for the individual entry. A certain minimum
                                                       score must be achieved to qualify for an award.
WHEN                                                   Only one Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honors
Entries must be postmarked by March 23, 2010.          Award will be given in each classification; how-
                                  April 14, 2010       ever if no entry scores high enough, no award
WHERE                                                  will be given.
Send the fee, entry form, and entry submission to:
      MerComm, Inc., 500 Executive Blvd.               The Gold Award Winners become candidates
            Ossining, NY 10562 USA                     for ten Grand Awards. In addition, one BEST
Payment may be made by check, American                 OF SHOW Award will be presented to the one
Express, MasterCard, VISA, or bank-to-bank             entry that best exemplifies the spirit of the
transfer. Make checks payable to MerComm/QSR.          QUESTAR Awards.
Please contact our offices for information con-
cerning bank-to-bank transfers.                        RETURN MATERIAL
                                                       All entries submitted to the competition become
NON-ENGLISH LANGUAGE ENTRIES                           property of the QUESTAR Awards and may be
If the program soundtrack is not English, please       used for promotional purposes by MerComm,
provide a script translated into English, a sub-       Inc. Entries will be returned if specifically
titled version, or a dubbed version in English.        requested on the Entry Form and accompa-
DVDs in NTSC is the preferred format.                  nied by an additional $25.00 each for shipping
                                                       and handling.
The fee for entries is $240 per entry. Fees

include handling and preparation costs for the
judging sessions, the judge’s score sheets with
written comments, a complete Winner’s Pack                      AWARD CERTIFICATES
with award certificate for the winners, as well
                                                         Should your entry win an award, your
as posting and hyperlinking your corporate
                                                         certificate will be personalized in the
name on the website.
                                                         following format:
                                                                  To: Nominating Company
Any material produced, screened, aired, displayed
                                                                    For: Client Company
or marketed from March 23, 2009 to March
                                                                       ”Title of Entry”
23, 2010 is eligible, as well as any previously
produced material which is still appearing or
                                                         If you would prefer any variation of the
has been re-introduced during the eligible time.
                                                         official format, kindly let us know, in
                                                         writing on the Entry Form.
A. ADVERTISEMENTS/                               A-31 Recreation                                    C-06 B- Roll                                   D. NON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS
   COMMERCIALS                                   A-32 Rental Services                               C-07 Community Relations                       D-01 Association
A-01 Automotive                                  A-33 Retail Stores                                 C-08 Corporate Identity                        D-02 Brand Image Campaign
A-02 Banks/Credit Cards                          A-34 Sports                                        C-09 Customer Appreciation                     D-03 Child Abuse Awareness
A-03 Campaign Series                             A-35 Travel & Tourism                              C-10 Documentary                               D-04 Disease/Illness
A-04 Celebrity Campaign                          A-36 Vitamins/Diet Aids                            C-11 Educational Tool                          D-05 Documentary
A-05 Children’s Products                         A-37 Other/Misc.                                   C-12 Employee Information                      D-06 Drug Abuse/Addiction
A-06 Clothing/Footwear                                                                              C-13 Employee Recognition                      D-07 Economic Development
A-07 Commercial Products                         B. BROADCAST/CABLE PROGRAMS C-14 Exhibit Booth Video                                              D-08 Education
A-08 Community/Local                             B-01 Arts Culture                                  C-15 Health Awareness                          D-09 Fund Raiser
A-09 Corporate Branding                          B-02 Brand Image Campaign                          C-16 In-Flight Information                     D-10 Government
A-10 Cosmetics/Perfume                           B-03 Corporate Identity                            C-17 In-House Production                       D-11 Health Awareness
A-11 Food/Beverages                              B-04 Documentary                                   C-18 Internal Communications                   D-12 Inspiration
A-12 Fund Raising                                B-05 Energy/Environmental                          C-19 Internal Training                         D-13 Literacy
A-13 Gift Items                                  B-06 Fund Raising                                  C-20 Internet Clip                             D-14 Museum
A-14 Hispanic Market                             B-07 Government                                    C-21 Launch Event                              D-15 Organization Overview
A-15 Holiday                                     B-08 Healthcare                                    C-22 Leave Behind                              D-16 Recruitment
A-16 Home Care Products                          B-09 In flight Production                          C-23 Marketing                                 D-17 Religious Organization
A-17 Home Furnishings                            B-10 Motivation                                    C-24 Meeting Modules                           D-18 Safety
A-18 Infomercial                                 B-11 News Promotions                                    (Openers, Closers)                        D-19 Social Assistance
A-19 New Product/Svc.                            B-12 Openings & Events                             C-25 Motivation                                D-20 Special Project
A-20 Personal Care Products                      B-13 Patriotic/Political                           C-26 New Business Pitch                        D-21 Tourism/Destination
A-21 Pet Products                                B-14 Public Service Program                        C-27 Orientation                               D-22 Video News Release
A-22 Pharmaceutical                              B-15 Religion & Ethics                             C-28 P.O.P Promotion                           D-23 Other/Misc.
A-23 Phone/Cell/Internet Services                B-16 Sales/Infomercials                            C-29 Product Demonstration
A-24 Professional Services                       B-17 Tourism/Travel/                               C-30 Public Awareness                          E. SPECIALTIES & TECHNIQUES
A-25 Promo for Movies, Music,                         Destination Promotion                         C-31 Renewable Energy                          E-01 Animation
     Theatre                                     B-18 Other/Misc.                                   C-32 Safety & Security                         E-02 Art Direction
A-26 Publications                                                                                   C-33 Sales Promotion                           E-03 Copywriting
A-27 Public Serv. Announcement                   C. CORPORATION                                     C-34 Special Events/Anniversary                E-04 Direction
     — Single Ad                                 C-01 Animation                                     C-35 Staff Training                            E-05 Editing
A-28 PSA Campaign                                C-02 Anniversary                                   C-36 Stakeholder Communications
     — Multiple Ads                                                                                                                                E-06 Humor
                                                 C-03 Annual General Meeting                        C-37 Video News Release                        E-07 Music
A-29 Public Utilities
                                                 C-04 Annual Report                                 C-38 Other/Misc                                E-08 Set Design
A-30 Real Estate
                                                 C-05 Brand Experience                                                                             E-09 Special Effects
                                                                                                                                                   E-10 Videography
THE JUDGES                                                                                                                                         E-11 Other/Misc

                                                                                Greater Toronto Airports Authority   Mensalia GmbH - AUSTRIA              SNP Vite Limited - HONG KONG
The distinguished panels of judges recognize the art of communications in
                                                                                   - CANADA                          Meta-4 Design Inc.                   Soapbox Design Communications
a global economy and the science of the new technologies which enable
                                                                                Greg Kinch Photography               METAL                                   - CANADA
the world-wide exchange of ideas and information. Members of the judg-
                                                                                Hirschhorn Central Communications    Mike Klodnicki & Associates          s/o Project - KOREA
ing faculty will evaluate the entries based on the standards of international
                                                                                Honey Communications - KOREA         Mind (21) Factory - GERMANY          Southern Company
excellence through the measures of creativity and craft.
                                                                                Horizon Film & Video                 MWW Group                            SRP
                                                                                i.LINK Group Limited - HONG KONG     Northeastern University              Stage 3 Productions, Inc.
33 Visual - MEXICO                     Chicago Transit Authority
                                                                                Image Boutique Productions Ltd       O’Connor & Partners                  Stan Gellman Graphic Design Inc.
Abbott Laboratories                    Ciel Design Partners
                                                                                   - HONG KONG                       Origin Design                        Strategic Alliance International
Addison                                CLP Holdings Ltd - HONG KONG
                                                                                Inca Film & Communications - KOREA   Ove Design + Communications Ltd.     Studio 210
Affno - SRI LANKA                      CME Group
                                                                                INC Design                              - CANADA                          Taylor & Ives
AHA Design - AUSTRIA                   Coal Creative Consultants - SINGAPORE
                                                                                Inergy Group                         Paragraphs                           Ted Horowitz Photography
AIR Health                             Continuum Health Communications
                                                                                Insight Creative - NEW ZEALAND       Perlgut Group                        The Business Photographer
AND Partners                           Coyne Public Relations
                                                                                i.One Financial Press - HONG KONG    Pitt Magazine                        The Design Associates Ltd. - HONG KONG
Arnold Saks Associates, Inc.           Creative Fire - CANADA
                                                                                Jim Barber Studio                    Q&E Advertising - SRI LANKA          The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Banco Popular North America            Critt Graham + Associates
                                                                                John Giammatteo Photographs          Ravelle Brickman Public Relations      - HONG KONG
Bank of China - HONG KONG              Curran & Connors, Inc.
                                                                                John Madere Photography              Red Lizard Creative                  Thiel Design
Baxter International                   Curtis Group
                                                                                Kitty Hawk Studios                   Ringzwei - GERMANY                   Tierney Communications
BBDO Detroit                           Daniel Kennedy Communications Services
                                                                                KRS Consulting                       Robert Wood Johnson Foundation       Time, Inc. Content Solutions
BCN Communications                     Decker Design
                                                                                KuKa AG - GERMANY                    Rutgers University                   Twice Graphics - HONG KONG
Beau Gardner Associates Inc.           Donahue Communications Inc.
                                                                                Lambs Farm                           Savage Branding & Corporate Design   University of Pittsburgh
Bertz Design Group                     Edelman
                                                                                Lockheed Martin Corporation          Sedgwick Richardson - HONG KONG      VSA Partners
Booz Allen Hamilton                    Eisenman Associates
                                                                                M&M Consultancy - HONG KONG          Sedgwick Richardson - SINGAPORE      VWA/see see eye
Burgess Strategic Marketing Services   Equity Group - HONG KONG
                                                                                MacDonald Design - CANADA            Shoemake Photography Inc.            Weber Shandwick Worldwide
Burson - Marsteller                    Ex-Act Corporation - JAPAN
                                                                                Maloney & Fox                        Signi Design - MEXICO                William Blair & Company
Carlow University                      Family Health International
                                                                                Mark Joseph Photography, Inc.        Skaggs Advertising & Design          Yellow Creative (HK) Limited
Carnegie Mellon University             Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
                                                                                Marsteller                           Smart Media - SRI LANKA                 - HONG KONG
Charles Schwab                         Flughafen Wien AG - AUSTRIA
                                                                                MasterCard                           Smith & Associates - CANADA
CHC Enterprises                        Gabbe Group
                                                                                          For Office Use Only

OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM                                                                       Log No. #

TYPE or PRINT all information legibly. Spell out title and company                                                    PAYMENT INFORMATION
names exactly as they are to appear on winning certificate.

                                ENTRY INFORMATION                                         Total Number of Entries:                0

                                                                                          Entry Fee @ 240.00 per entry                      $ ________________________
Title of Entry _______________________________________________
Category-Classification Code:                   -                                                 5-10 Entries, 10% Discount                $ ____________________
                                                          (Example C-17) See other page

Category/Classification:__________________________________                                        11-20 Entries, 20% Discount $ ____________________

                                                                                                  20+ Entries, 30% Discount                 $ ____________________
Other/Misc. _________________________________________________
                  (Describe entry)
                                                                                              Please return my entry(ies). Enclosed is an additional $25
Format:       s   DVD-Video                   DVD-Rom                    Web-link             each for shipping and handling. $ ________________________

                                                                                          Total Fees Paid $ ___________________________________________
Length of Entry: ________ min. ________ sec.                                                                     (U.S. Dollars – Drawn on U.S. Banks only.)

URL:                                                                                      s
                                                                                              Check Enclosed               Bank-to-Bank Transfer*
                                                                                                                           *Contact our office for details
Purpose and intended audience:
(Describe briefly. May be typed on separate sheet.                                            Credit Card
______________________________________________________                                    AMEX                    -                           -
______________________________________________________                                    Expiration Date              -
______________________________________________________                                    MC/VISA                     -                 -                    -
______________________________________________________                                    Expiration Date              -
                           NOMINATOR’S INFORMATION
                                                                                          Cardholder’s Name _________________________________________
  Mr.   Ms.
Your Name: _________________________________________________                              Cardholder’s Signature______________________________________
                      First/Given Name                              Last/Surname
Your Title/Job Description: ___________________________________                                                 MAILING/SHIPPING INFORMATION

Agency/Company Name:_____________________________________                                 IMPORTANT: For judging purposes, please send three copies of material per
                                                                                          entry. For multiple entries, you may photocopy this form. You may send one
Street Address: _____________________________________________                             check for multiple entries. Payment must be made in U.S. Dollars. Kindly
                                                                                          make sure each entry is labeled with your name, organization, phone num-
City: ________________ Prov./State: __________ Zip: ____________                          ber, and category/classification name and number. Upon receipt this entry
Country: ___________________________________________________                              becomes the property of MerComm Inc.

Telephone: _________________________________________________
                   Country Code          City/Area Code           Number                  Make checks payable and mail to:
Fax: ________________________________________________________                             MerComm/QSR
                   Country Code          City/Area Code           Number                  500 Executive Boulevard
E-mail: _____________________________________________________                             Ossining-on-Hudson, NY 10562 USA
Website: ___________________________________________________
                                                                                          For More Information:
                                CLIENT INFORMATION                                        1-914-923-9400
                                                                                          FAX: 1-914-923-9484
  Mr.     Ms.
Client’s Name: ______________________________________________                   
                      First/Given Name                              Last/Surname
Client’s Title/Job Description: _________________________________
Corporation/Organization: ___________________________________                             Deadline: March 23, 2010
Street Address: _____________________________________________
                                                                                                     April 14, 2010
City: ________________ Prov./State: __________ Zip: ____________                          SHIPPING INSTRUCTIONS: Mailing/shipping costs, insurance, and handling fees
                                                                                          for all entries are at the entrant’s expense. Send entry materials along with entry
Country: ___________________________________________________
                                                                                          forms and fees. For foreign entries, we suggest you send your material either by
Telephone: _________________________________________________                              airmail or courier service which will deliver them directly to our offices. To has-
                   Country Code          City/Area Code           Number                  ten your package through customs, please affix or mark in bold lettering outside
Fax: ________________________________________________________                             the package — “Contest Material. No Commercial Value.”
                   Country Code          City/Area Code           Number
E-mail: _____________________________________________________
Website: ___________________________________________________