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					                 THE UNIVERSITY OF RHODE ISLAND
                                   CAMPUS TOUR GUIDE
Campus Tour Guides are:
        PAID! Hours typically range from 3-10 a week. You choose the amount of hours you want to
        Trained to know everything about URI! Anything from how many residence halls are on
         campus to where our first basketball court was located. You will learn it all!
        Skilled at walking backwards while pointing out our beautiful buildings!
        Given a URI Tour Guiding shirt and sport some awesome Rhody gear!
        Outstanding and influential student leaders!
        EXCELLENT representatives for The University of Rhode Island!
Campus Tour Guide Qualifications:
        Successful academic performance (preferred GPA of 2.5)
        A positive attitude and a willingness to work with others
        Excellent public speaking skills (Tours range from 1 family to 50+ people)
        Required to attend all training sessions before going out on a tour (Trainings will take place in
         September and are paid!)
        PLEASE NOTE: Students who are planning to have a Resident Assistant position for the
         academic year are not able to apply for this position.
    $7.90 an hour for first year tour guides. Raises are given to returning tour guides.
    Acquire leadership skills that can be applied in the real world, such as group facilitation and
     personal awareness.
    Interact with people from all over the country and the world!
    Knowing that you’ve left an impact on potential students
                           Application Due Date: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 31ST
    Completed applications are due in Newman Hall (On Upper College Rd near the Women’s Center)
                                          NO later than 4:00 p.m.

         Please sign up for an interview time at the front desk when you hand in your application!
             Interviews will take place from Tuesday, April 13th through Thursday, April 22nd.
The list of selected students for the 2010-2011 Campus Tour Guide positions will be available at the
                         Admission Office on Wednesday, April 28th at 8:30 a.m.
     Please keep this sheet, return application only!
                             CAMPUS TOUR GUIDE
                                    JOB APPLICATION

NAME _________________________________________________________________________________
                 (Last)                             (First)

STUDENT ID ______________________________     (9 digit number on Student ID card)

SOCIAL SECURITY _________-______-_________            DATE OF BIRTH ____ / _____ / _____

PHONE (           ) ________-___________    E-MAIL _____________________________________

ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________

YEAR OF GRADUATION ____________ CUMMULATIVE GPA _______________
MAJOR(S) ______________________________________________________
MINOR(S) if applicable __________________________________________

Have you ever changed your major?             YES             NO

      If yes, from what to what? _____________________________ to __________________________

Circle the residential arrangements you have experienced:
Residence Hall       Fraternity/Sorority Down-The-Line             Family Home      Other

Do you have Work Study?                       YES             NO
Have you served as a Tour Guide before?               YES            NO
      If yes, where and when? ______________________________________________________

Have you previously applied to be a URI Tour Guide?           YES          NO
      If yes, what year?   ___________________
                                        WORK EXPERIENCE

PLACE                         ROLE/POSITION                                           DATES

Are you Bilingual?         YES           NO
      If yes, in what language? _________________________________


Were you referred to the program by a current tour guide?         YES         NO

      Tour Guide: ________________________________

Please list two references, one from each of the following.

1. The University of Rhode Island staff member (ex. resident director, professor, advisor)

          Name _________________________________________________

          Position _______________________________________________

          Phone Number (________) ________ - ___________

2. Former employer/supervisor

          Name __________________________________________________

          Place of Employment ____________________________________

          Position ________________________________________________

          Phone Number (________) ________ - ___________
                                            SHORT ANSWER

Please answer the following questions

1. What are 3 words that best describe you?


2. What is your favorite thing about URI?


3. What is your least favorite thing about URI?


 In the box provided please add something related to URI that represents your personality and what
       you will bring to the Tour Guide team. (Examples: photo, drawing, poem, collage, etc)

On a typed separate sheet, please respond to the following essay.

1. What has been your most important experience at The University of Rhode Island, and how would
that contribute to your effectiveness as a URI Tour Guide?

                                                  (Applicant Signature)


Summer Tour Guiding:
If selected as a 2010-2011 Campus Tour Guide, please check here if you are interested in a position
as a summer 2010 Campus Tour Guide: _____

How did you find about The URI Tour Guide application process?

_____ Facebook group                           ______ Recruitment Booths in Union or Hope

_____ A Friend/Current Tour Guide              ______ Classroom Presentation

_____ Flyer in Residence Building       ______ Flyer in Academic Building

_____ Club/Organization Meeting         ______ Fraternity/Sorority Meeting

_____ Listserv Email                           ______ Other: _______________________________

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