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2007 is THE year to saddle up and ride from Frisco to Fort Worth!

You join thousands of people committed to helping more than 17,000 Texans living with multiple sclerosis.

Whether you’re a first-time participant or a veteran, you probably have many questions about the SAM’S CLUB
MS 150 on May 5 – 6, 2007. This guide offers information to help you have a successful experience this May,
whether as a rider, Team Captain or volunteer.

From event tips and route maps to the mission of the National MS Society and how your pledges help people with
MS, the 2007 Guide gives insight into meeting your goals for one of the largest MS 150s in the United States.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter and thousands of Texans living with MS sincerely thank
you for your participation and support of this vital mission!

                                           CONTACT INFORMATION

National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Lone Star Chapter
2105 Luna Road, Suite 390
Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone:         214-373-1400, Press 2
Toll-Free:     1-800-FIGHT-MS, Press 2
Fax:           214-373-7200

Lone Star Chapter Web Site:

Bike Tour Web Site: 

Bike Team E-Mail:   

Jerry Halliburton             Vice President, Executive Director

Cara Harting                  Sr. Director, Development

Jessica Woodard               Director, Development

Diana Brooks                  Director, Development, Team MS

Kelly Dooley                  Director, Development , Team MS

Kristen LeForce               Manager, Community Development, Volunteers

                                      SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                     2
                                              THIS IS WHY WE RIDE

Mission Statement
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is dedicated to ending the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis.

What is multiple sclerosis?
Multiple sclerosis usually strikes adults in the prime of life – between the ages of 20 and 50. However, as
diagnostic techniques improve, more children are being discovered who have MS. It is a chronic disease of the
central nervous system affecting the brain and spinal cord. MS comes and goes unpredictably, leaving people to
wonder, “Will I become paralyzed, blind or have trouble walking? Will I be able to raise my family and continue
my career?”

Promising Treatments for MS
Studies show that early and ongoing treatment with an FDA-approved therapy can reduce future disease activity
and improve quality of life for many people with multiple sclerosis. Talk to your health care professional and
contact the National MS Society at or call 1-800-FIGHT-MS to learn about ways to
help manage multiple sclerosis and about current research that may one day reveal a cure.

                                      A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

Welcome to the 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150!

By saddling up for this great two-day trek, you’re making a positive impact in the lives of more than 17,000
Texans living with MS.

The SAM’S CLUB MS 150 is a fund-raising event to help thousands of people who live with the daily challenges of
multiple sclerosis.

As one of the largest MS 150s in the United States, this annual ride has propelled the mission to fight multiple
sclerosis to new heights. In 2006, records were set as nearly 3,000 cyclists rode the inaugural Frisco-to-Fort
Worth route. A record $2.1 million was raised to support cutting-edge MS research and vital MS client programs
and services.

With your help, we’re prepared to make records in 2007.

The SAM’S CLUB MS 150 isn’t a race, except in one sense: the race to find a cure. Every donation, sponsorship and
dollar raised brings us all closer to a cure for the debilitating disease of multiple sclerosis.

Thanks to your diligence and donations, the historic race to find a cure for MS is one we’re determined to win.


Mark Neagli
President & CEO
National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                           3

Volunteers are key to this event, with nearly 1,000 volunteers needed. Volunteering is a great way to meet people,
learn skills and enjoy the ride between two of Texas’ premier cities. Your efforts empower thousands of cyclists
and 17,000 Texans living with MS.

What is the SAM’S CLUB MS 150?
The 20th anniversary of this North Texas ride on May 5 – 6, 2007 is a fully supported, two day cycling
approximately 150 miles event to raise funds to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. More than 4,000
riders and volunteers will travel from Frisco to Fort Worth to help those living with MS.

What’s the route?
The ride leaves Frisco Saturday morning, May 5, and heads north. After crossing Lake Ray Roberts, cyclists enjoy
an Overnight celebration at Texas Motor Speedway. Riders take a lap on the speedway’s oval track Sunday, May 6,
and head toward the Finish Line in Fort Worth’s Sundance Square.

What should I bring?
• Signed and completed Volunteer Agreement Form
• Sunglasses and sunscreen
• Insect repellant
• Extra clothes, including shoes and jacket
• This 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 Bike Tour Guide

When should I arrive for my shift?
Arrive 30 minutes early to park, check in and find your volunteer location.

Where do I park?
Wherever you are volunteering, park in the public/spectator lots.

Where do I go when I arrive to volunteer?
Go directly to the red MS Volunteer Check-In Tent at the Frisco Start, Texas Motor Speedway and Sundance
Square Finish. If you volunteer at lunch or a breakpoint, go to the site and report to the volunteer or breakpoint

What if it rains?
The ride rolls on rain or shine, so dress appropriately.

Will I be able to eat?
Wear your volunteer wristband to enjoy free breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

What volunteer jobs are available?
Read the job descriptions on the next page and sign-up today.

                                     SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                          4
                                         VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTIONS

Amateur Radio/HAM Operators: Provide communications throughout the ride.

Bike Check-In & Check-Out: Check in or check out bikes, organize them by rider numbers and carefully store them

in lock-up areas. Moderate lifting is required.

Bike Loading Team: Pack, load and unload bikes to and from trucks. Moderate to heavy lifting is required for this

work-intensive position.

Bike Medic: A registered rider who provides medical assistance on the route.

Breakpoints/Lunch Stops: Assist with set-up, take-down and man rider breakpoints and lunch stops.

Bus Schedule Announcer: Announce departures and answer schedule questions.

CHAMPS Photos: Take photos of cyclists for CHAMPS program.

Expo/Pasta Party: Set up, take down and provide general assistance at May 4 Pasta Party and Expo.

Face Painter: Paint creative pictures on faces at festivity sites.

Finish Line Take-Down: Dismantle Finish Line sites at Texas Motor Speedway and Sundance Square, then load

trucks with supplies. Heavy lifting is required.

Finish Line Set-Up: Volunteers set up Finish Line sites at Texas Motor Speedway and Sundance Square with

supplies and equipment, such as tables, tents, fencing, banners, scaffolding and signs. Moderate to heavy lifting

may be required.

Food Service: Serve food throughout the ride.

Hoopla: Decorate Finish Line sites at Texas Motor Speedway and Sundance Square, then cheer riders across the

Finish Lines.

Hydration Station: Stock and serve water, soda and sports drinks.

Information Booth: Answer questions and distribute materials.

                                     SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                         5
                                   VOLUNTEER JOB DESCRIPTIONS – CONT.

Luggage Team: Assist with luggage loading, storage and retrieval at Start, Overnight and Finish locations.

Moderate to heavy lifting is required.

Motorcycle Marshal: Motorcycle Marshals are the “eyes” of the ride, checking the well being of riders and

assisting as needed. When required, they respond to emergencies and traffic situations.

Overnight Set-Up: Set up speedway site with tables, tents, fencing, banners and signs. Moderate to heavy lifting is


Packet Pick-Up/Registration: Help at a Packet Pick-Up before the ride by distributing rider packets, T-shirts and

goodie bags.

Ride Marshal: Serve as route safety monitors, giving guidance on rider safety, etiquette and emergencies.

Rovers: Assist staff as needed.

SAG Drivers: Drive Support and Gear (SAG) vans. Moderate lifting may be required.

Sick Puppies: A team of certified medical professionals – such as EMTs, paramedics and nurses who administer

first aid.

Start Line Set-Up/Take-Down: Set up tables, tents, fencing, banners, signs and scaffolding, then dismantle and

pack supplies. Moderate to heavy lifting may be required.

Supply Truck and Van Drivers: Drive, load and unload trucks and vans carrying supplies, ice and refrigerated

items. Moderate to heavy lifting may be required. Drivers with commercial licenses preferred.

Team Photos: Assist photographers with team photos.

Volunteer Check-In: Check in volunteers at booth.

Contact Kristen LeForce at 214-373-1400 and press 2 or with questions.

Additional opportunities are also available before and after the ride, including mailings, phone calls, packet
stuffing, warehouse organization and events.

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                            6
                                        VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT FORM

I hereby authorize the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter to seek emergency medical
treatment for the below mentioned individual, who will volunteer for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

I hereby grant permission to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and/or its affiliates to use my name, picture
and/or likeness in any manner and in any media, either alone or accompanied by other material. I agree that I will
not hold the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and/or its affiliates singularly or collectively responsible for any
liability resulting from the use of my name, picture and/or likeness in the manner described herein.

To the degree that I may be given access to the identity and details of persons with multiple sclerosis and their
families, I will safeguard such information in strict confidence.

Chapter policy prohibits the use of alcohol or other non-prescribed drugs during working hours by its volunteers.
Any volunteer who has been drinking or is under the influence of non-prescribed drugs is not permitted to work in
chapter offices or at chapter-sponsored events.

I have read and understand the Emergency Medical Treatment Authorization and Media Release.

I agree to follow the Confidentiality Agreement, and Alcohol and Drug Use Policy outlined above.

Signature: ______________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ____________

Phone: ___________________________ E-Mail: __________________________________________________

Company/Organization: ______________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact: ________________________________ Emergency Phone: __________________________

If volunteer is under 18, parent/legal guardian’s signature:
____________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________

Printed Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                               7

The key to making the Frisco-to-Fort Worth ride successful lies in consistent training and preparation. Here are
helpful steps to prepare for the 20th Anniversary of the SAM’S CLUB MS 150.

Visit your Bike Store
Official SAM’S CLUB MS 150 Bike Stores offer expert advice and cycling tips. Ask personnel for training tips for
your fitness level and experience. Check out cycling gear, accessories and apparel. Official Bike Stores can provide
insight to help you reach your goal of finishing the 2007 ride. A list of Bike Stores appears in this guide.

Track your mileage
An important part of training is assessing improvement. Finding the distance of a particular training route with a
car’s odometer is generally sufficient for tracking training miles. Tracking start and stop times also helps you judge
your overall speed.

Start with short rides
Take a week to work up to a moderate day of 15 miles; don’t worry about time/speed. The purpose is to gain and
maintain basic cardiovascular fitness.

Double up miles
After building up to 15 miles, try an endurance day of 30 miles once a week. Maintain the same pace established
during moderate days, but slow down if necessary. The purpose is to gain distance, confidence and better fitness.

Master interval training
After mastering the basics, challenge yourself with advanced training. During a moderate-day ride, pick a distance
– a city block or the space between two telephone poles – and speed into a sprint. Start with one sprint each ride
and add more, longer sprints each time. Sprint for one lap and then slow down for a recovery lap, repeating as
needed. Interval training improves speed, endurance and recovery.

Participate in Recommended Rides
Take part in Recommended Rides to learn the dynamics of group cycling.
Visit for a list of Recommended Rides.

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                            8
                                                PACKET PICK-UP

Every rider must attend a scheduled Packet Pick-Up to turn in his or her signed Waiver Form and collect a Rider
Packet, goodie bag, CHAMP bandana and T-shirt.

Riders under the age of 18 must have a Waiver Form signed by a parent or guardian AND have it NOTARIZED.

Participants should check with Team Captains, if applicable, to learn if a special team Packet Pick-Up has been

Riders may submit collected pledges at Packet Pick-Up. The minimum required pledge is $300.

       m                i
 4 -7 p. .W ednesday,Apr l04,2007              ano C yclng -605 18t St -Pl
                                              Pl        i         h . ano,TX 75074

 4 -7 p. .Thur        i
              sday,Apr l05,2007               Toyot ofPl
                                                  a    ano -1001 Pr on R d.-Pl
                                                                   est       ano,TX 75093

       m                i
 4 -7 p. .W ednesday,Apr l11,2007             Toyot ofIvi -1999 W estAipor Fr
                                                  a   r ng                        r ng,
                                                                      r t eew ay -Ivi TX 75062

       m                i
 4 -7 p. .W ednesday,Apr l18,2007             Bi es I -5125 G r
                                               cycl nc              y        t    t
                                                               anbur R d.-For W orh,TX 76133

       m             i
 4 -7 p. .Tuesday,Apr l24,2007                      grf    a            -      lngt
                                              Vander ifToyot -1000 W estI20 -Ari on,TX 76017

       m                i
 4 -7 p. .W ednesday,Apr l25,2007                                   l        char
                                              R BM -1451 W .C am pbel R d.-R i   dson,TX 75080

       m             i
 4 -7 p. .M onday,Apr l30,2007                    i          et                  e.         r lon,
                                              N atonalM S Soci y -2105 Luna R d.St 390 -C ar olt TX 75006

        m    i
 2 -10 p. .Fr day,M ay 04,2007                SAM ' C LU B M S 150 Bi Expo & Past Par y
                                                   S                 ke            a   t
                                                          t      el l Frsco
                                              Em bassy Suies H ot D alas- i
                                                                         i     i
                                              7600 John Q .H am m ons D rve -Frsco,TX 75034
                                                  per    or
                                              $10/ son f Past D ia nner

How To Use Your Rider Numbers Enclosed in the Rider Packet
1. Rider number plate to attach to your handlebars

2. Small two-sided rider number plate for center bar or top tube of your bike

3. Adhesive rider number for the front of your helmet

4. Large rider number flyer to attach to your back (riders MUST complete the medical/emergency contact
information on the back of this bib)

5. Wrist bracelet for Saturday and Sunday meals

6. Adhesive luggage tags (to place around luggage handles)

Twist ties are included to attach rider numbers to handlebars and center bar. Safety pins are included to attach the
rider number bib to the back of your jersey.Your rider number must be attached to the front of your handlebars
and clearly visible. Adhere the helmet number sticker to the front of your helmet; this is the primary source of ID
for your official ride photo.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                              9

Friday, May 4, 2007
The Embassy Suites Hotel Dallas - Frisco, at 7600 John Q. Hammons Drive in Frisco, is the official SAM’S CLUB
MS 150 hotel for those needing accommodations on Friday, May 4. Make reservations today by calling 972-712-
7200 and asking for the special SAM’S CLUB MS 150 rate of $109.

Saturday, May 5, 2007
You have three options for overnight accommodations on Saturday:
1. Camp at Texas Motor Speedway: A camping area will be set up for you to bring your own tent and camping
   gear, or check with your team to see if they have a team tent.
2. Bring your RV and stay at Texas Motor Speedway. Hook-ups are not available. If interested in RV reservations,
   contact Kelly Dooley at
3. Stay at one of the following nearby hotels. Free shuttle services to and from the speedway will be available:

Comfort Inn North                      CODE: MS 150                            Must reserve rooms by April 13
4850 N Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76137                   Residence Inn Alliance AP               Dallas/DFW Airport North
817-834-8001                           13400 N Freeway                         Super 8 Motel
                                       Fort Worth, TX 76177                    250 E Highway 114
Best Western                           817-750-7000                            Grapevine, TX 76051
6700 Fossil Bluff Dr                   $89                                     817.329.7222
Fort Worth, TX 76137                   CODE: None                              $89
817-847-8484                           Must reserve rooms by April 21          CODE: MS 150
CODE: Bike Club                        Sleep Inn & Suites Speedway             Doral Tesoro Hotel & Golf Club
                                       13471 Raceway Dr                        3300 Championship Parkway
Comfort Suites Roanoke                 Roanoke, TX 76262                       Fort Worth, TX 76177
801 Byron Nelson Blvd                  817-491-3120                            817-961-0800
Roanoke, TX 76262                      $85.99                                  $125
817-490-1455                           CODE: SOLD OUT
$72                                                                            Fairfield Inn by Marriott North
CODE: MS 150                           Comfort Suites North                    Fossil Creek
                                       3751 Tanacross Drive                    3701 NE Loop 820
Hampton Inn & Suites Alliance          Fort Worth, TX 76137                    Fort Worth, TX 76137
13600 N Freeway                        817-222-2333                            817.232.5700
Fort Worth, TX 76178                   $74                                     $65
817-439-0400                           CODE: MS 150                            CODE: MS 150
CODE: None                             Courtyard by Marriott North
                                       Fossil Creek
Marriott Dallas Solana                 3751 NE Loop 820
5 Village Circle                       Fort Worth, TX 76137
Westlake, TX 76262                     817-847-0044
682-831-0723                           $89
$99                                    CODE: None

                                  SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                        10
                                                  PACKING LIST

Tour Route                                                    Overnight Bag
∑ Helmet – REQUIRED                                           ∑ Tent (optional)
∑ Rider numbers and wristband – REQUIRED                      ∑ Sleeping bag and pillow
∑ Padded bike shorts, jersey, gloves and shoes                ∑ Travel alarm clock
∑ Sunglasses, lip balm and sunscreen                          ∑ Towel for shower
∑ Tire patch kit, spare tubes and tire pump                   ∑ Toiletries, including soap and shampoo
∑ Identification (driver’s license)                           ∑ Medications
∑ Emergency cash and credit card                              ∑ Change of clothes for Saturday evening
∑ Water bottles and hydration pack                            ∑ Plastic cover for bike seat on Saturday night
∑ Route map                                                   ∑ Riding clothes for Sunday
∑ Medications                                                 ∑ Change of clothes for bus trip home on Sunday
∑ Camera and film                                             ∑ Comfortable shoes
∑ Rain poncho

                                                 BUS SCHEDULE

Saturday, May 5, 2007
From Texas Motor Speedway to Select Area Hotels and Motels. Departures begin at noon Saturday and run
continuously until 8 p.m. Courtesy van service to selected locations may be available. Please check the Bus Depot
at the Overnight for the schedule.

Sunday, May 6, 2007
Select Area Hotels and Motels to Texas Motor Speedway. Departures are at 4, 4:30, 5, 5:30 and 6 a.m. Sunday.
Continuous courtesy shuttle buses to Texas Motor Speedway. Check with the bus driver for hotel-specific
departure schedule.

PASSENGER BUSES – $15 Fee Required
Sunday, May 6, 2007
Participants and their bikes will be transported from Fort Worth Finish Line to Frisco. Departures begin at noon
Sunday. Bike trucks depart on different schedules than rider buses. Bikes to be transported to Frisco must be
checked in immediately after finishing the ride and takes approximately two hours from drop-off to Frisco. Each
bike is carefully wrapped, padded and secured in the trucks. Rider numbers must remain on the bike. Bikes are
only available for claim at the Embassy Suites Hotel Dallas-Frisco Ballroom 8 Bike Compound. When claiming your
bike, show your rider number. Once you’ve checked your bike, enjoy Finish Line festivities, then grab your luggage
and board the bus to the Stonebriar Mall parking lot in Frisco.

Purchase transportation online at as if you were registering for the ride, but UNselect
“registration” and select “transportation” instead. You may also pay for transportation at a Packet Pick-Up.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                           11
                                            GENERAL INFORMATION

Ride Schedule
The 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 starts at 7 a.m. Saturday, May 5, at Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco and ends with an
Overnight celebration at Texas Motor Speedway. Day Two begins at 6:30 a.m. Sunday, May 6, with a victory lap
inside Texas Motor Speedway and ends at Sundance Square in Fort Worth. The ride officially closes at 6 p.m.
Sunday. Invite your friends and family to come out and celebrate your finish in Sundance Square.

The ride takes place rain or shine. Be prepared for any type of weather.

Fund-Raising Pledges
This is a fund-raising event that helps 17,000 Texans living with MS. Each rider is required to raise at least the
minimum pledge of $300. The majority of participants go far beyond the required minimum in their desire to help
others. Riders are responsible for collecting all pledges. In return for raising funds, riders qualify for a variety of
prizes. Pledges are due by June 6, 2007 to be eligible for fund-raising prizes.

Waiver Forms
Each rider must bring a signed Waiver Form to a Packet Pick-Up to get a Rider Packet. Note: Riders under the age
of 18 must have a Waiver Form signed by a parent or guardian and have it NOTARIZED beforehand.

SAM’S CLUB MS 150 Web Site
Visit for information, online registration, maps, pledge forms and more. Donors can also make
online pledges at

Parking is available at Stonebriar Mall and Embassy Suites (for a fee) in Frisco from Saturday morning through
Sunday. There are separate entrances for parking and dropping off riders and gear. Parking areas will be secured
from noon Saturday to 10 a.m. Sunday. Parking is limited at Texas Motor Speedway; entry is restricted from noon
Saturday to 8 a.m. Sunday. Visit for information and maps.

Food and Beverages
Food and beverages are provided along the route. Water, sports drinks and light snacks are available at each
breakpoint. Lunch is served both days. Dinner and breakfast will be served at the Overnight. Dinner will be served
Sunday in Sundance Square.

Information Centers
Information Centers will be located at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Dr Pepper Ballpark, Texas Motor Speedway and
Sundance Square.

Champions Against MS – Sponsored By Elk
The free Champions Against MS program Sponsored by Elk connects people with MS with MS 150 cyclists.
During the ride, each cyclist carries a bright red bandana signed by someone with MS. The free bandanas are
popular collectibles and mementos from the ride. Check the box on the registration form to get a free bandana at
Packet Pick-Up. If you ride in honor of someone you know, check the box for an unsigned bandana. To be paired

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                             12
                                       GENERAL INFORMATION – CONT.

with a Champion, check the box for a signed bandana. If you’ve already registered and didn’t sign up to be a
Champion, sign up at any Packet Pick-Up.

Medical Support
Medical personnel are available on the route. If you need help, please ask.

Bike Police
Bike Police are Texas law enforcement officers who volunteer to ensure the safety of riders and volunteers. They
have authorization to ensure riders obey traffic laws and rules, as well as assisting in emergencies. Bike Police will
take whatever action is necessary to maintain safety of others, including drivers of motor vehicles along the route.
Bike Police will warn and, if necessary, remove riders who are unsafe and uncooperative.

Ride Marshals
The special cycling team of Ride Marshals provides extra safety and security. They offer assistance and monitor
cycling safety.

Motorcycle Patrols
Motorcyclists who patrol the route form an integral part of event control. Motorcycle support volunteers respond
to emergencies and traffic situations.

SAG Vehicles
Support and Gear (SAG) vehicles patrol the route to help riders who need lifts. SAGs do not stop to repair bikes,
but they will take riders to the next breakpoint that offers repairs.

To signal SAG vehicle drivers, follow these steps:
1. Move safely off the road and out of the path of oncoming riders.
2. Dismount and stand near your bike.
3. Remove your helmet and wave it at the SAG vehicle.

From a moving car, it’s hard to distinguish a friendly wave from a call for help, so please use the SAG wave if you
need assistance. Some official vehicles are medical, staff or communications transports and aren’t equipped to
carry riders. At peak hours, SAG vehicles may be full; please be patient, as another SAG vehicle will come by soon.

HAM Radio Team
The HAM Amateur Radio Communications Team links the event with radio and cellular communication support
and operations. Team members at Central Radio Network Control and in route vehicles provide the ride’s
information backbone.

Massage Therapy
Take advantage of massage therapy at the Overnight. Fees may apply.

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                             13
                                             REGISTRATION FORM

Complete form and fax to 713-394-7422 (Houston) or mail with fees to:
2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 • P.O. Box 4125, Houston, TX 77210-4585

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip:_____________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: ______________________________ Work Phone: ____________________________________
Date Of Birth:_______ / _______ / _________    Sex: M / F        T-Shirt Size: S M L XL XXL

Team Name: _______________________________ Team Captain: ______________________________

Champions Against MS (please check one):
______ I would like to be assigned a Champion living with MS and need a free, signed bandana at Packet Pick-Up.
______ I’m riding for someone with MS and need a free, unsigned bandana at Packet Pick- Up.

FEES (Check all that apply)
______ $25 Early Bird Registration Fee (by Feb. 28)           ______ $375 Registration Fee and Minimum Pledge
______ $35 Registration Fee (March 1 – March 31)              ______ $15 Transportation Fee (Rider & Bike)
______ $50 Registration Fee (April 1 – April 30)              ______ $5 Transportation Fee (Bike only)

$___________________ TOTAL FEES

Check (Payable to the National MS Society) AMEX     VISA    MC      DIS
Printed Name on Credit Card: _________________________________________________________________
Card Number: ________________________________________________________ Exp. Date: ____________
Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________

Account #: _______________________________________________ Rec’d By: _________________________
Check: ________________________ Cash: _____________________ TOTAL: $ ________________________

Each participant must sign a waiver form. If a participant is under 18, the waiver form must be signed by a parent
or legal guardian and notarized. When a waiver form is collected at any packet pick-up, the participant will receive
a rider number. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or adult (21
and older) at all times when riding the SAM’S CLUB MS 150. Participants indicating team membership agree to
the release of personal contact information to the team’s official representative. Registration and transportation
fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and do not apply toward the minimum pledge. If you ride, you are
agreeing to pay the minimum pledge of $300 for the SAM’S CLUB MS 150, either through fulfilled pledges or a
personal donation.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                           14
                                                  WAIVER FORM

A completed Waiver Form must be turned in at Packet Pick-Up to receive a rider packet.

In signing this release, I acknowledge that I understand its intent, and for myself, my heirs, executors,
administrators and representatives, do hereby agree, absolve and hold harmless the National Multiple Sclerosis
Society, the Lone Star Chapter, corporate sponsors, cooperating organizations and any other parties connected
with this event in any way together with their respective successors and assigns (the “Sponsors”), singly and
collectively, from and against any blame and liability for any injury, harm, loss, inconvenience or any other damage
of any kind whatsoever which may result from or be connected in any way to my participation in the SAM’S CLUB
MS 150.

In addition to the absolute and unqualified release from all liability, I hereby represent that I am physically capable
of participating in this event, that my bicycle and any other equipment I may use to participate in the event are in
working condition, that I will observe all applicable traffic and event rules, and that I will wear a helmet and
conduct myself in a safe and prudent manner while participating in the event and I hereby absolve and hold
harmless the Sponsors from any damage I may sustain because of any breach of these representations. I hereby
consent to and permit emergency treatment in the event of injury or illness while participating in this event. I also
give permission to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Lone Star Chapter to use my name and any
images taken of me during the event in any promotional materials, publications or on the Internet. I also give
permission to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Lone Star Chapter to release my name, addresses
and phone numbers to any official representative of a team that I have chosen to join.

I understand that if I ride, I am agreeing to pay a minimum of $300 for the SAM’S CLUB MS 150, either through
pledges or a personal donation. Failure to pay any minimum pledge at any Lone Star Chapter event will prohibit
any participation now or in the future.

Notice: Waivers/releases of riders under the age of 18 must be signed by a parent or legal guardian and
NOTARIZED. The rider must be accompanied by an adult (21 or older) throughout the SAM’S CLUB MS 150.


Rider’s Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Rider’s Name Printed: ________________________________________________________________________

Complete the section below, if rider is under 18.
Parent/legal guardian’s signature: __________________________________________ Date: ________________

Name of accompanying parent/adult (21 or older) during the SAM’S CLUB MS 150:

Notary Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ________________

Notary Stamp:

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                             15
                                                 PLEDGE FORM

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone: _______________________________ Work Phone: ____________________________________
E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter and its SAM’S CLUB MS 150.
All pledges are tax-deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law. Canceled checks are sufficient IRS proof for
pledges less than $250. For pledges greater than $250, a tax receipt will be mailed to the sponsor in January 2008.
Checks should be made payable to the National MS Society and include the rider’s name in the memo section of
each check. The minimum pledge is $300 and is due 30 days after the ride. Donors, double your pledge gift
through your employer’s Matching Gift Program, if available. Please mail all pledges to:
2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 • National MS Society • P.O. Box 4125 Houston, TX 77210-4125

AMOUNT                       NAME                         ADDRESS                       PHONE
$                            TOTAL

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                          16

Riders Can Earn Fund-Raising Prizes!
The 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 is a fund-raising event that helps more than 17,000 men, women and children
living with multiple sclerosis. Riders who raise $300 or more are eligible for fund-raising prizes. Participants can
also choose to donate the costs associated with purchasing prizes back to the National MS Society. Pledges must
be received by June 6, 2007. View the complete 2007 fund-raising prize list at

Raise $1,000 in Nine Days
Most riders go far beyond the $300 minimum pledge by breaking a fund-raising goal into smaller, more
manageable increments. Here is a proven, effective strategy for raising $1,000 in nine days.

DAY 1 Start by sponsoring yourself for $50.
DAY 2 Ask two family members to sponsor you for $50.
DAY 3 Ask 10 friends to each contribute $20.
DAY 4 Ask five co-workers to each contribute $20.
DAY 5 Ask five neighbors to each contribute $20.
DAY 6 Ask 10 people from your place of worship to each donate $10.
DAY 7 Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 (or find out if your company will match what you raise).
DAY 8 Ask five businesses with which your company works to sponsor you for $40.
DAY 9 Ask four businesses you frequent (hair stylist, dry cleaner, veterinarian, restaurants, etc.) to contribute $25.

100 Club
The 2007 100 Club is an elite group: the Top 100 Fund-Raisers from the 2006 SAM’S CLUB MS 150. To reward
these special riders, each receives special, excusive benefits before, during and after the event. Participants have
until Sept. 30, 2007, to turn in funds to qualify for the 2008 100 Club.

Benefits include:
∑ Special 100 Club Packet Pick-Up
∑ Express Line at Packet Pick-ups for personalized service
∑ 100 Club priority start for Day 2 at Texas Motor Speedway
∑ Yellow Rider Number corresponding with 2006 fund-raising ranking
∑ 100 Club Credentials
∑ Exclusive 100 Club Training Opportunity
∑ 100 Club VIP Reception at Expo
∑ Special 100 Club Tent at Texas Motor Speedway and Fort Worth
∑ 100 Club Texas Motor Speedway Premier Luggage Pick-Up
∑ Invitation to various special events throughout the year
∑ Commemorative 100 Club Merchandise
∑ Name posted as Top 100 Fund-Raiser on SAM’S CLUB MS 150 Web site
∑ Dedicated chapter staff to help you through the 2007 event season
∑ E-mail updates to keep you abreast of current SAM’S CLUB MS 150 news

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                            17
                               100 CLUB

1.          d
      D avi Ber an m                           51.          d
                                                      D avi Boyet     t
2.         t
      C ur Bar   ker                           52.        hy
                                                      Kat Boyet       t
3.          e er
      Jam i Pi son                             53.    Jonat  han Pond
4.    Mi chaelD ar ck di                       54.    Tom St   evens
5.      l
      BilM oor    e                            55.    Ken W oody Sm ih     t
6.    R ob Li ddel  l                          56.    Andy W at ns ki
7.               at
      Bob Kw i kow ski                         57.    R odney M ofit  ft
8.    Bob W agner                              58.        e cks
                                                      D al H i
9.    Jam es C r g ai                          59.    Jor dan H unt   er
10.        ght skey
      Dwi Ri                                   60.      m
                                                      Ki H er i rage
11.      ant
      G r H eriz   lt                          61.         al
                                                      G er d C hase
12.   Kep Kepner                               62.        e eecy
                                                      D al C r
13.   Steven St er ol                          63.        ol
                                                      H ar d H ar i rs
14.   Jon Tur   bevil le                       64.            t
                                                      R ober Sarats f i
15.     yce
      Al Levy                                  65.    D on N eel
16.         s
      Lew i M eyer     s                       66.          ge
                                                      G eor Buxbaum
17.       l d
      Balar C astem anl                        67.           f
                                                      JennierW al      l
18.   O w en M ar   x                          68.    Gr aham C r ar er
19.     m
      Ti Suli   lvan                           69.      ar      i
                                                      C l k Brner
20.   Steve C ol   e                           70.        a
                                                      N et D avi   s
21.   Steve Levy                               71.        i
                                                      M elssa W ai an nm
22.   R andy G ol   den                        72.    Steve Lynch
23.       t
      Keih N ovi    ck                         73.        s
                                                      Lui Adran i
24.        k
      M ar R oger     s                        74.    Ant hony Krnskyi
25.     i       h
      Elzabet Schopm eyer                      75.        rck
                                                      Pati W yat       t
26.          ge
      G eor M ar      kus                      76.              di
                                                      Joe C or na
27.   John O zm un                             77.    M ax C hesser
28.   Tom Kar    ol                            78.    Susan Per ns  ki
29.   R honda H oyt                            79.     ngrd nshaw
                                                      I i Hi
30.      ke
      M i C ook                                80.    Susan H oland l
31.           t em
      R ober C l ent      s                    81.      n
                                                      Bi M anson
32.   D an Banse                               82.              i l
                                                      Andy Brckel
33.         t
      Scot G ast                               83.    Mi chaelLopez
34.   H er schelW al    ker                    84.      l
                                                      JilM endenhal      l
35.       i l
      C oln H il                               85.    AlBagur
36.   Br yantM cFal     l                      86.          el
                                                      D ani Kant     er
37.              f
      JoelR ofm an                             87.    Joe Escano
38.     an
      Al Aski     ns                           88.    D oug Levy
39.   R oss C r  um                            89.          yl sa
                                                      C her Par
40.           e vi
      D ebbi Li ngst      on                   90.    R oy G ar ad
41.     m
      Ji H oyt                                 91.    D ean W ikil nson
42.      i
      Bran Jones                               92.       ke
                                                      M i D um as
43.       t
      Keih Johnson                             93.    Jake Buckner
44.        e ann
      Luci Pr                                  94.          a ebbs
                                                      D ebr Kr
45.       hy
      Kat Senase                               95.    Sean M cC r y  ar
46.     ke
      El N ow el     l                         96.    Jam es D avi    s
47.   Stephen M arno   i                       97.    Jed Ber einst n
48.         d er
      D avi Al                                 98.        f
                                                      Jef Shul anm
49.     t ar
      Eta C l k                                99.      m
                                                      Ji m y G r  ossm an
50.         n
      Edw i Loos                               100.        k eenber
                                                      M ar G r            g

                  SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                            18
                                   ACE YOUR FUND-RAISING CAMPAIGN

Be a fund-raising ACE by focusing on Awareness, Creativity and Education.

∑ Make others aware of your involvement in the SAM’S CLUB MS 150.
∑ Change the message on your cell phone or answering machine to mention the SAM’S CLUB MS 150.
∑ Update the signature of outgoing e-mails to mention your involvement.
∑ Create labels that read, “I’m riding in the 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 to help Texans living with MS!”
∑ Make business cards with ride information, your name and e-mail address.
∑ Give 10 Pledge Forms to 10 friends and ask them to get pledges for you.
∑ Instead of gifts on your birthday or holidays, ask family and friends to make a pledge to your fund-raising goal.
∑ Make a list of pledge donors and list how much you’re counting on them to pledge.
∑ Bring a potential donor on a Recommended Ride and ask for a pledge.
∑ Contact the national chapter of your/friends fraternity or social organization to ask for a donation.
∑ Post a ride poster in your company’s break room. Write your name and phone number on the poster.
∑ Create a rolling screen saver on your work computer.
∑ Create a personal newsletter to inform friends, neighbors and co-workers about your fund-raising goal.
∑ Send fund-raising letters to the parents of kids on your child’s sports teams.

Let your creative side shine when developing ways to raise donations
∑ Hold a garage sale.
∑ Create your own Web page with background on the ride, your involvement and your fund-raising goal.
∑ Perform a free service for donations, such as raking leaves, mowing lawns, house sitting or watching a pet.
∑ Ask a local store if you can bag groceries for donations.
∑ Stage a book sale. Ask family, friends and neighbors to donate used books and magazines.
∑ Hold a themed car wash and ask businesses to donate items.
∑ Raffle donated tickets to an upcoming event, such as a concert or play.
∑ Purchase and resell holiday candy.
∑ Host a bingo night at a local hall or school.
∑ Organize a plant sale with plants donated by local nurseries.
∑ Many grocery stores will allow you to sell hot dogs and beverages outside their stores, provided you purchase
    the food from them. This is a great way to raise donations on a busy weekend.
∑ Throw a bicycle-themed movie-watching party/TV shows. Ask for donations.
∑ Walk your neighbors’ dogs each day for a donation.

Learn more about multiple sclerosis and share that knowledge with donors
∑ Visit the National MS Society’s site for information on multiple sclerosis
∑ Contact the Lone Star Chapter for brochures and videos about MS.
∑ If riding to honor a loved one with MS, include a picture of you and your loved one in your pledge letters,
   posters and flyers.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                            19
                                                   SAFETY ZONE

Handling Emergencies
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Lone Star Chapter has several well-planned and thoroughly organized
safety measures in place for the 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150. Such measures include a large contingent of trained
medical professionals at every stage of the route, necessary medical supplies and facilities, an extensive
communications network for relaying crucial information, professional law enforcement officials, and ambulances
and medical helicopters on immediate stand-by for transportation.

Please remember that the majority of SAM’S CLUB MS 150 participants are not competitive cyclists. The SAM’S
CLUB MS 150 is not a competitive event. The majority of participants are recreational cyclists of all ages, united in
their desire to raise funds to help people living with MS. With thousands of riders of varying cycling expertise,
however, accidents can and do happen.

If you witness a serious incident or are the first on the scene of an accident, please follow these procedures:

1. Secure the scene. DO NOT MOVE the person(s) involved.

2. Administer emergency/first-aid care IF AND ONLY IF you are qualified. If not, move to Step 3 until medical
personnel arrive.

3. Find a volunteer or staff member, who will contact Communications to report location, severity of incident and
number of people involved.

4. Designate a person to safely direct traffic away from the area. Keep a crowd from gathering and keep your own
safety in mind at all times.

Medical helicopters and ambulances are available and used throughout the route as needed. While the sight of a
medical helicopter can be dramatic, it does not necessarily convey a worst-case scenario. Rather, it is often easier
and much quicker for an air transport to carry an injured person rather than an ambulance that must navigate the
logistics of the route. The Lone Star Chapter and its medical professionals will always err on the side of caution,
taking the best and most timely measures to ensure the safety and protection of all event participants.
IMPORTANT: Never assume anything or disclose any information, such as type of injury or names. This leads to
liability issues, rumors and misinformation. National MS Society officials are specifically designated to handle
emergency situation information and media inquiries.

Riding Safely
∑ Respect fellow riders and their levels of cycling experience. Again, most participants are recreational riders.
    This is NOT a competitive race; it is a fund-raising event to help Texans living with multiple sclerosis.
∑ Wear a helmet. This is MANDATORY. Tour officials will remove riders who aren’t wearing helmets from the
∑ Obey all traffic signs and signals. It’s the law.
∑ Do NOT use headsets, cell phones, radios or any other such devices while riding. For the safety of all
    participants, anyone using such devices while riding can be removed from the event.
∑ Ride on the right side, a few feet from the edge, in the same direction as traffic.

                                    SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                             20
                                              SAFETY ZONE – CONT.

∑   Never ride more than two abreast. This is a state law.
∑   Cross railroad tracks at a right angle.
∑   Make sure vehicle drivers see you and make eye contact with them before turning.
∑   Glance back before moving right or left.
∑   Pass on the left only. Before passing, be sure it is clear, then signal. When passing another cyclist, clearly call
    out “ON YOUR LEFT.”
∑   When you hear someone say “ON YOUR LEFT,” do not turn around. Hold handlebars steady and keep your
    bike straight while maintaining your speed.
∑   Give hand signals when stopping or turning.
∑   Let fellow cyclists know “CAR BACK,” “ON YOUR LEFT”, “CAR UP” or “STOPPING.”
∑   Watch out for road hazards such as patches of loose gravel on the road.
∑   Respect the communities through which we ride. They support the mission to end multiple sclerosis and they
    support you.
∑   Do not ride on any private property.

Common Mistakes TO AVOID
∑ Following too closely behind other cyclists or cars.
∑ Drafting behind motor vehicles.
∑ Not moving safely off the pavement when stopping to rest.
∑ Not moving fully into a breakpoint area and out of the path of oncoming cyclists.
∑ Not keeping clear of road hazards, such as trash, low branches and parked vehicles.
∑ Not watching out for drains, cattle guards, sand and gravel.
∑ Riding more than two abreast.

Riding in Wet Weather
∑ Allow for longer braking distances.
∑ Dry wheel rims by applying brakes ahead of time. Even if the ground is not slick, wet rims will reduce
∑ Brake more gently on slick surfaces. Use the front brake less.
∑ Turn and accelerate more gently to prevent sliding on slick surfaces.
∑ Pay attention to surfaces such as manhole covers, painted traffic markings, wet leaves and oil slicks.
∑ Be prepared to put a foot down for balance.
∑ Avoid riding through puddles, which can often hide deep potholes.
∑ After riding in the rain, lubricate your bike chain to help prevent rust.

                                     SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                              21

TeamMS links the National MS Society with corporate America and the community in a partnership that supports
the mission to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. Uniting businesses for a common cause through
team participation creates positive community visibility.

Employees Benefit Through Teamwork and Team Building
Employees learn to work together as they raise funds. They set goals, develop creative ways to achieve them and
put their ideas into action.

Corporate Pride and Employee Retention Increases
Contributing to the National MS Society and taking an active role in the community instills company pride. After
working together and seeing the success they create, teams look forward to building on the success each year.

Community Involvement Builds Strong Corporate Images
By getting into the community and working as a team, your company builds a positive corporate image. You’ll
build a strong reputation with employees, clients and investors, and relationships with potential customers. When
you participate as a corporate team, your name and logo are seen by thousands of riders and supporters, as well as
media. The SAM’S CLUB MS 150 features cyclists from throughout the United States and the world. Your
participation shows your company’s commitment to national and international audiences.

Participation Creates a Health-Conscious Work Environment
Training and participation provides employees with a life-changing goal. This event helps everyone get in shape
and learn healthy habits while benefiting more than 17,000 Texans living with MS.

Training and Fund-Raising are Easier as a Team
Host group rides. Bike Stores are resources for planning a training schedule.

Special Team Benefits
∑ On-site Packet Pick-Up for teams with 75 or more riders by April 1, 2007
∑ Team photos at Overnight
∑ Teams can rent tents at Texas Motor Speedway and Sundance Square
∑ Opportunity to purchase corporate cycling jerseys
∑ Special team awards
∑ Prizes for team members

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                         22
                                      TEAM CAPTAIN JOB DESCRIPTION

Get the Word Out Early to Recruit Cyclists and Volunteers
∑ Identify yourself as Team Captain.
∑ Recruit key volunteers, such as a Co-Captain.
∑ Display SAM’S CLUB MS 150 posters around the office or campus.
∑ People who prefer not to ride can volunteer to support your group.
∑ Get on the agenda of meetings to discuss the SAM’S CLUB MS 150 and your team’s efforts. When executives
   support you, employees follow.
∑ Talk to HR for assistance in recruiting and matching gift program.
∑ Post information in your company’s employee newsletters.
∑ Set up a recruitment table in the lobby of your building.
∑ Host a kick-off party. Invite everyone to learn more about your team and the fund-raising Tour. A National MS
   Society staffer is available to help.

Set Team Goals for Fund-Raising and Recruitment Efforts
∑ Set a goal for the number of people you’ll recruit to ride. If your team is open to non-employees, get families
    and friends to ride.
∑ Check with HR to see if your company offers a Matching Gift Program.
∑ Post a progress chart with your fund-raising and recruitment goals in a visible area of the office. Update totals

Pass Information to Cyclists
∑ Keep your team excited and informed by providing ride updates. Send e-mails about Recommended Rides,
   jerseys, safety clinics and more. Samples are available through the National MS Society.
∑ Maintain an updated roster.

Optional Duties
∑ Collect Signed Waiver Forms from your team members and turn in the signed forms to the National MS
∑ Collect a Rider Packet, T-Shirt, Goodie Bag and free Champion bandana for each signed Wavier Form from the
   National MS Society.
∑ Maintain an updated roster of those who have packets and other materials.

Team Captain Benefits
∑ Visible leadership role
∑ Bi-monthly updates via e-mail
∑ Easy online team tools
∑ Special Team and Team Captain awards

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                           23
                                            TEAM CAPTAIN PROFILE FORM

                                     This form is for Team Captains ONLY.
            This form DOES NOT register ANY RIDER as a participant in the 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150.
This form enrolls your team as an official team for the 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 and keeps you up-to-day with pertinent Tour
information. Visit for additional information and resources. You may also contact TeamMS, Diana and Kelly at 214-
373-1400 and press 2 as we’re here to help you reach your team goals!

Step 1: Register for the 2007 SAM’S CLUB MS 150 Bike Tour at as a rider.
Step 2: Complete this 2007 Team Captain Profile Form (this is NOT a registration form)
Step 3: Fax the completed form to: 214-373-7200 or mail to: National MS Society 2105 Luna Rd, Ste. 390 Carrollton, TX 75006

Team Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Our team has a new name this year – previous Team name: __________________________________________

Our team has a new team captain this year – previous Team Captain name: ______________________________

This is a first year team: Yes / No

Team Goals for 2007:
Team Size: _________________________________ Team Fund-Raising: $ ______________________________

                                           Team Captain Profile                                  Co-Captain Profile


                 Job Title:


         Business Phone:

          Cellular Phone:

            Business Fax:

  Home Phone (optional)

        Mailing Address:

         City, State & Zip

          E-mail Address:

  Team Website Address:

    Bike Store Affiliation:

                                        SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                                   24
                                           TEAM CAPTAIN TIMELINE

First Steps
∑ Pick a team name. Keep it simple. The company name can serve as your team’s name or you can be creative.
    This is how you’re recognized by the National MS Society. Be sure your entire team registers under this name;
    this is the only way to credit your team for participants and fund-raising.
∑ Secure support from top executives or group leaders.
∑ Approach your marketing and HR departments about team support.
∑ Share the work. Form a TeamMS committee or recruit a Co-Captain.
∑ Set goals for the number of riders and proceeds raised by your team.
∑ Register your team. E-mail or for a Team Captain
    interest form.
∑ Make sure each team member registers individually, either online at or on printed
    registration forms. Riders must fill in the team information box with the correct names of the team and
∑ Announce that you’re forming a team at the next staff or club meeting.
∑ Distribute registration forms with your team’s name already filled in to colleagues and friends.
∑ Post an updated roster to list confirmed team members.

February 2007
∑ Display ride posters in corporate cafeterias, lobbies and bulletin boards.
∑ Ask your company or local neighborhood businesses to provide T-shirts, hats or jerseys for your team to wear
   on event weekend.
∑ Place articles in your company newsletter.
∑ Plan a pre-ride event to promote team involvement, including group rides.
∑ Schedule a visit from a National MS Society staffer to discuss the importance of raising funds to help those
   with MS.
∑ Enlist those who aren’t riding to volunteer. They can also raise funds and boost your team’s fund-raising total.
∑ Track team donations. Announce current team totals and top fund-raisers.
∑ March 11, 2007: Recommended Rides begin. Check for schedule.

March 2007
∑ March 5-11. Be sure your team participates in MS Awareness Week March 5-11.
∑ Check your roster. Do you have enough riders to meet fund-raising goals?
∑ Reward top team members. Get prizes from your company (such as a day off, tickets to local entertainment,
  gift certificates, etc.).
∑ Recommended Rides continue.
∑ Tuesday, March 1, 2007 — Registration fee increases to $35.

April 2007
∑ April 1, 2007: If your team has more than 75 registered riders by this date, you qualify for on-site Packet Pick-
   Up. E-mail Diana Brooks at by April 1 to schedule a team Packet Pick-Up. These

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                          25
                                    TEAM CAPTAIN TIMELINE – CONT.
∑ scheduled events must take place between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday with a maximum time
  limit of two hours.
∑ Arrange last-minute details with teammates. Follow up with team meeting area instructions.
∑ Remind your team about the start time and directions to team meeting area.
∑ Friday, April 1, 2007: Registration fee increases to $50.
∑ Early April: Packet Pick-Ups begin. See for schedule. Rider numbers, T-shirts, goodie bags
  and free Champion bandanas are distributed.
∑ Early April: Recommended Rides continue.
∑ April 11 – Team Captain Logistics Meeting

May 2007
∑ Friday, May 4, 2007: Expo and last Packet Pick-Up takes place from 2 to 10 p.m. at Frisco Embassy Suites,
  located at the Frisco North Tollway and Gaylord Parkway.
∑ Saturday, May 5, 2007: Gates open at 5 a.m. Bike Stores will check for last-minute adjustments. Tour starts at
  7 a.m.
∑ Sunday, May 6, 2007: Day Two begins at 6:30 a.m. in Texas Motor Speedway and finishes in Fort Worth’s
  Sundance Square. Invite friends and family to the Finish Line.

After the ride
∑ Keep raising funds.
∑ Send thank you notes or call all team participants.
∑ Remind your cyclists about the fund-raising prize deadline: June 7, 2007.
∑ Follow up with the National MS Society to learn your team’s fund-raising totals and which team members
   have not turned in pledges.
∑ Plan a team wrap-up meeting and hand out awards to riders and volunteers.
∑ Ask an executive to thank corporate team with a party or casual day.
∑ Follow up with your company regarding matching gifts. Make sure paperwork is submitted.
∑ Submit a story to your company newsletter or Web site.

                                         TEAM CAPTAIN RESOURCES

Contact one or both of the TeamMS directors to assist you and your team at 214-373-1400 and press 2 or
Diana Brooks at and Kelly Dooley at

Letters, Memos and Articles
Promote your team’s fund-raising efforts with a company newsletter article and fund-raising letters.

Team Captain E-Newsletters
Chapter newsletters, sent via e-mail, cover fund-raising advice, team standings, recruitment and more.

Promotional Materials
Request brochures, posters and information at

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                       26
                                            TEAM CAPTAIN TOOLS

TeamMS Tools are at TeamMS Tools are easy ways to get statistics, search for team members
and collect team rosters.

A site login is available upon request at Provide your team’s name and request access
to TeamMS Tools. The chapter will verify your Captain status and issue a login by e-mail. Riders’ privacy is taken
seriously, so please allow three to five business days for verification.

Once the login is provided, Team Captains have complete access to their teams’ roster information 24 hours a day:
• View summary statistics
• Search or browse rosters for specific members
• View a teammate’s record, including fund-raising and contact information
• View the entire roster
• Easily send e-mails to the entire team

                                              RECRUITMENT TIPS

Get The Word Out
∑ Tell your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.
∑ A team consists of four or more riders. When you get three friends to join you, you’ll have your own team.
∑ Send an e-mail to everyone on your e-mail list.
∑ Post news about your involvement on your personal Web site.
∑ Mail letters to everyone you know announcing your commitment and invite them to join. It’s helpful to include
   a brochure with the team name already filled in.
∑ Follow up with phone calls or e-mails to learn who is interested in joining.
∑ Communicate the importance of the cause with everyone.

Get Company Support
∑ Ask the highest-ranking person in your company or group to send an endorsement memo announcing that he
   or she is riding or supporting your team. The memo should also ask others to join. A matching gift form should
   be included if your company has a matching gift policy.
∑ Remind company officials that participation is a great way to get the name and brand in front of thousands of
   customers and media in a positive light.
∑ Ask your company to provide financial help, such as paying for jerseys.
∑ Talk to HR and community relations for recruiting assistance.

Display Posters And Brochures
∑ Display posters and brochures in central locations with the Team Captain’s name and phone number.
∑ Display a sign-up list in accessible areas to generate interest.

∑ If your company sends newsletters or has its own intranet, include an article and photo. List participants and
   include your contact information.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                          27
                                         RECRUITMENT TIPS – CONT.

∑ Mention your business competitors’ teams, especially if their teams were bigger or raised more money in
∑ Do you belong to a chamber of commerce, professional organization, alumni association or area committee?
  Communicate your participation at their meetings. Challenge other members to join you.

Host Sign-Up Parties
∑ Host a breakfast or lunch sign-up rally at work.
∑ Hold a new team member registration party. Encourage each team member to recruit at least one more person
   and bring him or her to the party. Award a prize to the member who brings the most new people.

Use the National Multiple Sclerosis Society
∑ Schedule a visit from a National MS Society representative to speak with potential team members and officers
   at your company or meeting place.
∑ Request brochures, posters, donation cards and fund-raising videos.
∑ Ask to team up with a Veteran Team Captain for advice and support.

Make It Personal
∑ Ride on behalf of someone with MS who is unable to ride. Share your Champion’s story and your own with

Make It Fun
∑ The SAM’S CLUB MS 150 is a fun event for a serious cause. Participants, volunteers and sponsors find this to
  be an affirmative, life-changing mission. Share your enthusiasm and excitement. People will be drawn to your
  intensity and passion for the mission to fight MS.
∑ Everyone is looking for ways to relieve daily stress and boredom. The SAM’S CLUB MS 150 will do that.

Create Relationships
∑ Team camaraderie shines brighter than individual enthusiasm. People like to belong and be a vital part of their
   communities. If they see the bonds between you and your team members, others will be receptive to joining.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                         28
                                                  TEAM COSTS

Registration fees per person vary, depending on when a rider registers.
Minimum pledge is $300 per person.

Cycling Jerseys
Most custom jerseys require a minimum jersey order of 25 – 30. Captains supply the designs for custom jerseys.
Team Captains may also choose a semi-custom jersey, a pre-designed jersey that allows the team or corporate logo
to be placed within the design. Most vendors have templates to help. Cycling jerseys tend to run small; they’re cut
like racing jerseys, so plan sizes accordingly. The average cost is $35 - $60 per jersey, plus artwork charges.
Production time is 6 – 8 weeks. Orders must be placed by early February to ensure delivery. Most jersey
companies also require a 50 percent deposit at time of order.

Cycling Jersey Retailer VOmax:
VOmax will donate 10 percent of all 2007 custom team jersey sales to the National MS Society. The chapter
encourages teams to consider VOmax to further help Texans with MS. Contact Peter Manning at 1-800-530-
9740 or Mention the SAM’S CLUB MS 150.

Additional Cycling Jersey Retailers:
Sugoi 1-800-432-1335 Aussie 1-888-528-7743 R&L 469-241-9160

Team Tents, Tables and Chairs
Team tents range from $200 to $1,000+, depending on size with no delivery charges. Eight-foot banquet tables
are $10 per day. Chairs are $1 per day. Information, such as reservations and Tent Space Request Forms, will be
sent via the chapter’s Team Captain e-newsletter.

The National MS Society provides a dinner at Texas Motor Speedway for all riders and volunteers. The team only
incurs these costs if it chooses to cater its own dinner.

                                   SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                          29
                                                          OFFICIAL BIKE STORES

You’ll find everything you need at an Official Bike Store. Personnel at the following locations can readily assist you.

        Official Bike Store                   Address                    City     ST    Zip        Phone                 Website

 Richardson Bike Mart         1451 W Campbell Rd #100           Richardson        TX   75080   972-231-3993

 Richardson Bike Mart         8820 John Hickman Pkwy            Frisco            TX   75035   972-335-7600

 Richardson Bike Mart         9040 Garland Rd                   Dallas            TX   75218   214.321.0705

 Plano Cycling & Fitness      605 E 18th St                     Plano             TX   75074   972-423-4130

 Bicycles Inc                 510-I Harwood Rd                  Bedford           TX   76021   817-268-6572

 Bicycles Inc                 5039 Granbury Rd                  Fort Worth        TX   76133   817-292-2911

 Bicycles Inc                 1607 S Bowen Rd                   Arlington         TX   76013   817-461-5555

 Bicycles Plus, Inc           1901 Long Prairie                 Flower Mound      TX   75022   214-513-2604

 Bicycles Plus, Inc.          7015 Snider Plaza                 Dallas            TX   75205   214-363-2025

 Bicycles Plus, Inc.          757 S MacArthur Blvd              Coppell           TX   75019   972-745-2815

 B&B Bicycles                 408 A North Hwy 67                Cedar Hill        TX   75104   972-293-3100

 Grapevine Bike Center        1106 W Northwest                  Grapevine         TX   76051   817-488-2999

 Grapevine Bike Center        121 W Debbie #105                 Mansfield         TX   76063   817-473-8200

 Mad Duck Adventure Sports    721 E Northwest Hwy               Grapevine         TX   76051   817-442-0339

 REI                          4515 LBJ Hwy                      Farmer’s Branch   TX   75244   972-490-5989

 REI                          2424 Preston Road                 Plano             TX   75093   972-985-2241

 Sun & Ski Sports             3000 Grapevine Mills Pky #119     Grapevine         TX   76051   972-355-9424

 Wheels in Motion             5500 Greenville Ave Suite 100 A   Dallas            TX   75206   214-265-0811

 Wheels in Motion             800 N Coit Rd Suite 2550          Richardson        TX   75080   972-644-2221

                                                SAM’S CLUB MS 150 BIKE TOUR GUIDE                                                      30
             TITLE SPONSOR
               SAM’S CLUB



          Ben E. Keith Company
             Gigantic Color
                 Frito Lay
              Install Nation
             Michelob Ultra
               Pure Protein
          Richardson Bike Mart

            GOLD SPONSORS
               Bicycles, Inc.
          Plano Cycling & Fitness
             Sundance Square
               TXU Energy

               Biogen Idec
            Caraway Crusiers
              City of Frisco
         Clear Channel Outdoor
     Embassy Suites Hotel Dallas-Frisco
           Frisco RoughRiders
      Presbyterian Hospital of Plano
           Teva Nueroscience
        Watson Wyatt Worldwide

            MEDIA SPONSORS
            Clear Channel Radio
               NBC Channel 5
              The Bone Radio
              The Ticket Radio


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