LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT                                                                                             DAVID L. BREWER III
DISTRICT 8                                                                                                                      Superintendent of Schools

Rudecinda Sepulveda Dodson Middle School
and Gifted/High Ability Magnet                                                                                                     LINDA DEL CUETO
                                                                                                                              Superintendent, District 8
28014 Montereina Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Telephone: (310) 241-1900 Fax: (310) 832-4709
                                                                                                                                    TRAVIS COLLIER

Ms. Baumann's Course Outline & Policies                              Last Name:_____________________, First:_________________
Magnet 8th Grade U.S. History & Geography
                                                                                        SnapGrade.com ID#____________________
Goals for the course:
       •    Follow the California Standards for 8th Grade Social Studies                                          Parent Initials_______
       •    Prepare for success in High School
       •    Foster responsibility                                                                                Student Initials_______
       •    Challenge the mind to reach beyond the basics

Curriculum: U.S. History & Geography from the American Revolution to 1910
       •    Geography, European world colonization especially in the Americas                                     Parent Initials________
       •    Influences that led to the American Independence
       •    Foundations & Structure of the United States Constitution                                            Student Initials________
       •    Growth and Expansion
       •    Sectional Differences Division
       •    Civil War & Reconstruction
       •    Industrialization & Changing Economy

Format:                                                                                                            Parent Initials_______
       •    Unit packets are put together and used to cover class work & homework
       •    Unit packets are due on the day of the unit test and worth 50 points                                   Student Initials______
       •    Test questions are made from unit packets, classwork & homework
       •    Practice tests are usually posted on TeacherWeb.com with ca. 100 questions from which 3 or 4 different
            tests will be made
       •    Some tests will have an essay or short answer component.
       •    Homework is given on Monday -- due Wednesday & Wednesday-- due Friday

Policy:                                                                                                           Parent Initials_______
       •    Follow Behavior Code – read pages 4-8 of Agenda Book
       •    No torn, crumpled, stained or tattered papers will be accepted                                         Student Initials______
       •    No late work-- absent dates need to be posted on work and turned in promptly
       •    Pencil will not be accepted unless specifically instructed -- use black or blue ink
       •    Must be in seat with agenda, notebook, & pencil pouch and backpacks put away before the bell rings those who fail to do so, must
            borrow from others, or must go to their backpacks during class, will receive paper pick up.

Grading 1 :
    Use SnapGrades.com, an on-line grade book program, where parents & students can monitor progress.
            A     =     90-100%                                                                                     Parent Initials_______
            B     =     80-89.99%
            C     =     70-79.99%                                                                                    Student Initials______
            D     =     60-69.99%
            F     =     0-59.99%
       •    3 or more missing assignments in one grading period = U in Work Habits
       •    8 or more missing assignments in one semester = U in Work Habits
       •    3 or more unexcused tardies (including in room tardies) in one grading period = U in Cooperation

I, ___________________________________________the parent of _____________________________________, am
aware that I can monitor my child’s progress on SnapGrades.com. I am also aware that Ms. Baumann maintains a
website where I can find a copy of this outline is available on TeacherWeb

                                Parent Signature:                                                                   Date                                    .

    please note that I do not give a grade, I use SnapGrades.com which merely adds up points earned

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