White wines Reynier Blanc Sec House France Brimming with ripe

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1. Reynier Blanc Sec (House) France                                                      2    £2.60    £4.75    £12.95
Brimming with ripe fruit flavours, this white is refreshing with delicious acidity.

2. Giotto Pinot Grigio Garganega Venezie Italy                                           2    £2.75    £5.00    £14.95
Fresh clean citrus with a touch of stone fruit and minerality.

3. Jacobs Creek Semillon Chardonnay Australia                                            2    £2.85    £5.50    £15.95
Immensely popular. Crisp, refreshingly dry with lemon and tropical fruit

4. Montana Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough New Zealand                                       2    £3.25    £6.45    £18.95
Classic fresh mourn grass and ripe Capsicum aromas followed by bell pepper
and pronounced gooseberry flavours.

5. Ropiteau Bourgogne Chardonnay France                                                  2                      £22.95
A fine dry Chardonnay with typical appley and buttery flavours, plus a touch of

Red wines
6. Reynier Rouge (House) France                                                               £2.60    £4.75    £12.95
A soft,southern style with a wealth of ripe berry fruit flavours.

7. Shiraz Cabernet Sam's Island Australia                                                M    £2.65    £4.95    £13.95
Blackberry aromas and soft dark fruit flavours in an easy drinking style.

8. Santiano Merlot Chile                                                                 M    £2.85    £5.50    £15.95
Plummy fruit aromas and black fruit flavours combine with a spice to produce
an inviting ripe Merlot.

9. Joven Monte Clavijo Rioja Red Spain                                                   M    £2.95    £5.80    £16.95
Bursting with soft and juicy cherry fruit.

10. Montana Cabernet Merlot New Zealand                                                  M                      £19.95
Rich, ripe black cherry aromas, berry fruit flavours and gentle oak undertones.

11. Ropiteau Fleurie France                                                              M                      £22.95
Full-bodied, soft and elegant. A deliciously fragrant and attractive Beaujolais.

Rosé wines
12. Giotto Zinfandel Rosé IGT Puglia Italy                                               3    £2.75    £5.00    £14.95
Fresh crushed strawberry notes with red cherry and a touch of spice.

Champagne & Sparkling wines
13. Duc de Roucher Champagne France                                                      2                      £28.50
A celebratory champagne with clean, up-front fruit and soft acidity that will
appeal to all palates.
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Dessert wines                                                                            Guide       glass       glass      bottle

14. Henry Bouachon Muscat de Beaume de Venise AC France                                        7                            £15.95
The most famous Vin Doux Naturel, richly concentrated from the essentially
grapey Muscat variety.

Taste guide: 1-9 dry - sweet (white wine) L M F light, medium, full (red wine)
If a particular vintage or shipper is unavailable, a suitable alternative will be offered. All wines on this list have an
alcohol content of between 4% and 14% by volume. All prices inclusive of VAT.