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					                            SIGMA THETA TAU
The                          INTERNATIONAL
                        HONOR SOCIETY OF NURSING
                Newsletter of the Lambda Pi At-Large Chapter
       University of Toronto Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing
                     Ryerson University School of Nursing
                                                                Spring 2008
Advancing a dynamic community of nurses that fosters and respects our diverse knowledge,
learning and service.

Leadership in fostering the development, application and sharing of knowledge, and the
enhancement of professional practice.

                                 FROM THE EDITORS

The Pillar                            -1-              Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008


The Pillar        -2-      Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
                                CHAPTER HIGHLIGHTS

Committee: Vice President(s)/Events
Chair: Melissa Matton and Sharon Paton
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
        This year has brought several events, ones both academic and to provide opportunities for our
members to meet and build connections as we continue the focus on building ideas to create a stronger
Lambda Pi community. This work is essential in attracting new members while engaging current
        The first event of the year happened at Princess Margaret Hospital on November 15, 2007,
where one of our board members and distinguished speaker Dr. Elaine Santa Mina shared her work on
those with mental illness and their reasons for self harm. The attendance was high at this event and it
was wonderful to have so many of our members available to meet.
        Our next two largest events coming up are the Winter Scholarly Event, AGM and Awards
Ceremony and the Induction ceremony on April 30th and Wednesday May 28th, respectively. Both
events are from 5-7pm and will take place at the Mount Sinai Hospital 18th Floor Auditorium;
Refreshments provided. Please join us to celebrate the work done in our Lambda-Pi membership and
support the nurses joining our community in promoting nursing excellence.
        Other events the chapter is involved in include presenting Lambda-Pi’s work at the Masters of
Nursing Poster Days events at Ryerson and U of T, assisting nurses in the hospital setting to create and
achieve career goals through Dr. Janice Waddell’s career planning, assisting nurses in leadership
development through Sharon Paton’s leadership series, and a speaker series at Ryerson University to
create even more links with the nurses in our Chapter.
        This year the Vice Presidents of Lambda Pi at Large Chapter continues to develop ideas for
creating and instituting innovative leadership programs for our membership. There is a desire to
recognize peers for leadership in nursing practice. Our title for this project is Ordinary Nurses,
Extraordinary leaders. Once this project is up and running we will be asking members to nominate
nurses’ who demonstrate exceptional leadership in practice.
        As these ideas evolve, leaders may be recognized during events, through bursaries and through
mentorship programs across the chapter. We are looking forward to continue working with the board
to solidify these ideas and to implement our vision into action.

Committee: Secretary
Chair: Krista Kamstra
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments

The Pillar                                 -3-                Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
     Period July 2007-March 2008, our Board of Directors has had 9 meetings. Please see
Appendix G for minutes and agendas.

Committee: Treasurer
Chair: Susan Clarke
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
STTI headquarters made errors on several chapter installments and that this error was rectified, first
through my phone calls to HQ to alert them that there were several missing names on the chapter
renewal list, followed by an audit by HQ. The monies that
were owed our chapter totaled $15,726.08 US.

The Finance Committee met on February 4, 2008. We discussed several ideas. Namely the investment
of the funds that were owed to our chapter. The board will be making the final decision regarding
investments. The Finance Committee also approved and selected an auditor (Burns Hubley) for our
biennial financial audit which is due at the end of the current fiscal year (July 2008).

The board will be scheduling a budget planning session to identify and plan key priorities for the new
fiscal year.

Committee: Faculty Counselors
Chair: Linda Cooper and Robyn Stremler
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
        Currently, eligible students are being invited to join Lambda Pi-At-Large. A mechanism is in
place to address the confines of the Ontario privacy of information guidelines. A number of Nurse
Leader applications have been reviewed this year.

Committee: Leadership and Succession
Chair: Elaine Santa Mina
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
   Several Board members have completed their terms in office and their positions on the Board of
Directors will be available for new incumbents. These positions include:

   a) President Elect
   b) Archivist Chair
   c) Research Chair
   d) Faculty Counselor, 2nd Counselor, Ryerson site
The Pillar                              -4-                    Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
   e) Treasurer
   f) Finance Chair

We thank the outgoing Board of Director members for their committed work on behalf of STTI

Committee: Publicity and Newsletter
Chair: Sue Bookey Bassett
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
       As publicity and newsletter Chair, I have produced the fall 2007
Chapter newsletter and am currently in the process of establishing a publicity and newsletter
committee to assist with the preparation of upcoming newsletters.

Future versions will include profiles of chapter members including
their research and scholarly activities and accomplishments, a
leadership Corner, upcoming fundraising initiatives, award recipients and new inductees along with
updates from our current Board executive members. As publicity and newsletter Chair, my plan is to
have all committee members contribute to the newsletter development. I look forward to bringing you
the Spring newsletter and will continue to promote our upcoming events and activities through the
newsletter and other forms of communication including the Chapter website.

Committee: Membership Involvement
Chair: Sherry Espin
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
        In conjunction with the Leadership and Succession Chair, the plan for 2007/08 was to develop
and conduct an online membership survey with the technology Survey Monkey. This online survey
would be posted on our website for members to utilize. We are interested in a clearer understanding of
our members’ professional needs; and how STT Lambda-Pi-At-Large chapter might serve them best.
Due to technical difficulties our online version has been delayed, however we will revise and repeat
the manual survey at both the 2008 AGM and the Induction Ceremony. This year we have recruited
volunteers and are happy that we have several volunteers who are interested in a leadership
opportunity with our chapter and we will be including them in this process. Plans continue to develop
the web-based survey and we hope to see it earlier in the 2008 2009 mandate! We anticipate having
two volunteers help develop the questionnaire and analyze the results. The goal will be to provide
members with an opportunity to participate in a quality assurance project that has the potential to
develop their leadership skills in strategic planning. The outcome will be a report on the professional
needs that our members have of our chapter that then make recommendations back to the Board re
strategies to address the needs. An additional outcome will be to involve our members actively in our
Chapter’s work and to develop their interest in future positions on our Board.

Committee: Awards
The Pillar                                 -5-                Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
Chair: Jasna Schwind
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
September 2007 – March 15, 2008:
The Lambda Pi-At-Large Chapter Awards Committee met three times and communicated
electronically in between the meetings in order to accomplish the following:
    1) Review the Awards Nomination Process.
    2) Create a flyer, which was utilized as advertisement for the Chapter Awards.
    3) Advertise the Chapter Awards in Schools of Nursing at the Ryerson University and its
        collaborative partners and the University of Toronto, as well as our community partners in the
        GTA with the help of Ryerson University Collaborative Central Placement Office.
    4) Develop an evaluation form for each award with numerical values as per outlined criteria for
        nomination, and space for comments, in order to streamline the process.
    5) Review the nominations and select the successful recipients of the awards.
    6) Develop the Terms of Reference for the Awards Committee.

 Future Plans:
   1) Notify the winners and their nominators of the awards.
   2) Print and frame the certificates.
   3) Facilitate the Awards Ceremony, to be held on April 30, 2008, 1700-1900.
   4) Following the Ceremony review the Awards Nomination Process.
   5) Bring forward to the Board of Directors the proposed changes for approval.
   6) Bring forward to the Board of Directors the Terms of Reference for approval.
   7) Create one document listing all Chapter award recipients to date as far as current records
   8) Explore creative ways to advertise and support members in the nomination process of their
       recognition deserving colleagues.

Committee: Fundraising
Chair: Sue Bishop
Year: 2007-2008

Activities / Accomplishments
Committee consists of 3 student member volunteers and 2 community member volunteers

Goals for the committee were established
The fundraising committee is currently:
   1. drafting a solicitation letter
   2. purchasing supplies for the AGM and Induction ceremony
   3. requesting donations of new, unused books, etc.
   4. putting together gift baskets for raffles
   5. ordering merchandise for raffles and to be purchased

The Pillar                                 -6-                Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
                                   LEADERSHIP CORNER

By Sharon J. Paton RN MHS

Welcome to the first in a series of leadership conversations. As Wheatley (2006) said, we are all
interconnected and this forum has been initiated as a means of discussing approaches to expanding
leadership knowledge and practice. [T]he word lead, at its root, means go, travel, guide. Kouzes and
Posner (1995) described leadership as “a sense of movement… [Leaders] begin the quest for a new
order. They venture into unexplored territory and guide us to new and unfamiliar destinations” (p. 12).
As nurses struggle with rapid changes and workplace issues in all aspects of practice, we look for
leaders to guide us through these turbulent times. Although leadership concepts are described by many
theorists, the essence of being a leader is quite simple. A leader is one who is courageous, caring, and
has the ability to listen.
We may scoff at such a simple concept yet; how many of us have uttered the words “I do not have a
voice” or “Management does not hear me.” Listening is such a simple act perhaps we ignore its
importance. Listening creates relationships. In most cases we do not have to do much, “we just have to
sit there and listen. If we can do that, we create moments in which real healing is available” (Wheatley,
2006, p. 218). The most important skill in life is communication and listening is one aspect of
communication we are not trained to do.
An excerpt from Stephen Covey’s book; The 8th habit: From effectiveness to greatness, illustrates this

       When I ask you to listen and you start giving advice, you have not done what I have asked.
       When I ask you to listen to me and you begin to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way, you are
       trampling on my feelings. When I ask you to listen and you feel you have to do something to
       solve my problem, you have failed me, strange at it may seem. (2004, p. 193)
The Pillar                                 -7-                Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
Over the next year as we build on our leadership discussions, I welcome you to send ideas about how
the conversations should occur. Requests for topics of interest are welcomed and as we continue our
discussion I wish for each of us to think about how we listen to one another and start the practice of
being an intentional listener. Leadership starts from within and we need to explore who we are to be
effective leaders.

Covey, S. K. (2004). The 8th habit: From effectiveness to greatness. New York: Free Press.
Kouzes, B., & Posner, J. (1995). The new leadership challenge. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Wheatley, M. J. (2006). Finding our way: Leadership for an uncertain time. San Francisco: Berrett-

                                    CHAPTER AWARDS

The Sigma Theta Tau Lambda Pi-At-Large Chapter Board of Directors and Awards Committee is
pleased to announce the 2008 Award Recipients. These awards were presented to the winners at the
April 30th Annual General Meeting and Awards Ceremony held at Mount Sinai Hospital.
Congratulations to all of the winners!

Gail J. Donner Award for Excellence in Nursing Education
    Lee Anne Harper-Femson

Dorothy M. Pringle Award for Excellence in Research
    Robyn Stremler
    Mary Fox

             NEW 2008-2009 BOARD MEMBERS ACCLAIMED

President Elect – Sharon Paton
Treasurer – Joyal Miranda
Finance Chair Position - Jennifer Menezes
Governance Chair – Michelle Connell

The Pillar                                 -8-                Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
Faculty Counselor Position Ryerson Site – Maria Kjerulf
Research Chair Position – Lianne Jeffs

If you are interested in participating in the Lambda Pi-At-Large Chapter in a leadership capacity, we
welcome you to join our current Board of Directors.
Ongoing support is provided to new board members.


A: Develop Your Leadership Skills
STTI Lambda Pi At-Large provides a fantastic opportunity for all nurses to develop and to enhance
their leadership skills! If you are looking for supportive venues to enrich this aspect of your
professional life, then STT is your perfect association! There are many leadership requirements in the
association and the team of board members are eager to mentor and to share their expertise. This is a
supportive environment for you to explore your leadership style and strengths and develop new
leadership skills. We will be conducting an online survey soon, to ask you about potential leadership
involvements with the association that you would find professionally meaningful. Please look for our
brief online survey to contribute your thoughts and ideas. If you know now that you are eager to join
our leadership team, but want more information please contact Elaine Santa Mina at and we will give you all the support you need to become involved!

B: Volunteer Opportunities-Get Involved
Volunteers are needed to assist with various events currently underway. If you are interested in
becoming involved, please contact Melissa Matton at

Several Volunteers wanted for the Newsletter Committee!!! Come share your creative talents to make
this publication even better!

C: Conferences/Conventions
5th International Council of Nurses International Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing
Network (INP/APNN) Conference
September 17-20, 2008, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

D: Scholarship Series
Lambda Pi-at Large is proud to present its inaugural scholarship series on:

   i) Career Planning and Development (Facilitated by Dr. Janice Waddell, Michelle Connell and
         Linda Cooper)

   ii) Leadership for the 21st Century (Facilitated by: Ms. Sharon Paton & Emy Eduque)

The Pillar                                 -9-                Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
E: Sponsorship Series:

                                          Health Intervention Center
                                               Seminar Series

                                      Remaining Schedule for 2007-2008

             Date                           Topic                              Location
             Thursday May, 22, 2008         Outcome assessment in              TBA
                                            intervention research: selection
                                            of measures
             Thursday June 26, 2008         Sampling issues in intervention    TBA

             Tuesday July 24, 2008          Data analysis: Basic principles    TBA

                         CHAPTER AND STTI INFORMATION

Invitation to Chapter Events
A reminder, that all chapter events are open to members and their guests. Please feel free to bring a
friend or colleague to all local sessions.

Membership Renewal
Lambda Pi At-Large Chapter depends on membership fees to support chapter events and awards. You
can keep your membership active in three ways.
     Log onto or e-mail < >
     Call using the toll free number (from Canada 888-634-7575)
     Send renewal form by mail or fax.

The Pillar                                   - 10 -                  Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
                                        SIGMA THETA TAU
                                   LAMBDA PI-AT-LARGE CHAPTER
                                       BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Suzanne Fredericks RN, PhD                                 Linda Cooper RN, PhD.
President                                                  Faculty Counselor/Governance Chair
School of Nursing,                                         Ryerson University, School of Nursing,
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON                           350 Victoria Street, Toronto, Ontario CANADA M5B
CANADA M5B 2K3                                             2K3
(T) (416) 979-5000 x 7978                                  (T) (416) 979-5000 x 6308
(F) (416) 979-5332                                         (F) (416) 979-5332                              

Kathy Sabo RN, MHA                                         Michelle Connell RN, MEd
Past President                                             Governance Committee
Toronto Western Hospital, McLaughlin Pavilion 1-435        Centennial College
399 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON                           School of Community & Health Studies
CANADA M5T 2S8                                             P.O. Box 631, Station A
(T) (416) 603-5067                                         Toronto, ON
(F) 416 603-5129                                           M1K 5E9                                       (T) (416)289-5000 x 8062
                                                           (F) (416) 289-5169
Sharon Paton RN, PhD (C)
Vice President
Ryerson University, School of Nursing
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON
CANADA M5B 2K3                                             Robyn Stremler, RN, PhD
(T) (416) 979-5000 x4966                                   Faculty Counselor
(F) (416) 979-5332                                         University of Toronto
(H) (905)682-8438                                          Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing                                          155 College ST. Toronto, ON, CANADA
                                                           M5T 1P8
                                                           (T) 416-978-6925
Melissa Matton RN, MEd                                     (F) 416-978-8222
Vice President                                   

                                                           Cheryl Tai RN, MN
Krista Kamstra RN, MN (C)                                  Goverance Committee
Secretary                                                  Ryerson University, School of Nursing
Ryerson University, School of Nursing                      350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON
350 Victoria Street, Toronto, ON                           CANADA M5B 2K3
CANADA M5B 2K3                                             (T) (416) 979-5000
                                                           (F) (416) 979-5332
Susan Clarke RN, PhD (C)
Behavioural Sciences & Health Research Division            Gail Donner RN, PhD
Toronto General Research Institute                         Finance Chair
University Health Network                                  Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing,
200 Elizabeth Street, 9EN-243                              University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5G 2C4                                   155 College St., Toronto, ON, M5T 1P8
(T) (416) 340-4800 Ext. 6269(F) (416) 340-4739   

The Pillar                                        - 11 -          Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008
Dawn Pratt RN, MN (C)
Fundraising Chair                                     Jacqueline Higgins
Ryerson University School of Nursing,                 Leadership and Succession Committee
350 Victoria Street,                                  Toronto Western Hospital, McLaughlin Pavilion 4-405
Toronto, Ontario CANADA                               399 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON
M5B 2K3                                               CANADA M5T 2S8
(T) (416) 979-5000 x 7898                             (T) 416-603-5800 x 3384
(F) (416) 979-5332                          

                                                      Jasna Schwind RN, PhD
Sue Bookey-Bassett, RN, PhD (Student)                 Awards Chair
Publicity and Newsletter Chair                        Ryerson University School of Nursing,
Doctoral Student & Clinical Faculty                   350 Victoria Street,
Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing,            Toronto, Ontario CANADA
University of Toronto                                 M5B 2K3
155 College St. Street, Suite 130                     (T) (416) 979-5000 x 6321
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1P8                              (F) (416) 979-5332
(T) (416)931-3188                           
(F) (416) 946-7142
                                                      Sherry Espin RN, PhD
                                                      Membership Involvement Chair
Elaine Santa-Mina                                     Ryerson University School of Nursing,
Leadership and Successions Chair                      350 Victoria Street,
Ryerson University School of Nursing,                 Toronto, Ontario CANADA
350 Victoria Street,                                  M5B 2K3
Toronto, Ontario CANADA                               (T) (416) 979-5000 x 6308
M5B 2K3                                               (F) (416) 979-5332
(T) (416) 979-5000                          
(F) (416) 979-5332

The Pillar                                   - 12 -           Vol. 18, No. 1, Spring 2008

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