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									 HOSM           Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant
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SEPTEMBER AND JANUARY ENTRY                                           A strong focus on business skills prepares students with math,
                                                                      accounting and legal knowledge to run a business in a hospi-
PROGRAM LENGTH                                                        tality setting. During a common first-year curriculum, students
Two-Year Ontario College Diploma                                      explore different career opportunities, with the option to
                                                                      transfer their credits toward a diploma in Accounting, Business
HIGHLIGHTS                                                            Administration, Business Sales and Marketing, or Tourism
• Get essential skills and training for a career anywhere around      Marketing and Promotion. A practicum in the summer months
  the world.                                                          provides 120 hours of direct work experience with an industry
• Explore your interests and options during a common first             employer. Students must pass their Food Safety Certificate
  year, with the ability to transfer to another program in the        through the local health unit (a $25 fee applies) in order to
  School of Business and Management Studies.                          progress to Year Two.
• Experience international hotels and cuisines during optional        Smart Serve and food safety training provide demonstrated
  faculty-supervised field trips.                                      employment skills. Students also learn basic kitchen tech-
• Certificates in Food Safety, Smart Serve and WHMIS are               niques, using professional chef ’s knives that they will maintain
  required to complete the program. They may be made avail-           through their lives. Hands-on hospitality experience is gained
  able to you during the program for an extra cost.                   in the dining room at Club 213, Loyalist’s on-campus,
• Put your skills to work during a 120 hour internship,               student-run fine dining establishment. Students also acquire
  between first and second year and a 160 hour internship at           event and entertainment management skills, organizing leisure
  the end of 4 semesters, anywhere in the world and the               activities that can range from golf tournaments to family
  opportunity to graduate into a job.                                 events to live music.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                  During optional field trips, participants visit internationally-
All around the world, travellers have the same needs – a meal         renowned hotels and different ethnic communities. Students
and a comfortable place to sleep. The hospitality industry            are exposed first-hand to varied cuisine, cultural experiences
needs dynamic, trained professionals who are eager to earn            and best practices in the hospitality industry. A study of multi-
their way to the top. To achieve upper management and sales           cultural influences prepares students to anticipate the hospitality
positions, experience in all aspects of service is vital. A diploma   needs of Canadians and travellers from abroad. Community
from Loyalist provides the business tools and early hands-on          events also provide opportunities for volunteers to demonstrate
experience to launch your career in a supervisory position.           their skills and make valuable contacts with local employers.
Employers range from your local watering hole to international        After completing all credits students will arrange their own 160
cruise lines and resort destinations. Graduates may apply their       hour internship at the end of semester – across Canada, near
new skills to not only serve in, but manage a restaurant or bar.      home or abroad. Past graduates have secured positions at top
There are also many opportunities in hotels and resorts, working      resorts in Algonquin, Jasper, Lake Louise, Whistler and Banff.
as a dining room manager; front office manager or supervisor;          Students gain significant on-the-job experience and the oppor-
entertainment coordinator, booking bands and leisure activities;      tunity to prove their skills to an employer, possibly extending
housekeeping supervisor, managing staffing and inventory;              their internship into a full-time job.
sales representative for conventions, banquets, catering and
promotions; or guest services agent.                                  APPROXIMATE COSTS (2007-2008)
                                                                      Tuition: $2,833 (two semesters)
PROGRAM DESCRIPTION                                                   Smart Serve, Food Safety and WHMIS certification: $75
This program requires an above-average commitment of time             Books and Supplies: $800–$1,000
and energy as students prepare for the rigours of an industry         Consumables Fee: $200
that never sleeps. Participants are encouraged to enhance their       Professional Chef ’s Knives: $50–$100
studies with hands-on experience during part-time or summer           Optional local field trips: $60, 4 days New York, $300 and
employment.                                                           spending
                                                                      NOTE: Students must budget for their internships.
(a) Required academic preparation –
                                                                     HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT –
    • OSSD/OSSGD or equivalent with courses at the general,          HOTEL AND RESTAURANT
      advanced, (C), (U), (M) or (O) level                           CURRICULUM
    • mature applicant – see page 152 in 2008/09 Calendar            FIRST YEAR
   Recommended academic preparation –                                SEMESTER 1
                                                                     SOMS 1000     STEP into Business
   • Grade 12 English, mathematics and accounting                    SOMS 1001     Skills for Success
                                                                     SOMS 1002     Business Communications/Computer Applications 1
(b) Transfer to another program – A core first-year curriculum        SOMS 1003     Financial Foundations
    makes it easy for students to transfer to another program in     SOMS 1005     Professional Development 101
                                                                     SOMS 1006     Hospitality Operations
    the School of Business and Management Studies after one or
    two semesters. With the completion of specialized courses        SEMESTER TWO
    over the summer, students can enter the second year of a         SOMS 1010 Business Communication and Computers 2
    diploma in Tourism Marketing and Promotion, Accounting,          SOMS 1012 Teamwork and Leadership
                                                                     SOMS 1017 Hospitality Service

                                                                                                                                       & Management Studies
    Business Administration or Business Sales and Marketing.         SOMS 1018 Food Techniques and Awareness

                                                                                                                                         School of Business
                                                                     SOMS 1020 Profit Management
OPPORTUNITIES FOR FURTHER STUDY                                      SOMS 1021 Hospitality Workplace Experience
Graduates of the two-year diploma program have the option to         SOMS 1025 Introduction to Marketing
complete the second year of another program in the School of
                                                                     SECOND YEAR
Business and Management Studies, with completion of bridging
                                                                     SEMESTER THREE
courses over the summer. In one more year, students can earn         HOSP 2004 Menu Engineering
a double diploma in: Accounting, Business Administration,            HOSP 1007 Wine and Beverage Application
Business Sales and Marketing, or Tourism Marketing and               HOSP 2022 Physical Plant and Grounds Management
Promotion.                                                           HOSP 2023 Entertainment and Leisure Activities
                                                                     HOSP 2024 Human Resource Development
                                                                     HOSP 2025 Hospitality Business Project Submission
LOYALIST/UNIVERSITY TRANSFER:                                        HOSP 2032 Accommodations Management
Turn your diploma into a degree. Credit transfer agreements are
in place with the following institutions as of September 2007:       SEMESTER FOUR
                                                                     HOSP 2026 Multicultural Canada
Algoma University College                                            HOSP 2027 Hospitality Marketing
Griffith University                                                   HOSP 2028 Convention and Tour Group Management
Ryerson University                                                   HOSP 2029 Hospitality Business Project
                                                                     LAWS 2008 Hospitality Law
University of Ontario Institute of Technology                        INTN 2008 Four-Week Internship
See page 20 in 2008/09 Calendar for details. Graduates may
contact the university of their choice to make individual            NOTE: Students must possess a current Food Safety Certificate in
                                                                     order to progress from Year 1 to Year 2 and to graduate.
arrangements. Informal agreements are in place with other
institutions and new transfer agreements are added annually.

                                                                   Elliot Reynolds
                                                                   2001 HOTEL AND RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT GRADUATE
                                                                   EXECUTIVE CHEF OF NEW POLITICA RESTAURANT IN
                                                                   MOSCOW, RUSSIA

                                                                   “My Loyalist program has proven to be a valuable investment in
                                                                   my career progression. It laid the fundamentals for my advance-
                                                                   ment within the industry. By keeping in close contact with the
                                                                   culinary and hospitality faculty at Loyalist, I have developed a
                                                                   strong sense of belonging and respect. I highly recommend this
                                                                   program as a prerequisite for achieving great success profession-
                                                                   ally, and as a first-rate culinary program.”

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