A Case Study in ASP Asset Management, Deploying SchoolDude

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					A Case Study in ASP Asset
 Management, Deploying
  SchoolDude at Earlham
   Randy Kouns, Manager User Service Earlham College
                      Monica Vance, SchoolDude.com
The long and bumpy path!
 New Manager for User Service – Dec 2002
   Asset Insight in place
   Asset Insight sold and closed in 2004

 Began search for new Asset Management Product 2004
   Purchased Altiris Deployment Server 2004
   Sold Altiris Asset Management Spring 2005
   Consultants hired in Fall 2007

 Let Altiris Asset Management Suite expire in Summer 08
The path gets paved!
 SchoolDude to the RESCUE!!
   Began investigating and talking to SchoolDude Fall 08
   Purchased and began deployment activities Fall/Winter 08
   Frequent calls for assistance Winter/Spring 2009
     Always addressed in one or two 10 minute calls
   Fully populated PC clients January 2009
   APPLE clients still being added Spring 2009

 Planned inventory of all NETWORK assets – Fall 2009
Cause and Effect
  Altiris AM module design and function
    Open LDAP vs. AD
    Would have required hours of technician time to develop
     configuration and specialized customization
    Altiris depends on Channel Partners, resulting $$ to consultants

  Inconsistent results across platforms (PC, MAC, Linux)
  Inaccurate inventory data
There are two ways to successfully
 deploy the audit agent using images.
 Local admin rights are required to
 install the audit agent as an NT Service
 for the first method. If this is an issue,
 use the Pre-deploy method.
               Deploy via local CSetup

 The audit agent is “present” but not “installed” on the computer.
The first time the computer is used the audit agent is
automatically installed by CSetup.exe.

  1)Download the Login Script option from your ITAMDirect account under
    Account Setup > Download Installation Files to a directory on the master
    image. Call this directory C:\Centenn.ial\Discovery.

  1) On the master image add an entry to the RunOnce section of the Windows
    ion\RunOnce) which runs CSetup.exe from the C:\Centenn.ial\Discovery

 That's all you need to do. After the image has been written to a
computer, and the first time the computer is used, CSetup.exe
installs the audit agent.

Install the pre-install audit agent on the computer, but leave it in
an unregistered state:

   1)Install the audit agent on the master image. The audit agent installs as an
     NT Service and registers with the database. We now undo that registration
     so that when it restarts on the computer it re-registers.

   2)Stop the CentennialClientAgent and CentennialIPTransferAgent Services on
     the master image (but leave them Automatic so they start when the machine
     is restarted).

   3)Delete the contents of C:\Centenn.ial\Audit\Messages folder. Info.RP0 will
     be recreated by the CentennialIPTransfer Service when it next runs.

   4)Delete C:\Centenn.ial\Audit\Local.dat and local.xml files. The audit agent
     will recreate this.

   5)Create the image of the C:\CENTENN.IAL folder and also the C:\Discovery
     folder and use it to deploy to the target computers.
Similar Directions are available
 for Active Directory Deploys,
    MAC, and Linux based
The Most Important Issue - Results

  Lets take a look at Earlham’s LIVE Data
On-Demand Solutions

   Online Tools for Managing Education Operations.
Who’s Using SchoolDude?

• Public Colleges & Universities
• Private Colleges & Universities
• Community Colleges

              Over 350 Clients!!!

       Online Tools for Managing Education Operations.
     Higher Ed Clients
•   Birmingham – Southern College, AL
•   Hodges University, FL
•   Mount Mercy College, IA
•   Manchester College, IN
•   Mid-Continent University, KY
•   Prince George’s Community College, MD
•   Husson University, ME
•   Ridgewater College, MN
•   Rockhurst University, MO
•   Juaniata College, PA
•   Providence College, RI
•   Belmont University, TN
•   Maryville College, TN
•   Odessa College, TX

          Online Tools for Managing Education Operations.
Top Reasons to Acquire (Client feedback)

   • “You’ve kept it simple for us”
      – User roles for different types of users
   • “Great service”
      – Live one on one support
   • “Low risk of entry and/or exit”
      – Annual subscription & you own your data!
   • “You are Internet based”
      – Totally web-native (Mac or PC)
   • “SchoolDude University”
      – Annually users conference each Spring
      – March 28th – April 1st in Myrtle Beach, SC

              Online Tools for Managing Education Operations.
  (Internet Maintenance Management System)

• Startup in a few hours
  – Most clients installed within 2-4 weeks
• No servers, software, or CDs
• Simple access from web browser
  – (IE, Netscape, even Mac's)
• Ongoing Enhancements
• No special IT configuration needed

        Online Tools for Managing Education Operations.
           What’s Included?
         * Legendary Support *
 2009 Stevie Award Winner for Front Line

• Access your data Anywhere, Anytime!
• Toll-Free 800 number for Support!
   – Talk to a LIVE person when you call in for Support!
• On-Line Chat with Technicians!
• E-Mail Questions!
   – support@schooldude.com
• On-Line Training to get you Started!
   – get started in just a few hours

         Online Tools for Managing Education Operations.
 Contact information:
   Randy Kouns, Manager User Services Earlham
    College kounsra@earlham.edu 765-983-1279

  Monica Vance, Senior Account Manager –
   SchoolDude.com, monica@schooldude.com, 877-