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					Title: The Freedom Writers Diary
Author: The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell

Reviewer: Thad Jackson
School: South Grenville District High School
Date: June 21, 2007.

The setting is in recent/present time Los Angeles at a school.

The book is about the experiences that an ethnically diverse group of teen had with gang
violence. The book is journal entries by the youth, who call themselves the Freedom Writers.
They learn acceptance of one another and do their best to change things for future generations,
so that they future generations don’t have to go through the same things that they did.
Also in the book the administration at the school starts off thinking the kids are dumb, but their
teacher Ms. Gruwell discovers that they aren’t dumb... They just learn differently. So she tries to
relate all her English work for them to their lives and experiences.

The Freedom Writers
Ethnically diverse group of teens who were all involved in different gangs and forms of violence
in some way.


The kids are looked upon as stupid and not worth the time that the school is required to give
them. Ms. Gruwell sees good in each of the kids and she brings it out by showing them that they
are not alone and actually have a lot more in common than they think.
She helps them learn to deal with their problems and relate them to other similar stories such as
that of Anne Frank, and helps them see that racial profiling and violence is wrong.
The conflict also in the story is an uphill battle to keep the kids together in the class where they
are comfortable, where they feel safe, their “family”.

drugs, violence, references to the holocaust and other such wars, in an educational way though.

Overall this was an amazing book. I would recommend it to everyone, if you can read, you
should read this book. Everyone can learn something from the freedom writers.
The book is also now a major motion picture, called “Freedom Writers” starring Hilary Swank as
Erin Gruwell.