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									PROPERTY AND ASSET MANAGEMENT                                                               E-410

Wisconsin Statutes 38.14(2) gives the Blackhawk Technical College District (District) Board the
authority to purchase or lease materials, supplies, equipment, land, and buildings, necessary to
fulfill its mission and purposes. The District also has an obligation to use these resources in a
prudent and responsible manner while addressing the educational and support services needed by
the community.

It is the responsibility of administration, faculty, staff and students to protect and use College
materials, supplies, equipment and facilities wisely. Proper management and accountability of
College resources is expected in all activities.

The District Board directs the President/District Director to establish and maintain procedures
and systems for the prudent use and accountability of College resources. Administration,
faculty, staff and students who knowingly and repeatedly fail to maintain proper accountability,
or through neglect cause resources to be lost or damaged, shall be subject to disciplinary action
and/or may be required to replace or repair any and all items lost or damaged.

References:    Wisconsin Statutes 38.14 (2)

Policy Adopted: April 17, 2002
       Revised: June 15, 2005
     Reviewed: June 20, 2007; January 20, 2010

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