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									     The River’s End

                                                         Courtesy of
              Universal Asset Management, Inc.

Criteria of eligibility for the drawing of the lucky winner:
1. Students graduating from BRTC in December or May with a one-year certificate or two-year degree.
2. Students completing their first degree (one-year certificate or two-year program) in higher education.
3. Students completing at least 75% of the credit hours at BRTC for the program in which they are
   graduating (excluding developmental courses).
4. Students who have applied for financial aid and have met federal financial aid guidelines certifying the
   student has demonstrated need in the academic year in which the student is graduating.
5. Student must be present to win.
                  * Employees of BRTC and their relatives (as defined in Arkansas’ Act 567 of 1975) are ineligible for the drawing.

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