Time Management Tips for Busy Moms

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					Time Management Tips for Busy Moms
By Nicole Phillips, RN, BS

As summer fades and a new school year arrives, families pick up the pace in their day to
day routines. Dates on calendars fill up quickly, multi-tasking the carpool crew with
errands, scouts and soccer creates challenges for most. Babymoon Moms know that
organization is key to staying ahead of your event calendar, therefore we are sharing
some insight on Mommy Time Management and have selected a few “must have” items
for all of our busy moms.

Get Organized with a Family Planner
Weekly Family Pad

                                 Now you can take your momAgenda on the road and
                                 leave this handy pad at home with the kids or the
                                 babysitter! Use it just like your momAgenda... with
                                 space for mom and up to four children, it makes
                                 planning multiple schedules a breeze. Just put it on the
                                 fridge or on the counter and rest assured that your
                                 whole family will be on the same page! With a pretty
                                 blue border, it will look great in any kitchen or family
Plan Ahead for Mealtimes

An informed shopper is a savvy shopper, so prepare before you shop. Plan ahead for
mealtimes using the Weekly Menu Pad. Never forget that crucial cooking ingredient
again! Meal planning is a breeze with our weekly menu pad, which lets you note each
meal alongside a corresponding grocery column. Minimize shopping trips and frantic last-
minute searches while planning healthier meals with this helpful pad. A menu plan saves
money and time by reducing trips to the supermarket, and reducing impulse spending.
Careful menu planning allows for use of leftovers efficiently and cuts food waste. A menu
plan improves nutrition by allowing moms an opportunity to compare meals from one
day to the next. Balancing meals with grains, vegetables, fruits and starches will help
moms feel good about what’s being placed on the dinner table despite hectic schedules.

Toddler Bistro Box
                                The Toddler Bistro Box was conceived in response to
                                moms who were finding it difficult to come up with
                                ideas of how and what to feed their toddlers. The
                                Toddler Bistro Box covers from 1-3 years, and includes
                                the latest on food and environmental safety, easy
                                recipes, shopping tips, nutrient and supplement needs,
                                toddler personality tendencies, and creative activities.
                                The recipe card format allows parents easy access to
                                information they need as well as the ability to take cards
                                with them to the store. Fun, playful artwork is inviting
                                and inspires tired minds with innovative, healthy feeding
                                ideas. The Toddler Bistro Box supports parents in their
                                efforts to grow healthy, happy toddlers!
Prepare for the Day to Come
Minimize morning madness by preparing the night before. Set out children’s clothing,
from socks and shoes to hair bows. Prep your kitchen for breakfast and place all school
items in your child’s backpack to make sure his day gets off to a good start. If Mommy is
stressed over time crunches and schedule changes, your child is sure to take this tension to
school with them each morning.

Get your To Do List organized the evening before. From people to call, errands to run,
plans to make and more, this four-pronged desk pad makes it simple to organize your
thoughts into manageable segments. Plus, how good does it feel to check off things from
your to do list!

Set Aside Time for Each Member of your Family
Even if it is only 10 minutes a day, schedule one on one time with each member of your
family to discuss the day’s events or to gather information to plan for the next day.
Looking for an activity to do with your toddler while your child heads off to first grade?
Our music and art classes are perfect for fostering education and sharing creative energy
with your toddler. Music education builds success in learning and intelligence, language
development, motor/physical skills, math and literacy, school, society, and life!