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Eva Veeber

Estonian handicrafts and home economics teachers' professional attitudes

Handicraft and home economics can easily be integrated with other subjects and offer a great
possibility to form the necessary skills for nowadays' life. In addition to manual skills, modern
handicraft and home economics education also requires the development of other skills like
communication, presentation and cooperativeness. These goals can be achieved through the modern
teaching methods such as active learning. Implementation of the modern methods and bringing the
young peoples' real needs to the learning process requires the teachers' readiness to do a lot of
preparatory work and to deal with many different issues of nowadays life. A teacher has a lot of
influence over the class and at the same time a great responsibility to create a favourable learning
and educational environment.

In Estonia the first professional standard for teachers was given out a few years ago. According to
this standard the teacher is a professional who is constantly developing his personal and
professional skills. V.-R. Ruus (2006) states in her publication „Õpetaja professionaalsuse ning
õpetajahariduse kaasaegsed arengusuundumused“ (“Modern trends of the teacher education and
professionalism”) as follows: „To articulate and clarify according to which values have the teachers
been working so far, what is the teacher's position in society and what will be the meaning of being
a teacher and enabling the necessary education for them in the future is becoming more and more

My thesis will base on the theory of Breckler and Wiggins. According to them „Attitudes are
enduring mental representations of various features of the social or physical world. They are
acquired through experience and exert a directive influence on subsequent behaviour“

I will carry out a survey among Estonian handicraft and home economics teachers to find out their
current composition and their attitudes towards the profession. The aim is to offer the trends for the
advanced training for handicraft and home economics teachers.