Special ½-day Export Compliance Seminar by rub18840


									                                        PNAA’s 2009 Aerospace Conference
                                                 Special ½-day
                                           Export Compliance Seminar
     “Fear and Loathing in the Pacific Northwest:
       How I Learned to Live with ITAR/EAR Regulations”
 Are you an aerospace supplier or manufacturer?
 Do you have a need to understand ITAR/EAR compliance?
 Do you want to sit through another dry and bland ITAR/EAR seminar?
 Neither do we. . . So we found these guys.
              Read on to see what Export Solutions has in store
                     for us at this year’s conference. . .
  Goal   To engage PNAA Conference attendees in an educational (and entertaining!)
         session that will help them address their export control challenges proactively
         and confidently

Theme    Export control laws are complex and difficult, but there’s no reason to go on a
         murderous rampage over them!

 Back-   Research shows that the Pacific Northwest region is home to more sociopaths
ground   and serial killers than anywhere else in the continental United States. Many
         people attribute this strange phenomenon to an extraordinary concern over the
         ramifications of ITAR/EAR regulations.
         As a result, PNAA has dispatched a team from Export Solutions to visit the
         Pacific Northwest with a message of hope and promise. “We can do it!”

Agenda   During this three-hour session, you’ll have a chance to:

         1. Identify the myths, misconceptions and export control “worry issues” that
            keep most sane people up at night.
         2. Discuss and reveal the wisdom of The Ancients during a crash course we like
            to call “Export Control for Dummies.” We’ll show you how to:
                    Build a protective force-field around your company
                    Interpret the gibberish that took a team of Washington D.C. lawyers
                    more than 50 years to write!
                    Guard yourself against suspicious visitors, extraterrestrials and other
                    B-movie monsters
                    Deftly handle customers in denial (“We don’t need no stinking Export
                    Control laws!”)
                    Convert your employees from bored, clueless semi-compliers into
                    Export Control Fanatics!
                    Promote self therapy and treatment (“We broke the law, but I don’t
                    want to go to jail!”)

         Plus, you’ll have a chance to participate in live group simulations and interactive
         exercises that will show you how a peaceful co-existence with the ITAR is not
         only possible … but practical, too!
 Summary    So, if you thought the Export Solutions’ session at this year’s PNAA Conference
            was going to be another one of those long-winded, confusing, tape-your-
            eyelids-open soliloquies … just fuhgedaboutit!

    Come join us for the afternoon session on February 10th. Learn about export control
      and have a lot of fun, too. Prizes will be awarded to the first 3,000 participants!
Date, Time & Registration Information:
  This session will be held from 1:15 to 4:30 on Tuesday, February 10th
  Conference registration includes the seminar (no seminar-only rate)
  Students: Ask us about our special student rate for this seminar

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