Welcome to Grade 6 Math by rub18840


									                                Welcome to Grade 6 Math!
                Mrs. Deb Dodds             952-491-8361 doddsd@westonka.k12.mn.us

I am looking forward to a terrific year with your student! Here are some important things to know about
Grade 6 Math.

Curriculum Overview
    Number Sense                                               * Ratios, Proportions, and Percents
    Algebraic Thinking                                         * Geometry and Measurement
    Measurement and Statistics                                 * Probability and Statistics
    Decimals                                                   * Equations and Functions
    Fractions

Late work
Done on due date 100% credit
Turned in late 50% credit

I am always willing to talk to parents. You can best reach me by E-mail or telephone. Grades will be
posted to School View in a timely manner.

Materials your child should bring to class each day
3-ring binder with dividers and loose leaf paper
Red pen

Homework expectations
It is difficult to learn math without practicing it, so students will have a math assignment nearly every day.
Students are given time each day to record upcoming assignments in their planners. Assignments will also
be listed on my webpage.

93-100% - A
90-92% - A-
87-89% - B+
83-86% - B
80-82% - B-
77-79% - C+
73-76% - C
70-72% - C-
67-69% - D+
63-66% - D
60-62% - D-
Below 60% - F

Weighting of grades
40% homework
50% quizzes and tests
10% group work and participation

Additional notes
I'm looking forward to teaching your child this year! I'm always happy to talk with parents at any time
throughout the year. I'll do my part to ensure a successful learning experience, and I hope you'll support
your child's efforts to do the same!

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