Grade 6 Chapter 5 by opt11785


									                       Grade 6 Chapter 5
              The Patriarchs: God Chooses a People
                       Home Lesson Plan
                           School and Parish edition, pages 67-78
                 Help your child learn the answers to following questions.
             Answers to the questions with an * should be committed to memory.

                      Read: The patriarchs are our ancestors in faith.
*1. Who is a patriarch?
A patriarch is a father, or founder, of a clan, a group of related families.
*2. Where is Canaan? In western Palestine that included most of present-day Israel.
*3. What is faith? Faith is a gift from God that enables us to believe in him and accept
all that he has revealed.
4. How are the patriarchs’ good examples of people of faith?
They trusted God and lived their lives trying to follow God’s commands.

                 Read: God chose Abraham to be the father of his people.
*5. What were the terms of the covenant that God made with Abraham?
Abraham and his descendants would follow God and his ways, and God would make his
people a “great nation.”
*6. Who is our most important Old Testament model of faith? Abraham.

                  Read: God’s people became known as the Israelites.
7. What quality of Jacob enabled him to live out the covenant?
This quality was determination or perseverance.
8. What promises did God make to Jacob?
God promised to protect Jacob and to bring Jacob back to the land.
*9. What can we learn from the story of Jacob?
We learn to follow God’s will, not man’s; and to trust in God’s promises.
*10. What is the significance of God’s changing Jacob’s name to Israel?
It showed that God’s people could be distinguished by name.

                              God cares for the Israelites.
*11. What do we call God’s plan for and protection of all creation?
We call God’s plan for and protection of all creation providence.
12. Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him?
His brothers were jealous because their father loved Joseph so much.
*13. What special name do we give to the king of Egypt? Pharaoh.
How did Joseph’s dream about having authority over his family come true?
It came true when Jacob and Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt for food because of the
14. In Joseph’s story what did the fulfillment of dreams symbolize?
It symbolized providence.
15. In Joseph’s story what was God’s plan?
God’s plan was to provide a temporary home for his people.

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