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									                     International Aquafitness Convention
                          Saturday, February 13, 2010
With this convention we celebrate 20 years of aqua fitness in Estonia!

Place: 21. School’s swimming pool, Raua 6, Tallinn

Invited presenter: Katrien Lemahieu Belgia/Holland

09.00-09.45 Registration
10.00-10.45 Aqua Hip-Hop, practice. Katrien Lemahieu
10.50-11.40 Aqua to Aqua. Liina Raska, Tiina Beljaeva, practice
11.40-12.30 Aqua Magic, practice. Katrien Lemahieu

12.45-13.30 Lunch break: a snack will be offered. It is suggested to take something
additional to eat and drink with you.

13.30-14.30 Aquafitness in Estonia - 20 years. Tiina Beljaeva, Liina Raska
            Aqua Magic. Katrien Lemahieu. In English, translation to Estonian.

14.45-15.30 AquaBrainTrain, practice. Katrien Lemahieu
15.35-16.20 Deep challenge, practice. Katrien Lemahieu
16.30-17.15 AquaSwing, practice. Katrien Lemahieu

Registration and info: or

Liina Raska, +372 513 4811

Registration and payment before Febr 03, 2010 special prize 890 EEK (ca 57 eur),
since Febr 04, 1200 EEK (ca 77 eur).

All payments must be done before 11.02.2010 Vesiaeroobika Klubi: SAMPO bank
332130890007 (aquatic convention, your name) IBAN: EE493300332130890007 or in
cash at spot. All the bank transfers must be paid by the payer. If you need an invoice,
please send the data with registration (name and address of the company etc).

NB! Swimming cap is obligatory in the pool.

VIII festival Aquafest takes place in Tartu on Febr 14. Aquafitness part with various
Estonian presenters and guest from Netherland starts at 12. Info

                                  Vesiaeroobika Klubi
                                  Reg kood 80174748
                         INTODUCTION OF THE CLASSES:

Aqua Hip-Hop:

Have fun and work out with funny hiphop and streetdance moves! Easy to follow, nice to

Aqua to Aqua:

We use exercises and equipment what really works in the water. Wake up your muscles
with the help of Aquajals and resistant tubs combined with funny pair-work. Liina Raska,
Tiina Beljaeva

Aqua Magic (practical and theoretical):

Be prepared to more advanced choreography with easy changes but hard combo's! Use
the template to make a lot of variations on your own, so you can use it in your own
classes of aqua fitness!


This will be the class for the advanced choreography moves. There will be a lot of turns
and directional changes, so you need to concentrate and focus on what to do and how to
do it. Use the mind & muscle work in all of your classes! Combined with eg Kick &
Punch, you will find the blueprint of using this in your groups. Concentration, focus &
effort will be necessary!

Deep challenge

We use no wet belts, just the noodles! A challenging, fun and active workout for
advanced people!


You will find different music styles in one class like salsa, reggeaton, calypso. It has
Latin Inspiration and is a joyful workout, just like the ‘real’ Aqua Zumba…

                                    Vesiaeroobika Klubi
                                    Reg kood 80174748

                    Followed studies:
                    ’98 –’99: (MSEN: Master Special Education Needs)
                    Special Movement Education; Windesheim dpt. OSO,
                    Zwolle, the Netherlands (graduated)
                    ’98: CALO Zwolle, the Netherlands, 3 months as exchange
                    student (Academy for Physical Education) (feb – april ‘98)
                    ’95 – ’98:    Physical Education, Movement Recreation,
                    KATHO dpt. RENO, Torhout, Belgium (graduated)
                    ’91 –’95: Physical Education & Sports, St.- Vincentiusinst.,
                    Torhout, Belgium

Katrien has AEA diploma in Aquatic Fitness, deep water fitness. Also certificate in aqua
spinning, AiChi, tae-bo & bootcamp, AquaFitness Specialities, Kids teacher for aerobics
She is a creator of H3O ATP: working in water on the ¾ music ‘aquatic 3 programming’.
Currently: creating a DVD with FLS (Fitness Learning Systems) on a blueprint / template
of creating Aqua Magic Moves. Katrien is an experienced presenter who has been given
classes in various conventions in Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, USA, Brazil.

                    LIINA RASKA Tallinn, Estonia
                    Liina Raska is the pioneer of the aquatic fitness in Estonia. She has
                    participated and organized many courses in aquatic fitness since
                    1990. She is the educator of the aquatic fitness in the Estonian
                    Gymnastic Federation. She has the highest qualification (IV level) in
                    the aquatic fitness. She is beloved trainer in many sports clubs in
                    Tallinn. Since 2007 Liina is a qualified reflexologist.

                    Liina has qualifications from AEA, FISAF, SVoLi

                    TIINA BELJAEVA, Tallinn, Estonia
                    Tiina graduated University of Tartu as a fysiotherapist in 1998. In her
                    bachelor degree she studied nutrition and the differencies between
                    aqua fitness and aerobics. Tiina published her masters’ degree in

                     Since 1995 Tiina is teaching aquatic fitness.
                     Since 2003 she is the teacher of aquatic fitness in the Estonian
                     Gymnastic Federation. She has the highest qualification (IV level) in
                     the aquatic fitness. She has been a presenter in the European Aquatic
Fitness Convention in Karlsruhe 2004, 2005, 2007 and she has participated regularly in
the international conventions.
                                   Vesiaeroobika Klubi
                                   Reg kood 80174748

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