GRADE 6 SUPPLY LIST - PDF by opt11785


									   The following supplies are listed into multiple categories in order to help
   your child be prepared for sixth grade. Various supplies may need to be
   replenished throughout the year. Please take advantage of the Back-to-
   School sales in the area stores; many of these items can be purchased for
   virtually pennies.

 For ALL Classes:
              - 2 single- subject spiral notebooks (1 green and 1 blue)*
                     - Loose-leaf paper (3 packs)*           - Pencils*
                - Pens (red and blue or black)*        - Pencil pouch
                  - School ID from 5th grade             - Highlighters (1 pack of 4)*
                          - Binder tab dividers (1 pack of 5) - Dry erase markers (1)
                 - 1” binder (2- 1 for English, 1 for Math)
            - 2-pocket folders in the following colors*
               YELLOW- Language Arts                 GREEN- Science
               BLUE- Social Studies                  RED-Literature
             -Casio FX-65 Calculator (may be purchased at school.)
             -Clear Protractor               -12” Ruler
             -Markers (10 thin-tipped classic colors)       -Colored Pencils
             - Computer Flash Drive (highly recommended)

For your HOMEROOM Class:
       - Box of facial tissues
       - Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (Boys Only)
       - Large Container of Clorox/ Lysol wipes (Girls Only)

For your P.E. class:
       - School P.E. Uniform                       - Deodorant

For AT HOME use:
      - Calculator (from 5th grade)         - Scissors            -Colored Pencils
      - Paper          -Pencils             -Paper                -Ruler          -Glue

                     NO Bags or Sharpie Markers will be allowed.

      * These items will need to be replenished multiple times throughout the year.

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