DISTRICT STATUS REPORT
         (To be completed by Superintendent or District Office and mailed two weeks prior to review.)

 District:                                                                 Superintendent:
 Date of Review:

 I.    Check all initiatives in which school is participating.

                 Career Academies                                High Schools That Work
                 Perkins TPAD                                    Youth Apprenticeship

II.    Please provide the previous school year data below.

       OCCUPATIONAL PROGRAM                                        PATHWAY/CAREER                                           NUMBER OF C&T
           AREAS/CLUSTER                                           FOCUS OFFERED                                             COMPLETERS

       Agricultural Science and Technology Cluster (1)
                                                                                                   Agribusiness Systems
                                                                                Power, Structural and Technical Systems
                                                                                                         Animal Systems
            Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
                                                            Plant Systems
                                                                      Natural Resources/Environmental Service Systems
       Business and Marketing Technology Clusters (5)
                                                         Administration & Information Support       Office Administration
            Business, Management & Administration
                                                                     Management                             Management
         Finance                                           Banking and Related Services                         Banking
                                                           Business Financial Management                         Finance
         Hospitality and Tourism                                 Travel & Tourism
                                                                                                     Desktop Publishing
                                                                  Interactive Media
         Information Technology
                                                        Programming/Software Engineering
         Marketing, Sales & Service                 Marketing Inform. Management & Research             Marketing Tech.
       Career Guidance, Exploration & Preparation (1)
                                                                                                Career Communications
                                                                                         (w/emphasis on A/V Tech & Film)
                                                                                                 Radio/TV Broadcasting
                                                           Journalism and                       Career Communications
                                                            Broadcasting                   (w/emphasis on Journalism &/or
                                                                                                Career Communications
         Arts, A/V Technology & Communications            Performing Arts
                                                                                          (w/emphasis on Performing Arts)
                                                                                                Graphic Communications
                                                         Printing Technology                     Career Communications
                                                                                             (w/emphasis on Printing Tech)
                                                                                                     Advertising Design
                                                                                                Career Communications
                                                              Visual Arts
                                                                                                (w/emphasis on Visual Arts)
                                                                                               Commercial Photography
       Family and Consumer Sciences Education Clusters (3)
         Education and Training                       Teaching & Training                          Education & Training
                                                      Restaurant & Food and                                  Culinary Arts
         Hospitality and Tourism                       Beverage Services           Food Prod., Management & Service
                                                              Lodging                              Lodging Management
                                                         Early Childhood             Child Care Guidance, Management &
                                                     Development & Services                                      Service
         Human Services                              Personal Care Services                                Cosmetology
                                                       Family & Community                  Family and Consumer Sciences
                                                              Services                                         Education

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II.    Please provide the previous school year data below. (Cont.)

       OCCUPATIONAL PROGRAM                                         PATHWAY/CAREER                                           NUMBER OF C&T
           AREAS/CLUSTER                                            FOCUS OFFERED                                             COMPLETERS

       Technical and Professional Education (7)
                                                                                                 Construction Technology
            Architecture and Construction
                                                                                      Drafting & Design Architectural CAD
                                                         Design/Pre Construction
                                                                                                  Geospatial Technology
            Government & Public Administration             National Security                                     JROTC
            Health Science                               Therapeutic Services             Medical Professions Education
            Law, Public Safety, Corrections &                                                           Criminal Justice
                                                        Law Enforcement Services
                                                        Maintenance, Installation &    Industrial Equipment Maintenance
                                                                 Repair                       Major Appliance Technology
            Manufacturing                                                                        Furniture Manufacturing
                                                                Production                                  Machine Tool
                                                                                                    Computer Engineering
            Science, Technology, Engineering &              Engineering and          Drafting & Design Engineering CAD
             Math                                              Technology                                      Electronics
                                                                                                            Auto Collision
                                                                                                 Auto Service Technology
                                                           Facility and Mobile
            Transportation, Distribution & Logistics                                                             Aviation
                                                         Equipment Maintenance
                                                                                                        Diesel Mechanics
                                                                                            Power Equipment Technology

III.   Foundation Courses: In place for all students                                            Grade Taught

       Computer Technology or sub (required) (List on separate sheet)
       Career Orientation (required)
       Family & Work Connections or sub (List on separate sheet) (required for FCS)
       Keyboarding (required)

IV.    Support Courses:                                                                         Grade Taught

       Jobs for Arkansas’ Graduates
       Workplace Readiness
       Workforce Technology

V.     Career Plans:                                                                                                         YES     NO

       Each student has a career focus plan on file that assists in transition from high
       school to postsecondary education, career opportunities and employment.

       The career plan is updated yearly.

            Explain how.

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V.     Career Plans: (Cont.)

       Check all involved in developing student’s career action plan:

       Academic Instructors                                       Career & Technical Instructor
       Counselor                                                  Other (Specific)
       Parents/Guardian                                           Student

       Is plan:    4 year (high school only)   6 year (high school + 2 year postsecondary)

VI.    Perkins Funding:

       During the past four years your district received federal Perkins funds for program improvement in:

           Agricultural Science & Technology                  Business and Marketing Technology
           Career Guidance, Exploration and Preparation       Family & Consumer Sciences Education
           Special Populations                                Technical & Professional Education

                                                                                                  YES    NO
       1. All equipment and supplies over $200 purchased with federal funds is inventoried
          and in appropriate classroom(s).

       2. Funds are used to supplement but in no case supplant state or local

       3. Funds are spent only to support the required or allowable uses identified in
          state or local Perkins plan.

       4. Students are encouraged to pursue a coherent sequence of courses in a
          career major that integrates academic and vocational disciplines.

       5. Funds received under this act are not used to provide career and
          and technical education programs to students prior to the seventh grade.

       6. Career and Technical staff members are provided in-service to reinforce the
          teaching of related academic skills for vocational competency.

       List examples of how academic teachers and Career & Technical teachers work cooperatively to
       integrate subject matter.

VII.   Equity Issues:

       Does your school:

          encourage the enrollment of handicapped and disadvantaged students and
           make any necessary adaptations to allow them full participation?

             Give Examples:

          encourage and make provisions for interested students to enroll in
           courses/programs which are nontraditional for their sex?

              Give Examples:

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VII.    Equity Issues: (Cont.)

           have physical barriers to Career & Technical and related facilities that prevent
            access to physically disabled students?

               If yes, explain:

VIII.   Curriculum and Assessment:                                                             YES   NO

        All instructor(s):
                 are teaching to current frameworks content,
                 have management computer system with access to Internet,
                 are competency testing all courses taught,
                 have reviewed competency tests from previous year, and
                 have evaluated test scores to determine program needs.

        List on separate sheet the numbers of students assessed online last year for each program
        and course.

IX.     Career and Technical Student Organizations:

        Do all Career & Technical programs maintain an active student organization?

X.      Advisory Council:

        Do all occupation – specific programs have an active Advisory Committee which
        meets twice yearly?

_______________________________________                              __________________
Superintendent or Authorized Person Signature                        Date

               NOTE: Please attach: Class Schedule (grades 7-12)
                                            Perkins Equipment Inventory List (last 4 years)

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