UC 1120—Career and Self Evaluation Course Syllabus Spring 2009 by Cappadona


									UC 1120—Career and Self Evaluation Course Syllabus                                       Spring 2009
Instructor: Your name

Office: RH 1400         Phone: 419.530.1250          E-Mail: first.last@utoledo.edu

Days and Times: Mondays & Wednesdays @ time or Tuesdays & Thursdays @ time
Section: 000, 2 credit hours

Classroom: Rocket Hall 1550 (computer lab)

Course Description: In this in-depth and interactive class, students will assess career values,
occupational interests, skills, personality style, work environment preferences; explore majors and
careers; and become familiar with a variety of career/occupational information resources. Additionally,
students will learn about resumes, eFolio/Epsilen (electronic portfolio), decision-making, goal-setting and
action planning.

Course Materials: Will be provided in class as needed. Most materials can also be accessed at Career
Services‟ website: utoledo.edu/studentaffairs/career (look for “UC 1120-Career & Self Evaluation” link).

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

 Understand the main concepts of career development planning, including the 4-step career
  development process.
 Gain an understanding of personal interests, values, skills, and personality and how they are related to
  major and career choices, as well as satisfaction. Identify at least two UT majors and two careers that
  would be a good fit.
 Learn how to find major and career information, do informational interviews, write resumes, gain
  relevant experience, write a career action plan, and create an online portfolio.
 Demonstrate awareness of resources and support services through contact with Career Services or
  other appropriate office(s).
 Create written action plan, stating next steps towards declaring major AND when possible, declare

Student Policies and Responsibilities:

 Attendance is mandatory, as most activities will be at least partially completed in class. An attendance
  sheet will be passed around at the beginning of each class.
 Be on time. Let instructor know if you will not be in class.
 Complete weekly feedback forms.
 Treat instructor, guest speakers, and each other with respect.
 Turn in all assignments on time. Upload written assignments into eFolio If you are having problems
  or an emergency occurs, contact instructor immediately.
 All electronic devices must be turned off and remain off during class. Cell phones must be set on
  vibrate so they do not ring during class. No texting is permitted during class.
 During class session, please limit computer use to course activities and assignments (not for personal
  use, (e.g., checking Facebook)
 Since class is in a computer lab, food or drink is not permitted.

Spring 2009 UC 1120 Syllabus                                                                 rev 12-15-08   p. 1
 Schedule regular appointments or make regular contact with instructor, academic advisor, and with
  Career Services adviser as needed each semester.
 Be an active learner by participating fully.
 Ask questions if you do not understand an issue or have a specific concern.

Cheating/Plagiarism: All students are expected to adhere to the academic integrity policy found in the
UT Student Handbook. Students found cheating or plagiarizing will be referred for appropriate
disciplinary action.
              A 90-100%           450 – 500+ points
              B    80-89%         400 – 449 points
              C    70-79%         350 – 399 points
              D 60-69%            300 – 349 points
              F    Below 60%      Below 300 points
Your overall grade will be based on the following criteria:

  Assignments                            Details                                         Pts.      Due Date
  Attendance, class participation, &     Attendance & participation are                  150      Each week
   feedback                               mandatory. (10 pts per week x 15 wks)
  Career Services workshop or            Attend Career Services workshop of choice        20
   program (not Major-Palooza)            during semester; write 1-page summary
                                          something you learned; turn in voucher
  Personal career history                Write 2-3 page paper, using guidelines           30
  eFolio                                 Register, upload papers, complete form (to       20
                                          be provided) throughout semester
  Focus/ self-assessment                 Write 2-3 page paper, using guidelines           30
                                          handout & Focus print-outs
  Major-Palooza                          Attend & fill out worksheet; turn in voucher     30
  College-major-career exploration       Research & fill out worksheet; Write 2-3         30
                                          page paper
  Midterm conference                     Meet w/ instructor, adviser, career adviser      20
  Informational interview                Conduct interview; write 2-3 page paper          40
  Goal setting                           Complete worksheet                               20
  Declaration of major OR action         Meet w/ college adviser; turn in form            40
  Resume                                 Write 1-page resume, using Career                20
                                          Services‟ resources
  RocketJobs                             Register, upload resume                          10
  Presentation                           10 minute presentation, using guidelines         40
                                                                         Total Points     500

Extra Credit Options: see instructor, points vary
Late Policy: 5-10 points will be deducted each class for assignments submitted after the due date.

Spring 2009 UC 1120 Syllabus                                                                rev 12-15-08   p. 2
Week 1                                  (Week of Jan 12)   Week 5                             (Week of Feb 9)
Introduction-Overview                                      Review - Strong Interest Inventory - College
Class 1 - Introduction, syllabus, expectations, goals;
pre-assessment                                             Class 1 – Strong Interest Inventory interpretation;
Activity: Discussion; ice breaker                          Major-Palooza follow-up
                                                           Activity: Discussion
Assignment: Career Services workshop or program
assignment (20 -pts)-Due ___                               Class 2 - (2) college presentations (5-10 minute
                                                           overview, followed by Q&A session)
Class 2 - Career development theories overview;            Activity: Speaker
myths and personal beliefs; career history
Activity: Discussion; writing assignment                   Week 6                               (Week of Feb 16)
                                                           College presentations
Assignment: Personal career history assignment (30
-pts)-Due ___                                              Class 1 - (3) college presentations (10 minute
                                                           overview, followed by Q&A session)
Week 2                            (Week of Jan 19)         Activity: Speaker
Strong Interest Inventory - Focus Assessment
                                                           Class 2 – (3) college presentations (10 minute
Class 1 - Strong Interest Inventory; Focus                 overview, followed by Q&A session)
Activity: Take Strong I.I.; begin Focus (Self-             Activity: Speaker
Assessment & Focus-Explore the Possibilities)
                                                           Week 7                          (Week of Feb 23)
Class 2 - Focus, continued                                 Career and Major Exploration - Midterm
Activity: Complete Focus and print out results             meetings

Assignment: Focus/ self-assessment assignment (30          Class 1 - Compare/contrast 3-5 careers (worksheet)
pts) - Due ___                                             AND 2-3 majors (worksheet)
                                                           Activity: Career/Major exploration activity
Week 3                              (Week of Jan 26)
Interests, Skills, Personality, & Values                   Assignment: College/major/career exploration
                                                           assignment (30 pts) - Due ___
Class 1 - Interests & Skills
Activity: Interest activity; Skills activity               Class 2 - Individual meetings with instructor (and
                                                           career adviser, where needed)
Class 2 - Personality & Values                             Activity: Meetings
Activity: Personality activity; work values activity
                                                           Assignment: Midterm conference (20 pts) - Due ___
Week 4                                   (Week of Feb 2)
Major-Palooza - eFolio                                     Week 8                                (Week of Mar 2)
                                                           Informational Interviews
Class 1 – eFolio; Major-Palooza preparation
Activity eFolio activity (intro, register, & load class    Class 1 - Informational interviews
papers); Discussion                                        Activity: Discussion and Informational interview
Assignment: eFolio assignment (20 pts) - Due ___
                                                           Assignment: Informational interview assignment (40
Class 2 - Major-Palooza (no class)                         pts) - Due ___
Activity: Attend Major-Palooza
                                                           Class 2 - No class - Informational interviews
Assignment: Major-Palooza assignment (30 pts) -
Due ___                                                    SPRING BREAK         No Classes       (Week of Mar 9)

Spring 2009 UC 1120 Syllabus                                                                      rev 12-15-08   p. 3
Week 9                               (Week of Mar 16)   Week 13                                        (Week of Apr 13)
Action planning - Goal-setting                          Culminating activity/Speakers*

Class 1 – Action planning                               Class 1 - Culminating activity/Speaker
Activity: Action planning activity                      Activity: Presentations/Speaker(s)

Class 2 - Goal-setting                                  Class 2 - Culminating activity/Speaker
Activity: Goal-setting activity                         Activity: Presentations/Speaker(s)

Assignment: Goal-setting assignment (20 pts) - Due      Assignment: Presentation (40 pts)
                                                        Week 14                                        (Week of Apr 20)
Week 10                         (Week of Mar 23)        Culminating activity/Speakers*
Decision-making - Declaring a major
                                                        Class 1 - Culminating activity/Speaker
Class 1 - Decision-making                               Activity: Presentations/Speaker(s)
Activity: Decision-making activity
                                                        Class 2 - Culminating activity/Speaker
Class 2 – Declaring a major                             Activity: Presentations/Speaker(s)
Activity: Discussion or speaker
                                                        Week 15                                        (Week of Apr 27)
Assignment: Create written action plan AND when         Culminating activity/Speakers*
possible, declare major (40 pts) - Due ___
                                                        Class 1 - Culminating activity/Speaker
Week 11                              (Week of Mar 30)   Activity: Presentations/Speaker(s)
Resumes - RocketJobs
                                                        Class 2 - Post-assessment, evaluations
Class 1 – Resumes, internships/experiential             Activity: Complete forms
activities, RocketJobs
Activity: Presentation by Career Services staff         Week 16                                        (Week of May 4)
                                                        Finals week
Assignment: Resume assignment (20 pts) - Due ___

Class 2 – Follow-up to Class 1
Activities: Resume activity; RocketJobs activity

Assignment: RocketJobs assignment (10 pts) – Due

Week 12                               (Week of Apr 6)
Resumes – RocketJobs - eFolio
                                                        Take these notes out for final syllabus!
Class 1 - Resume follow-up and upload to                *Notes to instructor: Speakers may include those from UT‟s
                                                        Study Abroad, Service Learning, Camp Adventure, Student
RocketJobs;                                             Activities, and Student Alumni Association.
Activity: Resume/RocketJobs/eFolio (upload              The last 4 weeks of class will be left fairly open and flexible to
resume)                                                 allow for speakers‟ schedules, student presentations, meetings
                                                        with instructor, Quest adviser, and, where needed, career
Class 2 - OPEN                                          counselor.
Activity:                                               Other Suggested Activities/Topics OR Extra Credit Ideas

                                                            Attend additional Career Services and/or other related
                                                            Individual Appointments
                                                            Weekly logs or journals
                                                            Meetings with Community Members
                                                            „Career & Life‟ Panel and/or Alumni Career Panel

Spring 2009 UC 1120 Syllabus                                                                             rev 12-15-08   p. 4

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