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Draft Beer Extra Pale Ale Summit Brewing Co St Paul by therza


									Draft Beer
Extra Pale Ale, Summit Brewing Co., St. Paul, MN                                                                                                      $5
Pronounced hop flavor and a light bronze color
Oatmeal Stout, Summit Brewing Co., St. Paul, MN                                                                                                       $5
Sweet chocolate, coffee, and carmel flavors round out this full-bodied beer
FireBrick, August Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm, MN                                                                                                     $5
Subtle maltiness combined with a hint of hoppy taste that creates a mild, pleasantly drinkable beer
Grain Belt Premium, August Schell Brewing Co., New Ulm, MN                                                                                            $4.5
The local Minnesota legend that has been brewed sinced the 1940’s with its crisp, unique flavor
Kayak Kolsch, Lake Superior Brewing Co., Duluth, MN                                                                                                   $5
This unique German ale is a very pale brew made from five different malts and two hop varieties, and has a soft malty character
Special Ale, Lake Superior Brewing Co., Duluth, MN                                                                                                    $5
North American style of the classic British pale ale, English ale yeast and generous amounts of Cascade hops for a distinctive hop flavor and aroma
Ring Neck Braun, Brau Brothers Brewing Co., Lucan, MN                                                                                                 $5.5
Double nut brown ale is dry and fruity,nutty flavor is derived from both biscuit malt and toasted oats, hint of raspberry and classic British hops
Farm Girl Saison, Lift Bridge Brewery Co., Stillwater, MN                                                                                             $5
In the Belgian Farmhouse tradition, this brew has a dry malt finish and a spiciness that only Belgian yeasts can create. Smooth and well rounded
Cygnus X-1, Flat Earth Brewing Co. St. Paul, MN                                                                                                       $5
Robust English porter with a creamy mcha chocolate flavor with a hint of spice, and dry finish
Furious, Surly Brewing Co., Brooklyn Center, MN                                                                                                       $5.5
Like Hops? You'll like this fire-hued beer, rich malt sweetness infused with bright hop flavor and aroma from beginning to end
Bender, Surly Brewing Co., Brooklyn Center, MN                                                                                                        $5.5
Five distinct malts, including two from Belgium, give this beer added complexity and depth, smooth texture, citrus hop aroma
Bubble Jack IPA, Rsuh River Brewing Co., River Falls, WI                                                                                              $5
Light in color, heavily hopped with several unique hop varieties, beautiful floral/citrusy nose which is balanced well by a smooth and full finish

White Wine
Quinta Da Alorna Arintho Portugal 2007 (sustainable)                                                                                                  $8.5/30
Fresh, crisp flavor with round fruit and lingering butterscotch finish
Hill of Content “Benjamin’s Blend” Australia 2005 (organic)                                                                                           $7.5/$26
A bright and vibrant blend that possesses crisp acidity, an unoaked style, aromas and flavors of tropical fruit, with a hint of honey
Alexis Bailly Vineyards Seyval Blanc Minnesota 2007                                                                                                   $8/$28
Aromas of lime and grapefriut, balance of clean bright fruit and a dry crisp finish, a wine that is both elegant and appealing
Rocky Gully Dry Riesling Austrailia (organic)                                                                                                         $9/$32
Racey, mineral-accented lime and grapefruit aromas, clean and juicy, displaying brisk, floral-accented citrus and orchard fruit flavors
Dr. L Riesling Germany 2006 (organic)                                                                                                                 $32
Peaches, nectarines and fresh apricots, as well as a little zip of lemon, mineral tang, off dry with refreshing acidity, hint of sweetness
Zardetto Prosecco Italy NV (organic) 187 ml                                                                                                           $12
Fizzy and frothy; sweet and refreshing
Terrazzo Ensino Bianco Italy 2007 (organic)                                                                                                           $23
Aromas of citrus fruits, bright acidity and delicate flavors of peach, orange,melon, and hazelnut, well balanced
Paul Zinck Pinot Gris France 2003 (organic)                                                                                                           $33
Smoky, spicy, with a clean herbaceous aroma, a big wine, fat and fresh
Dal Maso ‘Ca Fischelle’ Gambellara Italy (organic)                                                                                                    $28
Full bodied and textured, with aromas of ripe pear, apple, and hawthorne blossoms
Col Vetoraz Valdobbiadene Prosecco Italy NV (sustainable)                                                                                             $33
Joyful fruity mix of minerality and fresh pear blossoms, mulberry fruit, everlasting freshness with sweet notes in the finish
Paul Zinck Gewurztraminer France 2002 (organic)                                                                                                       $45
Exotic and spicy, powerful, opulent, rich and intense, long finish
Patianna Sauvignon Blanc California 2005 (organic)                                                                                                    $34
Dry, crisp, elegantly balanced wine, with delicately unoaked citrus flovors
St. Croix Vinyards Delaware Minnesota 2006                                                                                                            $23
Off-dry with a beautiful, intensely fruity and floral bouquet
Guitian Godello Jovan Spain 2006 (sustainable)                                                                                                        $37
Intensely aromatic, fruity nose, with notes of grapefruit, green apple and melon, wonderful acidity, nice structure and elegance, long finish
Zonte’s Footsteps Verdelho South Australia 2004 (organic)                                                                                             $28
Fresh and medium bodied, crisp citrus characters, ripe peach and banana favors, sweet quince and tropical fruit palate
Bonny Doon "Ca del Solo" Albarino California 2006 (biodynamic)                                                                                        $36
Crisp grapefruit, tangerine and mineral aspects. Persistent and refreshing, spirited and modern
San de Guilhem Gros Manseng Cotes de Gascone France 2004                                                                                              $25
Crisp citrus, yellow apple and floral with a mysterious full mouth feel
McNab Ridge French Colombard Mendocino 2006                                                                                                           $29
Blossoms like a flower with pear, watermelon, pomegranate and more. This wine is sweet and dry, rich and refreshing, plush and crisp
Steininger Gruner Veltliner “Grand Cru” Austria 2006                                                                                                  $40
Fragrance of apple peels, crisp and rich, with wonderful minerality, very intense and concentrated
Szeremley Muscat Ottonel Hungary 2004                                                                                                                 $23
White flowers give way to honeysuckle, delicate and persistent flavors of ripe chestnut crab apples and lavender honey, off dry
Bott-Geyl Le Gentil d’Alsace Metiss France 2005 (sustainable)                                                                                         $32
Hand-picked grapes are vinified separately for a bold fruit flavor and dry finish
Broadbent Vinho Verde Portugal 2006 (vegan)                                                                                                           $20
Refreshing, slightly frizzante, floral and delicately fruited
Francois Chidaine Vouvray Clos Baudoin France 2005 (organic)                                                                                          $45
Very ripe with lots of quince, fig, and persimmon fruit flavors, long, pure, and defined with a precise finish filled with ginger and mineral
Alphonse Mellot La Moussiere Sancerre France 2005 (organic)                                                                                           $47
Racy acidity shines through layers of citrus, mineral, grass and green apple flavors, gains intensity and depth through the finish
Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne NV France (sustainable)                                                                                                  $60
Scents of fresh picked strawberries and bing cherry, fine mousse with lively red fruits interwoven with hints of carmel apple, long clean finish
Red Wine
Almira Los Dos “Old Vines” Campo De Borja Spain 2006 (sustainable)                                                                                     $7.5/$26
Soft, dense, and ripe in the mouth, with lots of concentration, soft, spicy raspberry fruit, transitioning to minerals in the long finish
Senorio de Ayles Garnacha Spain 2004 (sustainable)                                                                                                     $9/$32
Aromas of ripe black cherry fruit & spice, good acidity medium bodied, pure, and beautifully balanced
Lavradores de Feitoria Douro Tinto Portugal 2005 (organic)                                                                                             $9.5/$34
Fine earth character, with rich, dark tannic fruit and big blackberry fruit , overall balanced, elegant, mouth
Ledgewood Creek “PQ” Cuvee California 2006 (sustainable)                                                                                               $7/$23
Bright, fresh red aromas of cherry and plum, balanced tannins and a smooth fruit forward taste
Ventisquero Grand Reserve Carmenere Chile 2005 (sustainable)                                                                                           $32
Rich structure, balanced and full body, with round and sweet tannins, with a chocolate, smoky finish
Terra Burdigala Manoir de Gravoux Cotes de Castillon France 2003 (biodynamic)                                                                          $33
Lovely berry and spice, soft tannins, delicious finish. Small production Bordeaux blend, Merlot and Cabernet Franc
Robert Mueller Old Vine Zinfandel California 2004                                                                                                      $45
Rich blackberry and blueberry fruit with a hint of ripe plum . Smoky, toasted oak, coffee bean and blackberry round out the complexity of the wine
Alexis Bailly Vineyards Voyageur Minnesota 2006                                                                                                        $30
Big, opulent and rich red wine, complex full bodied wine that is supple on the palate
Roger Perrin Cotes Du Rhone France 2003(organic)                                                                                                       $27
Full bodied, highly perfumed with vibrant strawberry, rose, lavender, and honey, explosively pure finish
Vina Alberdi Rioja Spain 2001 (sustainable)                                                                                                            $36
Complex, pleasant and well-structured, well-balanced with a pleasing final acidity, & a long fruity after-taste
Chateau Paradis Aix-en-Provence France 2006 (organic)                                                                                                  $33
Intense red fruit and spicy aromas with well balanced tannins in the mouth
Elk Cove "La Boheme" Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Oregon 2004 (sustainable)                                                                            $48
This high altitude single vineyard produces elegant, concentrated flavors, strawberry and blackberry with an energetic finish
Laurence Feraud Plume Bleue France 2005                                                                                                                $28
Dark berry fruits, smoky, and subtle toast
Quivira ‘Dry Creek’ Zinfandel California (biodynamic)                                                                                                  $36
Dark cherry, raspberry and black pepper, nicely framed by an alluring dusty zinfandel spiciness
La Bastida Crianza Rioja Spain 2003 (organic)                                                                                                          $29
Bing cherry, smoky vanilla notes accent this sexpot, and a kiss of minerality on the finish reminds you that these grapes were very carefully tended
Domaine la Barroche Chateauneuf Du Pape Reserve France 2003 (organic)                                                                                  $52
A blending of 100 year old vineyards. Mostly Grenache. Subtle, with fullness and finesse, black fruit flavors, spicy and complex.
Mas Estela Vinya Selva de Mar Spain 2001 (biodynamic)                                                                                                  $60
A deep , rich, explosive wine with dark fruits, hints of minerality, balanced, lots of fine tanins and a long, long, finish
Ringbolt Cabernet Sauvignon Western Australia 2005 (organic)                                                                                           $32
Made in a climate similar to Bordeaux France this cabernet has layers of detail of black currant, black raspberry, coconut , and clove spice
Zenato Ripassae Italy 2005 (organic)                                                                                                                   $45
Rich aromas of blackberry jam, currant, chocolate, coffee and tar that linger on the palate and are sustained by a round and structured body
Bastide du Claux Cotes du Luberon France 2005 (sustainable)                                                                                            $33
Cherry, raspberry and cranberry flavors mingle with a hint of leather
Domaaine Mosse Anjou Rouge France 2001 (biodynamic)                                                                                                    $33
The palate is full, concentrated and fruity with mouthfilling intensity, nice freshness and crisp tannic structure
Couly-Dutheil Chinon Clos de l’Olive France 1999 (organic)                                                                                             $38
Intense, shiny ruby and purple robe, complex bouquet with ripe grapes and spicy notes, voluptuous mouth, elegant tanins, well balanced
Ardales Noble Tempranillo Spain 2005 (organic)                                                                                                         $26
Fresh red fruit nose, jammy with notes of rhubarb and hints of wild flower, soft gratifying palate
Finca Monte Lindo Malbec Argentina 2005 (sustainable)                                                                                                  $23
Hearty, full-bodied, big and delicious with ripe berry fruits and a long rich finish
Fausti Rosso Piceno “Fausto” Italy 2005 (sustainable)                                                                                                  $32
Clean, crisp wild cherry flavors with hints of oak and a lasting finish

Dessert Wines
Broadbent Fine, Rich & Sweet 3yr old Madiera                                                                                                           $7
Delicate caramel, roasted nuts and toffee with a tingle of smokey acidity
RL Buller Fine Tokay NV                                                                                                                                $7.5
Smooth textured with toffee and caramel sweetness balanced by a touch of rancio, complex hints of nuttines
RL Buller Fine Muscat NV                                                                                                                               $7.5
Initial sweetness and raisiny flavours linger to reveal complex hints of honey and lemons
Burmester Tawny Porto NV                                                                                                                               $6
Slightly transparent, pure and mature bouquet, sweet and rich flavour, chocolate, raisiny fruitiness, mixed fruits, lingering and warm
Chateau d'Orignac Pineau des Charentes France NV                                                                                                       $8
Powerful aromatic pallate, hints of ripe yellow fruits like apricot, honey and raisins, cognac foundation with a finish of gingerbread and almond

Soda                                                                                                                                                   $1.95
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Minute Maid Lemonade. Free Refills.
Soy Milk                                                                                                                                               $1.50
Coconut Juice                                                                                                                                          $1.50
Hot Tea                                                                                                                                                $1.95
Your own pot of fresh brewed Jasmine tea
Vietnamese Coffee (Organic / Fair Trade)                                                                                                               $2.75
Our own blend of fresh ground Peace Coffee with sweetened, condensed milk. Enjoy on ice.
Cappachino or Café latte (Organic / Fair Trade)                                                                                                        $3.50
Double shot of espresso, made with Peace Coffee & milk
Coffee (Organic / Fair Trade)                                                                                                                          $1.95
Bottomless cup of French Roast by Peace Coffee.
Perrier Sparkling Water                                                                                                                                $3.50
750ml bottle of mineral water.

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