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					                        FINAL REPORT

                              KAJA PETERSON
                                 IPF 2003

                               Table of Contents

Activity Report
Publication Report
Mentor Critique Forms
       Work Plan

                        Environmental Assessment Group
                         International Policy Fellowship
                                  30 April 2004

                                 ACTIVITY REPORT
Herewith, I would like to give an overview of the activities and main results obtained during the
second reporting period of August 2003 till March 2004 (see also annex).

August 2003
2nd draft of policy paper was submitted to prof Aleg Cherp and Mr Panu Kontio for review on
22 August. Financial report, draft policy paper and mentor critique forms were submitted to IPF
Office. Travel arrangements to Riga and Vilnius were made: communication with people to be
interviewed, dates and time of meetings agreed; hotel booked.
Travel to Riga 28-30 August 2003 was held:
    1) Meeting with Ms Sandra Ruža, EIA officer of the Latvian Ministry of the Environment,
        Peldu Str 25, Riga. Interview and discussion on my draft paper
    2) Meeting with Mr Janis Avotinš, Director of EIA State Bureau, and Mr Arnolds
        Lukševics, Deputy Director of EIA State Bureau. Interview on Latvian system of EIA
        and SEA. I introduced my findings on SEA in Estonia

September 2003
Travel to Vilnius on 10-12 September 2003:
    1) Meeting with Irena Bušiunaite and Mr Vitalius Auglius, Division of EIA, Ministry of the
    2) Meeting with Mr Aleksandras Gordeviucius, Head of Spatial Planning and Regional
        Development Division, Ministry fo the Environment
    3) Meeting with Mr Aurelius Rimas, Head of Environmental Impact Assessment Division of
        Environmental Protection Agency of Lithuania
In all meetings I had introduced my draft paper and the key findings and discussed the problem
areas, Lithuanian colleagues introduced me the Lithuanian progress in SEA. I provided the
interviewees with a copy of my paper.

October 2003

My second mentor Mr Panu Kontio invited me to Helsinki to hold a elcture on SEA and
particularly on my key findings on Estonian SEA at Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The
seminar at SYKE was held on 31 October 2003.

November 2003

On 22 November, Regional Environment Centre- Estonian Office organised a seminar on SEA. I
was invited as a speaker. I presented my results of OSI research.

December 2003
My first mentor Dr Aleg Cherp proposed that my research results could be submitted to the peer
reviewed journal “Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal” (IAPA). Dr Cherp guided my

January 2004

I got the first feedback from the first reviewer. I had to respond back to the list of questions and
make amendments to the draft article. Communication with Dr Cherp for advice.
I had prepared the policy brief and forwarded it to Dr Cherp for review.

February 2004

My first mentor Dr Cherp forwarded me the feedback from the second peer reviewer of my
article to IAPA. I had to prepare answers to reviewer. Communication with Dr Cherp.

On 20 February 2004, I was invited to give a public lecture on implementation of EIA and SEA
in Estonia and what changes are expected once Estonia becomes an EU member in 1 May 2004.
The participants were journalists, environmental experts and consultants.

March 2004

OSI final workshop in Budapest 21-28.03.2004. Dr Aleg Chepr held a seminar of two outgoing
fellows (myself and Mr Gabor Szarvas) and one incoming fellow Ms Olga Demidova. Outgoing
fellows presented their main findings and a discussion was held.

I had also continued to work on the draft article “The Role and Value of SEA in Estonia:
Stakeholders’ Perspectives” to be published in the peer reviewed journal “Impact Assessment
and Project Appraisal”. Mentor Dr Cherp had assisted me to a significant extent and my gratitude
goes       to     him.     The     paper    will    be     published       in     June     2004

I was invited to give a lecture at Tallinn Pedagogical University on EIA and SEA and to held a
seminar with a practical case. I had again a good chance to present my key findings on SEA in
Estonia to students.

I had also contacted my second mentor Mr Panu Kontio. Mr Kontio had also reviewed my paper
and gave his comments.

I had also printed 50 copies of my research paper and policy brief that will be disseminated to all
the people I had interviewed personally or who had responded to my questionnaire. Some copies

will be made available to key people at the Estonian Ministry of the Environment, Department of
Environmental Management and Technology, that is in charge of EIA and SEA

April 2004

In April I had given my comments and recommendations to the draft EIA law that is currently
being amended to become in line with EU directives on EIA and SEA.

I prepared a joint paper with Mr Peep Mardiste, Department of Geography, Tartu University
titled “The use of Strategic Environmental Assessment for predicting the impacts of EU regional
development projects in new Member States, with reference to an Estonian case” to be submitted
to the International Conference on Monitoring, Simulation and Remediation of Geological
Environment,              5-7          July          2004,             Segovia,           Spain

Financial reports were prepared and activity report written.

Herewith I would like to thank OSI staff for the excellent opportunity to work on the subject that
really interests me and is an issues of political debate in my country. During the fellowship year
I had many opportunities to present my work and findings at different stages of the work process
and to different audiences.
I owe my special thanks to Dr Aleg Cherp, who assisted me in my work, encouraged me to
prepare and submit a paper to a peer reviewed journal and assisted in the finalisation of the


        Work Plan 2003-2004 and status of implementation

Month of the                                  Expected            Status of
                      Planned Activity
year                                          results             implementation
                      Contract settelement,   Contract signed,
                      communication with      preliminary
                      IPF Office, possible    approval from
March                 mentors;                                     Activities completed
                                              mentors received;
                      IPF training seminar in participation in the
                      Budapest                IPF training

                      Setting up project
                      outline, development Project outline
                      of methodology and developed, three
                      questionnaire;          types of
                      developing list of      questionnaires
                      respondents and initial (dependant on the
April                 contacts with them;     type of stakeholder Activities completed
                      dissemination of the group) developed;
                      first set of            first set of
                      questionnaires via e- questionnaires (25
                      mail; literature        copies)
                      reviews, data           disseminated
                      collection via internet

                      Development and
                      updating of the IPF
                      homepage; dispatch Minimum
                      of the second set of requirements for
                      questionnaires (mostly IPF homepage
                      to Latvia and          met; second set of
                      Lithuania);            questionnaires
May                                                             Activities completed
                      development of         dispatched; 8
                      database on            interviews with
                      responses received; representatives of
                      interviews with        SEA stakeholder
                      selected respondents groups conducted
                      to clarify their

                                    Participation in the
                                    IPF training
                                    seminar; response
            IPF training seminar in data base
            Budapest; analysis of developed and
June                                                     Activities completed
            the responses           filled in;
            received                preliminary results
                                    gained; IPF

                                                          1st draft of policy paper
            Interim reports
                                    1st draft of policy   submitted to Prof Aleg
            (project report and
                                    paper submitted to    Cherp for review; comments
July        financial report)
                                    Prof Aleg Cherp       and recommendations for
            drafted and submited
                                    for review            improvement received on 22
            to mentors for review
                                                          July 2003

                                                     2nd draft of policy paper
                                                     submitted to prof Cherp and
                                                     Mr Panu Kontio for review
                                                     on 22 August; financial
            Interim reports                          report, draft policy paper
            submitted to IPF                         and menor critique forms
            Office; updating of IPF Reports prepared submitted to IPF Office;
            homepage with           and submitted;   travel arrangements to Riga
August      reports; trips to Riga travel            and Vilnius made;
            and Vilnius to          arrangements     communication with people
            interview               completed        to be interviewed via e-mail
            representatives of                       made, dates and time of
            stakeholder groups                       meetings agreed; travel to
                                                     Riga 28-30 August 2003
                                                     completed; travelt to Vilnius
                                                     schedulled 10-12
                                                     September 2003

            Data analysis and                             Trip to Riga to the Latvian
            development of draft                          Ministry of the Environment,
September   policy paper; updating Trip to Riga           intervies with national
            of IPF homepage with                          authorities on SEA; mid-
            draft policy paper                            term financial report drafting

                                                      Trip to Vilnius to the
                                                      Lithuanian Ministry of the
                                                      Environment, intervies with
                                                      national authorities on SEA;
                                    IPF seminar held;
            IPF training seminar in                   invitation by menot Mr Panu
                                    first draft of
October     Budapest; work on                         Kontio to deliver a lecture on
                                    research and
            draft policy paper                        the experience of
                                    policy papers
                                                      implementation of SEA in
                                                      Estonia on 31 Oct 2003 in
                                                      Helsinki; IPF seminar was

                  Data analysis and                       Literature review and
November          development of draft Draft policy paper update; amendments to the
                  policy paper continued                  reserach paper

                  Communication with
                  mentors on the draft
                                                              Communication with mentor
                  policy paper; meeting    Meeting at
                                                              Dr Aleg Cherp on the
                  with civil cervants at   Estonian Ministry
                                                              progress of the work,
December          the Estonian Ministry    of the Environment
                                                              preparaion for the
                  of Environment to        to discuss the
                                                              submission of a paper to
                  discuss the              paper
                  preliminary results of
                  my work

                                                              Policy paper introduced to
                  Finalising of the policy Policy paper
January                                                       the Estonian Ministry of the
                  paper                    finalised

                                                        Communication with mentor
                                                        Dr Aleg Cherp and Mr Panu
                                                        Kontio on the progress of
                                                        the work, reponses to the
                                                        reviewers of the paper to
                  Finalising the
                                                        IAPA ; presentation on the
                  research and policy  Review of the
February                                                findings of my research to
                  paper, communication paper by mentors
                                                        vairous audiences: Students
                  with mentors
                                                        of Tallinn Pedagogical
                                                        University, NGO European
                                                        Union Movement and
                                                        Estonian Ministry of the

                  Finalising of the policy
                  paper; printing and
                                                              Final reporting; OSI seminar
                  communication with Final reports
March                                                         21-28 March 2004 in
                  IPF Office for           submitted to OSI
                  completion of the