Entrepreneurship Day of TALLINN

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					                                                                   CASE STUDIES. ESTONIA

              Entrepreneurship Day of TALLINN

                                    1. Who is involved?

The main stakeholders of the activity are current and potential entrepreneurs of Tallinn, as well
as university and high school students. Main partners of the activity are Estonian Chamber of
Commerce, trade unions, businesses and schools. Tallinn Entrepreneurship Agenecy is the
main coordinator of the activity, councils and businesses are organising the seminars, round-
tables, conferences, open days and exhibitions.

                                       2. The drivers

The concept of CSR is generally new in Estonia and therefore is not articulated on the local
level. On a local and regional level it is mostly perceived as entrepreneurship development.
However, there are several initiatives that could be looked as seeds to CSR development and
and could perhaps be a base for partnerships development and sharing the ideas with other
regions across EU.
The main driver of the activity is futhering the entrepreneurship among citizens of Tallinn and
increasing the competutuvess of the city.

                      3. The Strategy and Activities related CSR

Entrepreneurship Day is an annual event with more than 3000 participants and it aims to
develop the awareness about the role of entrepreneurship in the development of the city,
developing cooperation between city council and businesses, encouraging citizens to become
entrepreneurs etc.
This activity is a good example of cross-sectoral partnership which aims to increase the
competitiveness of the city.
There are around 50 different activities taking place as a part of entrepreneurship day –
seminars, round-tables, conferences, open day events, competitions and exhibitions organised
by trade unions, businesses and schools.
For more information:   www.ettevotluspaev.tallinn.ee
                                                                     CASE STUDIES. ESTONIA

                                      4. The challenges

Activity has generated active participation and cooperation among several stakeholders. The
main challenge so far is more related to administration of the event, as there are too many dif-
ferent activities happening simultaneously.

                                           5. Results

There has been an active participation of various stakeholders in the activity, generating interest
among local citizens, businesses and students. The idea is to raize the scope of the event and
organize it simultaneously in cooperation with Ministry of Economics and Communication across
different cities in Estonia.

                                         6. The Future

This initiative will be probably expanded into 2 day activity and organised across different cities
in Estonia.


     NAME                          Järvakandi municipality    development
     LEGAL STATUS                  PUBLIC                      PRIVATE
                                   REGIONAL GOV-               CONSORTIUM
                                   PROVINCILA                   NETWORK
                                   MUNICIPAL AU-       X        OTHER
     HEAD OF                       LOCAL AUTHORITY                                           X
                                   ACTIVITY ADMINISTRATOR
                                                    CASE STUDIES. ESTONIA


            Kärt Kübarsepp, Tallinn Entrepreneurship Agency
ADDRESS               Vabaduse väljak 7
TOWN/CITY             Tallinn
REGION                Tallinn
COUNTRY               ESTONIA
POSTCODE              15199
TELEPHONE             tel. +372 6404 220
FAX                   +372 6404 208
E-MAIL                kart.kybarsepp@tallinnlv.ee , ettevotlus@tallinnlv.ee
WEB-PAGE              www.tallinn.ee; www.ettevotluspaev.tallinn.ee