Diploma Thesis of Accounting_ 2007 - Diploma Thesis of by lonyoo


									Diploma Thesis of Tallinn College of TUT


Author                  Title                                                              Tutor         Year
Aasmäe, Olvi            Implementation of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles of      E. Vahtre     2007
                        the USA, Germany and Estonia Editing into Accounting System
                        of International Company (on Example of Baldis Estonia LLC)
Aedla, Monika           Analysis of the Profitability of Joint Production of Electricity   V. Siirde     2007
                        and Thermal Energy and the Development of Tariff-Based
                        Prices (Based on the Sample of the Properties of WTC Tallinn
                        Kinnisvara AS)
Beljakova, Jekaterina   The Impact of the European Central Bank´s Interest Rate            J. Kivimägi   2007
                        Policy on the Economy of the Republic of Estonia
Eek, Lea                The Small Business Short-Term Financial Budgeting 2008-            A. Sillamaa   2007
                        2010 of Aidu Aed Ltd
Ehasalu, Reena          Financial Analysis and Future Perspectives of Company (the         A. Sillamaa   2007
                        Case Study of as Medicover Eesti)
Esnar, Mari             Total Cost of Ownership and its Usage in Hansapank                 P. Kaarlõp    2007
Gribkovski, Grete       Creating a Cost-Accounting System in Beauty Services               E. Vahtre     2007
                        Providing Company X
Halling, Ingra          Introducing Financial Management in Small Enterprise- Case         P. Kaarlõp    2007
                        of Hall Auto Ltd.
Hermann, Ülle           Legal Person Governed by Private Law and Required to               R. Sikk       2007
                        Maintain State Accounting (on the Example of Foundation
                        Järva County Development Centre)
Hinno, Heleri           Profitability of the Quality Management System Implemented         V. Siirde     2007
                        in OÜ Nordmet Invest
Härginen, Reelika       Improvement of Accounting Methodology of Product Cost              E. Vahtre     2007
                        Price by Example of Viiratsi Saeveski AS
Ilimar, Auri            Improvement of the Cost Accounting Method in a Building            E. Vahtre     2007
                        Company (Based on the Example of OÜ Tonerek Ehitus)
Ink, Liina              Organization Activities Financing Foundations (in Example of       E. Korp       2007
                        Hiiumaa Nonprofit Making Organizations Projects
Jaup, Kaie              Assessing Sustainability of Competitive Construction               E. Vahtre     2007
                        Companies in a Shrinking Market (Based on the Example of
                        OÜ Trek Grupp, OÜ Renkvist and Suuresta Ehitus)
Johanson, Marju         Topical Problems of Labour and Salaries Accounting (on the         R. Sikk       2007
                        Basis of Kalevi Veekeskus OÜ)
Jõgioja, Raili          The Recording of Tangible Assets in the Accounting of AS           E. Vahtre     2007
Kajaste, Kristjan       Analysis of Corporate Economic Affairs Between Years 2004-         M. Pungas     2007
                        2006 (Company Structo Industry OÜ)
Kaljo, Katrin           Hot Drink Machines Accounting of Leases (Example on Vendor         R. Sikk       2007
                        Eesti OÜ)
Kaminskaja, Rita        Regulations of Financial Reports of Estonian Insurance             P. Kaarlõp    2007
                        Companies and the Accordance of the Reports to the
                        Validated Conditions

Kanemägi, Maarika   Analysis of Differences of Preparing Annual Accounts and         E. Vahtre     2007
                    Accounting Estimates (Based on Managers and Auditors Point
                    of View)
Kangro, Julija      Evaluating Asset Investments in Telecom Sector (Based on AS      P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Starman Cable Network Example)
Kaup, Eda           Accountancy, Practical Bookkeeping Accordance with Estonian      P. Kaarlõp    2007
Kesküla, Katrin     Accounts Receivable Management on Example of E.O.Map AS          A. Sillamaa   2007
Kiil, Merike        Financing Company Business Line Analyses Based on Example        P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    of K-Finance Estonia AS
Kilk, Annely        Self-Employed Entrepreneur´s Arrangement of Calculation,         P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Accounting and Taxes
Koit, Kristel       Cash Flow Statement in Different Standards and Analysis of       R. Sikk       2007
                    Cash Flow Statement
Kokk, Leelo         Process Analysis of Transition from Balance Based Accounting     E. Vahtre     2007
                    to Claim Based Accounting (on the Basis of Estonian Tax and
                    Customs Board)
Kompost, Kadri      Development and Financial Analysis of the Economic Activity      P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    of SR Veod LTD Based on the Years 2001-2006
Koppel, Külli       Possibilities for Improving Expenditure Control (Kruuli          P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Trükikoja AS as an Example)
Korindt, Tiia       Companies Alternative Financing Instruments (AS Sampo as         P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    an Example)
Kull, Kerli         The Financial Analysis (Years 2003 to 2006) and the              R.Sikk        2007
                    Predictadility of Future for the Construction Company (on the
                    Example of Haljala Ehitus AS)
Laaspere, Laili     Cost Accounting System Analysis and improvement in               E. Vahtre     2007
                    Transport Company (With Examples from AS Lajos)
Liivlaid, Kaidi     Accounting Receivables and its Management in the Instance of     R.Sikk        2007
                    Fakto Auto PLC
Linask, Joel        Financial Analysis of Estonian Car Selling Companies and         A. Sillamaa   2007
                    Future Perspectives (by Way of Examples)
Lips, Kaie          The Grand Hotel Fellin Budget                                    P. Kaarlõp    2007
Lootus, Irmeli      Depreciation Accounting and the Possible Use of Different        R. Sikk       2007
                    Depreciation Methods (in the Example of Astlanda Hotelli AS)
Luks, Mari-Liis     Centralisation and Transfer into SAP of Accounting in Tallinna   A. Sillamaa   2007
                    Education Department
Läänemets, Elna     Analysis of Expenditures Upon Changeover to Operational          R.Sikk        2007
                    Leasing for Means of Transport for 2004-2006 (Northern
                    Police Prefecture as an Example)
Matt, Sirle         More Effective Implementation of Marketing Communication in      Olev Tõru     2007
                    the Promotion Process of Domestic Smoke Detectors
Meier, Arne         Financial Analysis of Competing Printshops in 2001-2005          R. Sikk       2007
                    (Based on the Example of Company X)
Mäe, Hille          Salary Management (Based on the Example of Pekka Niska           A. Sillamaa   2007
                    Eesti AS)
Mägi, Eve           Development Plan of International Company`s Supply Chain         E. Vahtre     2007
                    Management and its Financial Aspect (Case B.Braun Medical)

Mägi, Joonas        Applied Complications of Activation of Business Software       P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Movex (Olympus Estonia LLC Used as an Example)
Mölder, Margarita   Financial Analysis of a Travel Agency (in the Example of AS    R.Sikk        2007
                    Matkapunkt for the Years 2003-2006)
Niine, Kristel      Accounting Fixed Assets in a Telecommunications Company        E. Vahtre     2007
                    (Following the Example of AS EMT)
Noorak, Maarja      Motorcycle Sales Companies Comparative Financial Analysis      R. Sikk       2007
                    from 2000-2006 (Based on Bike & Boat World Ltd, Larsen
                    Kaubanduse Llc and Ramo Ltd)
Orav, Armand        Development and Analyzes of Mobile Office Services (Elisa      E. Vahtre     2007
                    Eesti AS)
Palgi, Kätlin       Salary System Analysis and Development (on the Sample of       R. Sikk       2007
                    Elektriraudtee AS)
Pedak, Karin        The Evaluation and Improvement of an Enterprise`s Internal     E. Vahtre     2007
                    Control System (on the Example of Thomeko Estonia Ltd.
Ploom, Sirje        Advantages and Disadvantages of the Centralised and            A. Sillamaa   2007
                    Decentralised Accountancy from the Point of View of the Cost
                    Accounting (on the Example of AS Tallegg)
Prangel, Piret      Consolidated Reports Generation in Banking Enterprise (Based   E. Vahtre     2007
                    on Sample of SEB Eesti Ühispank AS)
Priisalm, Priit     The Comparative Financial Analysis of Travel Agencies (Based   P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    on the Example of AS Kaleva Travel, AS Estravel and AS
                    Baltic Tours)
Raide, Karin        Comparative Financial Analysis During the Period of 1996 to    P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    2006 (Based on the Example of AS Balbiino and AS Tallinna
Raik, Kaja          Business Analysis of a Small Establishment Offering            P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Accommodation Services (Based on Raik Ltd.)
Raudpuu, Katrin     Competition Analysis between Companies Marketing Car           E. Vahtre     2007
                    Chemical Goods (Based on the Example of AS Rivor, OÜ Gerd
                    ITC and OÜ Autosmart)
Raudsepp, Meelis    Assessing the State of a Beginning Company via Financial       P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Analysis (in the Example of Alutex Pro OÜ)
Rohke, Reet         Improvement of Cost System in Amphenol ConneXus OÜ             A. Sillamaa   2007
Roose, Maarja       Analysis and Management of the Accounts Receivable (with       E. Vahtre     2007
                    Examples from AS Hansabuss)
Rumma, Toomas       Compilation of Internal Accounting Rules (Based on the         E. Vahtre     2007
                    Parkett Rumma OÜ)
Saul, Kätlin        The Compilation of the Accounting Policies and Procedures of   P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    R Kiosk Eesti AS
Sidorova, Julia     Share Price Formation on the Stock Exchange and the            E. Vahtre     2007
                    Comparison of Price Dynamics with the Company´s Economics
                    Results (Based on the Example AS Tallink Grupp, AS Eesti
                    Telekom, AS Saku Õlletehas)
Soots, Eveli        The Competitive Analysis and the Assessment of the             E. Vahtre     2007
                    Company´s Sustainable Growth in the Market of Car Vendors
                    in the Condition of Fast Economic Growth (Amserv Pärnu AS
                    as an Example)

Suharov, Jana       The Recording of Tangible Asset in the Accounting of National    E. Vahtre     2007
                    Road and Structure
Svarpstinś, Riina   Development and Implementation of the Budgets of Tallinn         A. Sillamaa   2007
                    Municipal Schools During the Years 2004-2006(by the
                    Example of Tallinna Mustamäe Reaalgümnaasium)
Taela, Renate       The Analysis of Cost Accounting in 2002-2006 and                 P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Improvement (the Case of Pedrobeat Ltd.
Taevere, Iris       Presentation and Analysis of Current Liabilities in Example of   R. Sikk       2007
                    A.T. Kaubandus Ltd.
Talpas, Hiie        Improvement of Incentive Wage Principles as a Method to          P. Kaarlõp    2007
                    Insure Company`s Long-Term Sustainability (on the Basis of
Talu, Helen         Organisation of Economic Activity and Accountancy in an          E. Vahtre     2007
                    Apartment Association (Based on Mahla 82A)
Toomik, Ülle        Sport and Leisure Commerce Business Development and              R. Sikk       2007
                    Financial Analysis Between 2000-2005(by the Example of
                    Sportcat AS)
Toomis, Kairit      Taxation in the Baltic States                                    E. Vahtre     2007
Uiga, Taavet        Analysis of a Real Estate Development Project Based on the       E. Vahtre     2007
                    Example of a Company Belonging to the Kawe Group AS
Uuetoa, Ulla        Strategic Analysis of a Small Size Enterprise (by the Example    M. Sagar      2007
                    of Taevatrepp)
Vaas, Piret         The Development of Estonian Leasing Market in 2001-2006          J. Kivimägi   2007
Vain, Linda         Competition Analysis in Catering Establishment Market 2004-      E. Vahtre     2007
                    2006 on the Example of OÜ Argmar Grupp, OÜ Catering
                    Service and AS Frens
Valk, Terje         The Rearrangement of Payroll Accounting in Connection With       R. Sikk       2007
                    Introducing Wages Programme (Based on the Example of AS
Vardja, Lee         Long Term Financing of Private Persons in the Conditions of      J. Kivimägi   2007
                    Interbank Competition by the Example of Hansapank
Wiese, Maia         Compiling of Bookkeeping Internal Regulations of Kohila Maja     P. Kaarlõp    2007
Villemson, Anna     Establishment of Internal Accounting Rules (IAR), based on       E. Vahtre     2007
                    Personalijuht OÜ


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