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									Job Descriptions

Quantitative Analyst (New York, NY and Cupertino, CA)

Quants at the D. E. Shaw group apply mathematical techniques and write software to develop,
analyze, and implement statistical models for our computerized financial trading strategies.
Specific responsibilities range from examining trading data in an effort to increase profitability,
decrease risk, and reduce transaction costs to conceiving new trading ideas and devising the
simulations needed to test them. Successful quant candidates have traditionally been
exceptionally talented students at the top of their respective math, physics, engineering, and
computer science programs; a considerable number have also competed successfully in the
United States and International Math Olympiads as well as the Putnam Competition. Interested
applicants should submit a full CV and covering letter to

Software Developer (New York, NY and Cupertino, CA)

Software Developers at the D. E. Shaw group help create computationally intensive strategies for
trading in securities markets around the globe. We offer new employees the opportunity to work
on a variety of interesting technical projects, including real-time data analysis, distributed system
development, and the creation of tools for advanced mathematical modeling. Recent hires at the
D. E. Shaw group have contributed to numerous efforts central to the firm’s success and
impressive growth, including:

       Design and deployment of new trading platforms and analytics tools in cooperation with
        traders and quantitative analysts
       Implementation of statistical algorithms for time-series analysis
       Development of electronic trading interfaces between multiple order management
       Creation of automated trading strategies for transacting in real-time markets

From the start of their tenure with the firm, our exceptionally talented programmers enjoy access
to some of the world’s most advanced computing resources and may be involved in developing
software which automatically trades millions of dollars worth of securities each day in markets
around the globe. This makes our programming environment one in which high-quality software
is imperative and has a very real dollar value. If you’re interested in applying your talents to
challenging problems of software architecture and engineering in an intellectually stimulating
environment, then we’d love to see your resume. Interested applicants should submit a full CV
and covering letter to

Proprietary Junior Trader (New York, NY and London)

Proprietary Junior Traders at the D. E. Shaw group are trained to trade in one of a variety of
systematic and fundamental investment strategies. Strong quantitative and analytical abilities,
extraordinary communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills, and an exceptional sensitivity
to detail are essential. The ideal candidate will have up to two years’ general experience with an
outstanding academic record (e.g., excellent standardized test scores and GPA from a top-tier
school), and a high level of computer literacy. Direct prior experience is not required, but some
demonstrated interest in and exposure to financial markets is a decided advantage. Interested
applicants should submit a full CV and covering letter to
Company Description

The D. E. Shaw group is a global investment and technology development firm. Since its
organization in 1988, the firm has earned an international reputation for financial innovation,
technological leadership, and an extraordinarily distinguished staff. Headquartered in New York,
the D. E. Shaw group encompasses a number of closely related entities in North America,
Europe, and Asia with approximately 1,500 employees and $39 billion in assets under
management as of July 1, 2008.

The firm has a significant presence in many of the world's capital markets, investing in a wide
range of companies and financial instruments within both the major industrialized nations and a
number of emerging markets. Its activities range from the deployment of investment strategies
based on either mathematical models or human expertise to the acquisition of existing companies
and the financing or development of new ones.

Members of the D. E. Shaw group do not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of
race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran
status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class.

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