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									THE FORUM                                                         opportunity to experience a unique and enriching cultural      Results Information
                                                                  exchange with students from all around the world.                  Every contestant will be informed in the first days of June
     The South American Business Forum (SABF) is an event                                                                        2010 about the decision of the Jury.
that takes place annually in Buenos Aires for 3 days in the
month of August. Each year the forum receives 100                 REQUIREMENTS
outstanding university students from around the world,                                                                           CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ESSAY
together with 40 leaders of business, political and academic      The SABF 2010 postulant must belong to one of these
areas. The event will explore topics of global relevance and      categories:                                                    Main Theme of the Essay
particularly applicable to the reality of South America. We                                                                           You are expected to expose your constructive ideas about
expect that, through dialogue and the interaction between the        University students in their first undergraduate           the South American problematic, in relation with the main
current leaders and the future leaders, a contribution to the         career, born from January 1st, 1980 and afterwards.        topic “Boosting our actions for the new decade”. The Essay
development of the region can be made.                               Post-graduate university students of 2009 and 2010,        must be an innovative creative text; it is not required to have
                                                                      born from January 1st, 1980 and afterwards.                the traditional structure for an essay, you may include
                                                                                                                                 graphics, images and statistics in your essay.
                                                                  APPLICATION                                                    Length
                                                                                                                                    Between 1200 and 1600 words
     Below you will find a summary of the most important          Beginning
information about the forum.                                          January 20th 2010                                          Language
                                                                                                                                    English or Spanish
Hosting University                                                Closure
   ITBA, Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires                        May 9th 2010                                               Supported types of files
                                                                                                                                    .odt, .doc, .pdf, .rtf
Location                                                          Application Process
   Buenos Aires, Argentina                                             In order to finish your application process, you must          Interested students, however, can download the previous
                                                                  complete every step at the online application form             essays from
Event date                                                        (,                                    editions.html
   August 6-8th 2010
Official Languages
    English or Spanish
Main Topic
   "Boosting Our Actions in the New Decade"
Invited Students profile
     The 100 best student talents in Argentina, South-America
and the rest of the World from any career and university in the
world, selected by the presentation of an essay based on the
main topic.
     An independent jury, composed by professors, business
leaders and journalists is the one that is in charge of the
essays’ correction. After that, 100 essays are selected taking
into account the level of each essay as also the postulant’s
                                                                  and upload your essay about the main topic (Boosting Our
Benefits                                                          Actions for the New Decade). You will be able to modify your   COVERED EXPENSES
     Workshops and trainings. Networking with the best            form until the closure of the application period. (This last
talents and executives from the main companies. The               point includes the essay)                                      For every participant:
                                                                                                                                    Food expenses during August the 6th, 7th and 8th.
   Night events.                                                 who become committed to the country’s global development
                                                                  and competitive at the international level.
For participants from other countries and other cities of             The mission also comprises research and university
Argentina (other cities apart of Buenos Aires):                   extension activities, as well as project advice to industrial
   Accommodation in a hotel to be confirmed, during              companies and social institutions.
    August the 6th, 7th and 8th.                                      ITBA´s vision includes to be acknowledged as a leading
   Movements between the different places where the              university for the teaching of engineering, related disciplines,
    activities will take place.                                   and sea sciences within the Argentine academic system, at the
                                                                  same level of the best technological institutes in the world.
Important: Travel expenses from or to Buenos Aires are not            After forty-eight years of activity, ITBA has constructed a
covered.                                                          university reduced in its general dimensions but very
                                                                  important at the academic performance and influence in the
                                                                  Argentinean society. To its classes attend 1.400
ABOUT THE SABF                                                    undergraduates students, graduating approximately 200
                                                                  engineers by year, which represents the 10% of the total
     The SABF team is entirely integrated by ITBA students        engineers graduated in the country annually. Instituto
eager to put together a Business Forum of excellence.             Tecnológico de Buenos Aires:
     The idea of creating a Business Forum came up in 2004,
when a group of ITBA students had the opportunity to attend            Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the eight largest cities
other student-run forums in Europe and the United States.         in the world, a megalopolis that has a population of over
Seeing that there was no other event of similar magnitude in      eleven and a half million people, counting its suburbs. Being
South America, they decided to found an organization which        one of the most elegant and active cities in South America, it
annually held one where the exchange of opinions was              is chosen as their destination by millions of tourists every
focused on issues pertained to the sustainable development of     year. Maintaining its old traditions en many aspects, and
the region where Argentina is immersed.                           following a modern tendence in others, it offers a large variety
     At present, with no founders within the organizing team,     of places to visit and activities to enjoy at any time of the year.
the greatest challenge lays upon transmitting the importance of        Famous by its night life, its commercial opportunities,
the SABF in the sustainable development of the region to the      kind people and exquisite food, it is the headquarters of the
next generation, to reach long term continuity of the forum.      South American Business Forum. Official Tourism Site of the
                                                                  Government of Buenos Aires:

VENUE                                                             Credit Information:
     Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA) was   
created forty-eight years ago, on November 20th, 1959, with
the teaching of Engineering in all the specialties, and sea
science as the final objective. The purpose of this
specialization was to reach, in time, a high quality grade in
teaching, which would turn the university into an excellence
     To be acknowledged as a leading university for the
teaching of engineering, related disciplines, and sea sciences        For further information, don’t hesitate to contact the
within the Argentine academic system, at the same level of the    Student Affairs, PSU Phuket Campus:
best technological institutes in the world.                           Pyc – Office: 076-276061, Mobile: 08-9441-8718,
     ITBA’s mission is to educate professionals in the                       E-Mail:
engineering area including disciplines related to economy,        and also directly contact the SABF team.

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