NORTHEAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE Position Facilities Coordinator Continuing Education Distance Learning by Cappadona


									                           NORTHEAST COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Position: Facilities Coordinator/Continuing Education/Distance Learning Executive Assistant

                                     PHYSICAL DEMANDS

             STRENGTH                              KEY           Weight/Force           N O F A
Position:                                N   Never               Lifting                  X
Standing                              5% O   Occasionally        Transporting             X
Walking                               5% F   Frequently          Pushing                  X
Sitting                              90% A   Always              Pulling                  X
Hand-arm                     X
Foot-leg                     X
Level:                           10 lbs.

                   N   O    F    A             Conditions                N      O   F    A
Climbing               X                       Exposure to weather       X
Balancing              X                       Extreme cold              X
Stooping               X                       Extreme heat              X
Kneeling               X                       Wet and/or humidity       X
Crouching              X                       Noise intensity level*                    X
Reaching               X                       Vibration                 X
Handling               X                       Atmospheric conditions    X
Fingering              X                       Moving mechanical
Feeling                X                       parts                     X
Talking                     X                  Electrical shock          X
Hearing                     X                  High, exposed places      X
Tasting/Smelling   X                           Radiation                 X
Near Acuity                 X                  Explosives                X
Far Acuity             X                       Toxic/caustic chemicals          X
Depth Perception       X                       Other environmental
Accommodation               X                  concerns                               X
Color Vision           X                       * Quiet
Field of Vision        X                       Protective clothing or personal devices:

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