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									Vol.No.46. No. 41      FOR PRIVATE CIRCULATION ONLY              April 07, 2008

From `The Hindu' March 31, 2008:
                                                                           Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do
If you are a doctor, does it sometimes bother you that you have to         it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks
recommend a particular drug or procedure without being entirely            to God the Father through him.
convinced of its effects and/or side effects? If you are a patient, are                        Colossians 3 : 17
you constantly asking questions about the treatment you have been          Special prayers: April 06 - 12, 2008
advised?                                                                   Dermatology
                                                                                    : Dr. Renu George, staff and students
If you belong to either category, it might interest you to know that       Developmental Paediatrics
there is a growing confidence in evidence-based medicine. The
                    CHRISTMAS MESSAGE                                               : Dr. M. C. Mathew, staff and students
Cochrane Collaboration’s reviews might ease the decision-making
process. An international, not-for-profit organisation, the Cochrane       CSI Coimbatore Diocese
Collaboration aims at improving healthcare decision-making through         Council member : Rt. Rev. M. Dorai
systematic reviews of the effects of healthcare interventions.             Hospital : CSI Hospital, Erode and others
Since 2004, the South Asian Cochrane Network (SACN) has                    CSI Karnataka Inter Diocesan Medical Board
promoted Cochrane activities in India through a co-ordinating centre       Council members : Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Prabhakara Rao
at the Christian Medical College, Vellore, with funding from the Indian                      : Mr. H.F.S. Knight
Council for Medical Research. Six SACN sites are located in India          Hospital : CSI Hospitals in Karnataka
and in a few months an independent Cochrane Centre will be
established. The Second South Asian Regional Symposium on                  Sunday services : April 13
Evidence Informed Health Care will be held at CMC                          06.00 pm         : College Chapel
on April 9.                                                                                 : Mr. Lijo John
                                                                           06.30 pm         : Hospital Chapel
                                                                                            : College of Nursing
                                                                                                Baccalaureate Service

                                                                           We are happy to welcome Mr. T. S. Ravi Kumar,
                                                                           College of Nursing after his sabbatical leave.

                                                                           Congratulations :
                                                                           To Dr. B. S. Balaji, a postgraduate student at
                                                                           Bangalore Baptist Hospital, who has been awarded
                                                                           the DNB Gold Medal in General Surgery.

                                                                           Earlier in 2005, Dr. Ajay Shetty from the same
                                                                           institution was a recipient of this honour. Bangalore
                                                                           Baptist Hospital has emerged as a credible centre
                                                                           for postgraduate courses in Medicine, Surgery,
                                                                           Paediatrics, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics,
Dr. Prathap Tharyan, co-ordinator, SACN CMC Vellore, explains in
                                                                           Anaesthesiology and Family Medicine with an
a paper he co-authored with Claire Allen and Mike Clarke that a
                                                                           excellent record in the examinations conducted by
systematic review helps identify which forms of healthcare work, which
                                                                           the National Board.
do not, and which are harmful.
In effect, the Collaboration, through its reviews, tries to identify treatments that are effective, inexpensive and with the
least side effects. Each review takes into consideration all relevant published studies from prominent journals, non-
indexed journals and non-published studies as well, meta-analyses all data systematically to arrive at a statistically reliable
“No physician wants to hand out ineffective treatments.
But finding evidence that is up-to-date is a daunting task,”
says R. Sridharan, one of the co-ordinators of the Chennai
site of SACN. Medical literature is unwieldy, disorganised
and biased, he adds, and finding one’s way through the
jungle of evidence takes time, skill and perseverance.
Patient preferences
The decision to use a particular intervention, such as a
drug, requires balancing several crucial pieces of
information. The likely benefits need to be evaluated
against the likely harms for each option considered, Dr.
Sridharan explains. In addition, it is necessary to factor in patient preferences, he adds.
SACN has several review groups in India that periodically update information in the Cochrane Library, even as evidence
from the rest of the world pours in. Currently, Dr. Sridharan says, efforts are on to encourage practitioners of Indian
Systems of Medicine to validate their formulations through SACN. Thanks to the ICMR, Indians can access all content
on the website (www.thecochranelibrary.com) free of charge.
Additionally, each Cochrane review has a “lay language” option — for patients. “We are trying to get the consumer to
understand treatment. In India, only doctors call the shots. With knowledge, people can change the existing profit-based
system of medicine,” Dr. Tharyan explains.
Changes seen
Evidence from Cochrane listings has actually changed the way interventions are carried out, he adds. In one instance,
during the tsunami, a decision was taken to revise counselling strategy for those affected.
The “single, mass de-briefing” technique was suspended after a Cochrane review proved that it had no effect in the short
term, rather it could increase the chances of developing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in the long run. Perhaps, as
Dr. Tharyan says, if used well, the Cochrane reviews may just change the way medicine is practised in India.
                                                                                   - Ramya Kannan
                                             Website : www.thehindu.com/2003/03/31/stories/2008033155701400.htm

RUHSA Department has organised a population based screening programme for cancer of the cervix and breast cancer
through three of its peripheral health care centres in K.V. Kuppam Block, managed by a team consisting of a doctor,
public health nurses and field staff.
Dr.Prema Bhat (nee Prabhu), who passed away on March 18, was an alumnus of CMC from the batch of 1945. She
                              joined the department of Microbiology in 1955 and was head of Microbiology-
                              Wellcome Research Unit from 1968-75. During this period she was instrumental is
                              serogrouping enteropathogenic E.coli - 5-14. She also established the role of
                              anaerobes in the human gut.

                                   After retiring from CMC, Dr.Prema moved to St.John’s Medical College, Bangalore
                                   and it was there that she established in-vitro culture of P.falciparum .

                                   In 1991 she joined SSSBIHMS, Puttaparthi, where she established the Microbiology
                                   department and blood donor screening.

                                   She was awarded the FAMS in 1974 and the Dr.S.C.Agarwal oration in`1 1982.
                                   She has published more than 75 papers in national and international journals and
                                   served as a member of various national boards, committees and scientific organizations.

Dr.Prema married Dr.H.S.Bhat, the father of Indian Urology, and head of our Urology department from 1953-75. The
eldest of their four children, Dr.Usha Sitaram is working in the Clinical Pathology department.

Dr.Prema was very interested in people and cared greatly for her students. She modelled and demanded excellence
from her trainees and others. She was always cheerful and smiling, even through her last illness. Our respectful homage
to this distinguished professor and alumnus. May her soul rest in peace.


Schedule for Dip.NB Quiz programme through IGNOU Satellite on April 10.
2.30- 3.15 pm        X-rays/CT/MRI scans
3.30- 4.15 pm        Specimens
4.30- 5.15 pm        Instruments
5.30 – 6.15 pm       Investigations
6.30- 7.30 pm        Management of case scenarios

The Department of Clinical Microbiology in CMC runs an in-service CME on Diagnostic Microbiology each year.
The aim of the course is to provide ongoing training for staff from diagnostic facilities in smaller hospitals. This is a
refresher course for technicians, technologists and microbiologists who already have a basic knowledge of diagnostic
microbiology. It is not suitable for those with no previous knowledge of the subject.
The course is taught entirely in English.
Training will be provided in methods of media preparation, cleaning and sterilisation procedures, bacteriological techniques,
serology including HIV and HBsAg screening, mycology and surveillance of hospital acquired infections.
The course fee is Rs.2,500 per candidate sponsored by institutions belonging to missions that support CMC and
Rs.7,500/- for all others. Accommodation is not provided. TA and DA to be borne by the trainee. Course duration:
Sep. 15 to Oct. 31. A maximum of six candidates will be selected each year.
Application forms can be obtained from The Head, Department of Clinical Microbiology, CMC, Vellore 632 004.
The completed application form, routed through the sponsoring authority must be sent to the Medical Superintendent,
CMC, Ida Scudder Road, Vellore 632 004 before August 1, 2008.

1. Tutor Gr. IV (PT/ OT) with BPT for the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy).
Preference will be given for applicants (only BPT) with two years of work experience excluding compulsory internship.
Salary: Rs.4500-150-8250/- plus DA and HRA as per rules. Accommodation not provided.

2. Lecturer Gr. III (AH) with MOT for the Department of PMR (Occupational Therapy).
Salary: as per institutional rules. Accommodation not provided.
Please mention your e-mail ID and contact phone number in your application.
Apply to the Principal with bio-data, copies of certificates and testimonials on or before April 15, 2008 for items 1& 2.

3. Senior Programmer Gr. V for the Department of PMR (Gait Analysis in Rehab Institute).
Qualification: B. Tech. / B.E. Computer Sciences / M.S. in Computer Science, MCS, MCA or equivalent.
Salary: Rs.6960-220-11500/- plus DA and HRA as per rules. Age limit: 35 years.
Future prospects in CMC after this position: Possibility of long term appointment

Apply to the Medical Superintendent, CMC, Vellore 632 004 with bio-data, photograph, copies of certificates and
testimonials on or before April 21, 2008.

4. Welfare Officer
Qualification: Masters in Social Work / M.A.(Social Work) regular stream
Salary: Rs.4500-150-8250/- plus DA 68% and HRA 10% of the basic salary.
(Only Christian candidates need apply)

5. Administrative Assistant Gr. V for the Centre for Stem Cell Research
Qualification: Graduate plus one year PGDHA / MBA
Salary: Rs.3720-110-6470/- plus DA 70% and HRA 10% of the basic salary.
Preference will be given to those with good communication skills and a drive to excel.
Those who have applied earlier need not apply.
The job description is as follows:
1. Management of all the support staff at the centre, including overview of house keeping.
2. Communications related to research, including communications with suppliers of reagents and instruments for supplies,
AMC and maintenance issues.
3. Communication with funding agencies for research and related to public relations.
4. Developmental activities of the centre.

        Applications can be downloaded from our website www.cmcvellore.ac.in
        Click on the link – 'Jobs and Training'. Click on the icon “General Application Form".

Apply with xerox copies of your certificates to the Sr. Personnel Manager, Christian Medical College,
Vellore – 632 004 on or before April 24, 2008 for item 4 and April 21, 2008 for item 5.

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