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									 Spring 2009                                                                                                              Volume 3, No.1

Greetings from the chair                                                  Preserving Fort Ord history
   The Ford Ord Alumni Association board of advisors and staff               For almost the entire span of the twentieth century, Fort Ord was
are pleased to present this first edition of our newsletter as a way of   one of the most significant U.S. Army installations in the United
keeping you and other members up-to-date on FOAA activities.              States. Today, Fort Ord and its formative influence on the U.S.

   These activities revolve around our two main purposes:                 military and on the life and communities of California’s Central

(1) preserving and presenting the history of Fort Ord through             Coast have passed into history.

programs, archives and eventually a museum; and (2) generating               In order to preserve that valuable history, filled with its many
funds for and presenting scholarships to qualified students of            lessons for current and future generations, California State
California State University, Monterey Bay. Stories related to both of     University, Monterey Bay and the Fort Ord Alumni Association
these endeavors appear elsewhere in this publication.                     have undertaken a joint project known as the Fort Ord Museum and

   Anyone who wishes to support these purposes is eligible to             Archive (FOMA).

become a member; the $25 annual dues are more than offset by the             FOMA seeks to collect, preserve and interpret the history of
benefits offered to members.                                              Fort Ord, the community, and the people who served and worked

   In 2009, we expect to offer more programs such as the World            on the base. FOMA will promote the study of military properties

War II Living History Symposium, at which veterans tell their             and the impact of the base on the economic and social development
unique war time stories. We are also upgrading our website with a         of surrounding communities. It will serve as a learning and research

future goal of helping soldiers formerly stationed at Fort Ord to get     resource for students and faculty at CSUMB, military and regional

in touch with others who served with them. Stay tuned!                    history scholars, veterans and the general public.

                      – Donna D. Johnson, Chair, FOAA Board of Advisors
                                                                          Current collections and historic structures
                                                                             The current holdings include artwork and photographs from
                                                                          the Fort Ord Arts and Crafts Center from 1960 to 1980. The
                                                                          archive also has a wide range of other documents, including Basic
                                                                          Training and Advanced Individual Training (AIT) yearbooks from
                                                                          the 1950s to the 1970s, collections of personal letters of soldiers
                                                                          and their families, training manuals, organizational charts, and
                                                                          several hundred photographs of the land and buildings. Included
                                                                          in the latter are photographs of streets, the insignia on the outside
                                                                          of buildings, and some of the murals remaining inside buildings.
                                                                          FOMA is also working to secure permanent facilities that will
                                                                          safely hold the museum and archive collections and provide space
                                                                          for processing materials, research, teaching, and exhibiting of the
collections. The project also seeks to preserve and restore one or
more of the historic wooden military buildings (WWII era) and one
or more historic masonry buildings (Korean War era) as physical
artifacts of Fort Ord history.

   Tax-deductible contributions to FOMA may be made online at
CSUMB.EDU/give or by check, payable to CSUMB Foundation –
FOMA, sent to:
           Fort Ord Alumni Association
           University Advancement
           California State University, Monterey Bay
                                                                           Buildings remaining from Range 8 today. Submitted by Matt C.
           100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA 93955-8001                       Bischoff, historian with California State Parks.

                                                                           storage) will be repaired and may also house interpretive materials.
Fort Ord’s beach ranges                                                       FOAA and State Parks hope that the public will get a chance to
                                                                           appreciate just how vital this area was in training infantry troops.
                                                                           Over its life, Fort Ord trained hundreds of thousands (some claim 1
                                                                           million) of soldiers for service in World War I, World War II, Korea,
                                                                           Vietnam and other subsequent conflicts. These beach ranges were a
                                                                           critical component of that training and combat readiness.

                                                                                   – Submitted by Matt C. Bischoff, historian with California State Parks

                                                                           Ford Ord Alumni
                                                                           Association activities
                                                                              What a terrific year we have had! Here are some of the
One of the many beach ranges in operation in the 1960s.                    highlights: This year FOAA provided nine $1,000 scholarships to
   The Fort Ord Alumni Association is working closely with                 students at CSUMB. We also participated in a Chili Cook-Off at
California State Parks to develop interpretive materials for the           the Marina Air Faire. And together with CSUMB, we sponsored a
former Fort Ord beach ranges. Approximately 900 acres of these             WWII Living History Symposium where WWII veterans from the
former rifle ranges are in the process of being turned over to State       “Greatest Generation” related their experiences in the war.
Parks. Much work has been accomplished to remove hazards from                 We could not have done it without the continued support of our
the land and restore it to a natural state. Eventually it will be opened   members. We hope you will check out our website at
for the public to enjoy. At first, the land will be open for day use,      CSUMB.EDU/foaa and read more about our two primary missions.
including hiking, biking, beachcombing and picnicking. Plans for
                                                                              We exist to preserve and interpret the history of Fort Ord,
further down the road include a campground, the first to be built on
                                                                           and also to provide scholarships to deserving students at CSUMB
this part of the California coast in several decades.
                                                                           (which is rapidly becoming the focal point of higher education along
   To help preserve the important history of Fort Ord and to               the Central Coast). On the website you can download a membership
educate the public about the former uses of the firing ranges,             form and join with us in preserving the proud history of a place
FOAA and State Parks are developing interpretive signs that will           where dedicated veterans and civilians like you were stationed. It
be installed on what was formerly Range 8, a known distance                is exciting to be a part of the rebirth of Fort Ord and we invite you
range. These signs will show visitors what the area looked like            to join us as we march into the new century. You can contact us via
and how it was used for more than 50 years (1940-1994). Later,             email at
the few remaining buildings on Range 8 (tower, classroom, target
                                                                                                                   – Otto Neely, Membership Committee

                                                        Front & Center is published by the Ford Ord Alumni Association. Subscription is free with FOAA m
                                 Send queries or articles to Ford Ord Alumni Association, University Advancement, California State University, Monter
          Charter FOAA member                                                           The School of Information Technology and Communication

          Maj. Gen. ‘Bill’ Gourley dies
                                                                                     Design has launched its new bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
                                                                                     and Information Technology. A bachelor’s degree in nursing and a
             When CSUMB was a                                                        master’s degree in social work are likely to be added soon.
          brand-new university, General                                                 Progress also is being made on the challenging but critical task
          Gourley and his friend General                                             of transforming the former military base into a 21st-century center
          Jim Moore approached then-                                                 for higher education. The centerpiece of that effort is the new
          university-President Peter Smith                                           Tanimura & Antle Family Memorial Library, which was dedicated
          regarding the establishment of                                             Dec. 4. In front of the library is a new traffic roundabout, and
          a new organization that would                                              extensive planting and other improvements are evident across
          preserve and honor the past                                                campus, with more to come.
          history of Fort Ord and look
                                                                                        “We are definitely on a journey to excellence,” Dr. Harrison said.
          to the future by supporting
                                                     Maj. Gen. ‘Bill’ Gourley
          CSUMB students through the
          provision of scholarships. As the result of their efforts, the Fort        FOAA sponsors WWII Living
          Ord Alumni Association, or FOAA, was created. Now in its 13th
          year, the organization has awarded eighty-six $1,000 scholarships,         History Symposium at CSUMB
          many of them to students who are the first in their families to attend        On Nov. 8, a few days prior to Veteran’s Day, the Fort
          a university. Recently the organization established the General            Ord Alumni Association presented the second Living History
          William H. Gourley and Molly Q. Gourley Scholarship to be given            Symposium. Several World War II vets told of their activities prior
          annually in their memory. If you would like to contribute to this          to the war and their training and deployment activities during the
          scholarship, contact FOAA at                               war. One was a British naval officer who participated in the allied
             As one of the general’s many “recruits,” I feel blessed beyond          naval operations on D-Day. Another described his actions as part
          measure to have known him and to have been involved in some of             of the 10th Mountain Division in Italy. Later in Austria he related
          his projects in the community. I remember when he also recruited           coming across a building in a beautiful woodland setting where
          many others to help with the effort to save Stilwell Hall, and in          the Hitler was breeding the pure Arian race with beautiful German
          particular a cold, windy, foggy, endless day when many of us sat           women and the best SS officers. Later this same man told of coming
          outside the Hall as bus tours infrequently arrived to hear our pitch       across one of the Nazi concentration camps. We also had some
          about preserving the building. Ultimately we lost that battle, but he      men from the Pacific Theater. One was aboard a destroyer covering
          won many others, and I believe his chief legacy will be the proposed       landing operations and coming under the attack by Japanese
          new VA-DOD Ambulatory Clinic, which is apparently to bear his name.        Kamikaze pilots. All in all, it was a great symposium.

                                                                   – Donna Johnson
                                                                                     CSUMB students receive
          ‘Swords into ploughshares’                                                 FOAA scholarships
          Fort Ord’s continued conversion to a university                               Out of a pool of 50 applicants, nine CSUMB students received
             California State University, Monterey Bay has begun the new             scholarships at FOAA’s Annual Scholarship Awards Luncheon
          school year with record enrollment, new academic programs and              on Oct. 17. Each $1,000 scholarship represents a memorial to a
          extensive construction and landscaping on campus. “This university         military figure and/or a past member of FOAA. This adds up to at
          is on the move,” President Dianne Harrison declared Sept. 23 in            total of 86 scholarships provided by FOAA over the past ten years.
          her annual State of the University Address. CSU Monterey Bay’s             Applications for FOAA scholarships may be made annually through
          fall enrollment stands at 4,369, up seven percent over 2007, and           the Financial Aid Office.
          residence halls are full.

A membership. Article ideas and submissions are welcome. « FOAA Web Site: CSUMB.EDU/foaa
terey Bay. 100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA 93955-8001 « 831-582-4116 « fax 831-582-4117 « email
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 « Invitations to association-sponsored events                                   at Monterey airport
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 « Discounts on events and performances at the World Theater                     through January 2009. The airport exhibit was
 « Discounts for CSUMB sporting events                                           composed of selected examples of art work and
 « Discounts on membership to the Otter Sports Center gym                        photographs from the Fort Ord Arts and Crafts
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                                                                                 under the direction of Richard Puckett, who has
 « FOAA membership card                                                          generously donated many of these items. The
 « Supporting student scholarships                                               exhibit was well received and generated donations
                                                                                 as well as interest in FOAA and FOMA.
 « Preserving the legacy of Fort Ord

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