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									                         Fort Ord Reuse Authority
               Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement
                           Remediation Program
               Program Field Work Update ~ Seaside 1- 4 SCA
In March 2007, the Fort Ord Reuse Authority (FORA) and the U.S. Army entered into an
Environmental Services Cooperative Agreement (ESCA) to expedite remediation of munitions
on specific former Fort Ord parcels. Some of those parcels are in the City of Seaside. FORA
and their remediation team, LFR Inc, Weston Solutions, Inc. and Westcliffe Engineers, Inc., are
responsible for the munitions remediation on those parcels. The first stage of that munitions
remediation work on the former Fort Ord in the City of Seaside begins Fall 2007.

The munitions removal area is known as “Seaside 1-4 Special Case Areas” (SCA). The SCA is
located east of General Jim Moore Boulevard and south of Eucalyptus Road and includes
fencing, debris piles and other U.S. Army training structures.

1. Why is this remediation work being done?
       To remove hazardous munitions and explosives to provide for the long-term protection of
       human health and the environment
       To enable construction of Fort Ord Base Reuse Plan approved roadway and utility

2. What will this involve?
       Completing the work begun by the U.S. Army in Seaside 1-4: SCA
       Site investigation and removal of munitions

3. How will this remediation work be done?
       Preliminary Site Preparation such as: vegetation and brush cutting, debris removal, and
       fence removal and replacement
       Field Activities – Investigation and Removal of Munitions:
         Use the best technology available to detect munitions under the earth’s surface;
         Applying this technology will tell us where to locate these items; and
         After data is analyzed and items are located they will be removed

4. When will these remediation activities take place?
       Fall 2007 – Summer 2008

5. How will this work affect the community?
Seaside residents living or working near the SCA or who may travel along the SCA will
experience some disruption. Field work hours will be Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4
p.m. Traffic signs will be posted in the area and public access will not be permitted where work
is underway. Possible effects include:
       Minor periodic traffic delays;
       Road closure;
       Temporary evacuation; and
       Noise associated with an explosive device, if found

6. How will notifications be made?

FORA will provide continuing notification on activities and timing through media updates. FORA
will inform the surrounding community via:

       Door-to-door flyer distribution in Focused Community Outreach Area (in green below)
       FORA website:
       FORA Quarterly Fact Sheet Status Reports
       FORA ESCA phone line: (831) 883-3672
       Quarterly Community Involvement Workshops/Technical Review Committee meetings
       Ongoing coordination with the City of Seaside public safety agencies

7. What if I have additional questions or want regular email updates on the remediation
Please contact FORA at 100 12th Street, Building 2880, Marina, CA 93933, (831) 883-3672 or
send an email to:

                          Map of Seaside 1- 4 SCA work


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