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					            THE FERNDALE SCHOOLS
              FINE ARTS BOOSTERS

             The First Annual Holiday Bazaar & Craft Show

                       Saturday, November 20th, 2004
                                9am – 4pm

The mission of the Ferndale Schools Fine Arts Boosters is to support, encourage
and promote any and all of the Ferndale Schools fine arts programs through
parental and community involvement.

To help support our bands, orchestras, vocal music and visual arts, the Fine Arts
Boosters will be holding their First Annual Holiday Bazaar & Craft Show on
November 20, 2004. The event is being held at Ferndale High School, 881
Pinecrest, Ferndale.

We are planning on sending invitations for this event to the parents of each student
in the Ferndale School district and will ask them to make copies to give to their
family and friends. We will also be advertising in local newspapers and posting
flyers in local businesses throughout the city. We are expecting a large turnout for
this event.

We are inviting both local artisan/crafters and representatives of home based sales
companies to participate in the event. We would appreciate the names and contact
information of other crafters and company representatives that you feel might be
interested in our event. If you are a representative of a sales company and you are
unable to participate in our event, we would appreciate a call with the name of
another representative from your company.

Please return the application along with your $15.00 non-refundable commitment
fee by October 4, 2004. (a $25 fee applies after October 4, 2004) Make checks
payable to the Ferndale Schools Fine Arts Boosters (FSFAB).

If you have any further questions, please contact Tammy Dengate (248)399-3044
or Michele Podzikowski (248)543-6647 or visit our website @
Facts you should know:

   Each vendor will be charged a $15.00 non-refundable commitment fee (a
    $25.00 non-refundable commitment fee applies after October 4, 2004).

   Rather than charge a large table fee, we are asking that you donate a
    percentage of your gross sales to our organization. We are hoping that this
    arrangement will be beneficial to both the Boosters and vendors. On the
    attached application, you will be asked to state the percentage of sales that
    you will be donating to us. If your company has a set fundraiser, please
    detail what you will be offering our organization. PLEASE BE SPECIFIC.

   We will be offering you the chance to donate a small door prize for a
    drawing. The item does not have to be of any great amount, just an item of
    your choice to represent your products. Part of the items donated will be
    raffled the day of the Bazaar, the rest will be raffled at future fine arts
    events. If you would like to leave a business card and/or catalog with your
    donated item they will be given to the winner of your item.

   Set-up for the bazaar will be from 7:30am-9:00am on November 20th.
    Selling will take place from 9:00am-4:00pm. Please be sure that you are
    ready to sell and take orders by 9:00am.

   You will be placed in an area with approximately 9’ of front space. Tables
    are not provided, please bring your own. We will provide 2 chairs for your

   You are welcome to try to gain home shows or demos from the event as
    well as possible business prospects. Just remember that we expect everyone
    to be very professional and not place any undo pressure on any of our

   Lastly, we would like to close our books on this fundraiser as soon as
    possible. Since all orders and sales will be on a pre-paid basis, you will
    have all of your money the day of the event. We are hoping that you can
    settle up with us prior to leaving for the day.
                         HOLIDAY BAZAAR APPLICATION FORM
                                  Ferndale High School
                                       881 Pinecrest
                              Ferndale, Michigan 48220-1802

                                 SATURDAY , November 20, 2004

Name             _________________________________

Address      _________________________________

Day Phone (____) ____-______ Evening Phone (____) ____-_______

E-Mail Address ___________________________

Company Affiliation ____________________________

Do you need an electrical outlet?        Yes    No     (Circle One)

Due to limited electrical outlets, outlets will be first come, first served. If you are allotted an
outlet, you will need to provide your own extension cord.

Sales Donation Commitment (Percentage of sales) ____%

A minimal of 15% of gross sales for the day is preferred. If not a straight percentage, please
explain: _______________________________________________

Will you be donating an item for the raffle?         Yes     No    (Circle One)

Will you ship/deliver orders directly to customers? Yes No (Circle One)
If no, please explain the method of delivery to be used

                        THAN October 4, 2004

Send to:   Tammy Dengate
           630 Alberta
           Ferndale, Michigan 48220-1802