9-12Fine ArtsCeramics and 3D Design I by rlb42650


									9-12/Fine Arts/Ceramics and 3D Design I:

Properties of Clay
   o Essential steps when working with clay
   o Problems with clay
   o Techniques and processes

   o Hand building techniques
   o Designing using coil

   o Hand building techniques
   o Designing using slab

Basic Wheel Thrown
   o Steps of throwing cylinders
   o Shaping a cylinder
   o Pulling and attaching handles
   o Techniques of glazing
   o Properties of glaze
   o Design with glaze

Solid Form Sculpture – realistic
    o Making features realistic
    o Steps of solid form sculpture
    o Design with solid form sculpture

Abstract Sculpture
   o Elements and principles of design revolving around abstract sculpture
   o Qualities of abstract sculpture
   o Creating abstract sculpture

History of Ceramics and 3D Design
   o Overview of history of ceramics
   o Overview of history of sculpture
   o Importance and purpose of ceramics and 3D design

Moving Sculpture
  o Creating moving sculpture
  o Properties of moving sculpture
  o Types of moving sculpture
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