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					SAP Consultant Certification
Solution Consultant Human Resources - Management &
Administration with mySAP ERP 2005
Software components: SAP ERP Central Component 6.0
Certification exam is included in course THR12 and is also offered in separate certification events at many SAP
Certification ID (Booking code): C_THR12_05
Certification duration: 3 hours
Number of certification questions: 80
Required certificates for participation in this certification test: None

Consultant Academy courses for certification preparation: THR10 (Management & Administration I), THR12
(Management & Administration II (incl. Case Study)) as well as the required e-learning SAP125 (Navigation),
ERP001 (Management Empowered by mySAP ERP), ERP030 (Management Empowered by mySAP ERP HCM),
SM001 (Solution Manager Overview). You can access the e-learning offerings when you book the classroom
training courses THR10 and THR12 (the e-learning is included in the price of the classroom training).
Alternative Project Team Training courses for certification preparation: SAPHR (mySAP ERP HCM Überblick), parts
of HR130 (Basics of Enterprise Portal HCM), HR305 (master data configuration), HR306 (time-recording
configuration), HR580 (Analytics and Reporting in HCM), HR400 (payroll configuration), HR505 (Organizational
Management) and the case study from THR12 (Management & Administration II (incl. Case Study)), as well as
the e-learning offerings SAP125 (Navigation), ERP001 (Management Empowered by mySAP ERP), ERP030
(Management Empowered by mySAP ERP HCM), SM001 (Solution Manager Overwiew).
The e-learning offerings are booked separately from the classroom training.
Please note that you are not allowed to use any reference materials during the certification test (no access to
online documentation or to any SAP system).
The certification test Solution Consultant Human Resources - Management & Administration with mySAP ERP 2005
verifies the knowledge in the area of the mySAP ERP Human Capital Management for the consultant profile
“Management” and “Administration”. This certificate proves that the candidate has a basic understanding within
this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects.

The certification test consists of questions from the areas specified below:
Topic Areas
1. SAP – Overview (+)
         SAP Navigation
         Management Empowered by mySAP ERP
         Management Empowered by mySAP ERP HCM

2. Human Resources Management: Basics (++)
         Navigation and Structures in HCM
         Organizational Management
         Personnel Administration
         Time Management
         Personnel Development and Training and Event Management
         Enterprise Compensation Management and Personnel Cost Planning
         Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service (ESS / MSS)
3. Master Data (+++)
         Project Management
         Enterprise Structure
         Organizational Structure
         Customizing of Master Data Infotypes
          Default Values
          Remuneration Structure
          Wage Type Tructure
          Infotype Control
          Personnel Actions
          Dynamic Actions
          Management of Global Employees

4. Time Management (+++)
         Time Management Overview
          Time Management Groupings
          Work Schedules and Part-Time Workers
          Time Data Recording and Management
          Absence and Attendance Counting
          Attendance and Absence Quotas
          Work Center Time Management (TMW)
          Cost Assignment and Activity Allocation

5. Payroll (+++)
          Basics of Payroll
          Payroll Process and Preconditions
          Personnel Calculation Rule
          Wage Type Valuation
          Absence Valuation
          Time Wage Type Selection
          Processing of Averages
          Cumulation Wage Type
          Retroactive Accounting

6. Organizational Management (++)
         Concepts of Organizational Management
          Organization and Staffing Interface
          Expert Mode
          Evaluations and Reporting
          Manager’s Desktop and Manager Self Service
          Integration Points

7. Reporting (+)
          Methods of Reporting in HCM
          Information Systems
          Logical Databases and InfoSets
          Ad Hoc Query
          SAP Query
          Payroll and Time Management Infotypes
          HCM in BW and SEM

8. Solution Manager (+)
          Solution Manager Overview
9. Experiences from Implementation Projects (Case Study or Project)* (+)
          Setting up Structures
         Integration and Dependencies

* = Subject area 9 tests knowledge of cross-topic implementation and integration. Implementation and integration
knowledge that relates to a specific topic (such as time management groupings) is tested in the relevant subject
area (for example, Time Management).