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                                                                                                         Advanced Diploma
                                                                                                            of Fine Arts


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                                                                                                                       V2- 2010
Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts 91478NSW               Course Structure                            Fee Schedule 2010

Commencing from July 2010, Brougham School           Part-time: 2 Years - 2 full days per week   Semester Fees: $1750
of Art & Photography will be delivering the new      (Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
Advanced Diploma of Fine Arts (course code:          Nominal Hours: 780 hours                    Total Course Fees: $7000
91478NSW).                                                                                         (4 semesters at $1750 each)
                                                     Year 1
This qualification is open to graduates of a         Semester 1                                  Amenities and Materials Fee: this fee will be
Diploma of Visual or Fine Arts or those who have     Cultural Productions                        adjusted according to the subjects taken
        related qualifications with equivalent       Life, Studio & Object Drawing
             skills or experience.                                                               Opportunities for government funding (including
                                                     Semester 2                                  concessions) are available for graduates who
                 The course will be offered over     History of Creativity                     wish to ‘up-skill’ their qualifications. Conditions
                  two years with students            Interdisciplinary Drawing                 apply. For information regarding eligibility please
                   attending for 2 full days per                                                 contact the Brougham School of Art &
                     week (Tuesdays and              Year 2                                      Photography.
                      Wednesdays). Students          Semester 1
                      will also need to commit                                                   Brougham School of Art & Photography is now
                       to further hours each         Professional Practice 1                   owned by BRACE Education Training and
                       week either in their own                                                  Employment, a not for profit training organisation
                       studios or in the shared      Electives                                   delivering quality training since 1973.
                      studio     space made          Painting Specialisation 1
                      available for them during                or
                     the course at the school’s      Printmaking Specialisation 1
                    new        location       in               or
                  Steampacket Place on the           Drawing Specialisation 1
                corner of Brougham and
            Moorabool Streets.                       Semester 2

The course incorporates a range of art practices,    Professional Practice 2
theory, history, cultural and professional skills
needed to produce contemporary fine art for          Electives
self-employment in a range of fine art disciplines   Painting Specialisation 2
or to work as practising artists.        ‘Cultural             or
Productions’ and ‘Life, Studio & Object Drawing’     Printmaking Specialisation 2
are compulsory subjects in the 1 st year. In the               or
                                                     Drawing Specialisation 2                  If you would like a detailed course information pack
2nd year, electives are chosen from Painting,                                                    and application form, please contact the Brougham
Drawing or Printmaking.                                                                          School of Art & Photography.

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