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					OF THE     RAPID PROTOTYPING & RAPID TOOLING INDUSTRY                           3D-CAM Review • Fall 1999 • Volume 2, Issue 2

P     lenty of intense competition has
      caused the Rapid Prototyping
business to morph into A, B, and even
                                            have what I like to call the
                                            3D-CAM consciousness. That
                                            means they not only know SLA,
C classes of facilities, where prices are   but they also respect a
generally a direct reflection of the        customer’s designs, and pay
quality and accuracy provided.              special attention to critical
    So customers who want to reap the       features like rounds and fillets
benefits of the SLA technique should        that other facilities might
use caution when shopping for a rapid       overlook through inexperience or
prototyping resource.                       sheer carelessness.”
    “It really takes a good bit of time,       Vassighi adds “We have a sep-
energy and money to keep an SLA             arate quality assurance depart-
facility maintained at a first class        ment, where we measure and in-
level,” says Gary Vassighi, President of    spect every part, and generate a
3D-CAM, “For us, it starts with our         detailed QC report before any-
service contract with 3D Systems, the       thing is ever shipped to the cus-
manufacturer of our SLA hardware. 3D        tomer. This final part of the
                                                                                                                 One of 3 SLA tanks
Systems’ techs make regular visits to       process is the most painstaking                                at 3D-CAM’s Chatsworth,
maintain and calibrate our tanks and        part in the chain because it involves                          California headquarters.
lasers to optimum levels of                 an exact checking of finished dimen-
performance.”                               sions against the original files and flag-    environment, and even with computer
    “Our staff also routinely builds test   ging of any discrepancies. It’s our final     generated files, there are bound to be
parts,” explains Vassighi, “to assure       chance to make those crucial tweaks or        errors. But at 3D-CAM, our ultimate
continuous accurate calibration. On         report any flaws in the .STL files to the     goal is to make sure our clients get ex-
the human end, our staff technicians        customers. In such a detail oriented          actly what they want.”

 tales from the field
 Astro Design is a Palo Alto, California    program. As the design begins to ma-         we had to do a lot more work with
 based industrial design firm special-      ture, it’s always smart to verify the        them here. The quality of SLA parts
 izing in creative niche products and       design against a physical model. So          we get from 3D-CAM is much higher.
 creative novelties for a wide va-          we send the CAD file out to 3D-CAM           Also their paint and finishing shops
 riety of clients. Recent designs            and they produce the actual part.”          give us the kind of parts we can use
 include products for Star Wars                                                          as finished models.”
                                                           “We used other SLA re-
 and the Nike Corporation.
                                                             sources before 3D-          “Schedule-wise, 3D-CAM has helped
 Astro teamed up with 3D-                                         CAM,” Swen             us out in a lot of tight situations,” Swen
 CAM only 6 months ago,                                               says, “but         concludes, “most of our work with
 but they’ve already com-                                               when we          them has had 3-5 day turnaround. But
 pleted 5 projects together.                                             got the         a couple of times we needed parts in
                                                                          parts          a rush, and 3D-CAM turned them
 According to Kyle Swen,
                                                                            back         around for us in under 2 days.”
 Studio Manager at Astro, the sce-
 nario goes like this: “A typical de-
                                                                           ASTRO SHREDS! This golf course inspired paper shredder
 sign project starts off with a sketch,
                                                                           is one of the innovative designs created by Astro Design
 which we then input into our 3D CAD                                       utilizing stereolithography and casting by 3D-CAM.

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                                          FINDING THE DELICATE BALANCE

TANK TIME—the increment of
                                          BETWEEN WORK & LIFE

                                                 = y2K?
                                                                                                 and they know it. In our drive to com-
                                                                                                 pete, succeed and build wealth, we are
                                                                                                 emphasizing the window dressing, and

                                           24/ 7
time needed to perform an SLA                                                                    it’s taking the place of really good work.
job.                                                                                                  Paying serious professional attention
                                                                                                 to the client and the project (order, ship-
QUICKCAST—A method of build-
ing SLA parts that produces hollow
patterns very quickly. These pat-
                                          A     t the dawn of the 20th century, an
                                                Italian political economics professor
                                          named Vilfredo Pareto made the canny
                                                                                                 ment or design) is not a 24 hours a day,
                                                                                                 seven days a week proposition.
                                                                                                      It does take a high level of profession-
terns are used in place of wax in         observation that the last 20% of any pro-              al expertise, and sometimes, yes, even
the investment casting process to         ject takes 80% of the effort.                          your passion.
produce metal castings.                       Now known as Pareto’s Principle, this                   But it doesn’t take every minute of
                                          revolutionary 80/20 theory has become                  anyone’s Life—yours’ or mine.
DUROMETER—instrument used to
                                          one of the givens of modern business.                       Perhaps we should make a pact for
test hardness and durability of a
                                              Yet in the Golden Age of Technology,               the 21st century.
metal or substance. Measurement
                                          we seem to be forgetting Pareto’s lesson.                   Let us conduct ourselves and our
in low numbers usually denote soft-                                                              business endeavors with integrity, intelli-
                                              Another numeric buzz term has made
er matter, with high numbers indi-        the scene.                                             gence, professionalism and enthusiasm.
cating harder material. Two scales,           24/7. Verbal shorthand for extremely                    But let us not lose sight of the fact
A & D, describe the material’s            attentive, round the clock service.                    that business is part of Life, a crucial part
hardness. i.e. SHORE A 25 is very             24/7. The infinite attention span, 24              perhaps, but a part just the same.
soft, SHORE A 90 is medium soft,          hours a day, seven days a week.                             That’s why it is preposterous to use
SHORE D 90 is very hard.                      It’s now a selling point, a positive, the          24/7 as a selling point.
                                          ultimate in customer service.                               Even if, by some miracle, you could
TEST BLOCK—an SLA part of
                                              “Claptrap,” Pareto might thunder,                  accomplish it, according to Pareto’s
known dimensions and features
                                          “Completely unrealistic and totally un-                Principle only the final 20% of your work
built specifically to test accuracy of
                                          necessary. Only a machine or mindless                  results would make the difference
an SLA machine.
                                          drone could be so preoccupied with                     between just acceptable and real
ABS—(acrylonitrile butadiene              work that they never eat, sleep, or spend              excellence.
styrene) A high impact plastic            time with their families!”                                  Each of us should strive to achieve
whose strength, rigidity, and ex-             And Pareto would be right.                         the extra attention to detail and quality
ceptional electrical properties have          24 hours a day, seven days a week.                 that produces great results in our profes-
made it one of most used materials        Nothing else matters                                   sions.
                                              Can you recall the last time anyone                     But let us also never forget that the
in plastic injection molding for
                                          gave you service like that?                            most vital element in Life is living it.
computers and many other modern
                                              24/7 is a hollow promise. You know it                   24/7, to the fullest of your being.
electronic devices.

UL TESTING—Safety standards
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