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									SLTBR 19th Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark

                                      June 28-30, 2007
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The 2007 Annual Meeting of the Society for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms will be held June
28th to June 30th, 2007, at the elegant Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen. Featured Plenary Sessions:

Light treatment, light at night and risk of cancer:

Risk of cancer in night shift workers. The melatonin hypothesis
Eva S. Schernhammer, MD, DrPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and
Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
Experimental Evidence for Light at Night: Induced Circadian/Melatonin
Disruption as a Risk Factor for Human Cancer Growth
David E. Blask, Ph.D., M.D., Head, Laboratory of Chrono-Neuroendocrine Oncology, Bassett Research
Institute, Cooperstown, NY, and Department of Medicine, Columbia University, NY, USA
Effect of frequent phase-shifts on cancer growth
Elizabeth Filipski, PhD, Université Paris XI, Hôpital Paul Brousse,Villejuif, France
Non-day time work and breast cancer risk in different groups - experience from
Johnni Hansen, PhD, Head of Research unit, Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Danish Cancer Society,
Copenhagen, Denmark.
Light therapy for non-seasonal depression:

The impact of light on human physiology
Professor Anna Wirz-Justice PhD,Centre for Chronobiology,Psychiatric University Clinics, Basel,
Light treatment for chronic depression
Namni Goel PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, USA
Augmentation of antidepressants by light treatment
Klaus Martiny M.D., PhD, Psychiatric Research Unit, Frederiksborg General Hospital, Denmark
What is the evidence for an antidepressant effect of light treatment in non-
seasonal depression?
Arja Tuunainen M.D., PhD, University of Helsinki, Finland

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