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					                                   Application for Graduate Admission
                                   Master of Fine Arts in Writing
Who May Apply                                                           Interview
Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree in any major from an           An interview is recommended before you submit your
accredited institute. The MFA in Writing does not require GRE           application. The purpose of the interview is to provide you with
scores.                                                                 more knowledge about the Program, to give you personal contact
                                                                        with someone associated with the Program, and to help you
                                                                        articulate your goals in attending USF. Interviews by telephone
When to Apply                                                           can be arranged for out-of-area applicants.
Applications must be postmarked by or before February 1.
Applicants are encouraged to submit all materials to the Office of
Graduate Programs before the application deadline of February 1.        International Students
                                                                        (Not a Citizen or Permanent Resident of the U.S.)
                                                                        Nonimmigrant students must include a non-U.S. mailing
Application Instructions                                                address. Also, please submit a photocopy of your passport with
Application Form and Fee                                                your application. In addition to the documents listed under
First step: Submit the form and application fee ($55; payable to the    “Application Instructions,” International Students need to submit
University of San Francisco) online at   the following:
or by mail. Submit this form as early as possible in the application
                                                                        TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Examination
                                                                        Submit official TOEFL, IELTS or PTE examination scores to the
Mail all application items to the Office of Graduate Programs. Do       Office of Graduate Programs (see below). For minimum scores,
not send application items to the MFA in Writing program office.        visit
Please ensure that the full name on your application form and
the names on each application item are identical. If names do           Certification of Finances
differ in any way, include a note with your application items so        (Required in Application—Please Read Carefully)
that the Office of Graduate Programs can easily match your items        International applicants who require an F-1 student visa must verify
to your application form. Also, include the name of your graduate       that they (or sponsors) can fund their tuition and living expenses
program on each application item and, when possible, your birthdate.    during studies in the U.S. This requires that the Certification of
The Writing Sample and Statement of Purpose are the most                Finances form be completed and submitted along with bank
heavily weighted elements of the application. Please consider both      statements to the Office of Graduate Programs. Funds required
carefully, and observe minimum and maximum page limits.                 for each program are indicated on the Certification form.
                                                                        Note: If you do not submit a completed Certification of Finances
Writing Sample                                                          form, then your application will not be considered for admission.
The sample is 10-15 pages in length and may consist of fiction,
nonfiction or poetry. The sample can be a single piece in one
genre, or several shorter pieces in different genres. The sample        Financial Assistance
demonstrates your imaginative and creative talents, and your            Graduate Scholarships
serious interest in writing, as well as your understanding              A number of scholarships are offered by the MFA in Writing
of grammar and syntax. It should not include school or work             Program. These scholarships do not require a separate
assignments, or work previously published. Prose should be              application — all students admitted to the Program are
double-spaced and set in 12 pt. type.                                   considered for them during the admission process. Scholarship
                                                                        awards will be indicated in a student’s admission letter. These
Statement of Purpose                                                    scholarships are competitive, may vary in amount and cover part of
A minimum of 3 pages to a maximum of 5 pages describing                 the tuition costs.
yourself, as well as your reason(s) for pursuing an MFA degree
and choosing the Writing Program at USF. Please discuss your            U.S. Federal Student Loans and Financial Assistance
writing interests, goals, and influences; you may also address the      Campus and student employment opportunities are available,
strengths and weaknesses of your writing sample. The statement          through the Office of Student Employment. In addition, U.S. citizens
should be double-spaced and set in 12 pt. type.                         and permanent residents are eligible to file for low-interest loans
                                                                        offered by U.S. federal student loan programs. The USF school
Transcripts                                                             code for FAFSA is 001325. For information visit or
Submit one official transcript (academic record) from each              contact Financial Aid at USF in the OneStop Office at (415) 422-2020
university or college (university-level institution) attended to the    or
Office of Graduate Programs in the College of Arts and Sciences.
International students need to submit documents that verify that
a Bachelor’s Degree has been awarded. An applicant should have           Submit All Application Items to:
a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale).
                                                                         University of San Francisco
Letters of Recommendation                                                College of Arts and Sciences
Academic and/or professional letters are required from two               Office of Graduate Programs
individuals who can attest to your competence and ability to             2130 Fulton Street, HR 240
succeed in the Writing program.                                          San Francisco, CA 94117
                                                                         Once your application form is processed by the Office of
Résumé                                                                   Graduate Programs, a USF ID number and password will be
Your résumé includes work and life experience, outside interests,        emailed to you so that you may check your application status
and any writing, published or unpublished, that you would like           online. You can also contact the Office of Graduate Programs
the Admissions Committee to know about.                                  at 415.422.5101.