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                                       SEA CANOE

Trek code                      AW-SC3
Trek name                      2 Days Phang Nga Kayak Camp
No. of Days                    2
Price                          US $ ?

    Day                        am                                 pm

 Day 1           Pick-up from your Phuket Continue to explore the islands,
                 hotel. Depart from Ao Po or stay until sunset if you wish.
                 Bang Rong by fast longtail Arrive at Tha Khao pier. Tuk-
                 for the East Bay. Arrive Tuk transfer to bungalows and
                 Islands and Introductory check-in. Fresh seafood dinner
                 kayak training. Explore the in Tha Khao’s spacious
                 islands by kayak and enjoy restaurant.
                 a beach picnic lunch.

 Day 2          Morning starts with a              Motor to more islands and
                wholesome Western-style            explore them by kayak. Check
                breakfast before departing         out and start for the pier.
                to    Tha     Khao      pier.      Return to pier and transfer to
                Circumnavigate first island.       your hotel.
                Enjoy a picknick lunch
                during the day.

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