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									                                                                       Digital Signage Solutions

ISTREAMS has developed and offers to the market a Digital Signage Solution, which allows
managing multiple Signage Displays, on a local or remote area network, in a Push or Pull mode.
Contrary to the main actors on the market, ISTREAMS put the focus on the display and scheduling
management utilities, leaving the user free to use its preferred content creation tool.
The ISTREAMS Digital Signage solution fits perfectly the needs of organization like International
Hotels, Congress Centers, Exhibition Centers, Media Houses or Advertisement Companies,
Marketing Departments.

                                                                  Available Functions
                                                                            Instantaneous Messages on Top of the
                                                                            scheduled signage.
                                                                            Video Device remote control
                                                                            HTTP On line control of each device
                                                                            Hardware Watchdog allowing to hard and soft
                                                                            reboot the player if needed.

                                                                  Each display receives its scheduling from a centralize
                                                                  server, and can download locally all necessary data to be
                                                                  able to run independently from the server. This autonomy
                                                                  ensure that the displayed information will always be fluent
                                                                  and will not rely on Internet bandwith.

                                                                  Each player can also remote control de display on which it
                                                                  is connected, in order to activate functions like saving
                                                                  modes or regeneration modes for Plasmas Screens.
                                                                  Obviously it manages also switch on and off, following
                                                                  working parameters.

The Digital Signage Client Application

The ISTREAMS Player can be connected to a local area
network or can be installed on a remote site with a VPN
connection or through a standard DSL Link.

The ISTREAMS Player can Work VERTICALLY or
HORIZONTALLY. It can display :

         POWERPOINT Files
         HTML or PDF Files
         HTTP links to Internal or Public INTERNET
         FLASH Files
         IMAGES Files in Jpeg , Bmp or Gif format

         VIDEOS Movies AVI , MPEG1, MPEG2,
         MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, ASF, WMV
         TV or Real Time Video locally or through IP
         PLAYLISTS as subsets of different kind of files
         played locally …

16 Rue Foncet - ABC - 06000 NICE - tel (+33) 4 72 53 80 31 - fax (+33) 4 34 09 10 00 -
712 Fairmont Office Tower, P. O. Box 65736, Dubai - UAE - tel (+971) 4 312-4348, - fax (+971) 4 312-4349
(cell) (+971) 50 528-0500
                                                                       Digital Signage Solutions

 ISTREAMS PLANNER – Scheduling Tool                                 ISTREAMS – Server Architecture


The ISTREAMS PLANNER Software provides global and                                BRISTOL Hotel Paris
individual scheduling for each display but also provides                         NOVOTEL Paris Tour Eiffel
grouping features enabling to send scheduling to                                 SOFITEL Paris Champs-Élysées
hundreds of display in one command.                                              SOFITEL Paris Porte de Sèvres
                                                                                 SOFITEL Marrakech
ISTREAMS PLANNER offers also a user management                                   SOFITEL La Défense Gde Arche
module in order to manage access rights and access                               SOFITEL Bercy
levels for all main functions of the system.                                     MERIDIEN Nice
                                                                                 MERIDIEN Abuja
ISTREAMS works on a Http Mode through a Web                                      MARTINEZ Cannes
Connection. All content is stored on a central server.                           FAIRMONT Monaco
                                                                                 CONCORDE Montparnasse
                                                                                 RADISSON Roissy
 ISTREAMS Patterns                                                               Club Med World Paris
                                                                                 Grimaldi Forum Monaco
                                                                                 Auditorium RAINIER III Monaco
ISTREAMS Design team can provide you with existing                               OCDE - IEA
patterns, in order to define your graphical environment                          CNES (Centre National d’Etude Spatiale)
and respect you graphic identity.                                                CSA (Conseil Supérieur de l’Audiovisuel)

                                                                   HARDWARE CONFIGURATION

                                                                                 IStreams Player CPU VIA C3 1Ghz
                                                                                 1 Gb RAM
                                                                                 Graphic Card with MPEG2 Hardware
                                                                                 4 to 60 Gb Local Disk Capacity for local

16 Rue Foncet - ABC - 06000 NICE - tel (+33) 4 72 53 80 31 - fax (+33) 4 34 09 10 00 -
712 Fairmont Office Tower, P. O. Box 65736, Dubai - UAE - tel (+971) 4 312-4348, - fax (+971) 4 312-4349
(cell) (+971) 50 528-0500

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