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Digital Signage
What is Digital Signage?

                           •                 q
                               A new and unique medium that 
                               combines the power of mass 
                               media with the precision of niche 
                                • Remotely controlled 
                                  distribution and playback of 
                                  di it l    t t           t    k
                                  digital content across networks 
                                  of TV‐like devices 
                                • Used for delivering visual 
                                  messages and advertising 
                                  content to individual displays 
                                  and groups of displays
                                  and groups of displays

2   Picture Show
Why Digital Signage?

                       •           y
                           Reach your audience with the
                           right information at the right
                           time … and keep in touch

                       •   Use it to:
                            • Inform
                            • Promote
                            • Influence
                            • Interact

3   Picture Show
Why Picture Show?
    End-to-end solution
            Control content display, distribution, and management
            Leverage interact all‐round professional services, from content production to 
            architecture design , system deployment and support
            architecture design system deployment and support
    Scalability and customization
            Fully configurable solution custom‐tailored to your business objectives, needs and 
    High-end technology in an easy-to-use product
            Manage all media: animated text, audio‐video clips, live feeds, interactive sources, 
            mobile, GPS
            mobile GPS
            Support True HD content
            Full web‐based implementation: easy and fast content upload and delivery
    R b t and f t
    Robust d future-proof f            d ti
                                f foundation
            Proven  software platform extending Knowledge Management concepts and functions 
            to Digital Signage domain
            Easy and fast content upload and delivery
            Easy and fast content upload and delivery
            Open to innovation (Web 2.0, HTML5, ..)
                     l         ii            d ih h i l
            Extremely competitive compared with other implementations  i
4         Picture Show
How Picture Show can enhance your communication
    Refine your target
           Leverage a distributed network of playout devices for localized message delivery
    Involve your public
           High impact mutltimedia contents: full motion, full‐color video, sound
           Enhance users participation and feedback with support of interacti
             time to market
    Optimize time-to-market
           Update message in real‐time based on time of the day, day of the week, location, target 
    Reduce costs related to communication
           Centralized management lowers initial and on‐going costs compared to other advertising 
    Increase Revenues
           Impact on direct sales for retails: CAGR (compound annual growth rate)= 21%, faster than 
           Internet (18%) and traditional media advertising (2%) ‐ Source Deloitte
           Add new revenue channel selling spaces to 3rd party advertisers
           Add new revenue channel selling spaces to 3rd party advertisers
    Enhance Brand Awareness
           Enhance user experience branding the organization, products, services, location or 

5       Picture Show
 Picture Show workflow and functionalities
    Design & Organize                   Program & Schedule                      Connect & Go Live!

                                       Assemble programs for each
                                       window of the layout by dragging
                                                      layout,                                  g
                                                                             Profile and configure y        g
                                                                                                     your digital
Create multi window layouts within a
                                                                             signage network, by connecting
display, with each window playing      and dropping selected assets into a
                                                                             displays and setting playback
independent content. Add               window and defining the order you
                                                                             options. Content will be delivered
background colors, re-adjust windows   want them to appear. Add timing,
                                                                             automatically, with each player
and reposition them with a simple      transitions and animations; you can   picking only the files that are new or
click and d ag
c c a d drag.                                       interactivity.
                                       also include interactivity            have changed.
                                                                             h      h      d

Transfer your multimedia assets to     Order programs into playlists,        Control the playback on any player
the central library by using a user-   define their cycle periods and        of the network and monitor system
friendly interface and organize them   schedule media playback for any       performance via real-time network
according to your preferences          d t and ti
                                       date d time.                          health reports.

6           Picture Show
System Architecture & Components

7   Picture Show


                                                            Local Computer
                                   Media Player


    Central Server

       Scheduled multimedia content
     broadcasted to targeted audiences
          from one control center
          f             t l    t

8    Picture Show
 Central Server

A powerful broadcasting resource

      XML-based media repository.
      Flexible media lifecycle management tools, from
      assembling to organizing, storing, and delivering to
      addressable audiences.
      Template-based presentation to achieve complete
      independence between content and presentation.
      Easily accessible to authorized users, from
      anywhere at anytime.
            h     t     ti
      All software upgrades and patches automatically
      distributed and installed on individual Media Players.

9     Picture Show
 Media Player

Highly optimized digital signage appliance
      A large format display to create an impressive, immersive experience
      for customers.
      A local embedded PC with web browsing capabilities
       ⁻ Runs and updates high-impact dynamic content on displays
          according to the plan set in place by the central server
       ⁻ Reports back on its health and on its content to ensure that the
          network is operating reliably
      Touch screen option to facilitate efficient deployments
      Optional i
      O ti                   iti functions
               l image recognition f   ti
      Easy and flexible customization

10    Picture Show
Channel Programming

By creating, collecting, using and re-using a set of elementary
components (no programming required):
      Display Layout ‐ a template that contains variable data fields, organized as 
      independent zones, that authorized users can populate with media 
      content and preview. 
      content and preview
        Playlist ‐ a collection of media contents created by assembling any 
        combination of text, graphics, animation, video, sound and special 
        Timetable ‐ an organized list built by filling one‐time or recurring time 
        slots with specific variable start/end dates for each zone of the display

11    Picture Show
Content Management

State-of-Art Functions
       Unchallenged capabilities in the areas of "easy publishing", profiling and 
       classification, format conversion, search and more
        The same proven, reliable engine powering portals and web communities 
        of our top customers

Easy to Use Interface
       Users navigate the platform quickly and easily with an intuitive and 
       friendly user interface. The user interface makes extensive use of context 
       friendly user interface The user interface makes extensive use of context
       menus, rich web‐interfaces with drag and drop features, and widgets

12     Picture Show
Broadcast Distribution

Smart optimized and cost-effective approach
      Based on channel plan/schedule programming, contents are
      automatically distributed to all designated players
      Players can be grouped by criteria (geography, demographics, etc.) and
      content assigned to one or more players or group of players
      Network control is simplified, minimizing the resources required to
      control and maintain the infrastructure
      Bidirectional control /monitoring eliminates downtime

13   Picture Show
Interactive functionalities

Picture Show easily integrates:

      Touch screen
      Bl t th
      Smart Card
      Wi-fi GPS

14   Picture Show
The "No-Programming" Model

                               Media Player               Local Computer
     C t lS
     Central Server

                                    Any authorized user can act as "editor"
                                    and access the central server functions
                                    from any web-connected computer to:

             Intranet                   Develop the screen layout for a specific
                                        display or for a group or class of displays
                                        Create playlists, by assembling content and
                                        effects to play in specific areas of the screen
      No scripting or p g
             p g programming
                           g            Define timetables
                                        Combine and schedule playlists on target
                                        displays according to specific timetables
                                        Control the operation remotely

15    Picture Show
System Highlights

Open Architecture
       Web-based, bi-directional communication,
       seamless integration with third party sytems

       Powerful tools enable easy adaptation to customer's workflow and business

       Thousand of content channels supported from one control center

       Role functionality allows users/groups to be assigned different access rights
       for i       d
       f improved security.i

16    Picture Show
Case: Mondadori

Customer: Mondadori Franchising, mainItalian
bookshop network

Project Goal: To develop a Digital Signage system
                       p     g       g g y
able to promote products and events throughout the
shop networks

Deployment and Results:
       Covers over 300 sales point all through Italy
       Multi-level management
         – Central Management by Mondadori Marketing
         – Upload and Integration of local contents by single
             l      i t
           sales points
       Integration of 3rd party ads

17    Picture Show
Business Model

18   Picture Show
Picture Show is available as..

 Licensed Software
        Customers hosts Picture Show software at their site, with no limitation
        Price tag depending on the number of players
          ⁻ Starter Edition - up to 10 players
          ⁻ Corporate Edition - up to 100 players
          ⁻ Professional Edition - up to 500 players
          ⁻ Custom Edition - more than 500 players

 Software as a Service
        Provides an on-line digital signage network
        Allows customers to access Picture Show software for a monthly subscription
        No software installation, no server hardware at customer's site
                                       back end                implementation,    up,
        Interact takes care of all the back-end work including implementation set up
        monitoring, updates, back-ups, server maintenance, and system recovery

19    Picture Show
Professional services

                         Technical consulting           Deployment and Support
                         workshops                      Installation
 Strategic roadmaps      Project implementation                 p y
                                                        Field deployment

                         Baseline code generation for   Testing
 Product architectures
                         quick start application        Integration
                         d   l     t                    Maintenance and support
                         Audio and Video production     services
 High-level design
                         Enhancements and               Content management

                         customized feature
                         Next generation upgrades

20      Picture Show
Calculating Digital Signage ROI (Return of Investment)
for indoor digital signage ad display typically ranges between €1-9,000 per month per
         S      l    t il has 5,000      t          h
         Sample retailer h 5 000 customers each week,     k
         1 display
         The average customer spends 10 minutes in the store.
                                                     long                     advertising).
         Digital signage content loop is 10 minutes long, (consisting of 100% advertising)
         Cost Per impression is €0.03 and our cost per thousand visitors is about €30.00
         A single spot (10“) in the loop costs €150 per week
         40 spots in the loop per week costs €6.000

pricing of €150 per 15 second ad applied in a 90 second loop with the loop being expanded
to accommodate more than six 15 second ads. 280 plays are guaranteed per day. An
€45,000 contract minimum is expected based on €150 per display (i.e. locations) X 100
store locations for a 3 month minimum insert.

 ! 98% of customers buy in stores 91% of customers shop without a list, 70%+ of purchase decisions are made in-store and in-store
 marketing vehicles are proven to lift up to 65% sales
 Digital signage displays have a 47.7% effectiveness on brand awareness, increase the average purchase amount by 29.5%, create a
 31.8%        i in        ll l     l              t
 31 8% upswing i overall sales volumes, generate a 32 8% growth i repeat b
                                                       32.8%    th in                 d       t 32.8%       in-store traffic
                                                                           t buyers and generate 32 8% more i t      t ffi

21       Picture Show
 Picture Show combines interact SpA expertise in multimedia Design with
                           p                p
                 Quintetto proven software platforms
Interact SpA
      Technology provider specialized in the creation, management and delivery of rich media
      contents over mobile and IP networks
      Founded in 1995, HQ in Italy and Egypt
      A team of 60 professionals with different professional backgrounds and skills working together
      in teams organized on the basis of market needs
      Committed to innovation, pro-active R&D approach, world-wide network of technology partners
      and suppliers

       Software company focused on technical consultancy, software development and system
       Operating in Italy and in the international market
       Offering a robust, secure and reliable platform for control and automation of web content
       acquisition, management and distribution
       Quintetto platfroms interfaces with any client device: personal computers, palm devices,
          ll l   h      TVs, di it l di l
       cellular phones, TV digital displays

22    Picture Show
         Interact SpA
         Via A. Bargoni, 78
         00153 Roma


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