Adults Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse (P. 1)

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					 Path to Recovery
Adults Survivors
of Child Sexual Abuse (P. 1)

Gabriela Morquin, M.Ed
LPC Intern
             •Participants will learn the
             definition for child sexual abuse.

             •Participants will recognize the
             statistics related to its frequency
             in the Rio Grande Valley.

             •Participants will differentiate
             the symptoms in adulthood as
             how they relate to the three
             stages of healing.
Defining Child Sexual Abuse

• Sexual abuse is when any person, adult or child,
  forces, tricks, threatens, or coerces a child to
  have ANY kind of sexual contact with him/her.
• Showing pornographic pictures or films
• Telling explicit sexual stories
• Touching children inappropriately
   Stages of Healing

Victim   Survivor   Thriver
• Does not deserve nice things   • Overwhelmed by past
• Low self                       • Hopeless
  esteem/shame/unworthy          • Uses outer world to hide from
• Hyper vigilant                   self
• Alone                          • Hides their story
• Feels selfish                  • Believes everyone else is
• Damaged                          better and stronger
• Confusion & numbness           • Often wounded by unsafe
• Creates one drama after          others
  another                        • Places own needs last
• Believes suffering is the      • Uses inappropriate humor,
  human condition                  including teasing
• Depressed                      • Lives in the past
Relating To The World as a Victim
• Caretaker/rescuer    • Walking time-bombs
• Hider                • The only thing that
• Take me, I’m yours     helps is dying
• I’m tough, nothing   • My head aches, hug
  hurts me               me
• Lost soul            • If it hurts, I know
                         I’m here
•   Struggling for reasons & chance to   •   Not afraid to tell their story to safe
    heal                                     people
•   Sees self as wounded & healing       •   Learning how to protect self by
•   Learning to use tools to learn to        share, check, share
    relax                                •   Feeling some relief, knows they
•   Seeking help                             need to continue in recovery.
•   Naming what happened                 •   Beginning to laugh
•   Learning to grieve                   •   Feels associated painful feelings
•   Hopeful                                  instead
•   Stays with emotional pain            •   Increasing awareness of pain and
•   Comes out of hiding to hear others
    & have compassion for them &         •   Aware of patterns
                                         •   Glimpses of self-acceptance & fu
    eventually self.                         without others.
•   Gratitude for everything in life     •   Lives with an open heart with self
•   Sees self as an overflowing              & others
    miracle                              •   Places self first realizing that is the
•   Gratitude for new life                   only way to function & eventually
•   Proud of healthy self caring             help others
•   Was wounded and now healing          •   Finds joy in peace
•   Grieving at current losses           •   Seeing humor in life
•   Living in the present                •   Uses healthy humor
•   Faith in self and life               •   Healthy boundaries around toxic
                                             people, including relatives
•   Understands that emotional pain
    will pass & bring new insight        •   Lives in the Now
•   Sees reality as their projection &   •   Enjoys personal relationship with
    owns it.                                 the God of their understanding
•   Feels authentic & connected,         •   Aliveness
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Path to Recovery:
Adult Survivors of Child
Sexual Abuse
Part 2
Ileana Herrera, M.S., LCDC, LPC