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                               Resume of VISHWA RAGI (Ref # 3085)
 Over SEVEN years of IT experience which includes five and half years in Lotus Notes Application.
 Development and System Administration, Java Script, HTML, DHTML. R5 Principal Certified Lotus
   Professional (PCLP)
 Team lead for a period of one year.
 Developed web based applications for Intranet/Extranet.
 Development and Administration of Lotus Notes applications.
 Experience in connecting to external RDMBS databases using DECS LCLSX connectors, LEI (Notes
   pump) & LS'DO.
 Experience in implementing Domino Workflow applications, Quickplace, Domino.Doc.
 Experience in Registering Persons, Server & Client setup, selective Replication of data.
 Experience in maintaining database templates.
 Involved in requirement analysis, documentation, design, development, testing and implementation.
 User interaction at all levels.

Technical Skill Set:
Operating Systems               Windows 2000 / 98 / 95 / NT 4.0,MS-DOS
GroupWare Software              Lotus Notes/Domino 4.5/4.6,5.0.7.
Notes tools                     Notes Pump, DECS, Domino.Doc, Domino Workflow.
Internet Technologies           JavaScript, HTML, Style sheets, DHTML
Languages                       C, PL/SQL, Basic
RDBMS                           Oracle 6.x/8.0, DB2, MS SQL Server 7.0.
Others                          Microsoft Project and MS Access, VB5.0/6.0, PhotoShop
Protocols                       TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3.

Professional Experience:

July ’2001 - Till date                                                    GE Power Systems, Houston, TX
Sr. Lotus Notes Consultant

Using the following systems the user can create a request and track the status of their request. These systems
are developed using DOMINO WORK FLOW 2.1.1, Lotus Domino Server 5.0.7, JavaScript, HTML,
DHTML and Sametime.
 User Interaction
 Project Management and scheduling using MS-Project
 Design/Test Plan document preparation
 Creation of database using Lotus Domino 5.0.7
 Developed using Lotus Formulas, Lotus Script, JavaScript, HTML

Domino Workflow Application Request
This system is basically used by the HR, Accounts, and other departments. It is an intranet Web based
system. Using this system the user can create a request and track the status of their request.

Power Award Application
This application is used by the HR for nominating the employees for awards who are recognized for their
performance, contributions and accomplishments.

Invoice Approval
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This system is used by Accounting Department to route an invoice to different approvers for payment.

Contingent Worker Request
This system is used by HR to acquire contract employees and inform the availability of the candidates to the
respective Hiring Manager.

Six Sigma Quality Training
Six sigma quality training is a training given to all the employees to increase the performance of all the
business processes. This system is used by the HR.

Intranet Content Change Request
This system is used by all the department heads and developers to change the content of the different web
pages. The Department head creates/tracks the request and developer will modify the necessary changes in
corresponding web pages.

Administration Log
This system is used by all the developers. All the application documentation is available in this system.

Aug 2000 – June 2001                                     Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Sr Lotus Notes Consultant                                               Philadelphia, PA
The client is one of the 12 regional Reserve Banks, which serves the nation's central bank. As a Reserve
Bank their responsibilities are: conducting the Nation’s monetary policy; supervising and regulating banks;
performing services for the U.S. Treasury; serving the District’s consumers & community groups; and
supporting the Nation’s payment system.

PACS Interface File
Lotus Domino 5.0.4, Lotus Script, ODBC, Windows NT
Created a Manual agent & a Scheduled agent in Lotus Script which runs on documents for a particular
month, connects to the SQL database using ODBC and generates an Interface file and the same is sent to the
Accounting Department automatically. Then the Accounting Department verifies the Interface file in PC
PACS a Power Builder system.
 Created an agent, which runs from the client.
 Monitoring of Schedule agent on the server.
 Trouble shooting day-to-day problems (Replication, database corruption)
 Migration of data from SQL Database.
 User training and support.
 Testing and Deployment.

Workflow Applications
Developed Notes & Web based Technical Certification Program Application, Staff Termination/Transfer
Checklist, Schedule of computer equipment, Travel & Travel Extension documents for the bank. Made
customization to the Approved Cycle template and used it for automatically routing documents to the
concerned persons.
 Created interfaces for users.
 User training and support.
 Modified the Approval Cycle templates.
Environment: Lotus Domino 5.0.4, Lotus Script, Java Script, Windows NT

Survey Application
Help-Desk, one of the bank’s department, every often conducts surveys among the Bank employees to find
out their responses towards its services and also to improve their future services more efficient and more

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 To develop an application for creating surveys, sending out invitations to people, having those people
    answer the survey on the web, and presenting the answers in a view.
 Survey questions can be of Open, Single-selection, Multi-selections, yes/no, ranking or comment type.
 Modified the Survey template database.
 Created interfaces for both Notes users & Web users.
 Used HTML and notes features for developing login & questionnaire documents
 Created an action button, which sends invitations to the people selected from the Address Book with a
    link pointed to the survey.
 Created scheduled agent to remind the people who haven’t yet participated the survey before the
    expiration date.
 User training and support.
Environment: Lotus Domino 5.0.4, Lotus Script, HTML, JavaScript, Windows NT

March 2000 - Aug 2000                                                  Insignia ESG, New York, NY
Systems Analyst

Contract Management System
The client is a real estate business company with offices all over the country and are dealing in different
types of contracts through a large network of brokers with outside parties. There is a need for maintaining
the licensing information, registration information, employment contract information of the brokers in an
effective way so that whenever any license, registration or employment contract of a broker is due for
expiration, reminders for renewals should reach the concerned persons automatically.

 To gather information from the various departments.
 To prepare outline requirement & system proposal documents.
 To design a web based domino application with a facility to send reminders & creating reports

 Prepared a scope document
 Created required interfaces for web users using Notes features and HTML.
 Used JavaScript for validating the fields.
 Created scheduled agents to send reminders & to generate reports.
 Monitoring of scheduled agents on server.
Environment Lotus Domino 5.x, Lotus Script, Java Script, HTML

Nov 1999 - March 2000                          Renaissance Cruises Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Sr. Notes Developer

Mass Email system
The client is hospitality industry companies with a business need to handle marketing promotions, queries,
clarifications, reservation requests, upgrade requests, cancellation requests, feedback comments via email.
The volume of mail received and replied to exceeds four figures per hour. Hence an operative requirement to
build a robust systems to handle these efficiently. The system is built to handle 100, 000 mails per hour.

Responsibilities: Outbound Module
 To design and develop an email interface in Lotus Notes which can be supported by ListServ mail server
 To design an interface to enable scheduling of email(s)

 Developed a standard email interface

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   Developed a schedule interface with multiple options (viz. Send immediately, Set time to delivery,
    Send with recurring options)
   Created agents in Lotus Scripts to supplement the schedule interface
   Monitoring of scheduled agents on server.
   Trouble shooting the problems
   User training & support.

Responsibilities: Inbound module
 To filter incoming mails on key words and categorize for further action
 To enable automatic action through business rules, wherever possible

 Modified the Mail template database.
 Created a new agent in Lotus Script to audit each incoming mail for key words
 Enabled mail routing for automatic specified action if condition fulfilled
 Reviewed and modified the existing native mail rule form and upgraded to include conditions and
    additional three actions (viz. Forward, Automatic response, Add sender’s details to an external
 Monitoring the agent on the security.
 User training and support.
Environment: Lotus Domino 5.x, Lotus Script, LCLSX, DB2

July 1999 - Oct 1999                                                                   IBM, Chicago
Sr. Notes Developer

Designed and developed an Electronic Data Interchange Application using Lotus Notes, Domino

 Built interfaces to convert Purchase Orders from a PO-ADF (Application Data File) structure to an
 Built logical extensions to map the ADF structure to populate the Invoice document
 Created the agent in Lotus Script to run on the PO document to transfer the required values to the
    invoice document and logically populate blank fields (if any)
 Used JavaScript extensively for all field validations
 Programming various agents ($$QuerySaveAgent and $$QueryOpenAgent) and actions (form
 User Interaction
 Support.
Environment: Lotus Notes & Domino, Lotus Script, Java Script, HTML

Feb 1999 – June 1999                                                                           NCS
Team Lead/Sr. Notes Developer

EO&S Change Request Production System
Designed and developed a workflow application for routing and monitoring the requests submitted by the
employees within the organization. Requests are routed based on the workflow strategies and priority levels
of the concerned department, which is achieved by using, control Documents for each department. The
application is developed using Lotus Script and HTML for the Domino Server. The Lotus Script agents
are used to monitor the status of each request based on the department’s policies. The application is
customized using the view templates, search templates, Java Script and HTML tags, so that it can be used
by both Notes clients and web clients. Lotus script routines are used to help the department heads to
maintain the application forever-changing needs. Online Requests are handled using Java Script.

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Each section of the application is provided with online help, which can be modified, to assist the users in
using the system.
 Team Lead
 Monitoring the agents on server.
 Trouble shooting and Support.
 Created interfaces for users.
Environment: Lotus Notes, Domino, Notes Pump, Lotus Script, HTML, Java Script

May 1998 – Jan 1999                                                                                 Infotech
Sr. Notes Developer/Team Lead

Employment Management System
Designed an application that maintains a complete and comprehensive record of every employee’s details,
including personal, educational, professional and technical background, in the main database. The
application requires the use of an ODBC concept, utilizing Oracle 7.3 as its back end and also used HTML.
It allows the end user to view employee details by selecting the appropriate screen according to name,
qualifications, technical skills, or salary details. A new employee is required to enter his personal details by
using his identification number, which only he has access to. Certain sections are not accessible by the
employee, and may only be viewed by management or a particular department requiring specified
requirements and can create pay-slips for those employees using a Hidden Agent. On line inquiries and
Registrations are handled by Java Script.
Environment: Lotus Notes & Domino, Oracle, ODBC, Java Script, Lotus Script, HTML

Library Information System
Developed a Library Information System, which categorizes all of the available information contained
within the library’s books and resources. The system also contains a mechanism to ensure that only the
librarian has the authority to issue books. When an end user selects a book, the process of approval is
automated depending on availability status of the book, and then issued by the Librarian. Gate passes are
available to staff members who wish to take the book off the organization premises. In addition, the system
maintains a past and current list of book holders, as well as the date a particular book was returned or
renewed. This application makes full use of all features unique to Lotus Notes such as, ACLs, Mailing,
Workflow, etc.
Environment: Lotus Notes 4.6, Lotus Script, Notes Mail

Notes Server Installation, Setup and the Maintenance
The job involved installation and setting of Notes Server on Windows NT. Installation and configuring
Notes workstation at client ends on Windows 95. Performed the administrative functions like monitoring
mail routing, setting up replication and troubleshooting.

 Leading a team.
 Coding and testing of the system to ensure quality of the system.
 User training and Support.

Jan 1998 – April 1998                                                              Cain’s DMS, London
Notes Developer

Database Management System
Designed a Database Management System application to manage documents by categorizing them within
three main databases according to subject matter and relevance.

 Coding and testing of system
 Extracting data from two of the main databases; Client and Precedent, using Notes mail.

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 Implemented a number of additional features to automate certain tasks.
Environment: Lotus Notes 4.6, Lotus Script, Notes mail

July 1997 – Dec 1997                                                                    Sagarsoft
Notes Developer

Leave Management System
Developed a system for automating all of the applications for Leave of absence within a given organization,
whether the reasons are casual, sick medical or earned leave. This effectively reduces transaction time by
providing an immediate update as to which staff members require leave and why. This application utilizes
all the features of Mailing and Workflow as well as Lotus Notes, which enable an accelerated flow of
requests and subsequent approval or denial, between management and employees.

 Designing and development of system.
 High level trouble shooting to address possible errors within system.
Environment: Lotus Notes, Notes Mail

Jan 1996 – June 1997                                                                    Pennar Infotech
Notes Developer

Payroll System
Designed and implemented an application which automatically generates pay-slips for each employee at the
designated pay period. The system was designed in such a way that pay-slips may only be created once a
month to avoid mishandling of the payroll. An additional feature allows management to open relevant
documents when submitting salary or mode of payment changes. Once the current pay-slips are ready, the
system activates the output of the necessary data. This application is particularly useful for those
organizations that employ a large number of employees.
Responsibilities included:
 Coding and testing of the system
Environment: Lotus Notes, Notes Mail

Visitor Information System
This application is a part of paperless office automation project. All the information regarding visitor is
entered and who he wants to meet. The message is replicated to the contacted person, with his permission
the appointment is granted all this process takes place at the reception counter without flow of paper work.
The purpose of visiting, check-in, checkout times and short comments about the visitor will be entered. By
using this application the information pertaining to a particular visitor is maintained.
Environment: Lotus Notes 4.5

Workflow Management System
Developed this application, which effectively automates the office’s workflow within an electronic system,
thus reducing considerably the amount of paper-based work in the office. In addition, involved in the
development of United Infotech’s training division and software development center, which was opened to
those students wishing to advance their knowledge of software. This application consists of six modules
namely Procurement, Visitors Information, Employee Database, Students Database, CD catalog, and
Employee Movement Details.

 Coding and testing of the system.
Environment: Lotus Notes

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Jan 1994 – Dec 1995
Programmer                                                                        KMPL

Worked with Word Star, Lotus 1-2-3 and MS Office applications to maintain the year-wise business data
and correspondence.

 Bachelor of Engineering
 Master of Business Administration

Certification and Training:
 CLP Domino R5 Application Developer -Lotus Corporation, USA (ID#SP2076885)
Certified Lotus Specialist Application Development 1
Certified Lotus Specialist Application Development 2
Certified Lotus Specialist System Administration 1
Certified Lotus Specialist Developing Domino Applications for the Web
 PG Diploma in Computer Applications in United Infotech during Jan’95 to Dec’95.
 Lotus Notes System Administration
 Oracle 8I
    Visual Basic 5.0/6.0

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