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					                                WALTER G. DAVIES
                                 925.548.0098 ·

Qualifications          Experienced systems/network administrator.
 Summary:               Experience in system and network design, implementation, and maintenance.
                        Have worked in development-centric, QA-centric, IT-centric, and customer-centric
                        Worked in the design, writing, testing, and maintenance of software and software
                        Experience with HTML/WWW design, implementation, and maintenance.
                        Proficient in German, with studies in Hebrew and Greek.

  Software:      Languages:                                       System Software:

                        ANSI C, GNU C and extensions (e.g.                Sun Solstice Admin Suite / Disk
                         cgic, etc.)                                        Suite
                        Perl/CPAN                                         Veritas Volume Manager
                        PHP, Python, and various                          truss, tusc, strace, etc.
                         application suites                                HP Glance
                        Bourne Shell, C Shell, Korn Shell,                IBM smit

                 Internet & Server:                               Client & Standalone:

                        Apache, Microsoft IIS, Netscape                   vi, emacs, various authoring suite
                         Enterprise/iPlanet                                 and IDEs
                        BEA Weblogic, Zope, Netscape                      All standard internet browsers
                         Application Server                                 (Mozilla, Explorer, Netscape, Lynx,
                        Oracle, PostrgreSQL, MySQL                         etc.)
                        Sendmail, Postfix, exim, Qmail, Sun               Microsoft Office and Outlook, etc.
                        NetMON, Big Brother, Lund Meta-
                         View, etc.

  Operating      Unix:                                            Network OS:
                        Sun Microsystems: SunOS 4.1.1 -                   Cisco IOS 10.3 - 12.2
                         4.1.4                                             Alteon ACE
                        Sun Microsystems: Solaris 2.5.1 - 10              NetApp Data ONTAP 5.3 - 6.1
                        Hewlett Packard: HP-UX 10.20 - 11i                Netgear OS
                        Silicon Graphics Inc.: IRIX 5.3                   NCI NCOS
                        Int'l Business Machines: AIX 5.2/5L               DTV 1.0 - 2.4.
                        GNU/Linux
                                o Debian 2.0 - 3.2
                                o Red Hat 4.2 - 9
                                o SuSE 6.2, 9.1
                           o Slackware 96
                      FreeBSD 2.2 - 4.0.

             Apple Macintosh:                                Microsoft:

                      System 6, 7, 8, 9                               DOS 3.1 - 6.22
                      MacOS X                                         Windows 3.1/95/98/NT 3.5 - 4.0sp6,
                                                                        Windows 2000

Hardware:    Sun:                                           Network Hardware:

                      Sun3 (sunVME)                                  Cisco routers and switches:
                           o Desktop 3/60, 3/140                            o 2500-series through 7500-
                           o Deskside 640/660 MP                                 series
                           o 160/6250 minicomputer                          o LocalDirector series
                      SPARC (sun4, sun4m, sun4u)                     Alteon AceDirector 3 load balancers
                           o Desktop SPARC and                        Network Appliance:
                                Ultra stations and                          o F700-series Filers
                                servers                                     o F800-series Filers
                           o Netra t series                           Netgear routers and switches
                           o Enterprise 3000
                           o Ultra Enterprise
                           o Ultra Enterprise 220r,

             HP:                                            SGI:

                      C-class workstations                           Indy
                      K-class servers                                Indigo
                      L-class servers                                Iris
                      N-Class servers and cabinets

             ISA:                                           Apple:

                      Intel and generic motherboards and             Most 68k and PPC desktops and
                       chipsets from most major                        laptops
                      All major BIOS brands, processors
                       from 80386DX through multiway

             Network Appliance; Sunnyvale, California:

Education:   Data ONTAP Administration

                      Introductory through advanced training on Network Appliance Data ONTAP systems
                       administration for F700- and F800-series filers
                             Covered practical and theoretical administration concepts and practices culminating
                              in "complete disaster recovery" where the instructor variously disabled software and
                              hardware for students to troubleshoot and repair

                     Cogswell College; Sunnyvale, California:

                     Pre-B.S. Music Engineering Technology

                             Projects include:
                                   o MIDI software development for controlling MIDI instruments from a
                                   o Application development for Macintosh and Unix computers
                                   o Hardware and software electronic circuit design and testing
                                   o Music composition via direct digital synthesis
                                   o Design of digital signal processing algorithms

                     California State University; Hayward, California &
                      International Fringe Theatre Festival; Edinburgh, Scotland:
                     Composer and Sound Designer

                             Wrote original music and sound design for two stage productions that competed in
                              the International Fringe Theater Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland.
                             Nominated for Best Original Music against 2,000 other entries by the Fringe Festival.
                             Awarded by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for this work.

                     References and letters of recommendation available upon request.

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