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									Brian Morris, CBIP
               615 Harrier Hawk • Edmond, OK 73003 • 405.715.2634 home • 405.517.7535 cell


Results-oriented Business Intelligence Architect with       Fortune 500 global deployments expertise.
Exceptional problem solving skills in complex highly         integrated data warehousing environments.
Proven ability to build strong relationships with clients   and staff using negotiating talent, persuasion
and demonstrated commitment. Strong leader creating         vision and inspiring teams to drive results.

                                         TECHNICAL SUMMARY

Cognos                     Cognos 8 BI v.8.3 (Framework Manager, PowerPlay Transformer, Analysis
                           Studio, Report Studio, Query Studio, Event Studio, Metrics Studio, SDK),
                           Cognos ReportNet v.1.1. MR2 (Framework Manager, PowerPlay Transformer,
                           Report Studio, Query Studio, SDK), Cognos Series7 v.7.3.MR3 (PowerPlay
                           Enterprise Server, PowerPlay Transformer, Impromptu, Impromptu Web
                           Reports, Upfront, NoticeCast, Visualizer, Cognos Query, Architect-BI, Metrics
                           Manager, Web Services), Cognos Planning 7.3 (Analyst & Contributor),
                           Cognos Access Manager, Cognos Script Editor
Database Systems and       Oracle v.7.x – v.10g (PL/SQL, Views, Stored Procedures, OWB, SQL Loader),
Tools                      MS SQL Server v.6.5 – v.2005 (T-SQL, Views, Stored Procedures, DTS
                           Packages, BCP), ETL, Informatica (PowerMart & PowerCenter)
Programming Tools and      .Net, Visual Basic v.3.0 – v.6.0, Java, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, XML,
Applications               Crystal Reports v.2.0 – v.9.x, Actuate, MS Visual Interdev, MS MTS, MSMQ,
                           Report2Web, OLAP, LDAP, Sun One iPlanet v.5.2, Netscape Directory Server
                           v.4.1, v.4.2, MS Project v.2003, Project Workbench, Visio, ABC Flowcharter,
                           PeopleSoft EPM v.8.8, PeopleSoft v.8.3, Blinker, Clipper, x-Base,
                           DataBlaster, JCL, Micro Focus Cobol, Cobol
Operating Systems and      MS Windows Server 2003 Enterprise and below, IIS, Tomcat, Linux, Unix,
Services                   OS/MVS, DOS/VSE

                                         CAREER HIGHLIGHTS

R E D L A N D S B ID W , I N C .                                                        2006 – Current
Boutique IT consulting firm and Cognos Silver Resale Partner specializing in Business Intelligence and
Data Warehouse services to Fortune 500 companies in the south central United States.

Business Intelligence Practice Manager
Developed a Business Intelligence consulting services practice specialized in the sales, design,
implementation and support of Cognos BI tools and related Data Warehousing tools and techniques.
Conduct Business Intelligence product and architecture assessments. Develop overall architecture and
approach for global BI/DW programs and information delivery. Establish long term BI/DW program and
data strategies.
   8+ years of experience in the architecture, design, development and administration of Cognos
    Business Intelligence solutions from version 5 through 8.3.
   Deep knowledge and experience developing both PL/SQL and T-SQL scripts, stored procedures,
    views and SQL in support of business intelligence and reporting needs.
   Excellent client relationship and communication skills. Frequently called on to be the face and/or
    evangelist of the data warehouse/business intelligence environment.

         F O R T U N E 5 0 0 O IL & G A S C O M P A N Y , Oklahoma City, OK              2007 - Current
         Conducted a Business Intelligence readiness assessment of the company’s data warehouse
         content, Business Intelligence tools and staff resources. Supervised the Business Intelligence
         tool selection process including the development of the Request for Information, Proof of
         Concept and evaluation documents. Manage the current Business Intelligence environment
         and ongoing development and support of the company’s production volume information.
         Developed PL/SQL scripts, data marts, views and SQL to support reporting requirements.
Brian Morris, CBIP
              615 Harrier Hawk • Edmond, OK 73003 • 405.715.2634 home • 405.517.7535 cell

       COGNOS, AN IBM COMPANY                                                       2 0 0 7 - C u r r e nt
       Ongoing pre-sales support in the design and development of Business Intelligence solutions
       for companies building or expanding their BI/DW environments. Currently developing a C8
       solution for the Oil & Gas vertical and serving as a SME to sales and systems engineers
       working in this vertical. Called on to help diagnose and resolve performance and design
       issues at clients within the South-Central region.

       C A R D IA C F O C U S E D H O S P I T A L , Oklahoma City, OK                           2008
       Developed a complex set of T-SQL based reports to help this hospital meet State and Federal
       patient reporting requirements. These reports required extensive use of cursors and
       temporary tables to deliver patient experience information in the proper format from both a
       SQL Server based data warehouse and legacy AS400 systems.

       P R O P E R T Y & C A S U A L T Y I N S U R A N C E , Oklahoma City, OK                    2007
       Installed and configured Cognos 8 Business Intelligence environment and performed
       knowledge transfer in support of this company’s evaluation of Cognos for its national rollout of
       new insurance products.

       Q U IC K S E R V IC E R E S T R A U N T H E A D Q U A R T E R S , Oklahoma City, OK       2007
       Participated in this company’s Business Intelligence vendor selection process in which Cognos
       ultimately won and will become the enterprise BI solution.

A N A D A R K O P E T R O L E U M C O R P O R A T I O N (Formerly Kerr-McGee Corporation) 2001 – 2006
Fortune 500 Oil and Gas exploration and Production Company with locations throughout the North
America, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Data Warehousing Advisor
Designed, developed and implemented global enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing
infrastructure and solutions for Oil and Gas, Financial and Manufacturing applications. Developed
standards; advised and mentored developers on best practices for Business Intelligence/Data
Warehouse development and usage. Developed and maintained strong relationships with key
influencers who then worked as Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse evangelist throughout the
    Achieved 50 percent reduction in cube build and report run times by implementing best practices
     for OLAP modeling, reporting and hardware/software configuration in a 12 server distributed
     production environment.
    Cut operational staffing requirements by 66% through automation of daily processes responsible
     for creating 56 OLAP cubes sourced by over 1,800 production reports for a total savings of
     $167,000 each year.
    Saved over $100,000 annually by performing all application installs, monitoring, tuning, upgrades,
     patching, and LDAP security administration in-house.
    Maintained over 99% Uptime for global production environment consisting of 800 Cognos 8 users,
     1,300 PowerPlay Users and 800 Impromptu Web Report users.
    Awarded the Peoples Choice award for my presentation given at the 2004 international Cognos
     Forum on the subject of automation. This was the third session I presented at the annual world
     wide vendor conference.

S O N I C IN D U S T R I E S , I N C . , Oklahoma City, OK                                 1999 – 2001
Headquarters for the nation’s largest chain of drive-in restaurants with approximately 3,200 locations
throughout North America.

Senior Programmer/Analyst
Brian Morris, CBIP
              615 Harrier Hawk • Edmond, OK 73003 • 405.715.2634 home • 405.517.7535 cell

S O N I C IN D U S T R I E S , I N C . , Senior Programmer/Analyst, continued
Designed, developed and implemented OLAP analytics and data warehouse structures from restaurant
point-of-sale data. Developed both operational and data warehouse models, ETL scripts, LDAP
security models, multidimensional OLAP cubes, BI reporting and analysis to deliver information via
web and traditional client-server reporting tools. Worked closely with business clients to build the
business models and deliver strategic solutions tailored to their specific requirements.
   Cut 85 percent of 180 million record cube build time through OLAP model optimization and tuning
    of the database, application and servers which enabled daily refresh of product-mix information.
   Saved $80,000 in annual rework and support costs by creating and documenting and
    implementing standards for developing business intelligence reporting and analysis solutions.
   Eliminated 30 days of annual support time required to produce monthly partner reports by
    replacing spreadsheet process with a custom application integrated into the data warehouse.

P R O F E S S IO N A L R E S O U R C E S , IN C ., Overland Park, KS                   1998 – 1999
IT Management consulting company providing professional services to Fortune 500 clients
encompassing project management, technical architecture, software development and strategy.

Project Manager
Manage development teams of up to 12 contract and full time resources for various marketing and
fulfillment projects. Created, maintained and presented weekly reports tracking each team members
actual hours, percent completes and estimate-to-completes to senior executives. Adjusted
assignments and staffing as required to meet budgets, milestone and completion dates.
    Reduced annual development cost by over 3 million dollars for pharmaceutical fulfillment
     campaign applications through the implementation of object oriented development techniques into
     a component based architecture which cut an average of 40 business days from the typical 60
     business day delivery cycle.
    As Project Manager, successfully completed 6 month, 2.5 million dollar on-time and under budget
     utilizing a 12 person project team composed of both contract and full time resources.
    Increased average billable rates by 20 percent through mentoring and training staff on consulting
     and client relationship skills.

M O R R IS S E R V I C E S , IN C . , Overland Park, KS                                    1996 – 1998
Political campaign consulting, software and information service bureau specializing in voter history,
survey result aggregation and campaign management.

Senior Programmer/Analyst
Changed the statewide political balance of power through the development of the Voter Information
Tracking And Listing (VITAL) application. This application collected proprietary survey information
from dozens of groups and merged it into one system along with long term voting history detail. This
allowed each group to leverage its influence using shared information gathered by other organizations
to gain a more complete picture and specifically target their message to those voters most likely to
support their candidate by actually casting a vote on election-day.

                                  EDUCATION and CERTIFICATIONS

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of Phoenix
Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP), TDWI & ICCP – 240205
The Data Warehouse Institute – On-Track Data Analysis and Design - Certificate
Cognos Certifications – Modeling Product Professional – 17257, Product User – 17115, Authoring
Product Professional – 17268, Administration Product Professional – 17179)

              Publications and Presentations Addendum available upon request.

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