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Student Senate for California Community Colleges by qnl49935


                                              July 13, 2008

I.      Call to Order
       Past President Fernandez called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and welcomed members and
       the public.

II.    Roll Call
       Region I - Brian Corcoran                              At-Large – Christian Marfil-Amatulli
       Region II – Troy Carter                                At-Large – David Fisher
       Region III – Marlene Hurd, Rebecca Kung                At-Large – Tokuin Hankins
       Region IV – Michael Dickey                             At-Large – Nina Hardin
       Region V – Reid Milburn, Valerie Novak                 At-Large – Bundit Kertbundit
       Region VI – Sara Yakhi                                 At-Large – Avery Ryder
       Region VII – Steven Ferguson, Hilda Gaytan             At-Large - Alexandra Shorkey
       Region VIII – Cristela Solorio Ruiz, Uriel Vazquez     At-Large – Richael Young
       Region IX – Javier Alcaraz, Sarah Fernandez
       Region X–Alma De Castro, Cassaundra Ifrid

       Region I – Preston Dennis
       Region II – John Throm
       Region IV – Ryan Kaplan (arrived 9:15 am)
       At-Large – Stell Bahrami
       At-Large – Gustavo Delgado

III.   Adoption of the Agenda
       Past President Fernandez presented the agenda. He mentioned that the Oath of Office
       approved at the last Council meeting was not submitted in time for this meeting and is
       postponed until the next meeting.

       MSC (Young) to approve the agenda and postponement of the Oath of Office until the next

IV.    Adoption of the Minutes
       Past President Fernandez informed members that the notes from the previous meeting were
       not submitted in a timely manner to include on this agenda. He requested that the minutes be

      postponed until next meeting.

      MSC (DeCastro) to postpone the minutes until the next meeting.

V.    Public Comment
      Members of the public made comments about several issues including: a request from the
      campaign of Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama seeking student assistance in
      setting up campaign offices on college campuses; an introduction of the CalSACC Black Caucus; a
      request for support for AB1980 on transportation; and a concern with the presentation of
      information to the incoming Student Senate Council by staff versus previous student

VI.   New Business
      6.01 Financial Report
      Chancellor’s Office Staff member Estes reported on the finances of the Student Senate. She
      informed members that the Chancellor’s Office budget has been cut and will not be able to fund
      the Student Senate at the same level. In previous years, the System Office earmarked $100,000
      from their general operating budget. Last year the Student Senate expended approximately
      $94,000. This year the amount allocated to the Student Senate may be lower given that there is
      a $1 million proposed reduction to the System Office general operating budget. Once the
      budget is enacted, the System Office will have a better sense of how much is available to
      provided administrative support to the students this year. Estes shared the current level of
      unsolicited donations and current expenditures, which amounted to $85,321.47. Members
      discussed the finances.

      6.02 Meeting Schedule 2008-09
      Members discussed the meeting schedule. MSC (Yakhi ) to approve the following 2008-09
      Student Senate Council calendar.

      August 2 – 3, 2008
      September 6 – 7, 2008
      October 23, 2008 Tentative prior to General Assembly (24-26 October)
      November 1 – 2, 2008
      December 6 – 7, 2008
      January 10 – 11, 2009
      February 7 – 8, 2009
      March 14 – 15, 2009
      April 4 – 5, 2009
      April 30 – May 3, 2009 General Assembly
      June 6 – 7, 2009

6.03 Fall 2008 General Assembly
Executive Director Adams presented information about the finances from the past General
Assemblies and highlighted outstanding invoices. The following schools have outstanding
invoices from Spring 2008: Alameda, Fullerton, Grossmont, Lassen, Marin, Merced, Mission,
Mt. San Jacinto, Norco, Orange Coast, Pasadena City, Peralta CCD, and Southwestern. She
noted that those schools with outstanding invoices will need to pay their bills prior to attending
the Fall General Assembly.

Members discussed the planning for the Fall 2008 General Assembly including timelines,
program structure, and keynote speakers.

MSC (Carter) to invite Assembly member Swanson as a keynote speaker.
MSC (Ferguson) to invite Lt. Governor John Garamendi as a keynote speaker.
MSC (Hankins) to invite Governor Schwarzenegger as a keynote speaker.
MSC (Alcaraz) to send a letter to the Board of Governors (BOG) president Lance Izumi
requesting a Board of Governor’s member or members speak at the Fall General Assembly.
MSC (Hurd) to invite BOG member Dr. Smith to be a keynote speaker at the Fall General
MSC (Gaytan) to invite Bernard Osher or his representative to attend the Fall General Assembly.
MSC (Kaplan) to invite Assembly member John Laird to attend the Fall General Assembly.

6.04 Election of the Officers
Members discussed election of the 2008-09 Student Senate Council officers.

MSC (Ruiz) to open the nominations for President
Presidential nominations were: Ryan Kaplan, Cabrillo College and Richael Young, College of San
Mateo. Elected: Richael Young

MSC (Hurd) to open the nominations for Vice President
MSC (Ferguson) to close nominations
MSC (Fisher) to call the question on the first round of voting.
MSC (Fisher) to give the candidates one minute to address the Council.
MSC (Yakhi) to call the question on the second round of voting.
MSC (Shorkey) to give two people the opportunity to speak on the behalf of the candidates.
MSC (Kaplan) to give each senator 30 seconds to tell why they support his/her candidate of

Vice President nominations were: Troy Carter, Sacramento City College; Bundit Kertbundit,
Diablo Valley College; Avery Ryder, San Diego Mesa College; and Cristela Solorio Ruiz, Rio Hondo
College. Elected: Troy Carter.

MSC (Dickey) to open the nominations for Secretary.
MSC (Dickey) to close the nominations.

Secretary nominations were: Michael Dickey, Monterey Peninsula College, Steven Ferguson,
Glendale College, and Valerie Novak, San Joaquin Delta College. Elected: Steven Ferguson.

MSC (Dickey) to open the nominations for Treasurer.
MSC (Corcoran) to call the question on the first round of voting.

Treasurer nominations were: Bundit Kertbundit, Diablo Valley College; Reid Milburn, Columbia
College; and Avery Ryder, San Diego Mesa College. Elected: Avery Ryder.

MSC (Dickey) to open the nominations for Communications Officer.
MSC (Vasquez) to close the nominations.

Communication Officer nominations were: Alma DeCastro, Southwestern College; David Fisher,
American River College; and Uriel Vazquez, Orange Coast College. Elected: David Fisher.

6.05 Shared Governance Committee
Members discussed appointments to the Shared Governance Committees.

MSC (Dickey) to approve the following appointments.
Budget Task Force: Avery Ryder
Legislative Task Force: Reid Milburn
Assessment Task Force: Ryan Kaplan
Implementation Oversight Committee : Brian Corcoran
Goal Area Implementation Teams: TBD
Action Planning Group: TBD
Academic Senate, Executive Committee: Sarah Fernandez
Academic Senate, Curriculum: Cristela Solorio Ruiz
Academic Senate, Educational Policies: Uriel Vazquez
CC League Advisory Committee on Legislation: Tokuin Hankins

MSC (Ferguson) to approve Marlene Hurd as a liaison to the Board of Governors.
MSC (Dickey) to approve Reid Milburn as a liaison to the Consultation Council.

Board of Governors: Richael Young, Marlene Hurd
Consultation Council: Reid Milburn, Avery Ryder

6.06 Student Senate Council Committee
Members discussed the Student Senate Council Committees.

       MSC (DeCastro) to approve the following appointments to the Student Senate Standing

          Budget Advisory Committee: Avery Ryder (Chair), Bundit Kertbundit (Vice Chair), and Reid
           Milburn (Secretary).
          Bylaws and Constitution Committee: Michael Dickey (Chair), Nina Hardin (Vice Chair),
           Steven Ferguson (Secretary), Javier Alcaraz, and Reid Milburn.
          Elections Committee: Tokuin Hankins (Chair) Sarah Fernandez (Vice Chair), and Steven
           Ferguson (Secretary).
          General Assembly Planning Committee: Sara Yakhi (Chair), Cassandra Ifrid (Vice Chair), and
           Rebecca Kung (Secretary).
          Governmental Relations Committee: Alexandra Shorkey (Chair), Reid Milburn (Vice Chair),
           Uriel Vasquez (Secretary), Alma DeCastro, Tokium Hankins, Nina Hardin, Ryan Kaplan,
           Christian Martfil-Amatulli, and Cristela Solorio-Ruiz.
          Public Relations Committee: Uriel Vasquez (Chair), Alma DeCastro (Vice Chair), Alexandra
           Shorkey (Secretary), David Fisher, Marlene Hurd, Cassandra Ifrid, Ryan Kaplan, Christian
          Relations with Local Senates Committee: Hilda Gaytan (Chair), Uriel Vasquez (Vice Chair),
           Valerie Novak (Secretary), Ryan Kaplin, and Avery Ryder.
          Resolutions: Alma DeCastro (Chair), Nina Hardin (Vice Chair), and Michael Dickey
          Sustainability Advisory Committee: Ryan Kaplan (Chair), Brian Corcoran (Vice Chair), Nina
           Hardin (Secretary), Bundit Kertbundit, Valerie Novak, and Sara Yakhi.

       6.07 Student Appointments to System Office Advisory Committee
       Members discussed the student appointment to System Office Advisory Committees

       MSC (Carter) to open the recruitment process for the appointments to the System Office
       Advisory Committee and have the Executive Committee come back with a process.

       6.08 Governor Student Appointments
       Members discussed Student Appointments to Board of Governors, California Postsecondary
       Education Commission, and California Student Aid Commissions – Loan Advisory Committee.

       MSC (Dickey) to open the recruitment process for the appointment to the above Governor’s
       committees and have the Executive Committee bring back a process.

VII.   Public Comment
       The Campus for Opportunity project spokesperson, Jessie Ryan, informed members about the

VIII.   Adjournment
        President Young adjourned the meeting at 4:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Adams, Student Senate Liaison Member


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