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					Naples High School                                   English I Honors
1100 Golden Eagle Circle                             Course #1001320
Naples, FL 34102                                     Ms. Blackmon

   I.     This class satisfies one full credit of the required credits for graduation and is
          strongly recommended for the college bound student. It meets the
          requirements for the Florida Academic Scholars program and the Laureate

   II.    Prerequisites include satisfactory scores on the 8th grade FCAT tests and
          teacher recommendation. During the first week diagnostic evaluations will
          be administered.

   III.   Attendance requirements will be in accordance with the NHS policy outlined
          in the student planner. Strong attendance is integral to success in any class
          and given the intensity and rigor of the honors level, good attendance is a

   IV.    Texts:     Elements of Literature
                     Language Network- with consumable workbook
                     Vocabulary for Achievement –Purchased by the student for $12.00

           Novels: A Separate Peace                  Animal Farm
                   Great Expectations                Lord of the Flies
                   Of Mice and Men                   To Kill a Mockingbird
                   Old Man and the Sea

           Dramas: Romeo and Juliet                  A Midsummer Night’s Dream

   V.     Educational Objectives: The curriculum, adheres to the Florida Department of
          Education for reading, writing, listening, viewing, speaking, language, and
                      -using reading strategies to construct meaning from informative,
                      technical, and literary texts
                      -using process writing strategies, student inquiry, and self-
                      monitoring techniques
                      -using speaking, listening, and viewing strategies in formal
                      presentations and informal discussions
                      -understanding and responding to a variety of literary forms
                      -understanding and using language successfully to impact readers,
                      writers, listeners, speakers and viewers
 More specific lists may be viewed at
VI.       Activities: Some of the activities during 9th year English are as follows (besides
the expected tests, quizzes, discussions, presentations, daily homework, journals, class
participation, projects, and papers):

        *Reading selected novels, short stories, essays, excerpts, and speeches
        *Giving formal and informal speeches
        *Review the use of standard edited English
        *Book reports/presentations
        *Word skills (vocabulary)
        *Literary analysis
        *Internet training
        *Essay writing in preparation for the FCAT writing test in the 10th grade
        *Research skills-writing a research paper
       *Writing papers to analyze literature

Make-up work is your responsibility!

VII. Materials

   (1) Three ring binder with dividers and paper
   (2) Blue or black ink pen and/or pencils AND a highlighter
   (3) School planner

VIII. Assessment
       Grading is determined on percentage points. Your grades can be viewed online at and entering your log in ID and your pass word. Your
       grade will be a combination of the following:

         20% Class work
         30% Homework and assignments
         50% Tests and projects

A student earns a grade. I do not give grades. There is no extra credit.
                  100-90 A Exceptional
                   89-80 B
                   79-70 C
                   69-60 D
                   59-Below F

Make-up work is your responsibility
IX. Homework: Yes, there will be homework. Homework must be completed and
handed in when requested, otherwise it is considered late. With every day late, the
assignment will be docked a letter grade. After 3 days it will no
longer be accepted. If you have concerns, see me! If you have an EXCUSED absence --
you get two days for each day missed. Make-up work is your responsibility. Please turn
in late work or make-up work with the correct heading!!!!
  Do not set work on my desk, chair, or stand. Do not have your friends turn work in for
you. .

The best time to see me is after school. If you need help, ask! We’ll schedule a time.
You must set up an appointment! I can be reached at the school 377-2200 or via e-mail

X. Behavior: Students need to obey class rules, be honest, and treat their peers with
respect. Students are in school to study and learn and not to fight or fool around. If a
student does not heed warnings as to violations of class rules, the situation will bring the
involvement of parents and school administrators. Much of the work in English I will be
done in groups; students must treat their peers with respect and conscientiousness. You
do not have to best friends with your fellow students in English 9 class, but you need to
be able to collaborate successfully with them. Do your best to keep interaction with your
peers positive. Strive to work successfully and amicably with other students in class.
If I student decides to break the rules, discipline will be administered in accordance with
the Student Handbook inside the Student Planner.

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