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									                                                                          Mobile: +91 9960392976
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 Looking for a long-term association with a company having a dynamic working environment where my
 skills could be shared and to grow in the hierarchy of the company. To make significant contribution to
 the organization both individually and in a team environment and to be an asset to the organization.

 Professional Summary:
 Technical Skills:

 O.S. :            MS DOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Unix, Windows CE 6.0

 Languages :       C, C++, Java core, HTML, PHP, C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net.

 Database :        Language: SQL, PL/SQL. Engines: MS SQL Server 08, Oracle 8i, MySQL 5.1.

 Technologies used.
     CMS: Wordpress, PHPbb, Joomla, vBulletin, Blogger, Wiki, PHPld.
     Google Apps., Google Maps APIs,
     Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine marketing.
     Subversion (SVN) software, Mozilla Firebug
     .Net Framework 3.5, ASP.Net using C# & VB., IIS 5.1.

Industry Experience.
    1. Currently undergoing industrial training at “Excellon Software”, Nagpur. (Selected from
       campus as Trainee for MCA 6th semester project duration)
    2. Completed Full time internship (Jr. RFID Application Developer) with “Quantum ID
       Technologies”, Pune.
    3. Completed few projects as freelancer programmer including few Open Source projects.

 Educational Qualification:

                                                Year of                                   Percentage
         Course        Board/University                             Institution
                                                passing                                     scored

 MCA (upto 5thsem)     Nagpur University     In final year    GH Raisoni IIT, Nagpur         66.24%

 B.Sc. (Computer       Nagpur University                      Dharampeth science
                                             July - 2007                                     51.03%
 Science)                                                     college, Nagpur

                                                              Dr.Ambedkar college,
 H.S.C (IT)            Nagpur Board          Feb - 2004                                      54.33%

                                                              Hadas High School,
 S.S.C                 Nagpur Board          Mar - 2002                                      66.80%

Chetan Gole                                                                                    1/4
Recent Projects:

 1. RFID Based  FIFO Adhered Manufacturing for TATA Batteries
   Technologies .Net Framework 3.5 [C#], .Net Compact Framework 3.5, MySQL 5.1
           And  RFID device API‟s. IIS 5.1.
   Environment  Operating systems: Windows XP SP2, Windows CE 6.0.
      Overview  The battery manufacturing process demands adherence to FIFO as the
                excess shelf life can easily hamper the battery performance and hence
                impact the performance of the battery and the sales in the long run.
                RFID Based FIFO Adhered Manufacturing ensures adherence to FIFO at
                each levels of manufacturing lifecycle of the batteries hence maintain the
                FIFO across the production line and a healthy battery life leading a positive
                impact on both brand and the sales.
      Team size 6
              Role   Onsite and Offsite development.(Application Developer)
 2. RFID Based       Consignment Tracking System for Bluedart Express courier
   Technologies      .Net Framework 3.5 [C#], .Net Compact Framework 3.5, MS SQL
           And       Compact Edition 2005, RFID Device API‟s, IIS 5.1.
   Environment       Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows CE 6.0
      Overview       RFID Based Consignment Tracking System is one of its kind RFID product
                     for tracking cargo for both air and surface mode across various
                     destinations. (A Pilot Project)

      Team size      4
              Role   Application Developer

Academic projects:

 2. ScheduleMe
   Technologies .Net Framework 2 [C#], MS-SQL Server 08
      Overview       We developed software which helps the user to manage and Schedule the
                     daily work. It includes facilities like reminder, daily notes, Application
                     launcher, World clock, etc. The main aim of this software is to give simple
                     and one window access to user for such scheduling applications.
      Team size      2

 3. Graphics tutorials of Data structures
   Technologies C++ Graphics libraries.
      Overview       In this project we have developed the Graphical representation of various
                     Data structures like stacks, queues, Linked lists, etc. This helps the user to
                     understand Data structures easily. Specially developed for newbie
                     computer science students to grasp the Datastructures easily.
     Team Size       2

Chetan Gole                                                                              2/4
Open Source Projects:

4. Wordpress Copy-Protect
   Technologies PHP, Wordpress API, Javascript
      Overview A wordpress plugin to protect weblog content from theft, which prevents
                right click and disable text selection of a web page. One of the most popular
                plugin in wordpress repository. [

    Downloads:     22,000
5. Smooth Scroll Links
   Technologies PHP, Wordpress API, Javascript.
        Overview   Plugin for Wordpress CMS to give a special smooth scrolling effect to web
                   pages for on page (self) hyperlinks.Its very good tool to make page
                   navigation URLs on same page paragraphs.

   Downloads :     4,000

Extra Curricular Activities and achievements

       Listed in top 10 Indian Technology Bloggers.[Source:]
       Listed in top 10,000 world Bloggers. [Source:]
       I am Mozilla Campus representative, and I was selected to have Firefox swag pack.
        The Mozilla Campus rep. is official program run under Mozilla Foundation for college
       On College Industrial tour to SUN Microsystems, Banglore. Won special prize in quiz
       Won 1st prize in Online gaming competition (Group event) held at GH Raisoni, Nagpur.
       Won 2nd prize in National level “Windows registry tweaking” competition called „Win-
        eye‟ at Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering, Nagpur.
       Won 3rd prize in state level project development competition (Group event) at
        Hanuman Vyayam Prasarak Mandal college, Amaravati
       Succefully completed “Mobile repairing and maintenance” course at “Small Industries
        Service Institute”, Government of India.
       Team member of University level volleyball competition for Dharampeth science
        college, Nagpur.
       Achieved Google Pagerank 5 for my own blog (
       I love to take active part in many technology events like meetups, camps, etc. Also
        presented seminars and attented workshops at various technology events.

Chetan Gole                                                                         3/4
 Personal Details :

 Name                     Mr. Chetan Anant Gole

 Marital Status           Unmarried.

 Date of Birth            May 25, 1987.

 Sex                      Male

                          Gayatri, #277, Chhatrapati nagar, Wardha Road, Nagpur,
 Permanent Address
                          Maharashtra - 440015

                          Mobile : +91 9960392976 (Primary)
 Phone No.
                          Home : 0712 - 2290266



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Date: 27 MAR 2010
Place: Nagpur                                                                 Chetan Gole

Chetan Gole                                                                            4/4

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