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									 Freedom, On Penalty of Death

                                 Ntw CeU lZ
         Central New York's Voice for Peace and Social Justice May 1995 PNL 631

 Free Mumia Abu-Jamall
                  Political Prisoner

  denying that there even are political prisoners is a way of burying
  people who fight against the system
  it's a way of trying to bury what's wrong with the system.
  all the ways people are oppressed
  the the peoples who are oppressed
  all the ways people fight against oppression
  people aren't going to agree with the ways people have chosen
  to struggle
  but we must remember it's the system that's criminal elana levy

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In This Issue:
       Happy May Day . You know, Spring,
 Labor and all things sunny . Well, it seems                    PEACE NEWSLETTER                                        May 1995
 Michael H. spent some time in Nagasaki that                                                                            PNL 631.
 left an impression (a left impression, if you
 will) . Captain Rockwood is done no dis-                                                  Table of Contents
 service by Nancy R, as he deals with massive
 press and infamy . Ed K . talks Fast. All sorts            Letters	                                                       4
 of community stuff, animals, and bombs and                 SPC Page 	                                                     5
 stuff. What to do about the Death Penalty,                 A Visit to Nagasaki by Michael Hovey	                          6
 comes from Paul F., but don't neglect Mumia
 and the "About the Cover" on this very page.
                                                            The Court Martial of Captain Rockwood by Nancy Rhodes	         8
 Because we can't seem to leave Ogden Mar-                  On the Fast Track by Ed Kinane	                               11
; tin alone, Ryan G. takes another stab. Joan G.            Community Update	                                             12
 updates J . Harburry, Karen H. "rings out,"                Unclassifieds	                                                13
 Christine D. talks about Green war, and then
 you can plan your     month on the calendar.
                                                            Central American/Caribbean Coalition by Paul welchselbaum 14
       Yip.                                                 A Matter of Life or Death by Paul Frazier	                    14
                                                            Money to Burn by Ryan Goldberg	                               16
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                                                                 Mumia Abu-Jamal is an African-American political prisoner currently on death
           The PNL is available on microfilm from
 University Microfilms, Inc., 300 N . Zeeb Rd ., Ann        row in Huntingdon State Prison, Pennsylvania . In 1982 he was framed by the police,
 Arbor, MI 48106.                                           who had been searching for an excuse to neutralize his advocacy of justice for the
          Subscriptions are $12 a year in the U .S .,       poor . A racist proceeding—with a handpicked, mostly white jury-convicted him of
 $15 in Canada and Mexico and $25 overseas . The            murder, but until now public pressure has been able to hold off the execution . Recently
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 and low-income people . Your organization, co-op,
 etc. can receive 5-25 PNLs each month . Ourcircu-          some news reports, he may sign the execution order any day . Mumia's supporters
 lation is 4500.                                            have appealed to all of us to petition the governor in Pennsylvania and prevent this
           Contributions to SPC beyond PNL sub-             terrible crime of the state . Mumia has devoted his life to the causes of the oppressed
  scriptions support our activist programs . We al-         and his brave voice must not be silenced.
 ways need your support. Peace Newsletter/Syra-                  An international movement has arisen in response to this appeal, and Amnesty
  cuse Peace Council, 924 Bumet Ave, Syracuse,
                                                            International has adopted Mumia as a Prisoner of Conscience.
  NY 13203.
                                                                 Call, write or fax Governor Thomas Ridge and Insist that he not sign Abu-
                                                            Jamal's death warrant.
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         After returning to Berlin, PNL photogra-      seriously good photographers . By the way, the            Mostar update: There was shelling about
    $+her and volunteer Jurgen Scheer traveled to      main language was English even though we             threeweeks ago ineast Most& after theBosnian
    Mostar, Bosnia tofacilitate photography work-      had to have everything translated into Bosnian       army attacked a Serbian military camp. About
    shops with teens there. What follows is some       for three of them in the east . Lucky enough we      14 shells and a grenade hit the city. Again there
    text from a recent FAX about the project:          had Blue Cards, identifying us as members of         was shelling last night. This is the war raging
    Hi,                                                the UNHCR, which made crossing to the east           between Muslims and Serbs . The front-line
          As you might have expected, the pictures     easier. Basically we had no major problems           Croats and Muslims are quiet right now, but,
    are not ready yet... In whole we set up two        with the authorities. If there were any, it was      thekids at our housetell us that it will breakout
    darkrooms, one in the east and one in the west.    usually from the Croatian police.                    again. East Mostar is in ruins but people are
    Same with the photography groups. The dark-             The way the photography classes worked,         quite busy rebuilding it, and within the six
    room in the west was pretty easy to realize        was that we explained the cameras, gave them         weeks of staying there I saw major progress...,
    because we had an extra room in the Mladi-         film and told them to come back with a full roll          All humanitarian aid is delivered through
    Most house. Same thing with the students . By      of film. Once the pictures were taken, we            major cities like Mostar . Therefore there is no
    the time we got there everybody knew about         explained the darkroom-thing and made them           real shortage of goods in the city. This looks
    our project, and instead of the planned six        work. So just before our departure the kids          way different once you go cross-country. A lot
    students we had twelve. In the east we hooked      (about 15-18) had their own exhibition. Be-          ofsmallvillages are short of everything. Every-
    up with Mary Stopes International and ended        cause of the divided city there had to be one in     body thinks that the war in Bosnia is over and
    up misusing their bathroom five days a week.       the east and one in the west . Unfortunately if      therefore do not donate enough All the hu-
    The whole project. lasted way longer than ex-      you are male and over the age of 16 you cannot       manitarian aid organizations are complaining-
    pected, and the way it looks now, it even keeps    cross the border from one side to he other, so       about this ...
    going after we are gone.                           this part of our group was not able to come visit.         The outlook forthe future isbad. There are
          Nicole, a friend of mine from Boston, is     Due to the fact that our group in the east was       only small enclaves of Muslim territories left,
    working with the groups right now . She is         held at a women's center it was mostly women         and the Muslim generals say that by now they
    planning on exhibitions in NYC and Boston,         and more than half the group came for an             are trying to get the surrounding countries into
    so I am pretty positive that there will be some-   exchange to the west                                 the war as theironly hope to survive and push
    thing crossing the ocean even if I am not going          Totally unexpected we had two members          the Serbs back. With that goal in mind they
    to make it.                                        of the German Parliament and Hans Koschik,           started their offensive three weeks ago. And
          After a short phase in the beginning where   the EU Admisnistrator of Mostar, at the open-        who is to suffer? The civililns in Mostar...
    they all took pictures only of each other and      ing in the east. The opening in the west I missed    In Peace,
                                                                                                            Jurgen Scheer
    their dogs, some of them turned out to be          by a day.
                                                                                                            Berlin, Germany

             All God's Children
                         returning to upstate NY
                    , to perform a benefit concert
                   for the Syracuse Peace Council
                      Friday, June 2
                location to be announced
                Don't miss the experience!
               Dance to the Jazz, Funk, Latin rhythms
              Voted Best Jazz band in New Jersey, 1993                                      EXTRA HANDS WANTED!
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    4 Peace Newsletter 5/95

                                    $YgAeISE PEACE eOLINCIL
    "We're finally reaping the violence we've sown abroad ..."
                                                           "to give the government new powers to fight           enforcement, something that has been
           These were the words that alerted me to         terrorism." They list the following :                 prohibited in the US for over a hundred ,
    the recent tragedy in Oklahoma City . I was            • Legislation to establish a Domestic Counter-        years.
    working in the office when my friend (and SPC          terrorism Center to be headed by the FBI.
    volunteer bookkeeper) Duane came in, slowly            • Legislation to give the FBI increased author-           Be assured, it is not enough to assume you
    repeating this sentence " . ..we're finally reaping    ity to comb through hotel and motel registers,       live a legal life . In fact legal may soon have-
    the violence we've sown abroad."                       to search phone logs and to gain access to credit,   very little to do with living . We must remain
           It took a few minutes for what he was           card records.                                        vigilant . We cannot allow the state to use
    saying to sink in, as he explained what he had         • Pressing for passage of the administration's       mass-constructed fear to increase their powers i
    heard about the bombing of the federal build-          Omnibus Counter-terrorism Act, which would           at the cost of what freedom to organize we ,
    ing . At that time it was mostly vague reports         give the government more power to fight ter-         have . More to the point, organizations cur
    about numbers missing and children's day care,         rorism and greater authority to protect the          rently considered "terrorist" by the US govern-?
    but it was clear that the damage was severe.           confidentiality of sources in official proceed-      ment and the FBI include the environmental,
            The word "terrorist" comes easily off the      ings.                                                EarthFirst! and the radical, and mostly youth-
    lips these days. How often can you go through                Like most mainstream news sources, the         based, animal rights group PETA.
    a day without having the word -jump off a              article goes into detail in all the wrong places.          When culture is defined through fear, and,
    printed page, or slide smoothly off an anchor-         So to get a sense of what we may be facing in        protection defines policy, activists risk defmi-i
    person's tongue . But some words are tricky and        the way of political repression, I'll quote an       tion as the enemy . Historically the US govern-
    need to be treated carefully. If we hear them too      item from the April 1995 Progressive Review          ment has imprisoned, deported or murdered
    often we may stop listening to what they mean,         called "Land of the Free":                           activists in labor and liberation movements ..
     or worse, we may miss what was meant by                . . .Senators Biden and Specter, along with         For "domestic security" it doesn't matter if it's
     them . Words are delicate, and run the danger of       Rep . Schumer and Dicks, have introduced            right-wing extremists, teenagers liberating
     losing their identity through familiarity.             an anti-civil liberties bill that would provide     animals from a medical lab, or "Arabs" (the?
            A federal building was bombed. A build-         a maximum ten year sentence for those               body count was 800-1,000 dead from the pre-
     ing of the state. And people lost their lives.         who support the lawful activities of an             cision bombing of the Amariyah shelter in'
                                                            organization the president has declared to          Baghdad, again "civilians"—women and chil-'
     Many, far too many people were victims of the          be a terrorist group. In the past, such.
     explosion. And these victims implied terror-           organizations might well have included the          dren) . We stand to lose   what was hard-bought
     ists . (The word "people" includes children.           African National Congress, the IRA or th,            with centuries of blood and struggle.
     Among so-called civilian populations we still           PLO. There would be no appeal to tho                     Mourn the tragedies, but remember also
     try to divide casualties in to the deserving and        President's ruling . The bill also authorizes       to raise your voices before we face Newt
     the undeserving, the innocent and the not so            secret trials for immigrants accused of             Gingrich presiding over the latest witch trial.
     innocent. These definitions are relics from what        supporting such organizations. And it would         Those in power will fight to protect what they
                                                             suspend the posse comitatus act and                 claim is theirs.
     some would call "civilized war")                        allow the use of military in domestic law
            Foremost is an expression of concern and                                                                                             In Peace, Bill
     grief for those who were lost, their friends and
     their families . No one deserves to have their life
     torn from them through violence.
            However, beyond the grief and the pain I
     feel a gnawing fear. Not a fear that the Syracuse
     Federal Building will be next, despite the local
     media comparing city-sizes and relative "vul-
     nerability ." Neither is my fear based in poten-
                                                                  pte tW6ee0z
                                                                         lease, I want the newsletter sent to my,. home:
      tial danger if I leave my house, or worse, if I
      travel. I remain well aware that "American" is              Name :
     not a popular term abroad.                                   Address:
             Instead my fear takes hold as I watch our            City:	                                State	           Zip
      liberties erode beneath our feet . Home grown          jI   Phone (
      terrorists will only hasten this trend, endanger-                           ) _---
      ing us as citizens, most especially those with
      little power and those who define themselves            0 Enclosed $12 for one Year	                                                 Mailto	            J
      as political or working for social change. (Of          0	      $ additional donation i 	
      course an act of international terrorism would          Cl Please contact me
      have had similar consequences .)                        about'getting involved!
             The Monday, April 24 Syracuse Post               0 New Subscription
      Standard ran an AP cover story quoting the             LO Renewal
      steps announced Sunday by the White House                                         . t
                                                                                                                             5/95 Peace Newsletter 5
A Visit to Nagasaki
A Report From Ground Zero                                                                                atomic blast were Father Saburo Nishida and
                                                                                                         ten parishioners attending Mass at 11 :02 AM
Michael W. Hovey                                     city, the Japanese "window to the West" in the      on August 9, 1945.
                                                     1500s, when Dutch traders and Portuguese                 My friends and I walked in silence along
                                                     Jesuit missionaries walked its streets, and the     the flower beds, watching other visitors do the
                                                     center of Japanese Christianity for centuries,      same, and entered the museum at the other end
                                                     showed no signs of age. On its surface at least,    of the park. Inside were large photos of the
                                                     the city glittered with newness.                    scenes of destruction around the city and arti-
      HE LATE MAY morning was sunny and                    A sense of heaviness settled upon us as       facts found in the rubble: pictures of children
     pleasant as my friends and I boarded the        we entered Peace Park . To the left, at the far     broiled to death by the blistering atomic fire;
train for our first visit to Nagasaki . It was       end of a football-field length of flower beds,      silhouettes of men whose bodily image was
1974. We were stationed at the US Navy base          stood a stark black obelisk, slowly twisting as     burned onto walls by the atomic flash just
in Sasebo, 20 miles north of the bombed city.        it rose . It marked "ground zero," the point at     before they were vaporized; pictures of women
Six months after our arrival on the island of        which the bomb exploded 1,800 feet above the        whose breasts are drawn into a pucker by
Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four             earth . Just 30 feet to the right of the granite    keloid burns ; bottles and rwindows fused to
main islands, my boss, his wife and I decided        fmger I saw, to my surprise, the remains of the     brick walls; clocks stopped forever at 11 :02.
it was time to check out some of the local           entry arch to the Catholic cathedral . A statue          Even though I had only been in the coun-
sights . The ancient and of course more re-          of the Virgin Mary was perched precariously         try for six months, I knew how unusual and
cent—historical significance of Nagasaki and         on a pedestal in the archway, her hands clasped     unlikely it was to see any public display of
its proximity to Sasebo made it a good "day          to her breast, her eyes looking mournfully          emotion among the Japanese people . It was
trip .'                                              upward . Little did the sculptor know, I thought,   therefore especially startling to see middle-
        The train ride took us through the beauti-   how appropriate her expression would be-            aged and elderly men and women break down
ful Nagasaki Prefecture countryside. The scen-       come . We would learn later, in the museum,         with sobs as they viewed the scenes of misery
ery is similar to that found along Route 20          that among the first persons to be killed by the    and death . I, too, broke down when I came to
between Cazenovia and Skaneateles in New                                                                 a picture of the charred body of a young boy,
York State; lots of rolling hills and small                                                              clutching his throat as the air was sucked out
mountains, valleys that stretch for miles, farms                                                         of him by the firestorm.
dotting the way (although Japanese farms are                                                                  My most vivid memory of our visit to the
more compact and often ascend in terraces up                                                             museum is of a comment my boss made as we
the hillside) . As is customary in Japan, chil-                                                          looked at a map of the city, with its concentric
dren were in school that Saturday morning, so                                                            circles showing the power of the blast and
the only people we saw as the train passed                                                               number of casualties . With a temperature of
through the fields were elderly women and                                                                around 300,000 degrees Centigrade at its epi-
men dressed in gray kimonos and sun hats,                                                                center, the atomic burst immediately caused
bent with age and from a lifetime of farm                                                                nearly 70,000 deaths—almost all civilians—
work. And perhaps, memories of war.                                                                      and an equal number of wounded. Thousands
        In spite of the peaceful surroundings,                                                           more died in the next few months from radia-
however, I felt increasingly anxious as we                                                               tion sickness and related lingering effects of
approached the central train station in                                                                  the bombing. As we studied these mind-bog-
Nagasaki . Since few foreigners visited                                                                  gling numbers, my boss remarked, matter of
Nagasaki in those days—the city is over 900                                                              factly, "You know, the bomb missed its in-
miles from Tokyo—I was sure that I would be                                                              tended target . It was supposed to explode
assumed to be a"Bei-kai-gunjin"(aUS sailor).                                                             above a munitions factory, not a church."
For several days before our trip, anticipating                                                           Stunned, I looked at him and asked softly,
my discomfort, I practiced a sentence in Japa-                                                           "After all we've seen, that's all you can say?"
nese in case someone asked where I was from:
"Watashi wa Ingurish-jin desu (I am an En-                                                                    That visit to Nagasaki, and a few more
glishman)." No one ever asked.                                                                           that followed, changed my life. Until then, I
        We walked from the train station up the                                                          had been able to ignore the horror of the
hilly streets to the Peace Park, at least a kilo-                                                        Vietnam war—and my participation in it. Fac-
meter. As we talked about some of the other                                                              ing the draft, and unaware of how the process
sights we should see that day (like the house                                                            of conscientious objection worked, I uneasily
where Puccini wrote the opera "Madame But-                                                               enlisted in the Navy in January 1971, hoping
terfly," as he looked out over Nagasaki har-                                                             to avoid direct combat and orders to kill . My
bor), I sadly realized that everything around                                                            gamble worked ; during my first year of duty,
me was built in the past 30 years. This ancient                   Obelisk at Ground Zero, Nagasaki       I was assigned to a jet bomber training squad-
                                                                                 photo by M. Hovey

6 Peace Newsletter 5/95

     ron in California as a personnel clerk . I was         the bombs because the lives of American                The "taproot of
     then trained as a drug and alcohol abuse coun-         soldiers who might otherwise have been killed          violence" in
     selor and stationed, first in California, and          in an invasion of Japan were saved, or because         America, he has
     later in Japan. I never came face-to-face with         they believe the bombings hastened the war's           written, is the
     the reality of war until my visits to Nagasaki.        end, justify and ignore the immense suffering          willing accep-
     Finally, after several visits to Nagasaki and          and death inflicted upon tens of thousands of          tance of the use
     many long nights of wrestling with my newly            innocent civilians . Compare this insensitivity        ofnuclearweap-
     awakened conscience, I requested a discharge           with the tremendous outpouring of sadness              ons. The impli-
     as a conscientious objector on July 15, 1975.          and sympathy for the victims of the recent             cations of this
     Following a series of interviews and interro-          bombing in Oklahoma City ; people are out-             insight are staggering. If we are morally pre-
     gations by Navy officials in Japan and almost          raged at the murder of innocents, especially           pared to annihilate entire cities, why should
                                                            the children. Where is the sadness, where is           semi-automatic weapons on our streets be of
     three months of impatient waiting for the
     Pentagon to act, I was honorably discharged -           the outrage over the killing of the innocents,        any concern?
     from the Navy on February 11, 1976 . I                  including the children, of Hiroshima and                   The Fellowship of Reconciliation is cir-
     viewed—and continue to view—my act of                   Nagasaki?                                             culating a "call for repentance and reconcilia-
      conscientious objection as an act of personal                Even though Bill Clinton has refused to          tion" for signatures, and a delegation will
     penance and reconciliation with the Japanese            offer an official apology on behalf of the             present the call to the people of Hiroshima and
                                                             United States, to the government or the people         Nagasaki this August. Along with all your
      people. I also view it as the first step in a life-
      long commitment to seeking nonviolent ways             of Japan, we ordinary citizens can do so. I            other good work on behalf of peace in this year
      of resolving conflict on every level of society,       believe we must do so, not only for the people         of sad anniversaries, I urge you to consider
                                                             of Japan, but for the people of the United             signing and distributing this simple, eloquent
      and to work for the abolition of war in any
                                                             States . In their 1983 pastoral letter on war and      expression of sorrow and commitment to build-
      form . As an activist/educator, I have taken on
                                                             peace, the US Catholic bishops called for a            ing an international "culture of peace ."
      the task of joining with others to promote
      understanding and acceptance of conscien-              major effort "to shape the climate of opinion
                                                                                                                         Michael Hovey is a Ph .D . candidate at
      tious objection to war and military service in         which will make it possible for our country to         Syracuse University. His dissertation is on the
      this country and abroad.                               express profound sorrow over the atomic                international human right of conscientious
            Especially because of my personal his-           bombing in 1945 . Without that sorrow, there           objection . He will be representing Pax Christi
      tory, I have found the recent controversies             is no possibility of finding a way to repudiate        USA on the delegation mentioned above to
                                                              future use of nuclear weapons or of conven-           present statements of apology to the
      over the proposed US postage stamp com-                                                                       people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki In
      memorating the atomic bombings and the now              tional weapons .. .. " Jesuit theologian Richard       August. For copies of the statement, contact
      sabotaged Smithsonian exhibit to be painful             McSorley sees another profound aspect of our           him at443-5293 .
       and frustrating . Those who defend the use of          society's inability to apologize for the bomb :                                                   d

                       4     j                        )t; it                                EPICENTER OF ATOMIC BOMB
                                                                                   THIS 1 3 1 1* , EPI -CENTER OF THE ATOMIC BOR.
                                                                                   AT 11 .02 A . M AUGUST 9 . 1945 . THE ATOMIC BOMB DROPPED FRUI
             20 . 8d9B              AT1 1 *2 ,PJ- 414t829i_x'1                     THE B-29 EXPLODED ABOUT 1 .600 FEET IN THE AIR ABOVE THIS BUM
           StF **Oa .                    0'3 50O01 o~. s 1< . $Ndlt-               STONE PILLAR . BY THE BLAST AND THEME RAYS EXCEEDING 300 .000
                    "1'#1E1 . .L .                        f.   Cc tn 1,
           I< L . n
           n At * 4*,NT u)
                                     t* t
                                            j'   4N., sld) t
                                                  t7 1 5 8
                                                           4#* ! ,'I. L 3
                                                                                   CENTIGRADE AND RADIOACTIVITY .THE ENTIRE AREA IN THIS NEIGHRCFIDOD
                                                                                   WAS TRANSFORMED INTO ASHES AND DRIBRIS.
                                                                                   AS A RESULT OT THIS ABOUT ONE-THIRD OF TIE CITY AREA WAS IBIRD'ED
             • 7b        *'LI .4            t raL ., t t~ .1LT_ :mitt              AND THE CASIILTIES NUMBERED ABOUT 150.000 .

                   464 ► t"t'   9   IL-Fo z <         t     t_ L2 h ' ► It.        THIS AREA . AT ONE TIME WAS SAID "TO REMAIN BARREN FOR 15 YEARS"

               if.t Aiv ;9* m
                   . .                  44-,4 . 6     11 &1 m   .r , h'i l
                                                                 .a                1S NOW APPEALING STRONGLY TO TIE WORLD FOR PEACE.
                                                                                   RELICS OF TIE ATOMIC BOPS ARE NOM PRESERVED 11I 11* INTERWATIONNL
                                                                                   CULTURAL HALL .
                   e.A7LrdAo t
                           l           gi'IZh)4.
                             6 .711 4.080$t i .( 2,03 I .00011`)                                              EXTENT OF WAGES.
                                                                                                                                       -         1r657A13{ES
                           4RhtFm1..' Ut3#")                                        1 AREA BURNT       ,	

                       11,574P                                                      2 HOUSES DESTROYED:
                                                                                                                                   .       .   . . 11 .514
                                                                                                    COMPLETELY BURNT
                         I , 326P                                                                                                  .       .   . . 1 .26
                        5, 509'                                                                             COMPLETELY DESTPAYED
                                                                                                                                                       5 .509
       7r_ :           18 :409 p                                                                            BADLY DAWIIECt 	
                                                                                          P                         TOTAL	                            18.409
                                                                                    3 CASULTIES:         KILLED	                                      73 .BB4
                                                                                                         INJURED                                     174,909
                                                                                                            MAL	                                 _
                                                                                  A NUMBER OF PEOPLE HAVE LATER DIED OF THE


                                                                                                                                   5/95 Peace Newsletter 7

        The Court Martial of Captain Rockwood
        Officer Punished for Challenging US on Human Rights in Haitian Prisons
        Nancy Rhodes                                      officer with Fort Drum's 10th Mountain Divi -           reimpose a gag order on Rockwood that was
                                                          sion under the command of Maj . Gen. David              lifted January 10 . The national ACLU office is
                                                          Meade, also supreme commander of the mul-               assisting him on this issue . He says this "tac-
                                                          tinational forces (MNF) in Haiti.                       tical blunder" by the Army could work to his
                                                                On April 4 Rockwood wrote in the Wall             advantage as so much coverage will hit just as
                                                          Street Journal that his defense will be that he         any gag order is imposed.
           N THE FIRE THIS TIME (1992), former            "witnessed, and tried to stop, serious—if not                 At the hearing Rockwood will ask that
        V  US Attorney General Ramsey Clark writes,
        "The very purpose of law is peace ." Yet many
                                                          criminal—negligence by my superiors ." His
                                                          op-ed appeared as President Clinton had just
                                                                                                                  Maj . Gen. David Meade be replaced as the
                                                                                                                  court-martialling authority for conflict of in-
        lawyers find international law "too exotic, if    transferred US military operations in Haiti to           terest . This could mean the trial is moved, or
        not embarrassing, to contemplate," and most       United Nations command.                                  an officer from outside the 10th Mountain
        US courts decline to consider its arguments.             Only a day or so prior to that, the US was        Division is brought in.
        Inaction in such tribunals as the Inter-Ameri-    pushed to give a formal accounting of its                     But most critical is the prosecution's
        can Court for Human Rights at San Jose,           human rights record for the first time ever to           motion that Rockwood cannot raise issues of
        Costa Rica, "stems from the lack of participa-     the United Nations to comply with the 1992              command negligence or dereliction of duty for
        tion" by the US, he writes . "One consequence      International Covenant on Civil and Political           what he has termed his superior's "inexpli-
        is widespread human rights violations through-     Rights . Indeed the Rockwood case may be                cable indifference" in not seeking an account-
        out the hemisphere ." On the page facing this      occurring in the context of a growing human             ing of Haitian confinement facilities.
        remark is a photo of himself as a young man at     rights movement buttressed by increasing                      Rockwood says this motion could se-
        the Nuremberg Trials.                              awareness of US responsibilities to comply              verely restrict what evidence he could ask for
              Ramsey Clark is also current civilian        with international treaties. Besides this . 1992        and which witnesses he could call.
        defense counsel for US Army Capt. Lawrence         Covenant (ignoring prison abuses would vio-                   The Army at first was trying to show me
        Rockwood, whose court-martial trial is set for     late at least eight of its articles), in 1990 the US     as an eccentric individual—a Buddhist and
        May 8 at Fort Drum in Watertown, NY. Clark         Senate ratified the Convention Against Tor-              all that—in allowing the discussion of mo-
         agreed to defend him pro bono less than 24        ture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading               tive. But now they'd like to avoid all men-
                                                           Treatment or Punishment . This Convention's              tion of motive, human rights or otherwise,"
        hours after Rockwood managed to call Am-
                                                           text seems to indicate that ignoring the Na-             said Capt. Rockwood on the evening of
        nesty International's 800 number during a 20-
                                                           tional Penitentiary's abuses violated at least           April 17. 'This could be very hard on my
         minute delay at Syracuse's Hancock Airport                                                                 initial defense, though it would lay strong
         during his escort back to Fort Drum on Octo-      five of its Articles. .It sets clear directives on       grounds for an appeal . I have a number of
         ber 2 from Haiti . Rockwood passed two Army        the responsibility to proactively prevent abuses        individuals who would testify regarding
         psychiatric exams, but now faces up to ten         in any territory under a nation's control . In          human rights and international law, and
         years in Leavenworth as a consequence of           1994 the US Senate also ratified the Conven-            today I received word from Hugh Thomp-
         trying to inspect the National Penitentiary in     tion on Elimination of All Forms of Racial              son that he will support my case too.
         Port-au-Prince for human rights violations on      Discrimination.
         September 30, 1994 (see March, 1995, PNL,               As we go to press, Capt . Rockwood is                  On March 16, 1968, Chief Warrant Of-
         pg . 15 ).                                         preparing for a crucial April 22 hearing in            ficer Hugh C . Thompson, Jr ., a helicopter
            . Contrary to some reports that he was          which lawyers will argue motions about the             pilot, ordered his gunner to fire on US troops
         interrupted by an Army attache' "catching up"      scope of the upcoming trial before military            to halt the killing during the My Lai massacre.
         with him, Rockwood wanted the Army noti-           judge advocate Lt. Col . Robert D . Newberry           For this he later received the Distinguished
         tied of his whereabouts . He hoped to provoke      of Fort Rutger, Alabama.                               Flying Cross . In the 1973 Military Court of
         the arrival of troops who would be forced to             In the face of growing international me-         Appeals decision against Lt. William Calley
         take over the prison once they were physically     dia coverage of his case, the military will try to                                 for My Lai, the court
         "in the presence of"                                                                                                                  noted in response to
         abuses. He was not al-                                                                                                                the classic defense of
         lowed to see the main                                                                                                                 obedience that "a
         cell block, but in the                                                                                                                 soldier is areason-
         infirmary he glimpsed                                                                                                                  ing agent ." '
         iwo dozen male and
         female inmates, un-                                                                                                                  Setting the
          shaven, skeletal,                                                                                                                   Stage
         crammed in a tiny cell.                                                                                                                  Hugh Thompson
          At this time                                                                                                                        is a Rockwood hero,
          Rockwood was a                                                                                                                      along with German
          counterintelligence                                                                                                                 Col . Claus von

         8 Peace Newsletter 5/95
Stauffenberg, who led the 1944 attempt to Bragg, and never asked what he found in the                     General (who urged him
assassinate Hitler, and French counterintelli- National Penitentiary or why he went there.                to complain anony-
gence officer Col . Georges Maria Picard, im- Indeed, Pede asserted there had been "no                    mously and thus save his
prisoned for exposing the anti-Semitic scheme specific" evidence of human rights abuses in                15-year career as a com-
to railroad Capt . Alfred Drayfess on espio- the National Penitentiary.                                   missioned officer), the
nage charges in 1894.                                     On her first trip to Haiti, after the Febru-    same day he decided he
       Rockwood often notes another precedent: ary hearing, Anna Husarska discovered from                 would act alone . The
the 1945 death sentence of Gen . Tomoyuki Gen Meade's successor there, Gen. Hill, that                    Pentagon material sup-
Yamashita, former commander of Japanese the 10th Mountain Division didn't mention                         ported the some 70 "hair-
forces in the Philippines, who failed to prevent actually inspecting the National Penitentiary            raising" reports daily
his subordinates committing atrocities, though in its "situation reports" until December 19.              crossing his desk regard-
he neither approved nor even knew of their Gen. Hill had assumed the MNF would have                       ing abuses against Hai-
acts . This standard of responsibility was up- gone into prisons right away, "absolutely,"                tians, not threats to US
held by the US Supreme Court in 1946.                before he asked an aide to get the exact date.       forces.
        I first heard of Lawrence Rockwood about For more than three months, 20,000 US sol-                      On September 27,
a week before his "Chapter 32b hearing" at diers patrolled Haiti without being ordered to                 Rockwood's company received word of the
Fort Drum on February 22 (equivalent to a inspect the largest—and by accounts of Dan-                     US Army's discovery of shocking prison con-
grand jury) . Jail activist Kathleen Rumpf ish investigators, worst prison in the coun-                   ditions at Les Cayes, outside Port-au-Prince,
handed me some clippings, including a Febru- try .                                                         and he briefly thought he could organize an
 ary 5 Washington Post                                                               Prior to the US      official inspection team for the National Peni-
 article by Anna                                                                   invasion in Sep-        tentiary . He now says the Les Cayes report
Husarska (who's since "For the last 28 years we haven't tember                                   .1994,    added definite momentum to his own course.
 written a lengthy pro- taken seriously what we thrust on Rockwood had                                           Ironically, on October 1 The New York
 file in the April 11 Vil- the rest of the world at Nuremberg ." spent two months                          Times printed an article on another Port-au-
 lage Voice andreturned                                                            at Fort Drum pre:       Prince prison used as a Cedras stronghold,
 to Haiti twice for fur-                                                           paring . He fours       Fort Dimanche, "the Auschwitz of Haiti ." On
 ther research), and a copy of Rockwood's Army sources misinformed—vague ab€t                                  tober 10, the Miami Herald printed an ex-
 November 18 letter to Gen . Meade . Apologiz- abuses by military and police but he                           se of the squalid prisons at both Les Cayes
 ing for "approximations" since his notes were weighted toward fearsome, detailed ac*ii4 .        .        an Aquin as US Special Forces ordered clean-
 taken from him, Rockwood proceeds in eight of Aristide supporters as "mobs ." An ex                      ?up . On the 12th, the Washington Post printed
  single-spaced pages to detail exactly what sive March 20, 1995 article by Dan Cot                        more details about torture in Les Cayes .,
  thorough, systematic efforts he made to go from Haiti Progres (now on Internet) al                       Rockwood notes also that there have been
  through channels to effect an inspection of the details the Army's habit of categorizing vi              comparisons between the Green Berets out:
  five detention centers around Port-au-Prince lence against Haitian poor as simply "Haiti                > uide Port-au-Prince and the 10th Mountain
  that most concerned him, from his first work- on-Haitian ." This equating the two side';;                Division in the capital . On March 13, Presi=
  ing shift upon arrival on September 23 . He. ;(FRAPH versus Lavalas) is somewhat rerr i                  dent Aristide's new "Truth and Justice Com-
  details how he was thwarted by his superiors       :tiscent of Holocaust deniers claiming they           mission" invited Rockwood to testify on these
  repeated assertion that their primary objectjl          d merely another equally viable opinion.          and other matters as soon as they begin public
  was "force protection." He lays out his            #titer sources, especially Amnesty Interna-           hearings in Haiti.
  basis for action in President Clinton's       ep-`   oij~wl, had clearly reported the horrific prison           Capt. Rockwood insists military profes-
  tember 15 directive to stop atrocities, his tf        nditions well before the invasion. (As we go        sionalism has to do with service and the capac -
  tary oath of office, historical precedent andth     o press, the Amnesty International investiga-         ity to be self-regulating. "I'm taken aback by
  written directives of both the US military and       or in London is completing an updated report         the idea that an officer is an executive, a
  his own Division . 'Finally, he refuses to dis-         Haitian prison conditions since the return        businessman . It rubs me the wrong way," he
  avow military service wholesale for what he            Aristide .) Once in Haiti, Rockwood discov-        says . He further decries the model of intense
  sees as "aberrations" in Vietnam and Haiti.         ered his new intelligence reports on abuses           competition for promotion since 1973 in the
                                                      were being filtered out of the "all source            wake of Vietnam.
  Testimony                                           analysis" daily summary for his superiors.                  Rockwood's father, an Air Force intelli-
         The tiny courtroom was packed that win-            He's since observed that the "enthusi-          gence officer who had help liberate a Nazi
  try day . Even mentioning tropical Haiti seemed     asm" he saw among US soldiers for anti-               death camp, later took his young son to visit
  incongruous. Periodically we civilians had to Communist projects while serving in the Hon-                Dachau in Germany . In the May 95 issue of
  vacate into the hall during discussions of clas- duras was generally lacking for Haiti . On               Shambala Sun, a Canadian-based journal, prac -
   sified material . The military prosecutor (who August 10 Rockwood requested material from                ticing Tibetan Buddhist Rockwood says that
  jauntily identified himself throughout as Ma- the Pentagon about conditions in Haiti's con-               experience "became the key to my whole
  jor Chuck Pede) spent much time discussing finement facilities . He didn't get an answer                  belief system . That's what `All men are cre-
   the tone of Capt . Rockwood's voice during until September 30, the same day he com-                          "key beliefs" cont'd on page 10
   one exchange with his superior, Lt . Col . Frank plained formally to his division's Inspector

                                                                                                                        5/95 Peace Newsletter 9
On the Fast Track
An Activist's Guide to Fasting
Ed Kinane                                          Salvador by graduates of the US Army School folks from DC and around the country came to
                                                   of the Americas.                                 fast or otherwise provide support for one or a
                                                         Now when I find myself in jail, I always few days. There was lots of good conversation
     is not this the fast that I choose:           refuse food . A couple of years ago during the and networking. Such solidarity makes a fast
to loose the bonds of wickedness, to               Colraine, Massachusetts war tax resistance less arduous.
                                                   campaign, I consumed only water during my              Some folks in DC and elsewhere fasted
undo the thongs of the yoke, to let
                                                   ten days in jail. Last year with about a dozen   on their own, apart from the main group on the
the oppressed go free, and to break
                                                   others I did a 40 day juice-only fast on the steps, which must be a much tougher way to
every yoke?" —Isaiah 58:6                                                                                                    go . Remarkably,
                                                   steps of the Capitol
                                                   in Washington, DC.                                                        Harvey Pinyoun of
                                                   We were protesting fasting makes us more mind-                            Plymouth Church
(ONCE SPENT A YEAR teaching at a one                the School of the fui of our addictions and                              fasted on his own last ,
   room Quaker school in a remote hamlet in         Americas (S.O.A .). over-consumption                                     year in Syracuse for 85
the highlands of Kenya . It was a drought year;     For some months be-                                                      days to protest US
like my students and the family I boarded with,     fore and after that fast,                                                policy towards Haitian
I ate only twice a day . The nearest grocery was    my partner Ann and I would fast one day a refugees.
11 miles down a rough dirt road ; and the           week in solidarity with the people of Haiti.          Politically, public fasting can be useful.
roundtrip fare into town would cost me half a       This March a group of us fasted for a week on    When a fast is in DC or some state capital, it
day's wage. Often I would go to bed hungry.         the steps of. the Capitol, again to protest the can provide the occasion for legislative lobby-
I lost lots of weight and eventually caught         S.O.A ., that school of assassins.               ing. The fast can capture some (though usually
hepatitis.                                                Apart from some normal hunger, most of not much) media attention and thereby help
      For years afterward I hoarded food . At       the time during the S .O.A. fasts my body publicize the issue . It draws in activists and
home here in Syracuse, I always kept my             didn't seem to know it was going without concerned citizens, whether to fast or provide
refrigerator, and even my backpack, well            food . Not being new to me, and not being support and solidarity, thus strengthening the
stocked. I still get anxious when our cupboard      outside my control, the S .O.A. fasting wasn't movement.
thins out . You could say I have some baggage       a shock to my system. Besides, a juice fast is        In the case of the S .O.A. fasts, our pres-
around food.                                        far less demanding and risky than a water fast. ence at the Capitol, along with our banners,
      But the baggage is diminishing. I think       V-8 and fruit juice are remarkably sustaining. leaflets, and conversation, helped educate the
that's because of my experience with volun-          Also, having come from out of town, we thousands who tour the Capitol everyday.
tary fasting. Several years ago some of us           weren't drained or distracted by daily respon- Most of the public we talked to had never
lhsted for a week in front of the Cathedral . We     sibilities.                                     heard of the S .O.A., and when they learned
did so to protest the 1989 assassination of,               Both this year and last year hundreds of
 among so many others, the six Jesuits in El

 !'heroes" cont'd from                           identifies with and relies heavily upon the          haven't taken seriously what we thrust on the
                                                 military, and she says the most moving re-           rest of the world at Nuremberg ."
 page 9                                          sponses are from other vets—that she is study-            The evening of the February 22nd hear-
   led equal' means ." Indeed it forced a crisis ing this further and would welcome comments          ing, the CNY Chapter ofthe ACLU decided to
fpr him because Christianity did not explain from other citizens . She also speculates whether        award Lawrence Rockwood this year' sKharas
ich things . Elsewhere he's said, "If you stud- it's "odd" that peace and human rights groups         Award for civil liberties. The award dinner
i$d the lives of people like the concentration "who are stereotyped as being anti-military"           takes place Wednesday, May17, at the Carou-
camp commandants, the problem is they are would rally to his cause . This reminded me of              sel Skydec . Ramsey Clark ' s keynote address
tot evil. They're your next door neighbor ." charges that citizens seeking police account-            at 8 pm . is free and open to the public. Local
The same of course has been said of those who ability are only "cop-bashing." Perhaps it is           Amnesty International is working on this event
rescued Holocaust victims, who—like the ultimate inadequacy of such dichotomies                       as well. Forfurther information about dinner
.ockwood himself—vigorously claim not to that the discipline of Buddhism resolves for                 tickets, sponsored tables and arrangements
be "heroes."                                     Lawrence Rockwood.                                   for limited incomes, call the ACLU office at
       Professor Rebecca Riehm at Jefferson            Recently I asked him how, as a trained         471-2821.
Community College in Watertown has re-           military historian, he sees his situation . He
ctently had Rockwood speak to her classes said, "This really addresses principles the Army                  Nancy works with the Syracuse Task
                                                                                                       Force on Community & Police Relations, and
several times. She is so struck by the 70-85% decided not to adhere to during Vietnam. But             the Coalition for Justice In the Jail. She edits
 approval rating of his actions among her stu- the dilemma is, these standards are still legal         Policing by Consent for the National
dents—from a conservative area that both in international law . For the last 28 years we               Coalition on Police Accountability.

10 Peace Newsletter 5/95

    about it, many were aghast. Some then agreed,       fast not for a mere 40 days, but for five centu-
    while they were visiting Washington, to lobby       ries .                                                 As we go to press the Fast
    their Congress people to close the School.
                                                                                                 01        to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is
         Fasting also has personal value . Like             Ed is a member of the Peace Newsletter         going on at the UN.
    many other North Americans I eat too much:            i
                                                        edtorial committee.
                                                                                                                Daniel Ellsberg and the other or-
    fasting probably improves my health . Be-                                                              ganizers are asking world political and
    cause of the discipline and self-knowledge                                                             religious leaders, outstanding figures
    that comes with fasting, I'm less grouchy or         Here are some rules for fasting:
                                                                                                           in the arts, in the sciences, and con-
    immobilized now when a meal is delayed.                                                                cerned citizens to fast for at least one
    This greater resiliency is empowering.               • Pace yourself . Avoid the strenuous
                                                                                                           day during the period of the Non-Prolif-
         As an embodied metaphor for non-at-               and get enough rest and sleep.
                                                                                                           eration Treaty (NPT) Review and Re-
    tachment and reducing consumption gener-             • When it's chilly, have extra layers of
                                                                                                           newal Conference taking place at the
    ally, fasting makes us more mindful of our             clothing at hand . Fasters are vulner-
                                                                                                           UN from April 17 to May 12.
    addictions and over-consumption. Over-con-             able to the cold.
                                                                                                                The purpose of the Fast and asso-
    sumption is an immense threat to the planet          • Drink plenty of water . Drink enough
                                                                                                           ciated activities, is to demand that—
    and its creatures . In the US, our over-con-           so that you urinate frequently and
                                                                                                           before or during the NPT Renewal
    sumption is directly linked to the US imperium         your urine is clear.
                                                                                                           Conference itself—the US and other
    perpetrated by the School of the Americas.           • On a long fast get monitored medi-
                                                                                                           nuclear weapons states take concrete
    The S .O .A . does this by training Latin Ameri-       cally . During our 40 day fast, thanks
                                                                                                           steps to free the world of nuclear weap-
    can military officers to torture and kill workers      to the Community for Creative Non-
                                                                                                           ons . Specifically such states should
    and peasants seeking wage and land reform in           violence clinic, we all had two or
                                                                                                           immediately schedule multilateral ne-
    their own countries . Such reform threatens US         three medical check-ups.
                                                                                                           gotiations toward this goal.
    corporate profit.                                    • Be careful going off the fast . Go off
                                                                                                                Those taking part in the Fast are
          Fasting—and the "time out" that goes             slowly, gradually—eating clear
                                                                                                           asked to inform their local community
    with it—helps me focus on the issue and                soups and broths, etc . for afew days
                                                                                                           and media, their political representa-
    deepens my investment in it . I feel closer to          until your stomach gets used to food
                                                                                                           tives, others who might wish to join,
    those in the Caribbean and Latin America who            again . Avoid fatty food . Resuming
                                                                                                           and the nuclear Age Peace Founda-
    often go hungry thanks to US trade and labor            regular eating habits too quickly can
                                                                                                           tion, (805) 965-3443, FAX (805) 568-
    policy . And to US subversion. In Latin America         result in prostration and painful
                                                                                                           0166 .
    workers and peasants have been on a coerced            cramping .

                                                                                                                   5/95 Peace Newsletter 11,

                                                                                                                  After seven to nine months of intensive
                                                                                                            confinement the minks are killed and skinned.

                                                             Animal Defense League
                                                                                                            Our organization, the Animal Defense League,
                                                                                                            has video footage of a mink rancher killing the
                                                                                                            animals by breaking their necks. The animals
        r . ,ca.   w                                                                                        do not die instantly and the video shows them
                                                                                                            writhing in agony as they lie on the floor to die.
    Ah, Spring! Flowers.. .and Fleas                    Kris Qua                                            It is estimated that 85 percent of the smaller
    Linda DeStefano                                          With winter behind us, the fur/anti-fur        mink farms, and one-third of the large ones,
         With the joys of spring come unwelcome         debate is heating up. Activists in Syracuse         kill by neck-breaking. One reason for this and
    guests. How do we rid ourselves of fleas            continue to slam Bonwit Teller for selling furs     other killing methods is cost efficiency.
    without harming our companion animal, our-          and are rejoicing at store projections of a bad           Other farms gas the animals . This can be
    self or the environment? My own experience          season. Meanwhile at the national level fur         done with carbon monoxide or carbon diox-
    shows me it's important to act quickly before       farms are being attacked for using genital          ide. Some mink farmers' handbooks recom-
    there is a serious infestation. My cats are         electrocution to kill animals, even as the fur      mend using carbon monoxide from a car ex-
    strictly indoor felines so it's much easier to      industry runs a multi-million dollar media-         haust pipe. Carbon dioxide kills by suffoca-
    control the few fleas which are carried in on       blitz to brighten its tarnished image               tion. These unfiltered gases burn the eyes and
    people's shoes or clothes (probably as eggs).            For example, genital electrocution is an       lungs of animals. Often times, not enough gas
          If I do see suspicious scratching by Jas-     industry standard for chinchillas, with the          is used and the animal is sill alive when the
    mine or Sombra, I groom them with a flea            Chinchilla Industry Council arguing that the         skinning process begins.
    comb (available at pet supply stores) . I then      practice is humane . This claim is countered by            Fox farmers kill by anal electrocution,
    dunk the caught flea in a nearby glass of warm,     the American Veterinary Medical Associa-             although the American fur industry claims US
    soapy water where s/he seems to die quickly         tion who point out that the animal feels full        fox farms kill by lethal injection . This public
    without prolonged distress (Yes, I do have          pain of cardiac arrest for two minutes . Re-         relations tactic is used to deceive the public.
    some sympathy for the fleas; I don't want to        member that approximately 100 chinchillas            Lethal injection is perceived to be humane
    cause them unnecessary pain) . If you don't         die to make one full-length coat.                    because animal shelters often euthanasia ani-
    drown the fleas, they may jump back on your               Although our- attention is currently on        mals with this method. However, animal shel-
    dog or cat.                                         chinchilla, keep in mind that 80 percent of all      ters use sodium phenobarbital which is rather
          I follow this routine almost daily until I    furs sold are made from minks . Minks are an         expensive . Most fox farms use magnesium
    see no more fleas . Meantime, I sprinkle table      active, solitary furbearer. They have a range in     sulfate, nicotine sulfate, curarifonn drugs or
    salt and Borax Laundry Booster in a ration of       the wild of five square miles but are confined       strychnine . These chemicals all cause pro-
    roughly 26 oz . salt to 84 oz. of Borax . I then    to cages 10 to 18 inches in length on fur farms.     longed, painful death.
    sweep or brush it into the rug . Quantity de-       As semi-aquatic animals they normally spend                In reality, even if US fox farmers did kill
    pends on the size of your home . This seems to      65 to 70 percent of their time in the water.         by painless means, it wouldn't make much of
    kill the fleas at all stages of development.        However, on fur farms they are denied water          an impact. US fox farmers produce less that
    Even with weekly vacuuming, this doesn't            beyond drinking needs . Without water to cool        two percent of the world's fox. Ranchers in
     seem to need reapplication for weeks, months,      off during the hot summer months, their body         other nations don't hide the fact that they kill
     or until there is a new flea sighting.              temperatures reach unbearable highs and as          by anal electrocution . And regardless, investi-
           Scooping up fleas or flea eggs with a dry-    many as ten percent die from heat-related           gators still found that some US fox farmers kill
     bag vacuum can result in eggs hatching in the       diseases.                                           by anal electrocution.
     bag . For this reason I use a Rainbow Vac, with                                                               All of this should provide reason enough
     a water receptacle which I empty down the          apply it lightly and no more than once a week.        to not buy or wear fur. ADL believes killing an
     drain.                                             It continues, "Some animals may be sensitive          animal for 'vanity is fundamentally wrong.
           What not to do to control fleas? Try to      to ingredients in this or similar pesticide prod-     ADL does not believe a living, feeling being
     avoid using commercial pesticides on your cat      ucts . Pets should be observed following treat-       should lose his or her life so that someone can
     or dog . If you do use them, please read and       ment . If salivation, tremors or vomiting occur       dress up in the victim's skirls for a night on the
     follow the directions carefully . One danger-      after treatment, pets should immediately be           town.
     ous example is Hartz Blockade Flea and Tick        bathed with a non-pesticide shampoo and                    If the truth about the fur trade makes you
     Spray. According to various sources Block-         wrapped in a towel to prevent chilling and            angry and you want to do something about it,
     ade caused many poisonings when it was             taken to a veterinarian, with the product con-        contact the Animal Defense League, P.O . Box
     introduced in 1987 . The director of the Na-       tainer." Why chance using such a product on           6845, Syracuse, NY 13217.
     tional Animal Poison Control Center told me        you trusting companion animal?                             The A .D .L . is asking that people boy-
     that although the formula hasn't changed, in             Meanwhile, perhaps you have some ad-            cott Bonwit Teller until it stops selling fur.
     his opinion it was now acceptable because          vice to share with us . Have you tried any of the     To express your concern in writing you can
     there is a new warning label.                      "natural" flea control products? What has or          contact:
           The warning label tells you not to use the   hasn't worked for you? Contact us at People           Mr. Murray Daitchman
     product on pregnant cats, cats under one year,     for Animal Rights, PO Box 35B, Syracuse,              9569 Carousel Center
     puppies under three months, old animals, sick      NY 13215, 488-PURR (7877) between 9 AM                Syracuse, NY 13290.
      animals or debilitated animals. It tells you to    and 10 :45 PM.

      12 Peace Newsletter 5/95                                           OMMUNI1v UPDATE

                                                                 COHH/N/N 1/PL'AJE

                                                             Beyond                                     Fightback!
 ay 2 Program and Fast                                    Founded in 1993, Beyond Boundaries            Flghtback! Course Offered
    Why does Peace Action, an organization          (BB) is a small, independent. grassroots orga-           Fightback! a unique course teaching
 to works towards the long term vision of the       nization serving Central New York. BB is            physical and emotional self-defense skills for
 olition of nuclear weapons, oppose indefi-         based in the near South Side of Syracuse.           women, will be offering another class starting
 :e extension of the Non-proliferation Treaty       Through the vehicle of planning, fund-raising,      in May . The class consists of 25 hours of
 PT)?                                               and participating in an annual work project,        intensive training, and will be held on the
    It seems obvious that everyone wants to         we get diverse Central New Yorkers meeting          following evenings and weekends—May 13,
 pp the spread of nuclear weapons . That, as        together bi-weekly. Working and personal re-        14, 17, 20, and 21, 1995 . The class meets in the
 e name implies, is the purpose of the Non-         lationships ripen among those who otherwise         Dr. Martin Luther King School on West Castle
 oliferation Treaty . But the purpose of - the      would be separated by barriers of race, culture     Street in Syracuse.
nay is not just to keep weapons out of new          and class.                                               The Fightback! curriculum is nationally
aids, but to also to remove them from the                 BB actively recruits from distinct neigh-     based and has been developed and taught for
iclear "haves . " Peace Action calls for lim-       borhoods and from distinct ethnic and class         20 years around the country . The female in-
xl extension of the treaty with periodic re-        backgrounds. While we are now made up of            structor teaches a knock-out defense against a
Lew to check for progress on Article VI which       Euro- and African-Americans from various            single unarmed assailant in real-life scenarios.
,ells out the responsibility of nuclear nations     socio-economic strata, our 1995 goal is to          The course focuses on empowerment and over-
  disarm:                                           recruit two members of Syracuse's Latino            coming the fear which prevents women from
    Each of the parties to the Treaty un-           community.                                          responding with the power they already have.
dertakes to pursue negotiations in good                   Each year we work hand in hand with a         Any women can do it, there are no age or
faith on effective measures relating to the          community in another region or in another          physical limitations.
cessation of the nuclear arms race at an             culture helping it to meet a basic need it has          The course fee for 25 hours of training is
early date and to nuclear disarmament,               defined . In 1994 BB spent three weeks help-       $325 and financial arrangements are possible.
and on a treaty on a general and complete            ing to build a technical school in Ghana, West     If you are interested in this class, please con-
disarmament under strict and effective               Africa . In '95 we will take part in a tree        tact Fightback! at 422-0555.
international controls.
                                                     planting and rehabbing project in Nicoy a, Costa
                                                     Rica.                                                             UNOLMSIREDS
     Many nations feel that the nuclear pow-                                                            For Adloptlon --Loveable, neurotic dog;
                                                          BB is committed to making participation
rs have not acted in good faith to fulfill this                                                         half husky, half collie, male, nuetered, 6
                                                     feasible for highly motivated low income indi-
peaty obligation . Even after the US and Rus-                                                           yrs . old ; good with children, cats, & some
                                                     viduals . While BB's major aim is to break
ia fully implement the START II treaty in                                                               dogs ; well trained, housebroken, affec-
                                                     down barriers here in Syracuse, it is undoubt-
003, they will have about the same number of         edly the promise of educational, cross-cul-        tionate, hates linoleum floors . (On limited
trategic nuClear warheads as when the NPT                                                               income, cannot keep) (315)423-4783
                                                     tural experience abroad that attracts most re-
vent into effect. China, France and the United       cruits . To make this possible, BB submits
 ingdom all have increased their nuclear ar-         grants and organizes two fund-raisers : an art
enals since that time. Wrangling over the            auction (on May 7, see flyer) and a dinner . Our    (315)   478-6214
 omprehensive Test Ban continues, and is not         fund-raising events involve a wide diversity of
sear a conclusion.                                   Central New Yorkers to further BB's goal of
     Review of the NPT is now underway at            eroding the barriers of race, class and culture
he United Nations. Peace Action members
tom Syracuse will be attending the Interna-
                                                     that divide Syracuse.
                                                           For more information about Beyond               Meg Sullivan - Chin
ional Citizens Assembly to Stop the Spread of
Weapons during the review conference in
                                                     Boundaries or the upcoming art auction, call
                                                     Aggie Lane at 478-4571.
                                                                                                               MA, CSW
nfew York City, and will have the opportunity
o speak to people from all over the world who                                                                   Certified Social Worker
                                                    Daniel Ellsberg, Joanna Macy, Bishop Tho-
lave come to the UN during the review ses-                                                                     Certified Reiki Practitioner
                                                    mas Gumbleton and other prominent peace-
sion about a global view of the treaty.             makers who will be fasting during the NPT
     Our May 2 program will be a report on          review calling for nuclear abolition . Fasters
fiews of the treaty from around the world . We      will gather at 6:30 PM for mutual support
nvite everyone to this program, at May Me-          before the 'meting.                                                     Promoting Mind, Body,
norial, 3800 E . Genesee St., at 7 :30 PM . You          Don't forget to also join us for a great                             Spirit Connection
ire also invited to join a solidarity fast on May   concert on May 6. See the enclosed flyer and
!, to support Rev. William Sloane Coffin,           please post it for others .

                                                                  € $IMuN/7Y 1/M4Te                                5/95 Peace Newsletter 13

                                                       LBENT Az AME,e/cAN/eAPB'EAN        CBOAU7/ON

      Central America / Caribbeam Coalition Update
                                                        portJennifer Harbury's and others' efforts to for $10 each . The funds support day care
                                                        have a full accounting of US involvement in centers in La Estancia.
                                                        torture and political repression in Guatemala
           April was another active month in Cen- (see page 17 of this PNL) . By time you read • Witness for Peace : Witness for Peace
      tral America Work :                               this it will probably still be relevant to call the has its Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat on May
                                                        White House comment line at (202) 456-1111          19-21 at Bucknell University . For more infor-
           Haiti : Haiti continues to generate great to request that all CIA documents on Guate- mation, please contact Richard Gardner (472-
      concern, as violence has escalated there and mala be declassified. The School of the Ameri- 9942).
      planned elections have been postponed until cas trained many of the Guatemalan officers
      June . People from the Syracuse area are still involved in torture.                                        The Central America/Caribbean Coali-
      expected to participate in delegations through                                                        tion had its long-promised discussion on pro-
      Peace Brigades International and Witness For            Peace Brigades International: There cess . Two major points emerged. One is that
      Peace. In refugee news, Haitian youth are will be a PBI delegation to Colombia from we make decisions by a process of developing
      being detained at Guantanamo, Cuba in very June 30 to July 11, and Ed Griffen-Nolan can consensus, and two is that we need to continue
      difficult conditions, even when they have rela- be contacted for more information about that. a discussion about our identity and role. When
      tives willing and able to sponsor them in the                                                         CACC was formed, the various Central
      US . The threat is that they will be held until •        Syracuse / La Estancia Sister Commu- America activist groups generally held meet-
      they are 18 years old (and some are young nity Project: The Estancia project is working ings immediately following the CACC gath-
      children), at which time they can be deported. on a newsletter to be sent out in May . On April ering; only Estancia consistently meets at that
                                                         30 there will have been an evaluation meeting time now . Those of us present felt that coali-
      •     Cuba : Mary Sopchek has applied to join to consider a plan for the next year . We have tions are an essential and vital part of left/
      the Pastors for Peace Friendshipment delega- a supply of woven bags (matatas) which sell activist organizing . Along the way of discuss-
      tion which will go to Cuba at the end of June.        UNWED SWIM                                      ing process, we reached consensus to formally
                                                                                       CENTRAL AMERICA
      Contact her at 426-0730 if you have any ma-`                                     AND THE CARIBBEAN express our support for the Coalition for the
      terial aid, particularly school supplies, to send                                                     Common Good in the struggle against the
      with the caravan . On a cultural note, Doug                                                           Contract on America and for humane priori-
      Igelsrud is exploring whether the Cuban band                                                          ties at home and abroad
      Mezcla can be brought here for a concert on
      June 24.                                                                                                    Next CACC meeting : Wednes-
                                                                                                          day, May 10, 1995, at 6 PM, at
      • Guatemala : Ed Kinane was among nine                                                              Plymouth Church . Potluck while
      people arrested in March at the Guatemalan                                                            eeting, followed by Estancia
      embassy. Solidarity work continues to sup-
                                                                                                          and possibly other meetings.

                                 Dr. Douglas Dickson

                                                     Heel Pain • Arch Pain                                   MARiLyN              A. MILLER

                                                   Ingrown Toenail •                Bunions
                                                                                                                  Divorce • Real Estate
                                                             Westvale Foot Care                                     Wills • Mediation
             Lyncourt Foot Care
             (Across from Syr. China)                          (At Geddes Plaza)                                104 Pleasent St, Manlius
                  2802 Court St.                              2010 W Genesee St.
               Syracuse, NY 13208                             Syracuse, NY 13219
                 (315) 454-3320                                 (315) 487-1114

       I4 Peace Newsletter 5/95                                          eOMfl///VM/ t/DDATE

       Matter of Life or Death
vocal Organizing Against the Death Penalty Shifts Gears
out Frazier                                       and the immensely complex legal/procedural turned,- the Legislature will not enact a new
                                                  issues connected to the death penalty. Such one."
                                                  issues include; understanding the exact nature         According to Linda Thurston, Death Pen-
                                                  of the bill, learning about constitutional is- alty Coordinator at Amensty International,
                                                  sues; developing clarity regarding the role the U.S.A., "Amnesty International opposes the
                                                  local district attorney                                                       death penalty be-

4     0RE THAN 200 Central New Yorkers
      braved freezing February temperatures
otesting the death penalty at Columbus
                                                  plays in a possible capi- "Death penalty supporters
                                                  tal punishment case,
                                                  and understanding the
                                                                                                                                cause of its long-
                                                                              may believe that their battle is standingrights . The
                                                                                                                                          support for

rcle. Their rallying cry joined New Yorkers       economics of prosecut- over, but opponents know                               death penalty is a
tte-wide as organizing efforts against state-     ing a death penalty case that is not the case."                               violation of human
actibned executions move into higher gear.        and Appeals Court tie-                                                        rights standards ."
   "Death penalty supporters may believe          ups.                                              Noting that the trend internationally is to abol-
at their battle is over," stated Damaris                Local educational/action strategies that ish the death penalty, she states, "Sadly the
cGuire, Executive Director of New Yorkers         fight against state=sanctioned executions nec- United States is heading in the opposite direc-
gainst the Death Penalty, "but opponents          essarily follow . There's something for every- tion. New York should join the rest of the
low that is not the case . Our ultimate goal is   one .                                             world."
at New York does not execute. The passage               We are all connected. The students who            CNY People Against the Death Penalty
the death penalty bill is a setback, but by no    march to the Federal Building protesting bud- has given support to two major events within
cans an insurmountable setback ."                 get cuts. The citizens protesting crime and the next two months: a state-wide March
   Norman Siegel, Executive Director of the       drugs. The support people who keep sending and Rally at Sing-Sing Prison, Saturday,
ew York Civil Liberties Union, states : "We       in those small, essential contributions that May 20 and a "Syracuse EVENT" against
e committed to a visible, vocal and activist      make mailings possible and trips to Central the death penalty on Sunday, June 4 . At-
mpaign to invalidate and repeal the new           America a reality . Those who visit prisoners tend the organizing meeting May 1, at 3049
ath penalty law. Governor Pataki must un-         with messages of nonviolence. A long list, E Genesee St, 7 PM. Tom Mueller (422-
rstand that the signing of the death penalty      indeed.                                           1679) is the contact person for rides to Sing
gislation did not end the debate surrounding            As one of several who work with the Sing ; Lance Hogan (425-1480) is the con-
e issue of whether New York should engage         CNY People Against the Death Penalty Com- tact person for the June 4 "EVENT ."
the business of premeditated executions of        mittee, my hope is you will also "take a turn"          The Syracuse EVENT will be a part of a
tr citizens ."                                    for a little while in a way that sense for you. network of state-wide Anti-Death Penalty ac-
   Following the February Rally, Central          You could help ; help organize the upcoming tivities on June 4. Hundreds of local commu-
ew Yorkers have committed to a schedule of        events, learn about the legal issues, clarify the nity anti-death penalty activities, ranging from
nonthly education/businessmeeting on death        different bases for opposition to the death public education forums, religious sermons,
malty organizing, with an in-between, bi-         penalty, or helpdevelop a long-range strategy peaceful picketing, marches, block parties, art
eekly "nuts-and-bolts" meeting.                   that will keep executions from originating exhibits, performances, concerts and demon-
    On the first Monday of each month,            within the courts of Central New York.            strations will take place.
IS CNY People Against the Death Pen-                    Opposition to the death penalty comes             The time for regular, steady, organized
lty meets at 3049 E . Genesee Street              from many different directions . Ron Tabak, protest and educational work is here. Come be
ack door across from Nottingham                   President of New Yorkers Against the Death a part of making history for the 21st century.
ugh school) for a one-hour business               Penalty, is convinced the recently signed law           Paul is a Syracuse agricultural and
looting and a one-                                                            is so badly flawed political activist.                             d'
our educational                                                               no one will be ex- Recomended Reading
rum, beginning at                                                             ecuted under it. "We • Dead Man Walking: An Eyewitness Ac-
 PM and ending                                                                will work to make       count of the Death Penalty in the United
tomptly at 9 PM.                                                              sure there are no ex-   States, by Sr. Helen Prejean
Se next meeting is                                                            ecutions under this • In Spite of Innocence (1992), by M.
b Monday, May 1.                                                              statute and endorse     Radeiet, H . Bedau & C. Putnam
   The exciting part                                                          the broader effort to • A Punishment In Search of a Crime:
 this educational/or-                                                         educate the public      Americans Speak Out Against the Death
    mg work is the                                                            about the real prob-    Penalty (1989), by . Ian Gray & Moira
 ique combination of                                                          lems of capital pun-    Stanley (For Amnesty International
    ethical/moral/po-                                                         ishment, so that af-    U .S .A .)
lcal views about a                                                            ter this law is over- • The Execution Protocol: Inside America's
ate-sanctioned act                                                                                     Capital Punishment Industry (1993), by
                                                                                                       Stephen Trombley

                                                                                                               5/95 Peace Newsletter 15
Money to Burn
Ogden Martin Tied to Incinerator Scam in Lee County,Florida
                                                  campaign won by 500 votes, and anti-incin- merce to facilitate an unlawful activity: Lnkis,
                                                  erator commissioners Vicki Lopez-Wolfe and now Vicki's husband, is accused of providing
                                                  Ray 'Judah took office in January of 1991, money to Lopez-Wolfe in exchange for assis-
                                                  amidst celebrations that Ogden Martin had tance for his clients, Goldman-Sachs Com-
                                                  been defeated. At this time Ogden Martin pany and Ogden Projects Inc . Yes, Ogden
                                                  began a large scale grass-roots campaign urg - Projects is the parent company of OgdenMar-

Tu       NAME OGDEN MARTIN conjures
      p many images for central New Yorkers.
The largest of which is probably the connec-
                                                  ing residents to change their commissioners tin, and now with these indictments released it
                                                  minds, about the incinerator. This campaign raises serious questions as to what actually
                                                  included full page                                                         occurred in order to
tion to the 810 ton-per-day incinerator burning   newspaper ' ads and what Ogden Martin really                               get the Lee County In
in Onondaga County right now . Unfortunately,     telephone canvassing cares about is that their                             cinerator running.
leaving central New York does not get you         which told people'                                                              These indict
outside of Ogden Martin's realm, for they are     about the supposed incinerator is up and running ments also include an
the number one operator of municipal trash        upcoming county                                                            accusation against
incinerators in the United States, controlling    landfill crisis, and how, if the incineratorwasn't Lopez-Wolfe and Lukis that they extorted
26% of the trash incineration market . Many       built, economic catastrophe would befall the against 1992 Lee County Commissioner can-
across the country are familiar with the name     county.                                            didate Susan Anthony. Anthony was running
Ogden Martin.                                           Ogden Martin had previously worked as an anti-incinerator commissioner when she
      One group all too familiar with Ogden       with its sponsor Smith Barney, in Fort Meyers was approached by Lopez-Wolfe and Lukis
Martin is the residents of Lee County, Florida.   on how to get an incinerator in place with the who claimed that they had an uncomplimen-
In November of 1990 the residents fought hard     least amount of public opposition . They also tary video of Anthony and Waste Manage-
to defeat Ogden Martin's plans to build a         held a secret symposium in Philadelphia, again ment lobbyist Bruce Strayhom. Coinciden-
1,200 ton-per-day incinerator in Fort Meyers,     with Smith Barney, educating the experts on tally, Lopez-Wolfe was involved in an inti-
Florida, a city in Lee County. A signed con-      the benefits of an incinerator and how few mate relationship with Strayhom from around
tract between Lee County and Ogden Martin         negative possibilities existed . This sympo- the fall of 1990 to the fall of 1992 . Lopez-
made the possibility of defeating the incinera-   sium was attended by individuals hand picked Wolfe then began an intimate relationship
tor slim. However, the residents of Lee County    by Ogden Martin itself, while others who with Sylvester Lukis, the Ogden Martin lob-
saw hope when in September of 1990, Vicki         wished to participate were'forbidden because byist, which later developed into marriage. If
Lopez-Wolfe began campaigning as an anti-         Ogden Martin claimed they lacked the "ability Lopez-Wolfe and Lukis are convicted on the
incinerator candidate for the position of Lee     to be impartial ."                                 eleven counts for which they are charged, they
County Commissioner. The anti-incinerator               Apparently, Ogden Martin achieved some could spend up to five years in prison and a
                                                  level of success, because five months later, fine of up to $350,000 on each count charged
                                                  after threatening to sue Lee County on breach except the bribery charge which carries a
                                                  of contract, the incinerator project was up and maximum of ten years incarceration . There
                                                  running again. This reversal was also due to are also more indictments pending.
                                                   two key commissioners who changed their                Currently, Lopez-Wolfe lives near Wash-
                                                  minds about the incinerator issue. Ray Judah ington DC, where she is involved in another
                                                   and Vicki Lopez-Wolfe were now pro-incin- incinerator battle . Again, she claims to be
                                                   erator. Both had campaigned against the in- against the 1,800 ton-per-day incinerator that
                                                   cinerator, and both made it possible for the Lee Ogden Martin wants to build in Montgomery
                                                   County incinerator to begin burning in the fall County, Maryland. She has even offered her
                                                   of last year.                                     assistance to local environmentaigroups get-
                                                        It is odd that individuals who were so ting signatures on petitions against the incin-
                                                   against the incinerator project were the ones erator . Lopez-Wolfe said she opposes the
                                                   who helped push it through. Apparently the Montgomery County incinerator because she
                                                   FBI thought so too, because on March 6,1995, doesn't think the taxpayers can afford it, since
                                                   the United States Attorney for the Middle the county has already borrowed $400 million
                                                   District of Florida announced that a federal and has a population of 700,000. Lee County
                                                   grand jury returned an eleven count indict- had to borrow $197 million, but they have a
                                                   ment against formed Lee County commis- population half the size of Montgomery county,
                                                   sioner Vicki Lopez-Wolfe, AKA Vicki Lopez- at 350,000. How could Lopez-Wolfe claim
                                                   Lukis, and Washington DC lobbyist Sylvester that Montgomery County residents can't af-
                                                   Lukis ; charging than with mail fraud, bribery, ford the incinerator when she was responsible
                                                   and use of a private carrier in interstate com-                       cont'd on next page

16 Peace Newsletter 5/95

    Conspiracy of Silence
    Evidence of CIA Complicity in Everado's Disappearance and Death
    Compiled by Joan Goldberg                           case all these years . Worse yet, Alpirez was a simply declassify them. We must insist that
                                                        CIA contact. . .and had been for years. He had this is a necessary step in order to restore
                                                        ordered the killing of Michael Devine . . .and an public confidence in our own government,
                                                        investigation had been called off. Then in and to promote justice . Please call the White
                                                        1992 he was given a large sum of money right House and demand this. Call (212) 456-1111.
                                                        about the time they say Everado                                         We must also ask for:
         ENIFER HARBURY, a US lawyer, spent             was killed. To date I have been                             • In depth Senate and Congressional
         1985-6 in Guatemala documenting hu-            given no documents or any                                         hearings on CIA and State De-
    man rights abuse testimony . Returning in 1990      further information . I do not                                    partment misconduct in Cen-
    she met and subsequently married Efrain             know where or how he died or                                       tral America during the last
    Bamaca Velasquez, a URNG resistance com-            where he is buried. But I cer-                                     twenty years.
    mander known as Everado (see January, 1995,         tainly plan to fmd out.                                            • An immediate phasing in of
    PNL, pg. 12). Jennifer's story has once again             In an added twist, it turns                                  sanctions against the army if
    reached international attention with evidence       out that the military aid sup-                                    human rights violations do not
    surfacing of her husband's capture, torture and     posedly cut off after Michael                                 immediately cease . Examples of
    death . Of particular note has been the implica-    Devine's death was simply rechan-                             such sanctions would be : cancel-
    tion of CIA involvement in the case.                nelled to the Guatemalan army                                  ling military visas to the US, can-
          Following are some exerpts from a recent      through the CIA . In other words,                              celling private sales of weapons
    letter...                                           my tax dollars went to kidnap-                                 and mechanical parts, such as
                                                        ping, secretly imprisoning, tor-                                helicopter parts, halt all covert
    Dear Friends,                                       turing and then assassinating my                                aid, extradite military drug traf-
          This is probably one of the most difficult    own husband.                                                    fickers, withdraw the national
    letters I have ever had to write. As most of you          Everardo grew up starving                                  guard, halt all training programs
    have already heard, Everardo is dead . From         and illiterate on a plantation. As                               of any kind.
    what Congressman Torricelli has told me, he         a Mayan, he was treated as if he                                        In closing this letter, I want
    was ordered to be executed sometime in 1992         were less than nothing . He                                       to tell all of you how much your .
    by Col . Julio Alpirez . The name is all too        fought for seventeen years with                                   support and caring has meant to
    familiar . . .far back in 1993 the eye witness      all his heart and soul to make                                    me . It has kept me alive both
    Santiago Cabrera Lopez, named Alpirez as the        things change. His first wife                                      literally and also emotionally . I
    man bending, over Everado's torture table.          died at his side during and                                        miss all of you and hope that
    Clearly the US Embassy staff didn't trouble         ambush, his second wife was tortured to death very soon I will be able to see you in person
    themselves too much with investigating the          by the army. He outlived most of his dearest again . Meanwhile, there is much to be done.
                                                        friends . And yet he found his life rich and Let us work together to free Guatemala for
                                                        rewarding, and refused steadfastly to retire to once and for all .
                                                        a safer and softer position outside of the moun-                       Abrazos,
    cont'd from last page                               tains . When it came to his values he was quiet                  Jennifer Harbury
    for one of the most expensive public works
                                                        immutable . Now his life has been snuffed out,         Joan is an adult education consultant
    projects ever in Lee County?
                                                        his bones tossed who knows where . My own and a local activist with the Central
          It is easy to make speculations as to what                                                                                                     db
    could have occurred during the Lee County           life will never be whole again, but I know that America/Caribbean Coalition .
                                                        I am alive still for a
    Commissioner elections of 1990 and 1992.
    Obviously Vicki Lopez-Wolfe, Sylvester              reason, and this is to
    Lukis, Bruce Strayhorn, and Susan Anthony           finish what he began . I
                                                        need your help.
    know, as does Ogden Martin; but what Ogden
    Martin really cares about is that their incineraL         The Guatemalan
    tor is up and running. They don't care about        army and the CIA are
    the pawns they use to help them achieve their       both monsters of our
    goal. After all, once an incinerator is built,      making . We must pull                            Aunt Vikki's Pet Simnel
    who is going to tear it down? Also important        them out by the roots.                         1st Rate Care, For Your Pets
    is that Ogden Martin was initially defeated         Let's get to work.                              For More Information Call
                                                              First of all we                      488-6269 or 433-9714 (Beeper #)
    after that first election. Big business can lose,
    but unfortunately corruption can also win.          must get hold of the
         Ryan is a senior at Syracuse University        files . This can be done
    majoring in English Textual Studies. He is          quickly by insisting
    currently an intern with the Syracuse Peace         that President Clinton
    Council.                                   O lt
                                                                                                                       5/95 Peace Newsletter I7

In the Corner Stands a Boxer                                                                                                                 V
Or, What I Get From My Workouts
Karen Hall                    I                                      Round 3                           ing a bad day, or, if they don't know me, they
                                                                                                       might think I'm rude, but rarely does my
                                                           IT'S MONDAY MORNINGand Charles              behavior come to symbolize the behavior of
                 Round 1                             is filling me in on how his fighters performed    all middle class white women . If I express
                                                     in the weekend's tournament. One young            anger connected toward men, I may run the

T    HE MOMENT I SAW HER on the "Mike
     Douglas Show," I knew that's what I
wanted to be, a woman professional boxer . I
                                                     fighter was warned by the referee to control
                                                     his temper or he would call the match. The
                                                     young man didn't control his temper and lost
                                                                                                       risk of representing all man-hating lesbians,
                                                                                                       but it's worth noting that only some types of
                                                                                                       anger connect me to my identity, whereas
had spent hours in front of the television           his bout . This makes me think of the sign I      racism has taught us to be frightened of any
watching amateur fights on "Wide World of            walk passed every day as I enter the gym,         anger a black man expresses.
Sports ." I had watched Mohammed Ali win             "Boxing, Martial Arts, Self-Improvement ." If          My class and my white skin privilege
and lose his title, and I had watched Sugar-Ray      self-improvement for him is at least in part      give me access to anger, and because of this,
Leonard's Olympic and professional success.          controlling his anger, what is it for me?         I don't have to depend on the gym or my
Now this woman boxer's appearance as a                                                                 workout to give me a safe place to express or
comic oddity on an afternoon talk show told            When I started taking boxing lessons,           be myself. I can expect wider realms of self-
me I could be a fighter too.                     friends asked me, "Why would you want some-           improvement. Peter DePasquale's book; "The
      Violence existed just beneath the surface  one to hit you in the head?!" It's hard to            Boxer's Workout : Fitness for the Civilized
in my childhood household, and I longed to       explain why I like going to the gym, but it's not     Man" begins with this dedication:
just get it over with. If they would only hit me,about hitting or getting hit. I like talking to the     When you make a fist, something primal
I thought, I could duck, jab, and run. I wanted  men I work out with about what Iron Mike                happens--a return to your roots that sets
to be like the fighters in the rings on television
                                                 Tyson's release from prison means to his                the stage for a deeper, more satisfying
who were determined, disciplined, and who        boxing career and to the public perception of           kind of fitness that will make you more
won and lost by rules they knew before they      African American athletes . We've talked about          effective in your professional life.
entered the ring.                                                                                            This book is dedicated to the growing
                                                 the treatment of Tyson versus the treatment of
                                                                                                         legion of white-collar men who make a
                                                 OJ, and it was one of the few intelligent
                                                                                                         boxer's workout an important part of their
                                                 conversations I've had about the Simpson                professional success to their courage,
                   Round 2                       trial. I like watching Charles interact with the        elan, and continued good fortune.
                                                 man with Down's syndrome who comes in to
     WHILE AT OHIO STATE University, I work out at the same time I do . Most of all I like             Much to my dismay, my privilege places me
taught an English composition class for high- entering into a world that is supposed to be                               closer to DePasquale and the
risk students, many of whom were athletes. remote from my own and                                                        "white-collar men" pictured
During the same season that Dante Lee re- seeing the common                                                              in his book who are identified
turned more than one kick off for a touch- ground we stand on . How-                                                     in each caption by name, ex-
down, his girlfriend received anonymous phone ever, when Charles and I                                                   ecutive rank, and company
messages ; the callers threatened "to kill Dante discuss rising incarcera-                                               than I am to most of the box-
Lee's nigger bitch girlfriend ." Raymont Har- tion rates and the fact that                                               ers in my gym. DePasquale's
ris, who would be recruited by professional more African American                                                        notion that essential/primal
teams his junior year, would show me pictures males between the ages of                                                  man is violent is itself inher-
of his baby daughter and talk to me about 18 and 24 are in prison                                                        ently violent and racist. Men
working to support two families, his mother than in college, I remind                                                    like DePasquale are tourists
and younger siblings and his own wife and myself not to romanticize                                                      who come to a primitive world
daughter. Kevin Griffey, Ken Griffey's son, these connections.                                                           to explore and take home sou-
said very little . Due to his low SAT scores, he       The privilege I live                                              venirs which will be interest -
fell under the jurisdiction of Proposition 48,   with makes the stakes of                                                ing and helpful in their ca-
which meant he couldn't play, practice, or what we learn at the gym very different . In the            reers . They use their privilege to travel to other
workout with the team, yet he was stripped of wider world, if Charles' young boxer doesn't             worlds and amass more privilege . Many of
a year of eligibility . I could see the NCAA's control his anger, he stands for one of the mass        you are saying, "Well what did you expect
rule was doing little good for this athlete ; he of frightening, angry young black men the             from the world of boxing?!" I can only answer
was giving up before he was even issued a government and the media portrays routinely                  that I expect and receive a lot more.
locker. I was witness to how Division I athlet- when they want us to fund more prisons and                  The self-improvement I get from boxing
ics used this "stable of horses," as one sports more police because such men need to be                plays itself out in board rooms' and grocery
writer referred to Coach Cooper's Buckeyes, controlled if they can't learn to control them-            stores . My trips to the gym offer me an oppor-
and all I could do was try to teach them how to selves. And if I fail to control my anger?             tunity to interrogate my privilege and how it
write a persuasive essay.                         Chances are people will think it's Karen hav-
                                                                                                                            cont'd on next page

18 Peace Newsletter 5/95
J~di Bari Survives Bomb                                                                                  Earth Firsts
FBI Violates Bill of Rights
Linda De Stefano                                     the bomb was placed                                                   small town papers and con-
                                                     under the driver's seat                                               fiscated letters from environ-
                                                     since that area of the                                                mentalists . They interviewed
                                                     car was destroyed.                                                    local police, personnel from
                                                     The photo also shows                                                  the timber companies and the
                                                     that the back floor of                                                anti-environmental "Wise
    SALUTE JUDI BARI for maintaining her             the car is intact even                                                Use" movement, asking
I   sanity, her courage and her determination
to seek truth after the terrible attempt on her
                                                     though some of the
                                                     FBI investigators ir-
                                                                                                                            them to submit names and
                                                                                                                            information about any and
life left this mother of two young children          rationally claim that                                                  all environmentalists . They
permanently injured. In 1990 Judi felt a bomb        the bomb was on the                                                   collected information on
tear through her body. She and fellow environ-       back floor, placed                                                     about 150 people this way.
mentalists, Darryl Cherney, were on their way        there by Judi . Another                                               Nationally the FBI obtained
to a concert when the bomb exploded under            example : analysis of                                                  the phone records of 14mem-
the driver's seat of the car Judi was driving.       the fragments of the bomb show that it was          bers of Earth First! and compiled a list of 634
The concert was part of Redwood Summer, a            clearly designed to be triggered by the motion      out-of-state calls they had made . They then
series of events organized by Earth First! to        of the car ; thus Judi would have no motivation     investigated each of these 634 phone num-
protect California forests fromdestructive tim-      to place such a bomb in her car since she would     bers, gathering information which included
bering. Judi describes the events as non-vio-        be tempting suicide . Another finding : the FBI     names, addresses, physical description, em-
lent, but the FBI calls Earth First! a terrorist     has a Bomb School, which had a training             ployment, criminal records and political asso-
organization and charged Judi and Darryl with        session on how to investigate car bombings          ciations.
planting the bomb which almost killed them!          shortly before Judi and Darryl were attacked.            In one memo to FBI headquarters, San
Refusing to be intimidated, Judi and Darryl                This leads me to wonder whether the FBI       Francisco FBI director Richard Held com-
brought suit against the FBI for false arrest and    actually planted the bomb . At minimum, the         plained about an article written by Santa Rosa
violation of civil rights.                           FBI used the bomb tragedy to try to discredit       Press Democrat reporter Mike Geniella . In
      In the process of preparing for the upcom-     Judi, Darryl and Earth First! and to collect        that article, Geniella had documented the FBI
ing trial, Judi and her attorneys have had           information about environmental activists . In      targeting of Earth First! in Arizona, Montana
access to government files and witnesses and         at least one instance, they squashed the free-      and California . Held states in his memo that he
have leaned many bizarre facts . For example,        dom of the press . In California, the FBI looked    intends to complain to the paper's editors and
 a photo of the bombed car shows clearly that        through the letters to the editors files of nine    suggest that FBI chief William Sessions com-
                                                                                                         plain to the parent newspaper, the New York
                                                                                                         Times. A few weeks later, the reporter was
cont'd from last page                                options than the young boxer who lost his
                                                     match because he didn't control his anger has;      disciplined by the Press Democrat and re-
                                                                                                         moved from his position as timber reporter.
impacts my life and the lives of others. Sports      he can. either learn his lessons of self-improve-
                                                                                                              What to do about such outrages against
never had to symbolize a lottery ticket to a         ment and control which will help make him
                                                                                                         our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech,
better life for me. The many options I had in        the "good black man" racist society wants him
                                                                                                         press and association? Judi and her supporters
life freed me to enjoy sports in a wider variety     to be, or he can continue to be angry, and thus
                                                                                                         are seeking an investigation by the Justice
of ways than the men I watched on "Wide              continue to lose.
                                                                                                         Department . Please add your voice to those
World of Sports." And the woman boxer I saw               Do I really think about ideology in the
                                                                                                         asking for this by writing to:
on television really was an oddity because,          gym? Yes, I think about the young girl who
                                                                                                              Attorney General Janet Reno
like me, she had many other options available.       wanted to be a boxer, the young people I
                                                                                                              Main Justice Building
But I learn more than how the sports industry        taught who were at risk for more reasons than            10th and Constitutional Ave.
holds out a lottery ticket to people with fewer      any teaching assistant or tutor could help them          Washington, DC 20530
options than I ; my students at Ohio State had,      solve, the other boxers who come the gym, and
after all, already taught me this.                   I think about ideology and how we can begin             Meantime, Judi is continuing the lawsuit
      I learn how even casual/amatuer athletics      to create other options . I don't want to be a      against the government and desperately needs
reenforce the systems and situations of rac-         white collar boxer or a good white person, and      contributions to pay court costs.
ism . If I don't think against racist training, I    I don't want the young boxer whom I haven't              Please send to contributions to:
run the risk of becoming a white collar boxer;       even met to have to chose between being                  Redwood Summer Justice Project
an imperialist/tourist in every world I travel in.   angry and losing or being numb . I expect my             POB 14720
If I do think against racism, I have the option      life and my writing and, yes, my boxing to               Santa Rosa, CA 95402
of being "a good white person," one who              create different options for all of us.                  (707)528-9042
Sympathizes, understands yet is still little more       Karen Hall trains at Salt City Athletics,             Linda is a local activist and a member
than a tourist . These are far more comfortable      home of the Syracuse Boxing Club .                  of Peaople for Animal Rights .

                                                                                                                    5/95 Peace Newsletter            19

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20 Peace Newsletter 5/95

    The War Against The Greens
    A New Book Tracks the Environmental Backlash
    Christine Detwiler                                tionals ; and loggers and developers who be- once and for
                                                      lieve ozone depletion, acid-rain, danger from all ." This ad-
               Author: David Helvarg                  pesticides and toxic waste are myths, and that mirer of Ron
               Publisher : Sierra Club                global warming (if even real) is good for the Arnolds is
                                                      planet . Powerful and wealthy, these people Dole's deputy
          'Between the best-and-worst-case sce-       are not "nuts on the fringes" but personal chief of staff .                     Jason Sullivan 1995
    narios, between the faith that we do have a       friends and conspirators with Newt, Rush and          An important point Halverg makes is the
    future and today's backlash despair that          Pat, extremely influencial in local and state anti-enviro's have a disproportionate influ-
    says 'Take when you can , get while you can       legislatures, and gaining ground rapidly in ence on politicians and legislatures compared
    get it,' lies only the understanding, the heart   Washington.                                     to their lack of support from the people . "To
    and the will of the American people."                  As noted in                                                          date, the strength of
                                                      the book, "thieves
                                                      run in gangs" and
                                                                              Logging companies give their . anti-environmental-ism has been not in its
                                                      much is done in         workers a paid day off, a bus                     membership rolls, but

    S     0 ENDS David Helvary's The War
          Against The Greens, published by the
    Sierra Club. For those of us who still have the
                                                      secret as real mo-
                                                      tivations are hid-
                                                      den behind groups
                                                                              ride, and a free packed lunch to its ability to mobilize
                                                                              attend and sabotage Earth                         a network of core ac-
                                                                                                                                tivists to intervene and
    heart and the will, Helvarg's treaties on "The    with names like         First! demonstrations                             politicize local con-
    Wise-use movement, The New Right, and             "Environmental                                                            flicts, creating a per-
    Anti-Environmental Violence" is packed with       Conservation" and "National Wetlands Coa- ception of power that they hope to use as a
    valuable information for an expanded under-       lition" who have learned from the left the springboard for further expansion ." They use
    standipg of who the anti-enviro's are, where      value and language of grass roots organizing fax campaigns that "skew a Sunday newspa-
    they are coming from philosophically, and         and net-working.                                per poll to suggest a majority of the readers
    what their connections and modus operandi              Halverg also familiarizes the reader with think environmentalism has gone too far ."
    are. Helvarg also chronicles the many acts of     lesser known strategists . He describes James Logging companies give their workers a paid
    violence committed against those who have         "Witt" Wittinghill, whose office around the day off, a bus ride, and a free packed lunch to
    courageously spoken out to protect the land,      corner from Bob Dole is decorated with a attend and sabotage Earth First! demonstra-
    the water, the air and the plants and animals.    WRA cap and contains a collection of his tions .
    Included is the shocking story of Judi Ban and    favorite books including an autobiography of          Since Helvarg wrote this book we've had
    Darryl Chemey and the subsequent cover-up         James Watt written by "Wise-Use" leader elections that seems to prove these tactics
    (see page 19; this PNL) . Helvarg writes, "It     Ron Arnold, who once said, "We're out to kill have been enormously successful . In New
    was hard for me to imagine the environmental      the flickers . We're simply trying to eliminate York our new governor has recently appointed
    conflict in the US might ever begin to re-        them. Our goal is to destroy environmentalism Michael Zagata to head the D .E.C . Zagata is
    semble soma of the haunting scenes                                                                     former vice-president of Transco Energy
    of violence and hatred I'd come to                                                                   ' Co ., and an ex-employee of Tenneco Oil
    know as a war correspondent in North                                                                   Company and Transcontinental Gas Pipe
    Ireland and Central America . But                                                                      Line Co . Although Zagata worked for two
    today, four years later, having seen                                                                   years for the National Audobon Society in
    the bomb and arson damage first                                                                        the late '70s, Lee Wasserman of Environ-
    hand and having met and talked to                                                                      mental Advocates, a member of Pataki's
    people who have been beaten, shot                                                                      environmental transition team calls his
    at and terrified, had their dogs muti-                                                                 career there "short and undistinguished"
    lated, their cars run off the road and                                                                 and reveals that more recently he "has
    their homes burned to the ground,                                                                      been very active in justifying why industry
    I'm not so certain."                                                                                   should be allowed to destroy wetlands and
         Helvarg describes cattlemen,                                                                      critical habitat." 1
    direct descendants of the slayers of                                                                    If your time is rationed and you want to
    buffalo and Native Americans; "wel-                                                                    learn a lot fast about the anti-enviros and
    fare cowboys" who graze and de-                                                                        the new right from a writer who will keep
    stroy acres of National Forest pay-                                                                    your attention : read this book . Available
    ing  way below the going rate to do                                                                    from the Public Library.
    so; flag waving gold miners whose                                                                         Christine is an activist and volunteer
    major profits go over-seas to South                                                                      with the Syracuse Peace Council.
    African white supremist multi-na-
                                                                                                             1 . Post Standard, Feb . 25, 1995   4,
                                                                                                                   5/95 Peace Newsletter 2I

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                                                                                                         7pm.                                                                                                 g
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Bring instrument, poem, friends.

      14                                     15                               16                                 17                                18                                      19                                                                  20
      First annual feminist                                                     Elana Levy & Luz Maria          Central America Caribbean                                                                                                                                       march
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          State-wide rally &penalty
                                            Every Mon : "Radiovision" on                                                                        SPC council meeting,                     wellspring Dinner & Lecture
      bookstore week celebration at                                             Limper,* reading poetry         Coalition potluck &mfg at                                                                                                                 against the Death             at
                                            Adeie Cable Ch. 3 at 9Pm .
                                                P                                                               Plymouth Church, 232 E . Onon- 924 Burnet Ave . 7pm .                    w/ Dr. Sherry Rogers, author                                     Sing-Sing Prison, Ossinango. Call
      MYSisters Words bookstore,                                                from their works . 7pm. My                                                                               of °The Cure is in the Kitchen".
      304 N . McBride St . Many             Presented by Syracuse               Sisters Words Bookstore.        de9a St. Topic: process . 6pm.                                                                                                            Tom for ride or info : 422-1679.
                                                                                                                                                                                         At Univ. Methodist Church,
                                                                                                                   ACLU award dinner for Cpt. 6:30pm. Plymouth Church,mtg.
                                            Community Radio.                                                                                       racuse Haiti Solidarity 9•
      events all week long. 428-0227.                                           428-0227.                                                                               ~ 232            Univ. Ave & E . Genesee St.                                        Race for the Cure against
       Every Sunday : Support group                                                                                Rockwood at Carousel        E . Onondaga St . downtown                $9 .50 members, $15 non-                                           breast cancer. 5k, 1 mile run/
                                                                              Amnesty International Group          Skydeck . Ramsey Clark will Syracuse.                                 members . Call for time: 475-                                      walk . 6pm . Shoppingtown Maul.
      for former and current mental                                                                                speak at 8pm .471-2821.
      patients. Sponsored by Alliance.      Every Mon : ACT-UP mtg. 601       #373 mtg ., Mundy Branch                                                                                   2807
                                                 St . (Women's INFO           Library, 1204 S . Geddes SL       NNAACp                           "What Booksellers                                                                                         520.4/21 : Peace Brigades Im'I
      Plymouth Church . 3-5P . Peggy                                                                                                                            Sisters Words .
      Anne 475 4120.                        Center) . 7:30pm . 425-0673 .     7-9pm. Letter writing, updates     AACP Offi era1125 S. Salina                                                                                                               NE regional mfg in Albany . 478-
                                                                                                                                                 8pmg2(3-022~                                                                                              4571 for info.
                                                                          _   on cases . 668 7441 .             422-6933
      21                                     22                                23                                 24                                25                                       26                                                               27
                                                  Syracuse Real Food Coop                                                                                                              Every Fri : Survivors of Incest                                     Benefit dinner for Peace
       Every Sunday . People's                                                  PNL Committee meets                                                Peace Newsletter                                                                                        Council hosted       Cafe Zapata'
                                                  Council meets . 618                                                                                                                  Anonymous 12 step program
       60 Minutes.Adelphia                        Kensington ave .7-sPm.        at 924 Burnet Ave . New                                            Mailing Party atSPC,                                                                                    RonShuttleratECOH just
                                                                                                                                                                                       INN F. Center, 601 lie St.
       Cable Ch . 3, 8pm.                                                       members always wel-                                                924 BumetAve . 5-7pm.                                                                                   before sr'. Comm . Radio event.
                                                                                                                   k                                                                           enter
                                                                                                                                                                                          FO Center, 1 Allen sr.
       Produced by Syracuse                                                     come . 5 :30 pm . 472-5478 .                                       Free Food! All welcome              Women 18 and up.                                                    530pm . Donation. 472-5478.
       Peace Council .                      Every Mon : At Home with a                                                                                                                                                                                      "Open Mic Comrad Jam:
                                            Poet" storytelling, poetry, myths. Support & Self-Educatlon         Every Wed : Syracuse              Every Thum : Lesbian & Gay                                                                                Bands Welcome" hosted by
                                            Adelphi Cable Ch . 7 . 10pm.                                                                                                               Every Fri : Gay & Lesbian                                              yr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sy C              Radio al ECM,
                                                                               Group for Parents & Friends of   Community Choir rehearsal. At     Youth Support group for ages         Young Adult meeting for ages
                                                                               Gay People meets at Plymouth     ECOH, corners of Westcott &       14-21 meets at women's Info                                                                                       mm unit y
                                                                                                                                                                                       21-25 . At Women's Info Center,                                      -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            11 pm. $3. Refreshments avail.
                                                                               Church, 232 E . Onondaga St.     Euclid. New members welcome.      Center, 601 Allen St . Call for      601 Allen St . 422-9741 for time.
                                                                               7:30pm. 474-4836.                7 :15pm . Karen 428-8724.         time 422-9741:                                                                                            Bring Instrument, poem, friends.
                                                                                                                                                                                       ;lv\O,:}~; .,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  •T }'i•'•:tiF:'~?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ;:d                      . i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          • Ltiiii 1^;4•:•:,>;\ i',M1;~»,ti4 '• .j4~ti i%
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ' M1> :                                             v~          M1 M1 '}}tkYi S,• ~~M1t~;~•
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            i M1   '~
       28                                     29                                30                               31                               Other May Events :                      M1M1 \ti:44%}    .•:M:::ti9\ ~~;S,:Y .QiI~^y `,M1{\M1VY i:fy>{i~ :i>
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        :>                .' .~,,,~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .              .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  •~'M1~,M1 ,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ~M1, •` .:
                                                                                                                                                                                                     4 ,vv`h M1:14                          \S
                                                                                                                                                                                           >  .~~,<: ;~;':Sea:                                                     :h~?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                \n .                ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        :, :M1: :,.~,w.~
                                                                                                                                                                                                               :;M1l;•~;,                  :=;•:M1M1t~~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      :M1. . .>;..
                                                                                                                                                                                         YtM1 4                         b                                                                                  g
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ,"S4 M                 \

                                                                                                                                                  Fightbarpk! Women' s self-                 •,
                                                                                                                                                                                                  ~'`2~ :;.`:w~ :s;, :~                               '•^`Kl~.,r'w.M1~b~; ;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ,~                             ^~
                                                                                                                Every Wed : Military & Draft                                                                                                                                             4\'M1~'

                                                                                                                                                  defense class starting 5/13
      Every Sunday : This Way Out,                                                                              Counseling at the Peace           until 5/21 . At Martin Luther King
      Gay & Lesbian radio program on                                                                            Council . Noon-3pm, Call          school on W. Castle, Syracuse.
      WRVO FM 90. 6:30-7Pm.                                                                                     Marge 472-5478.                   422-0553 for info.                     a w wt`~v°3            \                                            tiw  l ,,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                \ fi               £k                       ~M1•'v
                                                                                                                                                                                        .~:::a`S;:t~•>uiz.`'r'~~~~~1:'ai'i•                 \'F.                                                                w,

                                                                                                                                                  Coming in June-                                           .4`~';cs\             ,M1

                                                                                                                                                  Peace CouncH Benefit                 :•.:.Y`~{`wv~ ~•, w ~.                                     ~                                                    ~,     •8,,
                                                                                                                                                  concert by AN God's                      ~ \MM1 1' .\~•h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        l~ $            1   *M1       R~           `• ~•1                              J      ~L

                                                                                                                                                  Children. Details to be
                                                                                                                                                  announced . 472-5478 .                           al~at                            c R x<~`
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  x'a l S                                                                         §`

      ,How We Treat Each Other?
    Monthly SPC Brunch/Discussion                                                                         to which to refer people for resolving them . It
              This was the third gathering for         idea of using specific conflicts as examples for   was mentioned that if something needed im-
    the food-and-talk experience, and with new         fording ways to solve conflicts in general.        mediate attention, a subdivision of the group
    food, new talk and a trickling in of new people                                                       could be formed at that time.
    each time, it's well worth making it a once-a-           First addressed was the issue of confiden-        The last thing we touched on was how to
    month ritual.                                      tiality . So as to allow for safety in speaking    make these agreements easily accessible to
    The Brunch                                         about a specific conflict, it was decided that     new people. We talked about reading them off
         Yes, Nick and Helen did it again . They       we needed to formulate a "ground rule" on          at the beginning of every meeting, having a
    filled the table with a smorgasbord of good        what can be openly discussed outside of the        `nod' go-around to agree to them, and then
    food, and when we stopped going to the kitchen     group . Differing opinions on the definition       leaving some leeway for change to include
    for third or fourth or fifth helpings, they came   (it's separate from secrecy, we need to process    those who are new. What we ended with was
    to us. Potato wedge homefries, strawberry and      stuff with other people) and various scenarios     that we are creating history, but not as a
    orange fruit salad, fresh coffee and juice, and    (unintentional harm done with words, we all        weapon; we will have the history available for
    increasingly fluffy pancakes with real maple       make mistakes) were given. After all, "re-         others to read in notes (which are at the SPC),
    syrup happily filled our tummies as we chatted     sponsibility is something we aspire to, not a      and the rest is yet to be decided.
    or listened away.                                  rule."                                                  In short, we are creating a forum to create
          The logistics are that the-brunch slot is          We agreed on using the term "agree-          a forum for conflict resolution.
    from 1 lam - 12noon and the cost is $3 -5, pay     ment" rather than "rule," and to have a work-           We were done shortly after the scheduled
    what you can.                                      ing agreement that so far reads : "we encour-      2:00 PM with a full starting agenda for the next
    The Discussion                                     age people to speak from their own experi-         group . Closing comments were that it felt" like
          We began with a brief go-around on           ence, and we ask that the confidentiality of the   real movement was happening with the group.
    people's thoughts on forms and forums for          specifics of the group be maintained."             Come move with us!            Danielle Salzman
    dealing with conflicts and how to deal with the           We were able to make two solid agree-
    history of and between organizations . We          ments. One is that the meetings are open to         Next Brunch: Sunday . May:7
    talked about how conflicts are treated (as a       new people every month. Period. The second               11 AM 12 noon, munch
    good or bad thing, as a priority, as a personal    is that the focus of the group is not to resolve              12 noon - 2PM, hat
    or community issue), and it brought us to the      conflicts, but we will hopefully have a forum           $3 . - 5 sliding scale for food

     SrIW hm       P
                 "€' Li. & t
                    .   4
        924 Burnet Ave.
        Syracuse, NY 13203
        (315) 472-5478

                                                       Plum ‘Lw4c! $1244

                                Educate, Agitate, Organize

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